Free Vs Premium WordPress Hosted Themes: Which is Better? Pros & Cons

Free Vs Premium WordPress Hosted Themes: Which is Better? Pros & Cons

Free WordPress vs. premium WordPress theme - We then look for FREE premium templates or the best premium WordPress themes for business that can best suits. Compare WordPress free vs premium plan. The free WordPress templates allows you to start blogging with the basic level, whereas the WordPress premium plans control several features to make your website more user-friendly including full responsive WordPress theme. Let's discuss the pros & cons of selecting FREE Vs. PREMIUM WordPress themes with the top WordPress theme developers & the best WordPress theme designers.. Continue reading...
When it comes to deciding on custom themes for the website or the blog you are working on, you turn to think about WordPress. If you looking to extend your blogging then WordPress is the best CMS for all your needs. WordPress is well known for its flexibility and high customization features. We then look for FREE premium templates or the best premium WordPress themes for business that can best suit to the content and the website needs. It is obvious that we always look to offer a unique and fresh look to the site according to the WordPress free vs premium plan. But why you should go with the premium WordPress themes? Free or Premium WordPress Templates, which is better for your website? This page will help you to decide which WordPress theme plan is better? Free WordPress theme or premium WordPress theme? Free WordPress vs premium WordPress theme
Which is best from WordPress Free vs Paid Themes? Does Premium be a better option than Free WordPress templates? Choosing free Wordpress theme Vs. premium Wordpress theme? Which one is best the free WordPress templates vs premium WordPress? And so on...

The free WordPress templates for websites allows you to start your blogging journey with the basic level, whereas the WordPress premium plans control several features to make your website more and more user-friendly. The effective cost of building & shaping the entire website according to the requirements is yet another factor that you need to consider while selecting WordPress free vs premium plan.

Overall, always look for the unique, advanced features, cost-effective & full responsive WordPress theme which should provide a good navigation, friendly user-interface including an elegant look to the website for every visitor. The WordPress platform offers endless themes for selection. A huge list of best free WordPress themes as well as the best premium WordPress blog themes is available. This is the point where you actually get confused. Whether to choose cost-saving, free WordPress themes or have a paid version of the same. It’s really confusing. Moreover, SEO is anather factor to choose the best one.

Taking decision can be of big challenge in such a situation. Well, here I'm going to discuss the pros & cons of selecting free WordPress themes as well as that of the Premium WordPress themes with the factors delivered by the top WordPress theme developers & the best WordPress theme designers. The discussion will definitely help you to arrive at a certain point of the decision where you can move forward towards the next process of website development.
Free WordPress vs premium WordPress theme
Free WordPress vs premium WordPress theme
In the last article, you have seen 5 Most IMP Factors You Need To Consider To Choose A Best WordPress Theme For Your Website or Blog and today I am going to discuss most confusing issue while blogging, what to choose FREE or PREMIUM WordPress theme for all your business or blogging needs. The theme is your showcase of an online home that shows how you are sophisticated and active for all your online activities.

WordPress premium vs free - Clear the confusion

If you are confused with what to choose and what not to choose, here are some quick questions & their answers will assist you to make the final decision.
  • Do you want lots of features in your theme?

  • Do you want any help to solve the WordPress issues? Technical guide?

  • Do you want to have a professional looking website or can go for basic layout?

  • Do you want to spend more on website theme?

  • Are you a startup or just established?

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Free WordPress vs. Premium Templates, Which is Best WordPress Theme For Your Site?

There are different WordPress website design templates available for creating the website. The WordPress offer a broad range of such quality themes for your business needs.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages derived by selecting either of the free themes or premium themes:

Free WordPress Themes

The free WordPress themes are available free of cost, of course! They can easily be selected & applied that can take you to the next level in the process of website development.

Why The WordPress themes are made available for free?
The good reasons behind making them available for free include:
  • They offer lots of benefits to the WordPress.

  • The helps the theme developers to sharpen their skills.

  • It also offers the developers to create a large user base and receive suggestions, feedback for improvements.

