To be straight, if your business is running slow or not as your expectations then it's your fault, don't blame the business. If someone else in your area is running the same business successfully, says it all, you are just unable to run your business properly. There are many businessmen who earn lakhs and crores of rupees from their hard work, but then one question arises why are you lack behind and still unsuccessful? Why is business slow right now? What effect does business slow-down have on sales? What are most profitable online business ideas to start making money? What do you do when business is slow? How can you bring the business back to life? How do you prevent startup failure? And this is what we are going to check here today.

What can I do if my business is not running well?
We invest lakhs of rupees in certain businesses but don't get expected returns and ended with the reason being wrong management. We try to attract customers by using those typically used traditional ways and other business analysis techniques but don't dare to change the way responsible for the actual failure. At such times we straightaway say that the choice of the business went wrong without doing any self-assessment as where and how we did it wrong. But on the other side, because of this, we are also wasting a golden opportunity to correct our worst business mistakes.

No business can be unsuccessful if you convey your business branding to the people in a proper way.

I am familiar with so many people who started another business just because the first one is not running, and the result is zero, but still, they didn't try to do self-assessment and failed to know what is missing. Instead, they get disappointed and becomes a failure once again by blaming their destiny. So friends don't be disappointed if the business is not running as per your expectations. Implement the following business intelligence solutions, that will help you bring the business back to life and you will see the best results soon.

There are a lot of people looking out freelance jobs as it offers you the privilege of working from home and at the same time earning much more than what you could with a regular job. Is freelancing better than a regular job? However, as we know with growing competition it is getting more and more difficult to be a successful freelancer.

Be a successful freelancer
In all my posts I always encourage people to take up Freelancing as a career choice over regular jobs. So if it is so difficult to be a freelancer, why am I suggestion it to everyone?

Answer is very simple. Firstly, if you see my article about future prospects of freelancing, many people will be shocked to know how quickly freelance business is growing. It is always advisable to lead the trend rather than follow it. Freelancers who are able to establish themselves now, will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Secondly, if you have the talent and if you know how to bag a job, you can definitely be a very successful freelancer.

There is very little I can do with the talent of an individual. It all depends on you. However, in this guide, am going to show you steps you should follow to bag more projects.

Those online work from home jobs are very popular these days. Although online jobs are meant for everyone right from working professionals to part-time job seekers and students, but for housewives and homemaking moms, there is the ideal way of making money in their leisure time.
Jobs for Housewives
There are many housewives who are highly qualified and talented. Most of them are capable of earning a good income. However, the only reason most of them quit the job is that it becomes difficult for them to manage the job as well as household-related works and children. This is why online jobs become ideal for them.

Following are the advantages of online jobs:
  • You can work from the comfort of your home.
  • Manage your time at your convenience.
  • No Commitments.
  • If you have guests visiting you, you can always skip work for a day.
  • No infrastructure or investment is needed except for your internet bills.
There are many ways homemakers can earn money in their free time. I am only listing out the top ways housewives can make money online. For making this list, I have considered various factors like pay rates, difficulty level, experience required, availability of jobs, etc. so as to maximize the money you can make.

Freelance jobs are slowly picking up pace especially in developing countries like India. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines. With more and more people looking out for freelance jobs, new websites for freelancing work are coming up each day.
Freelance websites to find work
However not all the websites offering freelance jobs are Reliable. And out of those who are reliable, there are many who may not offer you quality jobs with good pays. In previous post we have seen Freelance Vs Full-time Job: Is Freelancing Better Than A Regular Job? and so thought to share my personal top freelancing sites to work more from home.

That is the reason I have prepared a list of best 5 websites which offer freelancing jobs with a brief review about each of these websites. Getting online work as a freelancer can be difficult. Check out our list of the best freelance websites, that allows you find proper work immediately and to get your career started.

Micro Jobs is one of the best ways of making money online for students, housewives, and others who do not possess any IT-related skills. They are very popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Netherlands, Philippines, United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Nairobi, Kenya, etc, and among various other countries.
Micro Jobs Websites
However, with so many online scams on the world wide web, it is hard to differentiate between legitimate micro job websites and scam micro job websites. Therefore, I thought of compiling this list of online micro job websites that are legitimate.

But before getting to the list of best micro job websites, let us understand in brief about micro jobs.

Online Jobs are the most sort-after Jobs. Some people do it for a little extra income whereas others work online full time and take it as their bread and butter.

