20 Essential Tips For Improving Your Blog Design In 2022

Enhance your user experience with expert tips improving your blog design and differ your blog from competitors.. Continue reading...

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One of the biggest challenges that any blogger has to face is to provide a memorable experience to its website visitors. User interface and user experience both are the integral parts of the web design. If you want to start a blog or running one, then you just need to focus on these aspects in order to retain the interest of your visitors.
Blog Designing Tips
People used to search; How can I start blog writing? What makes a good blog design? How do I create a blog on Google? How do you create a blog? What are the elements of a perfect blog design? And so on...

A proper, well-functioning blog build with a quality content is definitely the foundation for becoming a successful blogger. Apart from publishing epic content, there are many web designing elements that make your blog completely different from your competition.

Your blog requires to be unique, creative and fast loading, and it requires to deliver your voice to your readers. If you are very must serious about your blog and looking to make it visually stand out then you must understand the quick blog design tips from the day you started a blog. Your blog design must show your visitors why you're different from others, and what you're trying to give them, why they should spend the time to read your pages. Once you know how to build a better blog design, you can practice and work on it by yourself.

But if you take your blog seriously and you want it to visually stand out, the first step is understanding the principles of design. Certainly, visitors like the attractive website, but some of the most bloggers in the blogging world tend to focus a lot more on its functionality and usability than they do making their blog beautiful.

Here are I’ve collected top 20 blog design tips derived from 12 years of being a professional blogger. Hope you like and enjoy it.
Best Blog Designing Tips/Features
Best Blog Designing Tips/Features

20 Best Blog Designing Tips/Features To Differ Your Blog From Competitors

Check out the most effective and top 20 blog design tips and tricks that will improve UI, grow your blog and make you successful blogger:

1. Easy Navigation

Navigation is one of the most critical aspects of your website, as it helps the visitors to land on their desired page.

If the navigation is clumsy, the visitor might get confused which makes him left the website without searching for his desired blog.

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2. Include quotes section

A quote is something that connects your audience emotionally.

A thoughtful quote on your topic can be a great addition to your blog. It also enhances the quality of your content.

3. Implement Awesome Footer

Footer is something, bloggers ignore to check out. You will think what the point as nobody checks the bottom of the site.

It is surprising how many people are actually searching there. Give it a good touch which a clear site map and contact details.

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4. Previous and Next Posts Feature

After reading a blog, your visitors might be wondering what to read next, if they enjoyed your post. They want to read more.

You must have an easy personalization that navigates the readers to the previous or the next post. It will be a good addition to your blogs.

5. Get the correct theme

There are plenty of themes available on WordPress if you are selecting it as your blogging platform.

Selecting the right website template can help you to attract lots of visitors. Besides, the theme will also describe the nature of your blogs.

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6. Feature Best Post in A Slider

The slider at the homepage has huge importance as you can feature your best work within that slider.

A slider is a great way to great your visitors. In this way, they can check out your best piece and can check out what they missed previously.

7. Post Images

An image is the most effective way to grab the attention of your visitors.

Select a nice image for your posts and this will help you to make your post completely different from the others. You may also take the help of graphic designers in a case to create a customized image for your blog.

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8. About Author Section

Add an about the author section at the end of the post which will help your visitors to get connected with the author.

Although this might be a small section, it will make a great difference to your blogs.

9. Sidebar Adverts

A sidebar is the best place to put the advertisements.

If you are having traffic, then you can bag a good amount of money. Still, it is advisable to make them appealing and good.

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10. Add your best Posts within Your Content

Having the best post featured in your content is a great idea to break up the content.

Adding related and most trending blog post can give more traffic and also retain the interest of your readers.

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11. Use a Collage Background

A background can add various features to your blogs. A collage styled background can present your website in a completely different way. It also diverts readers from the content and retains their interest.

12. RSS And Twitter Feed

Features the RSS and Twitter feed can be a big breakthrough for your blogs.

You can create a great blog design by adding personal touches with the RSS and Twitter count.

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13. Adverts in content

It is advisable to keep the advertisers happy and that is why you need to make your ads distinguish out from others.

You can blend the ads with your website design.

14. Comment Style

Maintaining consistency is one of the greatest essences of the blog.

The blog style should fit your writing style, and it can be appealing enough to encourage your visitors to comment.

15. Top Search Bar

The search bar is the most interesting feature for any website. It helps your visitors to check what they are looking for.

Incorporate the search bar at the top of the website which is a winner and might help you to make a great blog.

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16. Add a Breaking News Sliding Feature

For urgent blogs, it is advisable to give a breaking news section which can work for any kind of website that provides up to date contents.

17. Add comments section

Adding a comments section can be a great difference for your blog when compared to your competitors’ sites.

The comment section can enable your readers to share their thoughts related to the topic.

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18. Splash Header

Use a splash header to ensure that your visitors reach to the pages they want to. You can also mention the very informative content and give brief introductions to the best pages on your site.

19. Use a Breaking News Widget

For blogs, the sidebar can become cluttered because of useful widgets and texts.

It is advisable to merge some of into one of the widget. You can add a widget which holds popular and breaking news which encourage your readers to have a look.

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20. Create Custom Typography Headings

You can create customized headings by using the typography available in web designing. This is a great way to stand out from the others.

Bottom Line
In order to get your blog stands out from competition needs a great combination of web design and epic content. You also need to make it easy for readers to share it with their family and friends. The user-friendliness, the user experience, and the user interface are all the aspects that make your users happy to land on your blog.

Article By Sarah Bennett - senior editor in Holidoi, a leading holiday & travel portal in Dubai, UAE.

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