Freelancing Work (E-Jobs): Earn Money from Home

Popular belief is that freelance jobs are for people looking for some extra part-time income or housewives who want to earn money from home or college students who want some extra pocket-money. This is because most people believe that you cannot generate enough income with freelance jobs. However it’s a myth. Infact if you have the talent and you have enough knowledge about where and how to get freelance work, you can earn much more than what you could earn with a full-time job.
Can freelancing be a career?
Yes, it is possible to turn your freelancing work into a full-time career but, it depends on what type of work you prefer to do.

Many job seekers have shifted towards freelancing as a career option because of the impact of COVID-19 on employment and jobs. However, freelancing is growing and becoming the most preferred career path for many. Another benefit of a freelance career is that you have much more freedom than when you work for someone else.

Indeed, employment is undoubtedly a more stable income source than the majority of the easy ways to make some money. Freelance jobs & work are great ways to make some extra earnings from home. Either you like to make some extra income from freelancing work or looking for a high-paid online job. Easy copy-paste jobs, data entry work, clicks, form filling on the internet are the most trendy work types for fresher to make extra cash online from home.
Freelance Jobs
Freelance Jobs
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What Kind of Freelance Jobs Can I Get Online?

There are many types of freelance jobs available. Generally, most of the freelance jobs are technical computer-based Jobs.

Some of the popular online jobs are web designing, graphics design, logo design, animation, 3d modeling, data entry, virtual assistant, Android, iOS and desktop apps development and testing, data entry, SEO/SMO/SMM, Content Writing, translation, and many more.

Where Can I Find Freelance Jobs?

There are many websites that offer freelance Jobs. However one must be really careful as a lot of websites claiming to offer freelance jobs are scams. Out of the genuine websites, only a few of them are worth your time as most of them do not have enough jobs to make money.

This is the reason I have made a List of the Top 7 Freelance Websites. Each of these websites are highly legitimate and has ample work opportunities for you.

How Do Freelance Websites Work?

The working of freelance websites is really simple. Employers post a job on freelance websites. You as a freelancer can then search for these jobs and apply for a suitable job.
Payments for such Jobs are usually not fixed by the employer. Freelancers “bid” for these jobs and rates are then decided as per the bid by the selected freelancer. However, not all employers look for cheap talent. Some look for a combination of affordable rates and talent, while others select the freelancer purely based on his talent.
Bidding on the project can either be for hourly rates or for the complete project. Generally, in the case of shorter projects, bidding is done for the entire project, whereas in the case of longer projects, bidding is generally for hourly rates.

After the bidding process, the employer will either select the freelancer on the basis of his past performances at the website indicated by a rating system or he will interview the candidate over Skype.

Once the employer finalizes the freelancer, he can start working on the project. In the case of hourly payments, the freelancer will have to install software provided by the website on his computer. This software keeps a track of the freelancer’s activity by taking a screenshot of the computer screen at random intervals and sending the same to the client.

When Will I Get Paid?

In the case of shorter projects, payments are usually made upon completion of the project. In the case of longer projects, payments will be realized at the end of each week. This may vary as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions.

How Will I Get Paid?

Payment modes are listed down by individual websites, with PayPal being the most widely accepted and the most reliable mode of payment.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, make sure you register with PayPal.

After registering, if you are from India, you will have to verify your account as per Indian government laws. You can check out Step by Step Instructions to Register and Verify Pay Pal Account in India

How Much Can I Earn with Freelance Websites?

The amount one earns at a freelance website depends on his talent and his ability to convince the client to select services.

There are some talented professionals who cannot beg a single order because they simply cannot market themselves, and there are others who though have great marketing skills to beg projects, are not able to live up to the client’s expectation when it comes to technical skills. To be successful you need to master both.

What Is the Scope of Freelance Jobs?

With the digitalization of the world, hiring employees across the ocean jobs has become very easy. Though only a few individuals have realized its potential. The ones who have been making the maximum out of it.

I know users, who started working as freelancers in their spare time and later left their regular job to work full-time at freelance websites.
And there are many people who start their own businesses by hiring local individuals once they develop relations with clients and start demanding frequent projects from them. This is quite common in developing countries like India where talented job seekers are available to work at cheaper rates so that freelancers can get the work done locally for almost half of the rate than what he actually gets from the project. Even considering fixed overheads for managing a company, these freelancers easily make 20-30% profit.
This trend will continue till the pay rates in developing countries become at par with their counterparts in developed nations. However, this may take years. This makes freelancing a good career choice.

Also with increased competition and hence skimmed profit margins, more and more small-scale companies and individuals are switching to freelance websites to get cheaper talent so as to minimize their project costs. This will further open up more opportunities for freelancers

E-jobs may not be very popular today, but they are the Future. The one who realizes this and establishes himself before everyone else does will have a chance to grow exponentially.

However, the ones who succeed can make it really big. There are people from even developed countries who charge up to $80 per hour. But it will surely be a long journey before anyone can reach that level.

Video: All about Freelancing | Roadmap for Beginners | Earn in Lakhs

All about Freelancing | Roadmap for Beginners | Earn in Lakhs

Bottom Line

If you have the technical knowledge and skills to self-promote yourself, with freelance jobs you can earn much more money from the comfort of your home than what you can with full-time jobs.

However demanding freelance projects, especially the first one may not be as easy. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to lose if you spend 12-20 minutes daily, bidding for jobs related to your skills.

What are your views about freelancing as a full-time career? Please let me know through the comments below.

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