9 Best Ways For Housewives To Make Money Online

Video channel, blogging, tutoring, selling food, skills, products online to customers, etc ways for housewives/mums/homemakers to earn money from home. Continue reading...

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Those online work from home jobs are very popular these days. Although online jobs are meant for everyone right from working professionals to part-time job seekers and students, but for housewives and homemaking moms, there is the ideal way of making money in their leisure time.
Jobs for Housewives
There are many housewives who are highly qualified and talented. Most of them are capable of earning a good income. However, the only reason most of them quit the job is that it becomes difficult for them to manage the job as well as household-related works and children. This is why online jobs become ideal for them.

Following are the advantages of online jobs:
  • You can work from the comfort of your home.
  • Manage your time at your convenience.
  • No Commitments.
  • If you have guests visiting you, you can always skip work for a day.
  • No infrastructure or investment is needed except for your internet bills.
There are many ways homemakers can earn money in their free time. I am only listing out the top ways housewives can make money online. For making this list, I have considered various factors like pay rates, difficulty level, experience required, availability of jobs, etc. so as to maximize the money you can make.
Best Ways For Housewives To Make Money Online
Best Ways For Housewives To Make Money Online

Top 8 Ways For Housewives To Make Money Online

Below are the top ways for housewives to earn money online:

1. Make Money By Blogging

Obviously, BLOGGING is the 1st one on the list.

Blogging is definitely the best way of making money online as you get paid for writing about things you love to do most. Many moms who find it difficult to manage work, as well as kids, choose blogging as a way to earn money while being at home.

In fact because of the sheer number of these women bloggers, a new term “Mommy Bloggers” has been coined by industry experts. Many homemakers find it challenging to manage the job as well as other home-related work, prefer Blogging as a way to make money while staying at home.

From fitness to hobbies to cooking, you can write about almost anything. In case you are not sure about what topic you should select for Blogging, you can check out my article about How to Select A Perfect Topic For Blogging.

You can either earn through advertisements displayed on your blog or through affiliate marketing or by paid posts. The best monetization method differs from niche to niche.

You may also like to read; 12 Rules How To Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money

2. Online Tutoring

If you can teach well, TUTORING is one of the best ways for making money.

While most of us know about offline tutoring wherein you teach neighborhood children for a fixed amount, very few people know you can actually teach online too. All you need is good information about the subject. Previous teaching experience is preferred by, but its not compulsory.

There are many websites like Tutor(.)com which offer online tutoring jobs. All you have to do is register with them and start earning money.

3. Technical Freelancing Jobs

As the name suggests, you need to have certain technical skills to accomplish freelancing Jobs.

Data entry, virtual assistant, web designing, SEO/SMO, software development, android development, logo designing, interior designing, 3d modeling, and translation expert are some of the most sought-after jobs currently booming in the online jobs market.

There are many websites that offer freelance technical jobs. I have already listed down the Top 7 Websites For Freelance Jobs which are legitimate, free, and provide ample job opportunities. You can check out these websites to see if you have skills matching the jobs listed there.

Also to be noted, irrespective of your current experience with a particular job, you will be treated as fresher when you join these websites. So getting your first project may not be very easy. However, if you have the talent and if you follow my guide about How To Be A Successful Freelancer you will definitely double your chances of being successful in the freelance world.

4. Selling Gigs At Fiverr

I have already listed Fiverr under the freelance jobs category and am listing it, here again, the reason being, though Fiverr essentially offers technical jobs, it does offer enough opportunities for non-technical people too.

At Fiverr, you get paid $5 for a “Gig”. A Gig is nothing but a message posted by you that tells your prospective clients what you can do for $5. For example, if you are a Nutritionist you can post a Gig like:
I Will Prepare A Personalized Diet Plan For You For $5
However this Gig is just an example, you can check out what other people are posting and what sort of Gig is more popular.
Find jobs at Fiverr

5. Making YouTube Videos

Did you know your favorite cooks on YouTube, actually they earn money for sharing your favorite recipe with you?

Yes, that’s correct. With YouTube, you can make money by displaying advertisements. There are also certain YouTube channels that promote a company’s product for a fixed charge.

