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What are the key elements of selecting a perfect website template? Today’s article is dedicated to all those users who are overwhelmed with the right website template choice. It's quite difficult to answer the question what do people notice first when visiting a website, what they want and why some people bounce from the website
Choosing the Best Template for Website
Website owners used to search; How to choose web design templates? how to design a website layout? Factors to check to pick website templates? Selecting professional website templates facts? Best Wix templates or Wix responsive templates for the website? What are the best website design templates? Finding website builder templates? what is website templates with examples? Factors to consider while choosing a perfect template for your website - And so on...

Choosing a website template — is not an easy task when 1000 options are available. These following factors and standards will help you to decide and choose the perfect template for your website and your business. It depends on what they are looking for, be it a particular product or professional service.

Only knowing the psychology of website visitors we can create a website that gets results. When visitors come to your website, they will produce a set of feelings whether positive or negative. A visually engaging website has the biggest impact on your visitors’ psychology and helps them to find the needed information quickly and with ease.

Let's clean up what are the top priorities when selecting a perfect website template to establish trust and to make your visitors feel comfortable and engaging. You require knowing your business niche and purpose to choose the best website template. Website theme can also save your time, effort and money – if you decide the right one! There are lots of things to consider; The following factors will assist you to choose the template that's best for your website.
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I want to ask you one question, what is the value of losing visitors due to a slow loading of the website? Is it important to you that much? If you really care about your site loading and want to improve visitor's navigation experience, then you should take some reasonable efforts to unlock huge numbers of generic visits. Not only scripts but images are also equally affected by page loading. Asynchronous Loading Plugins to Improve Page Load Speed by using Blogger Plugins and Widgets - Learn how to use CSS3 in widget instead of actual images on your page to improve page loading. It is the best practices for a faster web app with CSS3 & HTML5 coding. Learn how to dramatically improve page load time by using the fully optimized CSS3 widget. We have seen, and there are lots of pages which shows asynchronous loading plugins to improve page load speed but we are going to see a new tutorial about CSS3 widget that only consists images build up by CSS itself, and I am sure this will help you to reduce page loading of your blogger blog. Learn how to use fully optimized CSS3 widget to improve page loading.
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The world is changing. It is going forward and forward. The Internet is on the driving seat and is taking the world ahead and ahead. In this era of smartphones, use of internet has boosted with several layers. Almost the whole world has now become smart to use smart devices with the help of the internet.
Google’s mobile-first indexing
Web developers used to search; What is "Mobile-First Indexing"? What does it mean to be mobile first? What is an index on Google? Why mobile-first indexing is so important? How to prepare for mobile-first indexing? How to optimize the website for mobile first indexing? How does mobile first index impact the SEO?

In this case, if any business wants to be in the picture to drive traffic, generate leads and gain some handsome profit, then it becomes a high priority to remain at a reach of the customers. Don't forget the last 2 – 3 years, the people have turned to online shopping over traditional; and that's too; through their smart devices! It This won't be wrong if I say; it is long back, the computers were used to shop online.

From the day, when the cost of the smartphones started coming down, people started replacing their old handset with the new smarter devices. They are now very internet savvy users tends to use their mobiles all the times for their online activities. This resulted in the need to have mobile-friendly apps and websites. The Google, world’s top ranking internet service & search engine, has taken a decision to go for a mobile-indexing. Earlier when computers were used for online shopping, it was computer indexing. But as more and more people are using mobiles for online requirements, the Google has turned to update to the mobile-first indexing. One survey stats that; more than 58% of all traffic is derived from the mobile devices, and this trend will continue to grow in coming years.

Mobile-first indexing made it easier for the smartphone users, to open the website quickly. It gets opened on every sized smart device very easily and effectively. This is because of Google’s shifting towards mobile-friendly indexing for the website. The fact is now, the business needs to get adjusted with this new algorithm. Here are the tips to make your site mobile-first index friendly. Let's see; all about mobile-first indexing; why it's so important and how you prepare for Google's mobile updates? If your readers are switching more and more toward the mobile devices and so the mobile visits are increasing each year, then as an online publisher you must consider providing the mobile-friendly experience over the desktop from today onwards.
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In previous tutorial we have seen some new ways in responsive web development & what does the mean of Responsive template for blogger and how to start with of.
How to make blogger template mobile friendly
Most of the bloggers are used to search; What is a responsive web design? Different blogger mobile template customize techniques? How to make blogger template responsive? How to make Blogspot theme layout as a responsive template? How can I make the blogger blog fully responsive & mobile-friendly to load faster? How to design blogger templates for mobile phones? How do you make your website mobile friendly? How to make my template responsive? What makes a web page responsive? Where to get mobile-friendly blogger template free? Responsive css blog and so on...

