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In the future more people are going to use a mobile phone as compared to the computers to be online, rather they are getting started now, and that's why you are here. Lots of people prefer their mobile phone for daily online activities like to read their emails, chat messages, online shopping and so on. By consideration of this, plenty of bloggers have to secure their position for future, they should enabled the mobile-friendly responsive template or smartphone website template for their blog.
Responsive Mobile-friendly Template Design
Many bloggers used to search; how to make my blogger blog totally responsive on all mobile? How to build blog mobile-friendly to avoid Google penalty? How to make Blogger template Responsive & mobile friendly? How do I know if my blog template is mobile friendly? And so on...

By one survey carried out 2015-18, it is seen that; more than 55% of your organic traffic is coming from mobile devices especially in the US, Asia & Africa, so you can now imagine what going to happen in the future. You all the blogger who reading this need to start building mobile compatible website template for your blogger site.

Google has already updated the policies and it indicates that the mobile responsiveness has a significant impact on the website search rankings; so to avoid penalty your blog must have a mobile view for all devices.

Now the question is how to make blogger template responsive and how we start to develop responsive blogger templates. And it's one of the tough tasks in making a website mobile responsive because it is a great job to manage HTML5 and CSS with @media queries. If you see, there are lots of where you easily get free basic responsive website templates for your website. But you need to leave your existing design.

Learn Responsive Web Development from scratch to build & develop a responsive web mobile layout using including flexible layouts, simple CSS3 media queries that produce flexible media to convert your current theme into mobile-friendly responsive look. This advanced tutorial provides you an introduction to building responsive web design for mobile layouts of any site, but especially for the blogger. This is an ultimate guide you need to follow that explains all about mobile friendly website design with the help of mobile friendly CSS in HTML5 which allows you to make blogger template mobile friendly & extremely responsive.
Responsive Web Development
Responsive Web Development
Last time we have seen responsive site checker. Learn more about a responsive website designing and the factors affecting in designing the websites. I knew, every visitor is like our customer, and it is a very important person for your blog, so then I made this tutorial after lots of troubleshooting with blogger template to help you for building a mobile website design so that your mobile visitor will not go back and become a regular reader of your blog.

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Responsive Web Development - Multiple Screens, ONE DESIGN

Responsive web design for mobile - Your site design is good for desktop but some of your's, it gets failed when it comes to the small screen. Here is advanced tutorial described for making the responsive blogger HTML template compared to old fixed layout template in which you can not only able to configure the widgets to show an alternate content for the mobile view but also you will able to customize the full mobile friendly template, place AdSense ad units only for mobile template too.

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Making A Website Mobile Responsive

Mobile friendly website design - All new website are now built in HTML5. But by-default the blogger has provided only 7 templates which you can NOT edit as per your requirement, or it may cause different look than the one you are on now. Also there are lots of sites can provide free mobile template for your blog, even though they built a nice template for your site, they have some drawbacks as you cannot place AdSense ad widget, they gonna place their banner in your template more over some sites places ads and earn money from your mobile visitors. The main disadvantage of this site according to me is that it makes your website links differently than original, so social sharing state varies.

Building Responsive Website

You're now like a responsive website developer and learning something new for better future. Flexible or responsive template means one design which is automatically redesigned itself according to the screen size. Consider following advantages of this tutorial to build a responsive website;
  • Forget about maintaining a separate website for mobile.
  • It’s good in case of SEO.
  • Your site links have remained same, so it doesn't cause any effect in social sharing statistics.
  • Browser’s user agent doesn't cause an effect on the design.

Responsive Development - Get started

Note: Before starting any work here or anywhere, you need to backup everything you need, in a case to restore all the things if happened any wrong. So backup all the settings and template you are using now.
  1. First go to Template >> Choose Mobile template >> Select Custom.
  2. Save
You can see preview of your site. It may look good for some bloggers. But we are here to make it nice and flexible.

Screen size for responsive web design: Screen Detection

  1. Go to Template >> Edit HTML
  2. Add following code below <head> tag
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0' name='viewport'/>
This Meta viewport is used for detecting the screen size then fed it to CSS for redesign accordingly.

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Mobile friendly CSS - Designing Web Sites

We need to load CSS property for <body> according to screen-view:
Find <body> and replace it by following code:
<body expr:class='&quot;loading&quot; + data:blog.mobileClass'>

Widget Customization

Now we can allow particular widgets to be shown on the mobile view. How?
Normally in HTML widget it defined as:
<b:widget id='ID-type' locked='true' title='Widget-Title'/>
Here you just need to add mobile tag to it
<b:widget id='ID-type' locked='true' mobile='yes' title='Widget-Title'/>
This mobile property tag will cause that widget to be shown in mobile view.

Mobile Property Tags Meaning
mobile=‘yes’ show in mobile-view
mobile='no' don’t show in mobile-view
mobile='only' show in only mobile-view

Mobile friendly CSS Customization

Now actual hard work is started now. If you know CSS editing well then you can you following class to design you mobile template.
.mobile #sidebar-wrapper {
Display: none;

This class will not allow sidebar to be shown in mobile view.
Likewise described above, you just need to put .mobile class to each part of your old CSS class and define as per your requirement.


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Advanced conditional CSS Customization

Learn to make web design according to screen-size conditions.
@media screen and (max-width : 320px) {

#sidebar-wrapper {
Display: none;


This class will not allow sidebar to be shown in mobile view if screen-size is less than 320px like for smartphones.
Example: for tablets
@media screen and (max-width : 768px) {

/* CSS for big size screens like tablets */


This class will load the CSS you have defined in it when screen size is less than 768px like tablets.

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HTML5 Mobile Responsive Template Customization

Now we also make changes in HTML simultaneously. For this, you just need to know following mobile condition
<b:if cond="data:blog.isMobile">
<!-- Show this for mobile-vew-->
<!-- Show this if it’s not mobile screen or for desktop view -->

What you learn

A Responsive template is also important as your current template playing a role for visitors. It makes considerably change in your bounce rate. We really need to be aware and have to grab a good position in the market. For responsive website samples check this page on mobile and desktop, you will get what you are learning and what you need to do with mobile website design.

What Next?
In the next tutorial, we are actually going to edit complete CSS and HTML of blogger template and will see how to develop it according to the screen view.

Stay addicted.

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