For example, in a cooking video, the chef may ask people to use a certain brand of spices. Or if you may have come across technology blogs that write reviews of cell phones and other gadgets. The popular ones among them are often paid by the companies for reviewing their product.

You can use any random niche and make videos related to it. And if you hit the right chord with the audience, you can surely earn much more than the handful of money most of you are planning to.
P.S.: However, for making money with YouTube, you should have the license to promote the video. Meaning, either the video should not be copyrighted or you should be the creator/owner of the video. Movies, songs, trailers, tv shows, etc are not allowed for the YouTube Monetization scheme.

You also need to know; Top 21 Popular YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money Online

6. Design And Sell T-Shirts And Bags

If you are a creative person who likes designing, you can make good money at Print On Demand (PoD) Websites.

These websites give you access to online designing tools which you can use to design T-shirts, Bags, Wallets, etc. Your designs are then displayed by the website in its e-store.

Whenever someone buys a product designed by you, the PoD website gets your design printed on a blank product and delivers the same to the buyer.

From managing inventory to marketing, printing, and delivery of your products, everything is taken care of by the website. You get paid a fixed commission for your design.

The best part of these websites is that they are free to register without any minimum sales commitment. Even if no one buys a single product designed by you, it will still allow you to design more products.

There are many websites like Zazzle and Cafepress which you can use to design your products.

7. Complete Paid Surveys

Online Surveys are another very easy way of making money online. You get paid anywhere between $0.4-$1.5 for completing a survey. In some cases, especially for countries like the US and UK, the pay rates are much higher. A survey may take 10-30 minutes to complete. Usually lengthier the survey more is the pay.

There are many websites that offer paid surveys. But each of these websites has a minimum withdrawable amount and it is really difficult to find enough surveys to reach that amount. Therefore, for surveys, I recommend registering with only Clixsense.

The main advantage of Clixsense is that along with Surveys, it also offers Appen Projects i.e. micro jobs and few other methods of making money. This ensures you are quickly able to reach the minimum withdrawable amount which is again lower than other survey websites standing at $8 only.

For more information, you can read my review of ClixSense along with quick tips for making more money in less time

8. Earning With Microjobs

Microjobs are one of the easiest ways of making money online, as one does not require any skills to complete these jobs. Almost anyone who knows the basics about the internet should be able to complete these jobs easily. You may be asked to sign up for the newsletter or share something on Facebook and Twitter, Make some forum posts, etc.

There are many websites that offer Microjobs. However, not all micro jobs websites offer enough tasks. Therefore, I have made a list of Top 5 Microjobs Websites which you can register with for getting more Microjobs.

9. Selling home-cooked food & meals

If you cook great food and cooking is a passion for you, then starting a business to sell homemade food to people around you is the best choice to make money from home. You can have your very own food business. Start to run your own takeaway from your kitchen.

But how to sell food from home?

Is there anyone who doesn't like food? Cooking is a worthy profession nowadays and not everyone knows it or has less time to cook. You can easily earn money selling homecooked food from your own kitchen. Many chefs are now using Facebook/WhatsApp to sell hot meals as well as dinners cooked in home kitchens. Many housewives are selling food from home include most baked goods, sweets, cheese, sauces, spices, masalas, snacks, chocolates and cakes, butter, ghee, and pickles. If you enjoy cooking great food and varieties of dishes, then starting a home-based food-related business would be the best for you.

You are required to decide your menu, your prices, and the days you want to cook for your customers. Customers can check all the menu items and the dishes online offered by you, then they will pick the meals as they want, and they will pay by cash-on-delivery or by UPI once it gets delivered. You can start a home-cooked food delivery system from your own home.

Including Facebook, WhatsApp you should take advantage of online food marketplaces like Swiggy, Zomato to sell your foods from home. Turn your hobby into extra income. Home-based cooks and caterers selling home-cooked foods, meals, snacks, pastries, or other edible homemade food and home-based food products made in the home kitchen delivering to people who need it.

Bottom Line
There are many options available for housewives to “Restart” their careers. What suits you the best, depends on what you are good at. If you need any personalized suggestions feel free to contact me.

If I missed out on something, do make sure to let me know through the comments.

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