15 Essential Rules of An Effective Logo Design

A LOGO is nothing but your online identity. And in the world of the Internet, your online reputation and online identity of your business are the most important things for branding. There are a lot of things that help your business to make a brand among active customers. To drive your business to the next level, the first most important thing is to create a simple and eye-catchy logo design.
Designing logo
In our day to day life, we have noticed plenty of brands and their catchy logos. If you see, simple logos are always getting to remember to all of us every time. So what things makes the logo more catchy? What are the rules to follow for designing a logo? How to make people get remembered logo quickly? How any brand design its logo? You will get all the answers in this article.

For any business, a name is not enough but a well-designed and simple logo of your business always helps to make a brand. Think about a well-known brand, does it bother you to remember its Logo? Any logo is nothing but the goodwill of that company and as we all know the goodwill is an intangible asset for us, you can't price it. You may hear before many times that "The first impression is the last impression", this is exactly what any logo does, its work for their company and for website too!

If you want to design a logo that looks simple and able to make an impact on people, then you arrived on the right page. In this article, you're going to learn some important rule that helps you to make it more beautiful. So, let's take a look at it.
Rules To Follow While Designing Logos
Rules To Follow While Designing Logos

15 Essential Rules To Follow While Designing Logos

Listed set of rules and guidelines for designing a logo. Follow golden logo design rules told by expert designers.

Check 15 keys for creating a best logo:

1. Keep it simple

This is the first and most important rule for every logo designer. A simple designed logo always helps to remember and recognisable to the people all the time. Many people spend a lot of time designing a logo, they try to include many things according to color, text and company profile and in the end, the logo sounds weird and unworthy.

Keep some ordinary and fresh colours to look simple instead of using a lot of colours. Also, choose well-designed and simple text fonts in the logo.

E.g. Coca-Cola is the most popular soft-drink product based company, you can imagine the font style and the colour used in the logo, it grabs the attention and easy to recognisable every time, isn't it?

2. Do primary work

Primary Work While Designing Logos
Primary Work While Designing Logos
Doing primary work is an important rule to create an effective logo. Instead of direct work on it, you can use paper and pen and start making an ideal sketch, according to the logo. You can also use drafts made using a vector program, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Put your logo ideas on it. By doing this primary work will helps you to make it clear about the design. Spending more time on this preliminary work while designing a logo than any other step in the design process is much effective.

3. It should reflect your company

Any logo is nothing but a reflection of that company or website. Whatever you design, make sure the design of the logo is suitable for that company.

What is the profile of the company? What is the goal of the company? these and many things you need to keep in mind while making the design of a logo. Consider an ideal symbol and make a design that conveys to people the approach and work of the company.

4. Use fresh colours

Use Fresh Colours While Designing Logos
Use Fresh Colours While Designing Logos
Have you ever heard that looking at certain colours will evoke a specific emotion? This is the essential and most important rule while designing a logo. You have to find fresh colours to use in the logo. use such colours that look very cool and reliable, in other words, use colours that will not irritate to eyes, instead it feels always fresh to see.

You can use silent colours like blue and grey it helps to make the logo more beautiful. Don't use dark colours like dark red and black, it seems irritating and hard to see, simply people will ignore it.

You can use different types of colour combination that's people gets attract toward your logo.

5. Make it versatile

A good logo can be used in any field, channel or with any setting. While designing a logo make sure it suitable for everywhere. Not only for particular things but the logo you designing should ready to suits everywhere and that's called a versatile designed logo. It is the most essential rule while designing any logo.

Think about how a logo suitable on social media, on the website, on paper. A versatile logo can come in different colours and with a different style. The logo should look appealing not for a particular site, but it should useful everywhere.

6. It should be timeless

This is the most important rule for making a logo. The design of the logo should be timeless. If the design of the logo and if there is something, will not exist for the next 50 years then it is likely not a good idea or design that you actually making.

A great logo is actually based on the element that the design should reflect the company for a long time ahead. Make the design that will become relevant with time.

E.g. Apple, Twitter. Ferrari, Coca-cola, and many brands are in the market. None of these brands logo design looks irrelevant at a time. People always see the logo first and then decide as per their point of view about the company.

When you create a design, make sure it should be timeless for a long time.

7. Size matters

This is also an important and very essential rule to follow while designing a logo. The size of the logo always matters whether it may small or large. There is no reliable way to determine the size of any logo. But make sure it should suits everywhere including social media, websites, paper and on letterhead as well.

The size of the logo will define as per the company profile and there is no specific rule for that. As per font size and style, you can relate by yourself about its size and that matters the most.

8. Avoid too many details

A simple and clean design recognise faster than complex ones. Too many things can make a bad impact on the company as well as it seems unfruitful.

Extra fonts, extra colours and using long sentences are the reasons and more chance to ignored by the people. So, avoid adding too many things while making the design. Make it simple, attractive and recognisable every time.

9. Scalability

Check Logo Scalability
Check Logo Scalability
Size and scalability are the most important thing to check while designing any logo. When you design any logo it looks great on the letterhead, but what if you reduce its size to place it on the business card or online forum? Make sure it should look the same everywhere.

While creating it check logo scalability and think it should suitable for everywhere including website, letterhead, cards, billboard or not!

10. Keep it balanced

When people look at any logo, they see an image in a balanced manner instead of one section of the logo. Ensure that your overall design of the logo will be balanced and also great to see in all way.

Over colours and designs can makes unbalance your logo. So, keep logo balanced and attractive.

11. The goal should recognisable

The overall goal of the company should reflect on the logo that you design. As I said above the brand and overall approach of the company should reflect in that logo.

You have to keep relative things in your mind according to the company while designing a logo. There are varieties of brands like McDonald's, Nike, Pepsi and many more. These brands recognise very well with their logo and design. Isn't it?

12. Choose fonts wisely

Fonts are the main element of every logo. Fonts and the design will make a big impact on the people.

While making the logo, it is important to choose fonts wisely that not only suits the business but the working funds of that brand. Make sure the font you use should be straightforward and understandable for everyone.

Choose fonts style and size that recognise quickly and immediately.

13. Be flexible

To make a brand logo, it must be flexible. In other words, when you create a logo, make sure it suitable on the website, letter pad or even on the t-shirt as well.

Look at Tesla's logo this can be printed almost everywhere, because of its flexibility and simplicity.

14. Express your brand

Logo Should Express the Company Work Indirectly
Logo Should Express the Company Work Indirectly
Your logo should express the company's work indirectly. You have to make sure that the logo should able to inform the people about the actual work of the company as well as the company product and service.

The colour, font size and style, logo typography, should give people a quick image of who you are and what your business is all about. According to the company make some extraordinary designs and make it recognisable.

15. Make sure to experiment on all media

There can be chances that the logo you designed will not look sharp on the desktop screen as well as on the big screens! So, you have to ensure that your brand logo looks great and beautiful in all possible forms of media as well as social media. You have to make sure that your brand is looking very flexible and much suitable for all devices as well.

Bottom Line.
I don't think, any business is running out without its LOGO. As I said, the logo is nothing but an online identity for any brand. The logo itself shows all about your branding and your work interest. A logo helps to differentiate yourself from your competitor to be standing out, strong enough and active in your market.

The logo is not just a graphical design but also a visual representation for your brand that attract more attention from the audiences. Logo significantly impacts your customers and helps to drive more business. I hope all the above essential rules will much helpful to you while designing your logo.

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