Top 5 Legitimate Micro Jobs Websites

Micro Jobs is one of the best ways of making money online for students, housewives, and others who do not possess any IT-related skills. They are very popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Netherlands, Philippines, United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Nairobi, Kenya, etc, and among various other countries.
Micro Jobs Websites
However, with so many online scams on the world wide web, it is hard to differentiate between legitimate micro job websites and scam micro job websites. Therefore, I thought of compiling this list of online micro job websites that are legitimate.

But before getting to the list of best micro job websites, let us understand in brief about micro jobs.
Legitimate Micro Jobs Websites
Legitimate Micro Jobs Websites

What Are Micro Jobs?

Micro jobs are online tasks that can be completed in few minutes. The tasks are very simple and basic knowledge of the internet is sufficient for anyone to complete these tasks.
At micro jobs websites, you may be asked to:
  • Sign up for newsletters on websites
  • Like or share something on Facebook and Google Plus
  • Tweet or retweet something
  • Make posts on the forum
  • Post comments on blogs
  • Create a Gmail or Yahoo account for someone
  • Rate an Android or IOS application
  • Classify products into categories
  • Find information on Google
  • Judge the sentiments of the tweet etc, among various other jobs

How do micro job websites work?

The websites which offer micro jobs have two types of people registered with them:
  • Employer: A person who wants to get a task done
  • Worker: A person who wants to make money by completing tasks
The employer posts the task on the micro-jobs website after depositing the payment to be made to the worker. This payment is kept held by the microjobs website to avoid any non-payment issues by fake clients. The worker may then search tasks at the website and choose the one which he is capable of completing.

After completion of the task, as per the employer's demand, a worker will have to submit certain proofs of completing the task. The employer then review's the proof to check if the worker actually completed the job.

If the job has been successfully completed, he marks it as complete, and the micro job website releases the payment to the worker. The website usually charges the employer a small percentage of their commission as processing fees.

Workers are not charged anything. In the case of any disputes, you may contact the website authority, who will at its sole discretion settle the same either in the favor of the worker or employer.

How much can I earn with micro jobs?

The pay for each task depends on the complexity of the task. The more complex the task, the higher is the pay. The average pay per task usually varies between $0.01 to $5.

Some websites restrict the tasks to certain countries, usually the USA, UK, and other Tier-1 nations. On other websites, there are no geographic restrictions, but the tasks are restricted depending on your accuracy in completing the previous tasks.

Also, at some websites, limited tasks are available while at other websites there are enough tasks to keep you busy for the whole day.

So your monthly earnings will vary greatly depending on the website and your skills. The ones, who can clearly understand the instructions of the employer for completing the task can make you earn up to $500 per month.

How will I get paid?

Almost all the websites pay in USD. Since workers are from across the globe, most of these websites make payments through payment service providers like PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, etc. Some companies also make payments through wire-transfer and by checks to people in the USA and Canada.

You can find payment modes for each of the websites on the payment section of their respective websites.

So, now that you know about how micro job works, let us get straight to the list of best micro job websites.

Best Online Micro Job Websites

There are many websites that offer micro jobs. I have listed down only the top 5 companies which are legitimate and provide enough opportunities for you to make money online.

Here are the top 5 legitimate and high-paying micro job websites to earn money for completing simple tasks on their site:

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk, popularly known as Mturk is the most reliable website for micro jobs as it is owned by Amazon. Also, the pay per task at Mturk are generally higher than other micro jobs website.

At Mturk, micro jobs are called, 'Human Intelligence Tasks' or HITs. The person who posts the task is called 'Requester' and the person who performs the task is called 'Worker.'

You have the option to either register as a Worker or Requester. To earn money with Mturk, you need to first register with Amazon(.)com as a Worker.

If you are already registered with Amazon, you can directly sign in through your Amazon account. You will then have to send a request to register yourself as a Worker. Amazon will review your request and may either approve or reject it at its sole discretion.

No one apart from Amazon knows the criteria for approving or rejecting requests. However, requests of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and most other parts of Asia are generally denied, a fact which has denied. People from the US/UK and other Tier-1 countries should definitely get register with Mturk.

Join Mturk

2. Microworkers

For those who are unable to register on Mturk, Microworkers is a good Alternative to Mturk. The pay rate per task for Microworkers is decent.

At Microworkers, the job to be done is called a Task. The person posting the task is called the 'Employer' and the person performing the task is called 'Worker.'

Microworkers allow the employer to restrict the task to workers from a specific country. Usually, more tasks are available to people from the USA, the UK, and other Tier-1 countries than their counterparts in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, etc.