In short; Responsive = One Design for Multiple Screen - the responsive theme means the design which automatically adjusts itself with the width of screen-view or device resolution like for mobile, tablet, etc.

The responsive code is rarely used in case of bloggers since blogger cipher already comes with default templates for mobile visitors. But it's not that much smooth, flexible, fast & responsive blogger templates. That's why we are here to show you a step-by-step guide to designing mobile-friendly blogger templates.

Make your blog mobile responsive and improve your mobile traffic. Learn how to develop & design responsive blogger templates with CSS to convert theme into mobile-friendly HTML for BlogSpot blogs or blogger themes. So stop searching for FREE RESPONSIVE BLOGGER TEMPLATES and start making your own template more responsive that may help you improve your mobile search traffic and get higher CTR with a mobile-friendly user interface.
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You are now all aware of what does responsive web design mean and why all of your websites must now be mobile-friendly. It's essential to have an easy-to-use, adaptable, & powerful responsive web framework built on CSS3 and HTML5 semantics, for elegant and faster custom website development. Advantages of Responsive Web Page Design
People used to search what are the disadvantages of responsive web design? What is the key importance of responsive web design? top business benefits of responsive web design? why use responsive web design for eCommerce sites? possibilities of responsive design independent of devices? how responsive design for business provides better sales? what are the web design features and benefits for bloggers? any benefits of a fully responsive website for shopping websites? and so on... Responsive webpage design (RWD) is a topic widely spoken about nowadays. What does RWM? What does the webpage have to respond to? The answer is quite easy: your webpage should respond to your visitors’ devices, whatever they enjoy using more. In other words, your webpage should quickly adapt to different environments of users. This means that your website should differentiate between types of devices or browsers that people want to use and adjust to the size of a screen, to the platform that people are using, to show images of appropriate formats and resolutions, and to show the correct Click or Touch mode. Undoubtedly, there is a possibility to create several web pages, i.e. one webpage for desktop computers and another one for mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, in order to take every single detail into consideration. However, more and more companies prefer having responsive web pages instead of creating different websites, and there are, apparently, convincing reasons for that, as responsive designs have several advantages.
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When it comes to deciding on custom themes for the website or the blog you are working on, you turn to think about the WordPress. If you looking to extend your blogging then WordPress is the best CMS for all your needs. WordPress is well known for its flexibility and high customization features. We then look for FREE premium templates or the best premium WordPress themes for business that can best suit to the content and the website needs. It is obvious that we always look to offer unique and fresh look to the site according to the WordPress free vs premium plan. But why you should go with the premium WordPress themes? Free or Premium WordPress Templates, which is better for your website? This page will help you to decide which WordPress theme plan is better? Free WordPress theme or premium WordPress theme? Free WordPress vs premium WordPress theme - The free WordPress templates for websites allows you to start your blogging journey with the basic level, whereas the WordPress premium plans control several features to make your website more and more user-friendly. The effective cost of building & shaping the entire website according to the requirements is yet another factor that you need to consider while selecting WordPress free vs premium plan. Overall, always look for the unique, advanced features, cost-effective & full responsive WordPress theme which should provide a good navigation, friendly user-interface including an elegant look to the website for every visitor. The WordPress platform offers endless themes for selection. A huge list of best free WordPress themes as well as the best premium WordPress blog themes is available. This is the point where you actually get confused. Whether to choose cost-saving, free WordPress themes or have a paid version of the same. It’s really confusing. Taking decision can be of big challenge in such situation. Well, here I'm going to discuss the pros & cons of selecting free WordPress themes as well as that of the Premium WordPress themes with the factors delivered by the top WordPress theme developers & the best WordPress theme designers. The discussion will definitely help you to arrive at a certain point of the decision where you can move forward towards the next process of website development.
