Top 17 High Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers [Updated 2024]

Referral marketing is the process to make the referral money by helping businesses by promoting its products and services to new customers. Nothing but earn and refer programs. The business can then promote services & products further through such referrals. Every publisher with higher traffic can easily make referral money with refer and earn sites. With a valid sale, publisher can earn $20 per referral. You just have organic and viral content to build the traffic. There are lots of effective marketing strategies that can help to boost traffic for blog websites.
Referral Programs for Bloggers
The online referral marketing strategy involves tracking the behavior of customers too including the web browser cookies and similar techniques are used to understand the behavior of the online visitor.

Best referral programs help bloggers to get more calls from sponsors to have increased brand awareness so as to get more referrals and more revenue. So the website owner makes the profit using this type of referral system and programs.

As an Adsense alternative, the bloggers who are looking to monetize the blog easily and quickly can go for this strategy. Along with different marketing strategies, referral marketing works excellent to generate revenue for bloggers. In most cases, any blogger can earn money by referral link and it does not need to have your own website. The blogger can earn by referral program by sharing the referral link. The links can be shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more so that it will offer unlimited earnings to the blogger.

There are numerous high paying referral programs where the blogger can get paid for referrals. Most of the sites offer a unique referral code as well as their affiliate links that the blogger can post on their blogs. Such a linking can help the earning potential greatly. It is a great opportunity for the blogger to have passive income.

There’s no limit to how many products you can refer to. Even if you sell just 1 product per day, you could earn more than $1000 commission per year & it is a fair yearly income.

With the referral programs, the blogger can usually earn a good amount of store credit (wallet balance) or cash per referral. There are so many referral programs available. After testing I have listed most working high paying referral programs that work best for bloggers as well as influencers. Here are some best referral programs that the blogger can use to refer new members for getting paid higher. These referral programs are ideal for generating a good amount of money. The list has more than ten items, so it is essential to check the best referral network suitable to your niche and get paid higher for the same. There’s no limit to how many products you can sell. Lets see the Process of earn and refer to start making referral income.
Referral Programs for Bloggers — With a valid sale, publisher can earn $20 per referral. The online referral marketing strategy involves tracking the behavior of customers with web browser cookies. Best referral programs help bloggers to get more calls from sponsors to have increased brand awareness so as to get more referrals and more revenue. There’s no limit to how many products you can refer to. Even if you sell just 1 product per day, you could earn more than $1000 commission per year & it is a fair yearly income. I have listed most working high paying referral programs that work best for bloggers as well as influencers. Here are some best referral programs that the blogger can use to refer new members for getting paid higher.
Referral Programs for Bloggers — With a valid sale, publisher can earn $20 per referral. The online referral marketing strategy involves tracking the behavior of customers with web browser cookies. Best referral programs help bloggers to get more calls from sponsors to have increased brand awareness so as to get more referrals and more revenue. There’s no limit to how many products you can refer to. Even if you sell just 1 product per day, you could earn more than $1000 commission per year & it is a fair yearly income. I have listed most working high paying referral programs that work best for bloggers as well as influencers. Here are some best referral programs that the blogger can use to refer new members for getting paid higher.
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Top 17 Highest Paying Referral Programs for bloggers [Updated]

The complete referral marketing stratergy for publishers to implement a solid referral system with your website or blog that rewards referral commission your referrar for making referrals.

Sharing the best best earn and refer apps and website list working to make money:

1. TubeBuddy Referral Program.

TubeBuddy Coupon Code
TubeBuddy Coupon Code: PBBBUDDY
It is an extension for Firefox, Chrome & Safari browsers which adds creative referral marketing features to grow your Youtube channel. It is a free browsers extension and having the best-paid plans.

TubeBuddy has the most reliable referral program for all YouTube creators. TubeBuddy works as a YouTube manager for you and all of your's published youtube videos. Refer new members to install the FREE TubeBuddy extension and you then get the premium account on TubeBuddy for free (250 referrals required). TubeBuddy gives you a FREE version of the toolkit with lots of useful features.

If anyone of the referred members upgrades to the paid plan you will receive 30% RECURRING commissions for life. You can withdraw your payments via PayPal every month.

Apply TubeBuddy Referral Program
(Use 'PBBBUDDY' to get 25% OFF)

2. Ezoic Referral Program.

Ezoic Referral Program
Ezoic Referral Program
Since using referral marketing is the most effective way to encourage new customers to generate leads, currently, the big brands that run referral marketing programs to reward publishers to spread the word to all their referrals.

