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With the lots of free Wordpress themes available, you may be questioning why you would ever pay for a premium theme? And it is a right question to ask, but there are a number of reasons as to why you should choose a premium theme over a free for your WordPress website. In this page, I'm going to discuss free WordPress themes vs premium WordPress themes including the comparison of pros & cons. Free VS Premium WordPress Themes
What is a premium theme? What is free WordPress theme? WordPress free vs premium plan: Which one is the best? How to choose between free vs premium WordPress themes? Do you need a hosting site for WordPress to start a blog? What does self-hosted WordPress mean? How much does it cost to buy a WordPress theme? WordPress hosted vs self hosted? How much is a WordPress premium account? What are the pros and cons of using free vs premium WordPress themes? What are the pros & cons, advantages, and disadvantages? Which is right for your website or blog? Free or Premium WordPress Themes: What should be your choice? What's the difference? What is wordpress website hosting costs min? Which is the better option for business blog/eCommerce site? Premium WordPress Themes: What do you pay for? Why you should go for the premium over the free WordPress templates? And so many questions... If you’re a novice to web design industry, you may be wondering what the difference between free and premium WordPress themes is (except price), and which ones you’d better go for. This question is a pretty reasonable one. If it’s the dilemma that’s bothering you, you’re in the right place. If there is the confusion between deciding to go premium WordPress or continuing with the free account, then the answer is simple. I would like to say straight to go for the premium because the totally free WordPress is annoying. The additional benefits and flexibility of premium are considerably higher than the free themes. Being with the brand, you will get frustrated only once but with non-branded stuff, you always suffering and frustrated more. The premium WordPress themes are developed by professional web designers, with the definite purpose of providing extended support to a business for better branding. I will assist you in making the right decision. Today, we’re discussing the pros and cons of free vs premium WordPress themes and look into a couple of examples. By following this quick page you will understand whether you’d choose premium WordPress theme or free for your website, blog or brand.
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Yeah, you heard it right; Giveaway! Giveaway!! Giveaway!!! This is the first time we are announcing premium giveaways and very excited to present Christmas gifts to the lucky one from all our regular readers. Christmas mood is already in the air. Started the countdown to Christmas, can't Wait? Only a few days to Christmas festival and to celebrate this merry season, TemplateMonster has decided to give out three of their premium website templates for free. Isn't it one of the great giveaways for you.? A Big Christmas Giveaway at the end of the year 2016: Free Premium WordPress Themes - If there is a premium website template that you have been long dreaming about but for some reason couldn’t afford to buy it, now you have a chance to obtain it at no cost. It's just like the corporate Christmas giveaways.
As part of their Christmas giveaway, TemplateMonster lets you choose any theme from their collection of 50,000+ designs and try your fortune to download it at no cost. All that you need to do to enter is to browse the inventory and pick a template that comes to your liking. Then, get back to this post and leave a comment with its ID number. Your comment can sound like this: “I want to win template #55555.” + add some explanation why you have chosen this one.
The sweepstakes contests giveaways start now and ends on January 10. When it’s over, we will pick 3 winners at random. Each of them will get the chosen theme for free. We will notify the winners via email, so please make sure that you like us on Facebook & you post a comment with your valid email address. To help you with the decision-making, below we have listed the 10 most popular and revolutionary themes from TemplateMonster. Go check them out.
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