ONE, ElegantThemes, StudioPress or MythemeShop? Lets Compare & Find Out

What is the most popular free WordPress theme? Where do I get WordPress themes? It takes a lot of time to find what you need when it comes to web development templates. And not all of us have time to spare for such a search. This is why we developed a list of the most popular and advanced products available today. We compared ONE from TemplateMonster, Elegant Theme, Studio Press and MythemeShop and you can check their pros and cons before downloading.. Continue reading...

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It is important to find a good base for your web project. And there are many options and tools that can save your time, money and provide more tools. The pre-built products for web development can save a lot of your effort and provide you with a good result. Due to this feature, such templates are popular and you can find many marketplaces with a huge variety of products.
Comparison of WordPress theme providers
WP developers used to search for what is the most popular free WordPress theme? Where do I get WordPress themes? And so on...

This is where the hard part comes. You have to choose the best option among the hundreds of products. Some of them are specific, others may appear to be too simple, or too complicated. It takes a lot of time to find what you need when it comes to web development templates. And not all of us have time to spare for such a search. This is why we developed a list of the most popular and advanced products available today.

We compared ONE from TemplateMonster, Elegant Theme, Studio Press and MythemeShop and you can check their pros and cons before downloading.
Comparison of WordPress theme providers
Comparison of WordPress theme providers


This subscription service provides you with more them 8500 of templates and elements. And this number keeps growing every month. It is multitool and you can use it for developing a perfect website. It is a library full of products and you get access to all them for a fair price. It is much better to use ONE instead of searching for separate products and purchasing them. Such service will be especially good for web developers.
One Template Monster Release
One Template Monster Release
ONE includes top-notch products.
  • It has high-quality templates. They are highly optimized and responsive. Moreover, there is a huge number of templates for various purposes. It includes WordPress.
  • Themes, E-commerce themes, and CMS Themes.
  • ONE also includes logos that are necessary for branding. Or you can make your website eye-catchy.
  • You can use visuals to decorate a website.
  • Plugins that improve website performance and boost functional.
  • In addition, ONE provides you with attractive fonts.
You can subscribe to ONE Web Development Kit Membership just for 19 dollars per month. And it billed yearly for 229$. And in case you need a product that is not included in ONE then you can get any exclusive TemplateMonster products with 50% discount.

When it comes to support options you can choose among:
  • 24/7 ticket support.
  • Friendly facebook community.
  • Pre-sales chat.
So let's talk about the main pros and cons. One provides you with many benefits:
  • A huge number of products
  • It has various products for various purposes.
  • Fair price and a 50% discount for other TemplateMonster products.
  • Various types of graphics, PowerPOint presentations, PSD files, logos and etc.
  • You can use all included in ONEproducts for an unlimited time.
  • It is also easy to download products and subscribe to ONE.
  • Friendly support.
And when it comes to cons we can admit that:
  • At a time of writing, this article ONE has only 13 WordPress plugins available.

Elegant Themes

As the name implies Elegant themes are beautiful. They are stylish and well designed. They are highly responsive and will be a great option for new WordPress uses. Most importantly Elegant Themes specialize on WordPress platform and develop mostly WordPress templates. These templates suit various projects. You can use them to make a blog or company website. Elegant themes include many popular themes. Most popular are Divi, Nexus, Fable, and Extra.
Elegant Themes
Elegant Themes
Divi is a flagship product of Elegant Themes and has impressive features:
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Due to Divi Builder, it will be easy to edit a website developed with Divi
  • 20 pre-built layouts
  • Can be translated into 32 languages
  • SEO-friendly
And Extra is a perfect choice for media portals. Other templates also have its own features. Included plugins will be useful tools too.
  • For example, Boom WordPress plugin improves your email marketing, allows you to target audience better and use design options.
  • With Monarch plugin, you can boost your social options. It supports 35 social media, allows you to boost UE and design of social option buttons.
Elegant Themes is a subscription service and it has two subscription plans. You can purchase a yearly plan for 89$. This subscription plan allows you to use all included themes and plugins for an unlimited time. There is also a lifetime subscription that extends all benefits of a yearly plan for an unlimited time.

Elegant Themes Subscription
Elegant Themes Subscription
Elegant Themes provides you with a good support feature. There is a step-by-step installation instruction. And in case you have more questions you can check the forum with many useful threads or create a new ticket.

Pros of Elegant Themes:
  • Many WordPress themes and plugins
  • Reasonable price
  • Lifetime subscription plan
  • Friendly users and developers community
  • Useful forum and detailed step-by-step instructions
We can also find cons:
  • Lack of features compared to other subscription solutions
  • Focus on WordPress products


Developed with care for every detail StudioPress is a great subscription service with many pre-developed products. This service provides you with well-designed and optimized templates. Most templates perfectly suit bloggers and media. Moreover, you can find many websites and blogs developed with StudioPress.
Studio Press
Studio Press
One of the biggest features of StudioPress is a Genesis framework. Developed by a team of professionals this framework has a clean code and well-developed structure. You can fully rely on Genesis and create a highly responsive and optimized web project. Moreover, Genus will be easy to maintain. And it is a highly secure framework.

It also has a huge number of child themes.

StudioPress has few options when it comes to pricing:
  • You can purchase a Genesis framework for 59.95$. It is a secure, fast and to-the-point framework.
  • You can also purchase a single child theme that costs around 79-130$. The price depends on the included features and design.
  • Or you can pick a subscription service plan. You can check start-up, grows or scale plan with various content and price. Or you can customize your own subscription plan. It is a very user-friendly feature.
StudioPress includes great support features. Their support team is experienced and ready to help you.

We can say that StudioPress has great pros:
  • Top-notch Genius framework
  • Easy to maintain
  • Advanced coding
  • Friendly and experienced support team
  • Flexible subscription plan
Yet, there are still cons:
  • Prices bigger than average
  • Fewer features than many other solutions in subscribe service category.


MythemeShop has many themes and plugin that will be ready to boost your web project. They are an especially great option for blogs and magazines. Moreover, MythemeShop is a perfect choice for blogs and media that create revenues from advertising. And it has themes suitable for any business niche. All MythemeShop templates include social option buttons, more than 600 fonts, background and font change option, and many more features. And depending on a template layout you can purchase built-in ad-manager settings.
My Themes Shop
When it comes to pricing MythemeShop has an original subscription plan. If you choose a lifetime subscription you pay 89$ per the first month of the subscription and then you pay 19$ per month for the rest of your life. In the same time, a single theme cost from 29$ to 59$. They also have free themes and you can try them out first.

MythemeShop has an experienced support team. In addition, you can visit the forum and Check for tutorials. And their themes constantly get updates.

MythemeShop pros:
  • Friendly support features.
  • Free themes.
  • Highly optimized themes.
  • Easy to edit templates.
  • Reasonable price compared with other options in this category.
  • MythemeShop templates are SEO-friendly due to clean code.
MythemeShop cons:
  • Has fewer features than other subscription services.
  • Tricky lifetime subscription plan that requires constant payments for life.

Subscribe services are useful tools able to provide you with many templates, plugins and other web development elements. It is especially useful for web developers. Yet, if you want to learn how to develop a website, or simply require a lot of elements then subscription service is what you need. In this list, I gathered ONE, Elegant Themes, Studio Press and MythemeShop subscription services. They are popular services with good products. You can check them before choosing the best option.

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