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Strategies to overcome unemployment — what are the most possible solutions to unemployment? How to control unemployment problem? How to solve unemployment? How can we help unemployment? How to increase employment rate in India? Long-term unemployment can be frustrating and can even lead to depression. It can be frustrating and can even lead to depression.These are few things you need to consider for breaking through and getting hired. Breaking Out of Long-Term Unemployment -How to overcome the effects of unemployment on the society, well-being & overall economy. Need to think for the remedies of unemployment in india for the better future.. Continue reading...

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The NSSO survey on unemployment shows that theUnemployment Rate in India increased again to 8.50% in October from 7.20% in the September quarter of last year. The highest unemployment rate of 9.12% was already recorded in June. Whereas the youth unemployment rate in India increased more than 24% in the fourth quarter of last year from 23% in the third quarter of previous year.

What an Engineering student thinking about this Saturation — just unemployment or just a "No work, No money… & So No GROWTHS" kind of phase. And here today, that is why I would like to say; everyone should get worried about it. Its time to rethink about the ways to reduce unemployment.
Strategies to overcome unemployment
People used to search what are the most possible solutions to unemployment? How to control unemployment problem? How to solve unemployment? How can we help unemployment? How to increase employment rate in India? And so on.

What you get taught in our post graduation studies or you may say in engineering degree courses, it's just about design strategies or developing the models with their stimulation, different assembly & machine languages and all. But still, the prime question is; once after getting that much knowledge & information, what we do as an engineer after getting completion of the degree courses? Now here is the huge job market and after all, it is awfully tough to survive.

All seems running for the job that they looking for a routine work & relaxed activities and relatively they want huge packages. Here in addition to all, I want to point out that there is 'No New Creativity" -and simply in Robert Kiyosaki's words; it is just like A RAT RACE.

The ongoing competition is really tough and it's not only to fight for limited seats in the few multinational companies but also to fight against international job seekers as well. Hence, because of the lack of opportunities for a while, the student who passed out from there colleges recently seems to slip into the trap of unemployment. And this triggering the term SATURATION to exist... We are so well educated –but we're useless; and the question is - Are we? Really???
Overcome Impact of Unemployment
Overcome Impact of Unemployment
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Nonetheless; these engineering degree colleges are not like vocational schools. And also for supporting & developing gateways; those subjects should not be the only answers of our society to encouraging the next generation to succeed in a future competitive world.

7 Strategies To Overcome The Impact of Unemployment

Possible solutions to unemployment: If you have been there without a job for a long time, then here are a few things you need to consider for breaking through it and getting hired favorably.

Long-term unemployment can be frustrating and can even lead to depression. Moreover, these below points will help to give yourself an edge and position yourself ahead of these other job-seekers, motivate you to implement an effective job market strategy for overcoming unemployment. Don’t care how stimulating, worthy, concerned or reasonably motivating those areas of engineering subjects you studied so for now.

The bitter but ugly truth is, no one is in a position to pay a living wage for them so degree holders will be cut the moment they leave the pseudo-atmosphere of college.

Overcome the disgrace of your situation to get your job search back on the track. The truth is students have lost the ability to do anything practical. The only thing we've mastered is consumption. For engineering, at least, one should think about his contribution to the engineering world as an engineer.
  • Try to implement new ideas practically.
  • Consider retraining & volunteering. Create the employment for the new people.
  • Be Creative. Think how you can give work who seeking for a job.
  • Keep up with your professional contacts.
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Solutions to unemployment

Breaking Out of Long-Term Unemployment: Overcoming long-term unemployment is never that much easy. But when you got the solutions to unemployment, the strategies you employ get appreciated are then executed successfully specifically in looking for work and once you have landed in your desired work.

The stress and uncertainty that comes with a job loss can take its toll on an individual and a family. If you have good ideas, they definitely get accepted in the industry and then you will find your own way towards success. The 'degrees' in all postmodern fields, so-called ‘engineering studies’ do not seem that much worthless in the job market, but I don't think those are exactly comparable to a degree of life.

E.g.: Someone with a degree who does not want to become a professor but does have a marketable skill then as a result of such an education, he knows how to communicate better than probably 80 percent of the population, and he will do efficient work and can get a good job in sales & with his relevant area. Moreover; reasonably he will do better work at his best if his degree were in something like business management.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So by exposing all students to STEM and giving them chances to search STEM-related ideas, they will realize a passion for it and fairly seek a job in a STEM field.

The origin of big corporate hubs like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are based on some-what same ideas, but only difference is, they have implemented their motive practically and then changed the world. They built their dreams true and gave the platform to others. Thus you people need to come with new ideas to be practically implemented.

We used to talk very effortlessly that "Engineers creates the world...!" but the brutal truth is; no one has had the ability even to do a small change in his daily routine. Then how you create the world? God is creating the world through the brains of engineer and you have to prove it. It is the right time for it. Because of the slack or saturation or unemployment or any; you may be out of your job, but now then you got lots of time to think & to invests some and, if possible, some money to implement your ideas.

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Workforce Solutions to Overcome Unemployment

Remedies of unemployment in india: I suggest that you should start with the immediate re-introduction of some of the most important aspects of "Engineering" education that will thus cause to determine solid virtues in student thinking. However, just note that; for those who are deeply passionate about his special field, the statistics of success ratio don't matter in it and for him too. If you can find a road to be challenged, make a living that suits you and enjoy your engineering path, that’s what really matters. On the other hand, if you’re open and just starting your research, it’s wise to go with a more promising industry that’s developing.

I would encourage young people to pursue a field in which they have an aptitude in. There is no "one size fits all" solution to whether someone can or cannot get a job.

Telling someone who has a high IQ in language to go into a trade or service job is ridiculous, since trades require the use of your hands and proper knowledge and service jobs require people skills.

The masses always want to lump everybody into one group and anyone educated in cultures knows, collectivism does not work and leads to mass governmental dependence. In short, if you want to get a job, pursue something you can do and do it to the best of your ability and you will get a job.

Don't waste your time becoming a "servant" or an "electrician" if you are an amazing teacher or counselor...

Here on the bottom line; I want to tell you that "you should dance if you get chance if you can't dance go for trance…." You will definitely get successes...

— Prof. Pravin Shivaji Bidkar [M.Tech]
Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur

This is all about the unemployment, saturation and how to rip-off the impact of unemployment. If you have any suggestions, let us know via comment.


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