  • Overall, it helps the theme developers to put their best in order to compete for the world.

Well, selecting free WordPress themes can allow you to load your site faster as no plugins & widgets are added, but there are more chances that it makes cheap reputation about your website.

Let's check out the advantages and disadvantages of FREE WordPress templates:

Free WordPress themes PROs

Here are the pros of choosing FREE WordPress themes:
  • The biggest benefit of selecting free WordPress theme is the COST. It is free. By selecting these free templates, it lower downs the barrier at the entry-level to start a blog. Anyone can start blogging with the use of free themes.

  • Although the templates are made available for free, every templates always undergo the review processes. These free WordPress themes hold high-quality standards as well, and every free theme quickly goes through a preliminary theme review procedures.

  • Since the WordPress themes available for free undergo every step of quality checkup. And thus are ideal to be used for any kind of website building.

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Free WordPress themes CONs

The WordPress themes available for free also host some disadvantages too. They lose their value due to some negative sides.
Here are the cons of choosing FREE WordPress themes:
  • They offer limited support options. Any query or doubts are answered through WordPress forums. But they are not obliged to reply to support queries.

  • They offer limited functionality and features. As the themes are available for free, they do support most of the standard features. But most of the unique and extra features are not at all available with free themes. Such themes lack the features like using short-codes, creating a landing page, creating buttons, etc.

  • They do offer customization but that too limited. The free themes do not support extensive customization. There are usually very limited options for customization.

  • The themes are common and do not provide unique value to the website. As they are available for free, most of the website designers select from the available list. The possibilities of having similar themes for different websites are very high.

  • Free themes do not provide any warranties. If something goes wrong, it may spoil the website and its reputation.
So, if you are very serious about building a quality website, you can think of getting something unique. The Premium WordPress theme can be the alternative option available for you. Well, it also possesses pros and cons. Let us talk about what it offers and what are its effects!

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes are made available for purchase. If you want to add unique value to your custom WordPress theme, it is ideal to go for paid themes. You can find them at the reputed dealers or reputed professional WordPress hosting site.

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Premium WordPress themes PROs

Here are the benefits you can gain by selecting the best premium WordPress themes for business from the paid version:
  • Filled with features and functionalities. The paid versions of WordPress offer recognizable features. Due to competition, these features are made available at lower prices. The different features like drag and drop, multiple layouts, multiple templates, shortcodes, unlimited color choices, etc.

  • With unlimited features, it makes the customization easy. The paid WordPress themes offer more customization options making your site look more unique and personalized one.

  • As they are paid versions, they offer new and fresh theme designs. You can get a fresh theme that can perfectly relate to your web page. There are a variety of options available to choose from the most unique and freshly designed themes by the skilled & top WordPress theme developers.

  • As it is a paid version, the best WordPress theme designers team is always there to solve every small issue. They offer support and updates from time to time.

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Premium WordPress themes CONs

Though the paid versions are excellent to bring uniqueness to the web page, there are some cons that need to be considered first.
Here are some common issues that can negatively affect the web page:
  • There are possibilities that some premium themes possess too much HTML code into the template that makes a poor effect on the coding standards. The possibilities are that they may not be compatible with some plugins.

  • Too many features may end up with reducing the speed of the website. Some unwanted features of the themes that you never use may put a barrier in the speed of the website rendering hosting.

  • Sometimes switching between the themes may generate incompatibility of plugins.

  • Buying them from trusted professional WordPress hosting sites and top-level developers are always recommended. Else, it may end up with negatively with your website and its reputation.
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Bottom Line
The paid WordPress themes are good but need to be analyzed some important points. It is necessary to consider what you are buying. Buying or purchasing any WordPress theme doesn’t mean you are hiring the theme developer to set it for you. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the theme you are purchasing is delivered from a reputed shop or from a reputed hosting service. Many professional WordPress hosting services offer an excellent support system and documentation that can help you set up your theme.

For startups, free WordPress themes would be sufficient. But if the aim is to remain professional from the first moment, it is ideal to go for Premium WordPress themes.

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