However, online jobs without investment are really hard to find. Most people claiming to offer online jobs will ask you for investment and a vast majority of them are scammers. That’s the reason I have created this page to help people find various online jobs that do not require any investment.
Online Jobs Without Investment
Like regular Jobs, there are various types of online jobs for students to earn money at home without investment. Some jobs are easy, others are not. Some pay very handsomely, others can earn you pennies. Of Course the Universal law of “Tougher the Job, More the Pay” also applies to online Jobs as well.

So how do you decide which type of job you would like to take up? Well, it again depends upon what is “Interesting” and “Convenient” for you. No two people are the same. What’s easy for me may not be easy for you and vice versa. So including online jobs to earn money from home without investment it is very important to know what Online Job Market has in store for you.

Am broadly classifying various types of Online jobs so that it becomes easy to understand for beginners too. Each of the job categories below may have many subcategories which I would discuss in detail later. Below is a list of the top online jobs you can try without investments.

Your RESUME is nothing but your personal document, that shows in what extend you’re expert and capable to do better work for any company. Your resume should catch your skills, not just age. Today here we are going to learn the best tips for writing a great resume that will convert your resume into an interview.

Learn resume making
Candidates use to search the best resume making tricks and tips? How to make a resume without an online resume maker? How do I build an impressive resume using the best app for cv making? Professional resume writing tips and advice to build a better CV? Free Resume template download? Downloading .pdf/.doc resume file? How can I make my resume stand out? What a good resume should include?

In today’s competitive world, your resume matters a lot for you to move forward in your professional life. When you go for the interview at that time your high-grade resume is an important tool grabs attention to you. A good resume creates a good impact on the person in front of you. As you all know and heard many times that the first impression is the last! So, that’s why I am here to show you the most effective components of a quality resume as well as the top 18 best way to make a professional resume easily. With these tips, you can also get to know how to make a resume for first job and surely create a good impression on any recruiter. Read the following tips carefully and write a valid and legible resume or CV for your better future without using any cv maker app.

You can see there are the number of online resume maker apps and sites. A resume is very valuable for the students and for those who recently graduated from college. They are entering the market for the first time and they just find out desired workplaces to get started their professional life. When you go to the interview, your resume makes a significant role to get a good job for you. So, make your CV stand out from your competitors. Here I am also sharing a FREE RESUME TEMPLATE link to download.

What if you have taken a day off in your regular working day and decided to work from your home, there must have been at least one moment when you thought; "How wonderful would it be if you could continue the same throughout your life..." This is what FREELANCING is all about; working with no boundaries, no policies, no deadlines, no boss, no rules.
Freelancing Vs Regular Job
Many questions come into mind Why does anyone prefer freelancing over a regular job? Why freelancing is a better choice than any desk job? Why is freelancing better? What are possible freelancer jobs, BLOGGING? Why freelance work is better than 9 to 5 Job? Which is better, home-based work (freelance) or regular office work (traditional employee)? Why? Can I Call Myself An Entrepreneur? Freelance work vs a salary job - what to choose? Is it a right move to switch from a full-time employee to work as a freelancer? Which is better, entrepreneurship or freelancing? And so on.

A "freelancer" or "freelance worker" is a term usually applied to a person who is self-employed and is not bound to any particular organization for the long term. Moreover, some freelance workers are ordinarily provided by the business organizations that are only focused to resells freelance labor to their targeted customers.

I've worked on a regular job for more than 5 years and then I quit that 9-to-6 job in Aug 2012 and became a freelancer. Now, I'll NOT go back to a regular job because I prefer the freedom and flexibility to decide what to work on when to work. But do I regret choosing to freelance? or for working 5+ yrs in a regular job? My answer is NO, never - because it has made me what I am and shown how much potential I could drive. I wouldn't have learned & developed to this level without knowledge & experience that I got from working with a company/customer/seniors/growths/recognition by those management rules & their regulation.

If you have the desired skills and knowledge to work individually, you love staying at home, love working independently, you want your own working hours; welcome to the world of freelancers. According to various reliable sources, by 2022-25, the number of freelance workers in the US workforce is set to exceed the number of traditional job seekers. In India, also within the last 2 years more and, more businesses are hiring freelancers to work on their projects seeking proper knowledge, precise skillset & desired experience.

Freelancing gives more freedom of thought, independence, recognition, and certainly more respect. That is why; freelancing is increasingly growing & becoming the most preferred choice for a lot of professionals including the business domains like not only creative & design but also HR, Finance, Sales & marketing people as well.

Today here I'm going to compare freelancing Vs traditional full-time regular job to help you make a better choice.