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Are you looking for the right theme for your website or blog post? Are you looking for the most catchy and attractive theme that can suit your blog content? Want to know how to choose a WordPress theme for business? Are you looking for the reliable eCommerce Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins provider who will give you exactly the same what you are looking for? How to choose a free WordPress theme? Do you want to make your blog look attractive and eye-catching one? Do you want to design good looking blog in the cost effective way? Then you are at the right page. Check out most important things before you buy or start to make custom WordPress theme for your website. How To Choose A WordPress Theme - WordPress can be the perfect address for your search. It is the right choice to make your blog shine. WordPress can be the right address to shape your web page look more attractive and impressive. Just take the theme that goes right with your niche through WordPress. You can even customize the WordPress them according to your needs; you don't need to be WordPress developer since the WordPress is popular for its flexibility. It is well-known for its high level of customization. There are plenty of plugins developed along with extensions especially to help the project shine. There are endless themes available with WordPress that too for free. Premium versions are also available for added beauty. The first and foremost question arises in the mind whether to go for free themes or the premium one. Next, comes selecting the simple or multi-purpose themes. Whether to go for a framework or standalone themes? Overall, there are several questions and confusions in mind. In order to design the best blog post, it is necessary to clear all these queries. There is a need to think the right one for your blog post. Well, choosing the right WordPress template is of eternal essential thing today.
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Programmatically Ajax based custom search API create & help to handle all the queries searched on your website. It shows quick search result on the same page with the help of linked Ajax CDN Jquery/JavaScript. When you search any content on ProBlogBooster, the result is immediately displayed on the same page without any change of other content and in quick seconds since it is completely integrated with the Google API loader. One of the best blogging tips; Adding Google Custom Search (JSON/Atom API) to Your Website - This Ajax based tool is much better than Python or Php Google search engine API code. It is a fully customized real-time search engine that not only integrates with your site but also your website design. Folks requested about it along with detailed information to integrate this Google search tool on site. They were asking: How to Create an API Key for Google Custom Search? Any quick way for adding Google Custom Search to Your Website? And how to fetch Google search results with the site search API? Learn how to install light-weight, fast loading, real-time Google search widget for your blog or website.
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Before going to further, don't forget to check Bluehost Coupon Codes and start your blog or website. Particularly in the blogging community, it is the most popular discussion on the internet about blog and a website. Most of the newbies in blogging are somewhat confused whether they want to start a blog or the website; which one is a better choice for their business. Differences Between A Blog & A Website: Which one is Better for work online? — What is the exact meaning of a website and a blog? What is the difference between the blog and a website? Which is better? In comparison on Blog or website which is good for making money online? Many people used to work with the website according to their businesses, or for personal use and on other hands there are lots of people have blogs for sharing their knowledge. The confusion is whether those people are really understood the differences between a blog and a website. And everyone seems to make its meanings according to their thinking. Off course, these entities are not the same things. And that is why I thought to write the separate article about the basic but fundamental differences between the website and a blog using which publishers writes, publicizes, promotes or advertises their contents online.
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Building a site mobile-friendly is one of the best SEO strategies that you can work on today to confirm that your website is getting higher ranking on search engines. Mobile SEO means 'mobile search engine optimization.' If you are doubting about your website being mobile SEO optimized or not, you should use a mobile-friendly testing tool. Test Your Mobile Friendliness & Responsive Web Designs with Top Mobile Responsive-Design Website Testing Sites
how to test your website on mobile devices to check by mobile ready website test. With Google's guidelines towards mobile search rankings are very important, and that is why a Mobile-Friendly Test Tools which analyze mobile-friendliness of your desktop website is more important. These website testing sites & tools lets you see if a page is mobile-friendly and assists in learning why & what with complete explanations. So analyze your website with best mobile-friendly pagespeed test tools to build a responsive design, it may affect your Mobile SEO, and so Google Ranking and help to drive more search traffic. Learn how to test website on mobile view and let's get started to check your handy mobi site view, its speed test & overall site performance.
