An Importance of The Teacher In Our Life [Essay]

For the success in education or in our business life, there is a TEACHER who creates an important role. A good teacher always helps to be a good person or good citizens in our society. Because the teacher always knew that a student is the future of any country. Let's see what is the importance of the teacher in our life!
Importance of teacher essay
Students used to search; What is the importance of the teacher? Why is being a teacher important? Why teachers are important to society? What is the most important role of a teacher? Why teachers are important in our life? What is the role of the teachers? What is the importance of the teaching profession? And so on.

For any country, there's a future of success or the progress of their people lies in the teacher's hand. What we become in our life that also depends on a teacher. While explaining the teacher always tries to give the best information and related data to his students. Therefore the teacher has an important part in our life to get succeed.

That is why a teachers appreciation is very valuable as the teacher is the more important person in our country development. Today whatever we see the politicians, businessmen, and society, they all influenced by their teachers, and that's why in India we have celebrated teacher's day on the 5th of September every year.

But today, I don't know why people thinking and reacting like this. I believe that their thinking and behavior are opposing their own progress. For society, the teacher now becomes the teacher only not more than that.
An Importance of The Teacher In Our Life - Essay
An Importance of The Teacher In Our Life - Essay

The Importance of the teacher in our life - Essay

The Importance of the teacher in our life
The Importance of the teacher in our life
These days, people used to give speech on Teacher's Day only, then they forget their teachers. Moreover, they publish an article on social media like Facebook, Tumblr, etc describing the value of the teacher and after they skipped at all. The people who have learned from their teacher, they should remember them for life.

In the school, on Teacher's day, the students are celebrating and respecting teachers, that is a good thing, but the most important thing is to follow the guidance provided by their teachers. A teacher is happier when a student builds himself as a good person and become responsible and successful in their career. Anyhow, all the teachers you deal with are not comparable to others, whereas the students from the 21st century are also going beyond that traditional GURUKUL (Guru and shisha) format where every student have to follow strict instructions and have lots of restrictions. Time has changed and so the format.

Some teachers are the legends who have an exceptional image and got a place in the heart of their students. Students are dependent on the teacher for good suggestions & proper guidance. A student should be there, not only for getting academic progress but also they need to learn life lessons derived from the teachers who always help on how to grow from our life. And that is the reason, the teacher should appreciate the manners & good habits of their students on a regular basis.

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Its An important role of a teacher

Its An important role of a teacher
Its An important role of a teacher
An education is the most important thing in each and everyone's life because the knowledge and the wisdom you get from different sources could be applied to different parts of our life. That's why people required to understand the importance of education concluded by the teacher and they should not only respect it but follows those ethics for the rest of their life.

At each and every step in our life, we need a teacher's guidance. Teachers are not only remained for the students but as a director as well for society. The presence of teachers in any struggle and social activities promotes ethics and makes time and experience more valuable. Parents are also called teachers when their children become those they want to make them. The teacher is not only human but it is like natural plants.

To mother and father also called a teacher when his son becomes what it wants to make them, Teachers are not only the person but also like a natural plant. Like that also a politician in a teacher, because he knows how to organize or manage the company.

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Why teachers are important to society?

Why teachers are important to society
Why teachers are important to society
The teacher helps us to become a good person. Good people can contribute to the development of society. A well-developed society with good people helps others succeed and be happy. That's why we need teachers in schools who think about the future of the country.

A teacher helps in becoming a great leader and the great leader makes a great nation. The leader plays an important role in the individual development of a person. A great leader encourages thousands of people to follow the right direction. And all good leaders will not deny that their skill is taught by the teachers.

Some students are great, it is not that they are born with greatness. They have become great because teachers have helped them to become today. This is the reason that teachers in our lives are the great characters who know about the future. A student is like wet soil in the hands of teachers, whom they can give any shape. If a student is taught properly then he becomes a powerful tool for society. If the wrong is taught, then he can become the weapon of destruction.

But not all colleges and their teachers don't have the aim for the student that how to increase their knowledge and are interested in improving the moral values of students. In colleges where the teachers are educating the students only about making money. Lovers of this kind of money are pushing the students' career on the wrong path. These types of teachers produce corrupt leaders, doctors, bureaucrats. Therefore, including the perception about the value of the teacher, the parents of the students should also keep in mind that they should hand over their children to a school where there are coaches of a great teacher, professional, individuals who promote better social behavior.

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Respecting the Teaching Profession

It is also necessary that all teachers should get social and financial support in the way of the government. Because if they are worried about money, bad financial situations then it is difficult for the students to teach them. Therefore it is necessary for any nation to provide sufficient facilities and focused academic development activity for teachers. Teachers need security from the government. There is a need for a foundation to educate students.

Today we need to appreciate the respect of teachers and their efforts and contribution. Understanding the importance of the teacher and the life of the teacher in our lives is not easy, but we can help them by giving them good gifts by being a good person.

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