Life is all about your choices, from your school studies to your career decisions. When it comes to your career you have two choices in front of you it may be doing a job or starting your own business, these are two things where maximum people always get jumbled to choose. Does owning your own business really make a better career? It is the question. Job Vs Business
Candidates used to search for which is better business or job? Is it better to get a job or start a business? Some people have the potential to do business but some people are good at their job. People always try to do their work according to their comfort zone, obviously, job oriented people think that doing a job is much secure and very comfortable for them but what is it like to run your own business?

Most of all the successful business owner and entrepreneur is like to tell that working 80 hours of every week is required to build your own market & business is much better than working 40 hours for somebody else and it is absolutely true. But doing job and doing business is all depend upon person to person and their profession.

People have a different mindset according to job and business. In our society, it just a stupid concept where some people are selling you like, the only business person will get rich and successful than other people who work 9 to 5 for others. So, do you think the Sundar Pichai CEO of Google, is not rich? Do you think Satya Nadella who's CEO of Microsoft is not rich? It doesn’t matter, in fact, these people are just celebrating their entrepreneurship at their moment because everyone thinks it is a very cool and professional path in the system. These are the best and well-known examples for every employer who works for others. But on the other hand, if Mark Zuckerberg had thought like 'I don't want to own a business' at that time, then Facebook would never have been born.

Comes to the point; starting own business vs job which is best? We are living on the edge of technology, where you can start any kind of business. The decision between self-employed vs employed will decide, where you look at yourself in the next 5 years of your life. And this is why I am here to tell you the top 10 tips according to job vs business and I am sure it will eliminate your confusion between these two things. I hope you will love this post and helps you to achieve your dream in your life.

A resume is your personal foremost document and one of the most crucial tools for the people who searching for the jobs. The resume is the necessary & common thing ever and every job seeker knows its importance. But how your resume looks, its design, format including layout makes an impact on hiring managers. Now create a professional resume using one of our free top resume templates. Customize your favorite resume template & download it in a single click. Free resume templates
You want to prepare for your dream job and play that role you desire in a creative company then you need to replace your old resume into the new one. In previous page, we already saw Top 18 Resume Making Tips (With Images). In short, give your resume a modern refreshing format style. Make well designed, very sophisticated & impressive resume format that recruiters expect to see.

You have to know there are many candidates, who also want to do the same job and out of all the applicants, it is your resume that catches your future employer’s eye. Not only your functional resume format and design but also there are a number of things that matter a lot to put your resume to the next level. It includes font size, font style, whitespace, the layout structure, and several things that are there. Even by adopting common resume formats for your CV helps you to reduce your time and easy to read for recruiters.

There is only one page is enough for your resume and to include your data. But you may get surprised about how can you put all of your stuff and detailed information in only one paper with a well-designed templet. This is what we’re going to learn today, just make sure to stick with this page till the end. Pick from a variety of best resume styles given from classic & simple to creative resumes, added with expert tips, creating a winning resume is easier than ever. Choose a resume template below that describes your skills and work experience the best.

If you are searching for a job and relying on traditional methods, there are all sorts of opportunities that you are missing out on. It was once common to check the newspaper in employee search for job openings and to ask family and friends to find employees if they know of anything that could be a good fit, but this was before the digital age. Successful job search using technology & Internet
People used to search how to get the job fast? How does the Internet work in a Job Search? What successful job search strategies need to follow? More effective job hunting strategies in job posting sites? How to overcome the impact of UNEMPLOYMENT? Why go online? New effective job search techniques in employment search sites to get started? Updated job search techniques 2019? How to conduct a successful job search? How to job hunt effectively at IT job posting sites and many more questions.

Technology has become embedded in our daily lives and completely changed the way that we perform daily activities, such as setting an alarm clock on our phones and completing a simple Internet search. In a job search today, it is vital to leverage available technology in order to find opportunities that you may not learn of otherwise and bypass the competition still relying on traditional methods. Technology has enabled job seekers with new ways to connect with prospective employers and gain a competitive edge in the talent pool.

With so many resources available on the Internet, the most important step is to first plan on how to use technology for a successful job search. This will help you feel more organized and in control of the process, while also helping you produce quality results. Previous ways that job seekers interact with technology may need some reflection and adjustments, but it is well worth the effort in order to have an efficient and effective job search. For example, you may change up how you conduct an Internet search or update your email notifications. The preparation that goes into it and the commitment to leverage resources readily available will put job seekers that much closer to landing their next jobs.


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