In the beginning, you can only complete up to 40 tasks. You will then have to wait for the employers to rate your task before you can complete more tasks. A negative rating will affect your overall accuracy.

At any given time, if your accuracy in the last 30 days falls below 75%, you will not be allowed to complete more tasks. In that case, you will have to wait for the negatively rated tasks to move out of the 30 days period. So you must make sure to complete only the tasks which can complete successfully.

The pay per task usually varies between $0.05 to $1 with people from Tier-1 countries getting better pay per task. So, if you are from a Tier-1 country, you can earn up to $50-$120 from tasks. However, if you are from Tier-2 nations, your earnings will be significantly lower and it is difficult to cross the $120 mark.

Microworkers offer common registration for both workers and employers. While registering make sure you enter correct information including address, as Microworkers will mail you a verification PIN to your postal address which you will have to enter to withdraw your earnings for the first time. This process is necessary to ensure that people don't create multiple accounts.

The minimum Withdrawal amount at Microworkers is $9 + Withdrawal Charges(5% for Paypal)

Join Microworkers

3. Appen Projects (Former Figure Eight and CrowdFlower)

Appen Projects
Appen Projects
Appen is another good source for completing micro-jobs. They work very differently from Microworkers and Mturk.

Appen offers you micro jobs called “tasks” through some third-party websites which then pay you for the task.

Usually, the tasks in Appen are very different from Microworkers and Mechanical Turk. You will be required to completed several similar sub-tasks in order to complete one task.

The tasks generally include:
  • Finding information on the internet
  • Classify products into categories
  • Analyzing the sentiments of the tweets
  • Extracting data from Invoices etc.

Appen is the best way to make money by doing simple tasks if you are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries as it does not have any geographic restrictions. Rather, Appen restricts the tasks depending on your accuracy of completing previous tasks.

As a beginner, starting at Level 0, you will have access to very few tasks, and at times no tasks. The ones that are available have very low pay rates and so a lot of people think it is a waste of time.

However, as you complete more tasks with good accuracy, you will be promoted to newer levels. At Level 1, you will have a decent number of tasks and you will have the leisure of completing only the tasks that pay well.

At Level 2 and Level 3, you may just have enough tasks to keep you busy the whole day. Needless to say, your earnings will substantially increase at these levels. However, you need to be very patient with it, as reaching level 1 may take up to 2 months.

At Level 1 and above one can easily make $1-$2.5 per hour. Also, Clixsense provides you with an extra opportunity to earn by completing Surveys.

Also, you get paid a bonus of up to 16% of your total earnings for completing your daily checklist. You also get a bonus of $5 for every $50 earned through tasks.

They also run a weekly task contest. The top prize of $50 is given out each week to the person who completed the most task the preceding week while the others in the top 10 get different prize amounts.

With everything put together, if you can work for 4-5 hours each day and if you are able to complete tasks with higher accuracy, you can make up to $200-500 per month irrespective of your geographic location. This is much higher than any other micro job website.

At ClixSense, the minimum payout is $10. It does not offer Paypal as an option to withdraw your earnings. You can, however, withdraw your earnings via Payoneer, Payza, Tango Card, etc.

You can find more information on ClixSense in my review of ClixSense. That will give you an idea about how you can maximize your earnings at ClixSense

Join Appen

4. RapidWorkers

Rapidworkers is another good website for Micro Jobs. Its interface is very similar to Microworkers but with few important features missing.

Like Microworkers, the person performing posting job is called the Employer, and the one performing the task is called the Worker. It also offers common Registration for the employer and the worker

At Rapidworkers, the Minimum Payout is $4 + Withdrawal Charges(6% For Paypal)

Join RapidWorkers

5. ShortTask

A short task is another good website for micro jobs. Here the person who posts a task is called 'Seeker' and the person who performs a task is called 'Solver.'

Separate registration and sign-in are required for Solver and Seeker. The minimum payout at Short Task is 10$

Join ShortTask

Bottom Line
Mturk and Microworkers are by far the best sites for Micro Jobs if you are from the US. However, with Microworkers, tasks will be limited and you may not be able to work for more than an hour a day.

Appen may offer good pay per task for level 0, But once you reach Level 1 and above, pay per task increases drastically and you have enough tasks to work for 8-10 hours per day. If you are from Tier 2 nations, you should definitely register with Appen and spend more time working with Appen tasks as it does not have geographic restrictions.

Appen is also a good option even for people from Tier 1 countries. In fact, folks from Tier 1 countries should focus more on Appen Surveys than tasks as a lot of high paying surveys are available especially for people from the US and UK

I hope you found my article to be useful. If you liked this article please feel free to share it with your friends.

Need more information about Microjobs? Do comment below to clarify all your doubts.

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