A unique affiliate program for everybody who wants to refer the Ezoic platform to their readers & be paid for their promotions. With it, you can make a repeated commission by referring users to Ezoic. This is a great CPM ad network that provides high CPM rates. This is the best ad network well-known for prompt payments.

The program encourages users to earn money by referring to publishers. Just refer on behalf of Ezoic by providing your unique referral link; this includes the unique tracking ID so that those who sign-up can be tracked back to you.

Referral earning is deposited as referral rewards in your Account based on the purchase and also according to your friends earning.

The program credits the total commission from the earnings of the publishers referred by you. You will get 3% of a publisher’s ‘Ezoic Earnings’ for the life that they use the Ezoic system. You will be credited with a purchase quickly when someone begins working Ezoic and will be ready to receive your commission in the coming months.

Additionally, if your readers signed up within the 14 days, but does not start testing in 14 days, you'll still get a commission if you were credited for their first sign-up. This is the ultimate referral program offering unique links that can be promoted anywhere.

Apply Ezoic Referral Program

3. UPSTOX Referral Program.

UPSTOX Referral Program
UPSTOX Referral Program
Such a referral programs motivates publishers to spread the word about their services and products with the reward of referral commission.

Upstox Pro helps you trade and analyze the Indian stock markets in real-time. It is very successful in giving prime benefits to its members. Cutting edge charting tools and live market data makes it one of the most influential stock market trading apps in India. Everyone can make an unlimited amount of money from Upstox. One just requires to create an account in Upstox, & good internet connections. Just open a free Demat account online. Start referring.

Upstox is one most trusted & fastest growing stockbrokers & also funded by world-class investor Mr. Ratan Tata. You can google for more info if you want to. Refer your friends to Upstox and earn when they successfully open their account. Just enter your mobile number or 6-digit client code and start referring now!

Requirements: 1) ADHAR LINKED TO MOBILE NUMBER. 2) PAN CARD. 3) BANK details. 4) Picture of the signature on white paper. 5) We need to capture a short video of 2 seconds while signing up.

Download app: UPSTOCK Referral Program
Enter Refer used Id: EMDM

  1. Sign up using mail and mobile number.
  2. Now enter PAN, DOB then clicks on Next.
  3. Now select gender, marital status, and annual income.
  4. If you are from India then click on NO then CLICK ON ACCEPT then NEXT.
  5. Give BANK DETAILS and Upload a photo of your Next( no need to upload income proof).
  7. Enter Adhar no. on virtual id generate page and enter OTP.
  8. Now you will see a PDF then click on SIGN NOW.
  9. Now it will ask you for OTP(Aadhar OTP).. enter it .now YOUR APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED.
  10. Within 24 hours YOUR ACCOUNT will be activated .user id & password will come on mobile no.

4. The Panel Station Referral Program.

It is a survey website that rewards you for completing the surveys provided in time. It’s more like it gives you for sharing your opinions & reviews. The best part about making money through surveys is you can just go on it while watching television, traveling on a bus, etc in your free time.

All you require to do is spent some time from your busy schedule per week for sharing your opinions & you will be earning a good amount of money by the end of the month. The survey takes around 5 -1 5 minutes and you will get 300 – 10000 TPS points for each survey. (1000 points = Rs.100). Moreover, you can easily withdraw these points to Paytm directly.

The panel station also has mobile apps for both the Android & iOS users. You can also complete surveys from the website and mobile app too.
  • Go to the offer link:
  • Fill the form with all your details, enter the mobile no. and click verify with the OTP.
  • Now apply the referral Code: GRZAI5
    You will get 500 coins as a sign-up bonus
  • Enter the OTP & click Verify.
  • Click on "Join Us"

5. Brave Referral Program.

Brave Referral Program
Brave Referral Program
Brave Software, which is a mixture of an innovative browser with a blockchain-based digital advertising program, declared that it is starting an up to "Million Dollar referral Program" to pay online publishers and YouTube creators.

Brave will give BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) to creators who refer their fans to switch to the Brave browser.

Brave browser is a faster, secure & private browser, like others it also provides a built-in method of helping content creators. Publishers will earn BATs worth approximately $7 for each active member they refer to Brave.

The process for publishers is easy: they request their followers or readers to download Brave using social sites too like Twitter, Facebook, to share the links on YouTube channels or a campaign badge on their blog. After activating their Brave Payments account, the referer will able to collect BATs for each new member referred to the Brave who uses the browser at least 30 days. Publishers require to verify their sites or channels.

Apply Brave Referral Program

6. Referral Program.

Best Alternative to Earn Money from Blogging & Writing Articles - Media.Net
Best Alternative to Earn Money from Blogging & Writing Articles - Media.Net
Online businesses create their own referral programs so as to be easy to reach more people. And is the best way to start.

