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Online Shop Act Registration Online At Rs.29 For Bloggers/ YouTube Channel Owners/ Proprietor/ Online Business

Anyone who wants to start a small shop anywhere in India they have required to register their shop name with the government of India. If you starting a new shop or Dukan in India, then you have to register your shop or business against Government Act.
Shop Registration Online: Apply Now Shop Act License
How to apply application form for Shop and establishment registration? How to apply for shop and establishment license? How to do shop act licence renewal online? Where to get gumasta licence form download? How much shop act licence fees for online business or blogging? What is the shop and establishment? What is a Gumasta license? And so on...

Contract Labour Licence - Shop Act License is a type of legal permission which legally allows you to do business in a particular place. If you have a physical shop or an office or even you are offering online services where the business is done, this license is a must. It gives you a proof of a particular business being done at that place.

Shop act license is needed for carrying on your business activity smoothly and the license under the act is compulsory. Shop act license procedure is somewhat different in each state as the Act is different in each state but the basic process remains the same for registration as well as shop act license renewal.

Here we are discussing how to apply for Shop Act Intimation Receipt and what are the points which you need to consider while trying to file an application form. This information is majorly focusing on online service providers or publishers like bloggers, content writers, web designers etc. who are dealing with their viewers through an online channel. Such service providers usually do not own a physical shop but they still provide services to their customers. And yes, such providers have equal right to request for issuing a shop act license same as that of those shop owners who run actual physical shops.

Note: This Shop Act Intimation Receipt is the document which is treated as shop act license in Bank, shops and other financial requirements.

Online Shop Act Registration
Online Shop Act Registration

Registration of Shops and Establishments

Under MSME act & Bombay Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1948; any resident who wants to open a new shop/ Dukan or a commercial establishment (business) requires to start its trade within the jurisdiction of Government of Maharashtra, has to register itself.

(NOTE: This service name shop & establishment registration is shown for Maharashtra people. You can also use this format to your state as well.)

Before we start, there are a couple of documents which you need to collect before applying for shop act license:
  • Aadhar card of the employer
  • PAN Card
  • Actual photo of the establishment ( Photo must showing the Name Board (Marathi) at the appropriate place of the establishment)
  • Address proof like electricity bill/agreement etc.
  • Basic Details information like about business and personal info.
  • Photograph (The size of the photograph and sign should fall between 5KB to 20KB.)
  • Self Declaration

Kindly upload scanned copy of documents. (File format - jpg/jpeg, png, pdf and Size jpg/jpeg, png should be minimum 75kb and maximum 100kb and Size of pdf should be less than 512kb.)

Required procedure applying for the Shop Act License Registration:

The "Mahaonline" website has a simplified format to help you work done for your new and renewal Shop License Registration under MSME & Bombay Shops and Commercial Establishment Act:
1. First fill out the application form online.
2. Upload the requested documents.
3. Make the online payment (via PayTm too).
4. Download the Registered Shop Act License in the next 5 min.

Note that, this license is issued by the government for the 1 year so for each year you need to renew the same.

Applying for Service Name Shop and Establishment Registration

Following are the steps for creating an employer profile and apply for shop act license online.

Follow the process to issue the Shop Act Licence:

Step 1: Navigate to below 'Labor Management System' portal

Step 2: Click on 'Create Employer User Profile' link.

Step 3: Fill all the mandatory fields (which are highlighted with red asterisk * mark) and register yourself first.
Labor Management System Create Employer User Profile
Create Employer User Profile (Click to enlarge)

Note that, - 'Name Of The Entity' means the name of your shop.
- Choose 'Type of Constitution' = Proprietory (Because you are an individual owner and sole operator of your shop or business.)
- Choose 'Applicant's Designation in Firm' = Proprietory
- Then fill out the other details about your name and correspondence address.
- And don't forget to note down the password.

Step 4: Now sign in with newly registered login credentials (User ID, Password) on 'Labor Management System' portal again.

Step 5: After login, on left-hand side, you can see labour department Services. Click on 'Shop and Establishment Application' option displayed in the left-hand menu. Click on 'Application form' option.
Labor Management System Shop and Establishment Application

Step 6: Select any one of the suitable options mentioned below and click the 'Confirm' button.
- Shop & Establishment Intimation (For 0 to 9 Workers)
- Shop & Establishment Registration (For 10 & above Workers)

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Step 7: 'Application for Intimation' (Form F) page will be displayed.
Application for Intimation Form - Labor Management System
Application for Intimation Form - Labor Management System

Step 8: Fill all the mandatory fields (which are highlighted with red asterisk * mark). Category of the establishment:
Category of the establishment

Establishment type:
Establishment type

Establishment category:
Establishment category

>> Kindly recheck the filled information before submitting the form/ application, as you will not be able to change it later.
Labor Management System Confirm

Step 9: You will see "Shop and Establishment Report" click on 'Upload Documents'
Shop and Establishment Report

Step 10: Now you need to upload the documents in the "Application Details" section.
Application Details

Upload 4 documents;
- ID photo
- Signature picture
- Aadhaar pdf
- Scanned copy of 'Self-declaration' with your own sign.
Download Self-declaration document as shown:
- Actual photo of the shop with the board having the name in a local language (Marathi)

Step 11: Once the documents are uploaded successfully. Click on 'Make Payment' I suggest using PayTm account to complete the payment process. Make Payment through the online that will give you the transaction successful receipt after payment done.

Step 12: Now click on the 'Download Intimation Receipt'

If you required, you can also check the User Manual for Labour Management System for better understandings.

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