Freelance (Blogging) Vs Full-time Job: Is Freelancing Better Than A Regular Job?

What if you have taken a day off in your regular working day and decided to work from your home, there must have been at least one moment when you thought; "How wonderful would it be if you could continue the same throughout your life..." This is what FREELANCING is all about; working with no boundaries, no policies, no deadlines, no boss, no rules.
Freelancing Vs Regular Job
Many questions come into mind Why does anyone prefer freelancing over a regular job? Why freelancing is a better choice than any desk job? Why is freelancing better? What are possible freelancer jobs, BLOGGING? Why freelance work is better than 9 to 5 Job? Which is better, home-based work (freelance) or regular office work (traditional employee)? Why? Can I Call Myself An Entrepreneur? Freelance work vs a salary job - what to choose? Is it a right move to switch from a full-time employee to work as a freelancer? Which is better, entrepreneurship or freelancing? And so on.

A "freelancer" or "freelance worker" is a term usually applied to a person who is self-employed and is not bound to any particular organization for the long term. Moreover, some freelance workers are ordinarily provided by the business organizations that are only focused to resells freelance labor to their targeted customers.

I've worked on a regular job for more than 5 years and then I quit that 9-to-6 job in Aug 2012 and became a freelancer. Now, I'll NOT go back to a regular job because I prefer the freedom and flexibility to decide what to work on when to work. But do I regret choosing to freelance? or for working 5+ yrs in a regular job? My answer is NO, never - because it has made me what I am and shown how much potential I could drive. I wouldn't have learned & developed to this level without knowledge & experience that I got from working with a company/customer/seniors/growths/recognition by those management rules & their regulation.

If you have the desired skills and knowledge to work individually, you love staying at home, love working independently, you want your own working hours; welcome to the world of freelancers. According to various reliable sources, by 2022-25, the number of freelance workers in the US workforce is set to exceed the number of traditional job seekers. In India, also within the last 2 years more and, more businesses are hiring freelancers to work on their projects seeking proper knowledge, precise skillset & desired experience.

Freelancing gives more freedom of thought, independence, recognition, and certainly more respect. That is why; freelancing is increasingly growing & becoming the most preferred choice for a lot of professionals including the business domains like not only creative & design but also HR, Finance, Sales & marketing people as well.

Today here I'm going to compare freelancing Vs traditional full-time regular job to help you make a better choice.
Freelancing Vs Full-time Job
Freelancing Vs Full-time Job
Discussing how blogging differs from journalism and deciding whether to add blogging under the roof of journalism or kept these as two separate categories for sharing the information.

Is Freelancing Better Than A Regular Job? Freelancing Vs Regular Job

There are various reasons why people choose freelancing over their regular jobs. It varies from individuals to individuals.

Here I have given 10 reasons why freelancing is better than regular jobs and why most of the white-collar workers now days is more inclined towards freelancing:


Who likes going to the office every day? same office, same people, same traffic? For some, if they are 1 minute late, half-day or full-day salary gone.

In freelancing, you get to work at your own place comfortably and with your own timings. Also, it is an ideal solution for balancing your work and family or private life during which you can successfully make for a living and support yourself and your family.

There is no time constraints that you need to get up early or sleep late given that you are willing to work hard.

You are working and at the same time, you are at your own home.

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If you hate being told by someone the same thing, again and again, hate being working under someone, hate when someone tells what you have to do and what not then you need to switch to freelancing.

In freelancing, you are your own BOSS.

You are the rule maker.

You only decide your own good and bad.

You get to decide what to do and what not.


As mentioned earlier you are your own boss so it’s going to be you who decides the timings.

You can organize your work time as you want. You don’t have any fixed timings like 9-5 or 10-7. You can do our work whenever you want to be it in the morning or evening or late at night.

Another advantage is that you can do other jobs as well at the same time for extra earnings provided you are able to manage or do multitasking.

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In freelancing it's you and only you who decide what work you want to do. For some people, they love doing easy projects, for some its way boring.

In freelancing, you are free to take up any project or work without the fear of being fired from a job even if you fail to complete it. At the most, you will end up with one negative rating, which would certainly not affect you much if you have a lot of successfully completed jobs to your credit.


Apart from flexible working hours and no fixed location, there are also other advantages you have that a regular job won’t get you.

Take dress code policies for example. Corporates would have you in formals and startups, an event with their freedom would at least have you in decent clothing. But as a freelancer, you could be working in anything of your own choice and comforts.

While writing this page, I have just wore regular three-quarter-length stovepipe pants and a t-shirt.


Instead of working on a single job, you can take up multiple freelance projects at a time. Multitasking will help you manage your time better.

Apart from multiple projects at a time, you will also have to handle your personal life. This is where time management plays a very crucial role.

You also get to learn so many new things and acquire a lot of new skills at the same time.

As a freelancer, you will gain an enormous amount of skills and experiences, that will ensure you are successful in the real world.

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Freelancing provides a better sense of diversification for your finances since not one person (or sole employer ) is responsible for paying your salary.

The clients you have, the products you create, and the different types of product you work on, means you will have a higher level of diversification to combat tough financial times. In short, you feel more secure and less reliable on some other person for your own needs.


Instead of doing the same thing for years and looking for a promotion, you can fluctuate your prices as and when you please.

Once you have gained experience and skills in a particular thing, you can raise your cost for it provided you can justify it by your work.

Clients will be ready to take you for their projects at your own terms and price. This is one of the major reasons why freelancing is better than the regular jobs where you have to wait yearly or half-yearly for the minimum raise in your salary.


The initial set up cost required for starting any business like equipment costs, workplace, utility costs are very high. You don’t have to worry about these in freelancing.

Freelancers have the bare minimum initial setup cost. All you require is the given set of skills with the help of which you can take and complete any project given to you by your clients.

You can start freelancing by registering at various online websites free of cost and start with your work as soon as some clients contacts and assigns you some work.

10. MONEY.

As a freelancer, you can work with as many clients as you want and as many projects you want and earn a great amount of money with these projects.

You decide your own cost based on your skills and if it suits the clients, they are ready to pay you the same amount. There is no set limit as to how much you can earn in freelancing.

Your skills and the amount of time you are spending on it decides your earning potential.

In short, the more you work, The more you earn.

From my experience; I would recommend that before becoming the freelancer you need to keep working on your regular job for at least a couple of years. Try to get knowledge, experience, and develop your decision-making skills. Once they are comfortable and stable financially then you should try the freelancing world.

In short, I would like to say that freelancing has many more advantages than regular jobs and it varies from individual to individual in how they are comfortable in working. Freelancers are stable in their jobs. They cannot be dismissed or removed to a lower position or moved.

You have got very flexible timings and you can work from anywhere in the world. You work on your skills and improve them day-by-day and this is what keeps you in the freelancing world. You will get to know people from all over the world as your clients can be from anywhere in this world.

Also, you will have diversity in work which will help you in developing your business and marketing skills.

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