Media.Net is one of the trusted & highest paying referral ad networks in the industries. This is the contextual advertising program that runs under the initiative of Yahoo and Bing. It can be a superb alternative to Google AdSense for monetizing the content.

The referral program is a secured ad network for making handsome money. It offers 10 percent of the referral’s earning for the first 18 months. It also offers 10 percent bonus earning in editing the referred publisher.

Apply Referral Program

7. TemplateMonster Referral Program.

TemplateMonster Referral Program
TemplateMonster Referral Program
The TemplateMonster affiliate program by TemplateMonster offers one of the most aggressive affiliate programs in the WordPress themes in particular and web design in the general niche. The company has as many as 26,000+ products of all kinds in its list.

Anybody can register in their affiliate program. The enrollment process is as easy as entering your email address. You don’t require to go through any approval method. TemplateMonster has a transparent commission plan. You begin with a 30% commission and can end up with 50%. So you can earn and refer as much as your capability of invites your readers by social media, blog, etc.

Unlike various other affiliate programs, the company pays for each transaction. Your commission growth depends on your monthly purchases. The more traffic you manage to make, the higher the commission you are going to receive the next month.

The cookies are active for 365 days. This considerably grows your chances of earning decently. The minimum payout is $100.

Join TemplateMonster Referral Program

8. Payoneer Referral Program ($25 per referral).

Payoneer Referral Program
Payoneer Referral Program
One of the best programs to try. After using it, I must say, Payoneer is much better than PayPal. Payoneer is a secured, fast and low-cost solution to your contacts, customers, and visitors. It is easy to share unique sign up links through the blog posts, banners, articles, landing pages, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.

It is the best global payments payout service. As it provides a money transfer service. Payoneer allows us to get the money online from all over the world and that is why the Payoneer is the most reputable national/international money transfer service. I suggest you use this reliable and best Payoneer system for accepting the payments on the internet. The Payoneer referral program pays the blogger for every new customer that signs up for the program through the link posted by the blogger.

It has both, affiliate marketing as well as a referral program. Both the programs offer $25 per each referral once the referral receives at least $100 in payments for the first time. This is the ultimate referral program for earning high commission and growing business with several folds.

Join Payoneer Referral Program

9. Revenuehits Referral Program.

Revenuehits Referral Program
Revenuehits Referral Program
The blogger attached to the revenuehits referral program can earn handsome income. This is a great referral program to earn a really good amount of money for bloggers.

For a publisher having monthly revenue up to $1500 receives a 5% share from his earning per year. And the publisher with revenue above $1500 receives a 10% share from his earning for one year.

Check Revenuehits Referral Program

10. Bidvertiser Referral Program.

Bidvertiser Referral Program
Bidvertiser Referral Program
Just like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser is a popular ad network. It is based on CPC. It offers a good monetary benefit by joining the program. Both advertisers and publishers can enjoy monetary benefits through the Bidvertiser referral program.

By referring an advertiser to the Bidvertiser, the publisher or the blogger receives $5. An additional $50 are credited to the publisher’s account when the advertiser spends $50. It also pays when the publisher joins the Bidvertiser through the referral link supplied by you. The whole payment is processed through PayPal once you cross $10.

Join Bidvertiser Referral Program

11. MOJO Themes Referral Program.

MOJO Themes Referral Program
MOJO Themes Referral Program
It is a marketplace that sells hundreds of WordPress, Joomla, eCommerce, and Tumblr themes. If you have an account at MOJO Themes, you automatically become their affiliate.

Their cookies duration is 30 days. You can check your account to track your earnings and request the payout at the end of each month. Their payout minimum limit is $50. In this , MOJO Themes has come with a exciting offer where you can earn and refer using referral code to the bloggers, web developers to earn more .

MOJO Themes support only the PayPal payment method, so you must have a PayPal account to get paid.


12. ShareASale Referral Program.

ShareASale Referral Program
ShareASale Referral Program
This is referred to as the best affiliate referral marketing network that pays per lead. It also pays per sale and pay-per-link to the bloggers and to the marketers as well.

$150 is credited to your account when any merchant joins through the referral link suggested by you. And it pays you $1 for each sign up through the referral links posted on your blog. Truly, it is a great referral program that can make you earn handsome money in a very short period of time.

Apply ShareASale Referral Program

13. SurveySavvy Referral Program

SurveySavvy Referral Program
SurveySavvy Referral Program
Your opinions will help you make money, and SurveySavvy is made for it. You can register SurveySavvy and start taking an opportunity to make money for expressing your opinions. The more surveys you fill out, the more chances you get to earn money.