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Learn to make your website Printer-friendly with CSS. Since it's really important to have a special CSS to print for any site in the case of a reader wants to print an article for reading it later offline. It usually becomes a secondary option for all webmasters and bloggers too in thinking of that, who actually takes the offline print-outs of published articles online. But, they forget to think that the reader can also be able to save your page in .pdf format too. How To Set Up A Print Stylesheet For A Website 2018 — Choosing the best-selling SEO-Friendly themes is not enough, you also need to consider print stylesheet factor while choosing best template for your business. This is the ultimate guide for all the site owners to build the print stylesheet for their site. And this print stylesheet CSS also works fine with blogger as well. You can create a completely separate CSS stylesheet for printing purpose, beginning from scratch, or you can develop yourself the modern 'screen-targeted' styles. All this method is contained within CSS by defining print-specific styles by @media Rule. Why this stylesheet necessary? As that CSS stylesheet code is utilized for printing the web pages, when the visitor wants to print the web page for his reference. Learn how to set up a print style sheet, how to make your website Printer-friendly with CSS and make print styles using CSS3 @media queries. Follow all the steps to make a customized print style sheet in minutes.
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In future more people are going to use a mobile phone as compared to the computers to be online, rather they are getting started now, and that's why you are here. Lots of people prefer their mobile phone for daily online activities like to read their emails. By consideration of this, plenty of bloggers have to secure their position for future, they need have enabled mobile-friendly responsive template or smartphone website template for their blog. By one survey carried out 2015-16, it is seen that; more than 52% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices especially in the US, Asia & Africa, so you can now imagine what going to happen in the future. You all the blogger who reading this need to start building mobile compatible website template for your blogger site. Responsive Mobile-friendly Template Design - Now the question is how to make blogger template responsive and how we start to develop responsive blogger templates. And it's one of the tough tasks in making a website mobile responsive because it is a great job to manage HTML5 and CSS with @media queries. If you see, there are lots of where you easily get free basic responsive website templates for your website. But you need to leave your existing design. Learn Responsive Web Development from scratch to build & develop a responsive web mobile layout using including flexible layouts, simple CSS3 media queries that produce flexible media to convert your current theme into mobile-friendly responsive look. This advanced tutorial provides you an introduction to building responsive web design for mobile layouts of any site, but especially for the blogger. This is an ultimate guide you need to follow that explains all about mobile friendly website design with the help of mobile friendly CSS in HTML5 which allows you to make blogger template mobile friendly & extremely responsive.
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A website is always created with promotion in mind. That's why SEO optimization is utterly important for the theme. It's always better to choose SEO-friendly themes, like the ones we've featured below. Top SEO Friendly WordPress themes to rank higher in SERP - We have listed most popular and best-selling premium WordPress templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing and also work with Adsense. For every website/blog; search engine optimization is a most important factor to consider before choosing website template which will help your site get listed in search results. These themes are the fastest loading and Ultra-SEO friendly templates featured with rich snippets to get identify all the parts of your website and listed in SERP. The web designs herein under were generated by TemplateMonster, one of the most leading companies on the market. The company builds all its templates according to the latest web standards, so buying from them you may be sure that your website will be highly ranked in all popular search engines.
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Blogger is one of the best free tools available to quickly start blogging. In fact, a majority of successful bloggers have most likely started their blogging career with Blogger. After all, it is always a wise idea, to begin with no investment, especially when you are a beginner. BlogSpot to WordPress Migration - However, most bloggers first choose web hosting and then eventually move to a self-hosted site to get complete control over their blog and possibly making a living with it. A self-hosted blog requires you to register a personal domain name and buy reliable hosting services to get your blog up and running. But what is the easiest method to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google search traffic, page rank and your current feed subscribers? This is a straightforward, step-by-step guide for importing Blogger blog to WordPress that assist you with easy steps for switching a Blog from BlogSpot to WordPress without losing your Google PageRank. Check out this comprehensive but quick guide presenting 5 simple steps for migrating your Blogger blog to WordPress without losing Google search traffic, your search ranking and with 301 permanent redirection. NOTE: After switching from BlogSpot to Wordpress; don't REMOVE your blog from BlogSpot site. This guide not only assists you to move your blogger site to hosted WordPress but also you are going to migrate your all blogger posts to new WordPress, moving all the BlogSpot comments to WordPress commenting system, migrating all your existing FeedBurner feeds + subscribers and restoring all your post images to WordPress hosting company.
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