SurveySavvy work as a middle man to connect you with the brands looking for your real reviews and opinions and in return pays money. Your personal profile is most important for getting more surveys.

SurveySavvy has one of the most working referral programs. You just need to refer your readers to SurveySavvy to share genuine opinions to make money. You get a commission when your direct referrals fill the surveys. You will also get the referral income when your indirect referrals i.e. referrals made by your direct referrals also complete the surveys.

So, you can refer new members to join SurveySavvy and get rewarded if they complete surveys. You can withdraw your money when it reaches $1.

SurveySavvy Referral Program

14. Viglinks (Sovrn) Referral Program.

Viglinks (Sovrn) Referral Program
Viglinks (Sovrn) Referral Program
The Viglinks referral program monetizes the blog or site by converting the outgoing links into the affiliate links.

VigLink is the program that finds the online brands or eCommerce affiliate programs that are already added to the VigLink network & without signing up yourself for them, you'll automatically get access to all the affiliate programs once signed up for VigLink only.

It is a good source of earning by promoting VigLinks. You do not need to generate manual affiliate links, just add the script and VigLink will take care of all the links and your commissions. It offers you earn 35% of the commission for the first year from the referred users.

Viglinks Referral Program

15. ElegantThemes Referral Program.

ElegantThemes Referral Program
ElegantThemes Referral Program
The ElegantThemes collection WordPress themes. The company provides an important scheme of partnership. You don't purchase a particular template of your choice individually, but pay a set amount and have access to all themes at once.

You’ll get a commission of 50% per referral member purchase. The percentage looks to be the highest in the market. Though, you require to remember that selecting one of the pricing plans the member is going to spend once and use all of the available themes. This means they won't get back by the same link again for different templates. So, you will require to drive good traffic to reach a high conversion rate.

Their cookies continue for 60 days, which is a good bonus in the form of the renewal commissions. When customers spend their annual renewal fees you receive your commission from that.

Join Elegant Themes Program

16. Infolinks Referral Program.

Infolinks Referral Program
Infolinks Referral Program
In order to get a daily income without selling or promoting, the Infolinks referral program is the most perfect address. This is the awesome ad network that serves an additional opportunity to the blogger to earn money easily.

This program is especially for bloggers or for the publishers. Whether you are searching for a compliment or alternatives for the AdSense, or are looking to monetize your blog, Infolinks is the best referral ad network to make money.

The program offers 10% of the earning to the publisher for the first 12 months. And if suppose, the publisher generates $1000 in a year; he could make $100 for that year.

Infolinks Referral Program

17. GoDaddy refer and earn.

GoDaddy refer and earn
GoDaddy refer and earn
Another very popular earn and refer app, which allows you to make $1000 with every successful referral that you make once the user buys or opens account with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is one of the most trustworthy web hosting providers in India. With the affordable cost, it offering domain, hosting and other web products.

Earning money as an affiliate is now becomes easy with social networking sites. Just share one of the ad banners or your referral links where your followers, customers, and friends would like to check it and you'll receive a commission on every qualifying sale made through your referral link.

Depending on the type of products and service getting sold with your link, you would be able to get the commission of up to 15% of every purchase. You can receive up to $90 (₹6,200) commission every time a member buying web hosting from GoDaddy via your affiliate link.

Members who click through to GoDaddy from your links are considered referrals. If they do a qualified purchase, you automatically receive a commission. Registering the GoDaddy refer and earn program is free, so you effectively have nothing to spend and signing up for the GoDaddy referral program needs approximately a few minutes.

Join GoDaddy refer and earn

Bottom Line

The 'earn and refer' program allows the publishers to earn $$$ by referring desired buyers to the platform.

So, just refer the people to their related program and regularly earn money. The referral program is an excellent technique to make money online with some sort of hard work. There are a lot of referral programs available. By registering and by referring more and more peoples to these referral programs, the bloggers can earn a lot of money. Referring to the members, vendors, advertisers, publishers, etc. to different referral sites or programs can be a great source of recurring income. By selecting the best and high paying referral programs, you as a blogger can make good use of your time for making considerable money.

You just need to keep searching for new referral networks and knowing which gets you the best potential for earnings. Examine all details, make calculations and outcomes. This is the way to succeed in referral marketing that gives so many profitable opportunities.

Still, have questions about referral marketing? Maybe you are keen to share your ideas or experience? Any feedback from you is welcome. Comment below if you have any questions about any referral network or any other affiliate program in general.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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