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So you want to write your own blog? Decided to make a website for your own business? Or have made a mind create a website of your own name? For all these purposes we need a web hosting company who provides you not only a domain name but also the online space to start building your website. All about Web Hosting Sale & Reviews
Are you searching for HostGator Black Friday Discount Coupons? Then here I want to tell you that the HostGator Black Friday Sale is ON now. Apply below Hostgator Black Friday special deal link to get up to 90% OFF on any of Hostgator Hosting Plan. If you looking to get the maximum HostGator Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount deals (New edition), then this page is best for you. Check the following codes to know how to get HostGator hosting discount coupons and start your own blog. In this post, I'm going to provide the HostGator Black Friday web hosting deals, highest discounts, promo, and coupon codes.

Today we are going to review HostGator; including HostGator coupon codes to get maximum discount on web hosting. We also going to check; HostGator WordPress hosting vs web hosting - why people prefer or reject HostGator? Why you need to transfer hosting from GoDaddy to HostGator? Are they actually worth to host your site? why you don't need to transfer domain from HostGator services and why expert recommends HostGator especially for WordPress.

Only registering for the new domain name doesn’t accomplish the purpose; so it’s necessary to have best and reliable host company since it will get it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on this 'WWW' world. You can also read for more detailed info about domain name and DNS; Domain Name System | What Is DNS & How It Work

Web hosting company provides you the best optimized WordPress HostGator templates and sufficient space on a server owned or leased for use, & also connect to the data center. So when someone enters your domain, he will be directed to your website. Moreover, not only HostGator managed WordPress themes, you will also be amazed by HostGator email forwarding & HostGator SEO hosting services & are the great features because of which its now becomes best web hosting service in India. Also, we are going to check hostgator renewal coupons 2021
HostGator Coupon Codes
HostGator Coupon Codes
Also, if you haven’t read 5 Factors Choosing Best Web Hosting For Your Website/Blog, I highly recommend checking it out before going any further.

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Republic Day Sale: HostGator Hosting

This Republic day get your dreams online, grab a flat 57% discount on hosting.

[Republic Day Sale] Reviews + Hosting Coupons Upto 90% OFF | Best Web Hosting
HostGator Republic Day Sale
Offer details:
  • 57% off on Shared, WordPress, Cloud and Reseller Hosting
  • 57% off on VPS servers
  • 20% off on SiteLock, CodeGuard and SSL certificate
  • Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: AFFHGI20FREEDOM
Date: 21st - 23rd January (3-days)

Black Friday Sale: HostGator Hosting

Update: 4 March

Promo Details: Hosting Festival - Flat 55% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGFESTIVAL
  • 55% Off on Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, and VPS hosting on min 6 month tenure
  • 20% Off on Dedicated Server
  • 20% Off on SiteLock, CodeGuard and SSL
  • Domain Promos
    .COM @ Rs. 699
    .IN @ Rs. 399
    .WEBSITE @ Rs. 99
Offer dates: 5th & 6th, March

Update: 5 Feb

Promo Details: Flash Sale - Flat 50% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGFLASH
  • Flat 50% off on Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, and VPS Hosting
  • 20% off on Dedicated Servers, SiteLock, CodeGuard and SSL
  • Deals on domains
    .COM @ Rs. 699
    .IN @ Rs. 399
    .WEBSITE @ Rs. 99 (on 1st year only)
Dates: 6th to 7th February

Update: 21 Jan

Promo Details: Republic Day Sale - 55% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGINDIA
55% Off on Shared Hosting
50% Off on WordPress, Cloud, Reseller and VPS Hosting
20% Off on Dedicated Servers, SSL certificates, CodeGuard and SiteLock

Dates: 22nd and 23rd January

Update: 08 Jan

Promo Details: Winter Sale - Flat 50% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGWINTER
50% Off on Shared, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller and VPS Hosting
20% Off on Dedicated Servers
20% Off on Sitelock, CodeGuard & SSL Certificates

Dates: 8th & 9th January

Update: 22 Dec

Promo Details: End Of Year Sale - 50% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGXMAS
50% Off on Shared, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller and VPS Hosting
20% Off on Dedicated Servers
20% Off on Sitelock, CodeGuard & SSL Certificates

Dates: 24th to 28th December

Update: 10 Dec

Promo Details: Flash Sale - 50% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGFLASH
50% Off on Shared, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller and VPS Hosting
20% Off on Dedicated Servers
20% Off on Sitelock, CodeGuard & SSL Certificates

Dates: 11th and 12th December

Cyber Monday - 60% Off On Hosting
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGMONDAY
Dates: 16th to 30th November

Promo Details: Black Friday Sale:
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGIBF or HGFRIDAY
60% Off on Shared Hosting
50% Off on Cloud, WordPress, Reseller and VPS Hosting
20% Off on Dedicated Servers
20% Off on Sitelock, CodeGuard & SSL Certificates

Dates: 16th to 30th November

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Update: 17 Sept
Promo Details: Affiliate Promo Sale:
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: SHAREDAFF
Offer: 40% Off on Shared Hosting when purchased for 1,2 and 3 years and 50% Off on 5 years
Dates: 17th to 21st September

Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: VPSAFF
Offer: 40% Off on VPS minimum purchase 6 months
Dates: 17th to 21st September

Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: CLOUDAFF
Offer: 40% Off on Cloud Hosting minimum 6 months
Dates: 17th to 21st September

Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: WORDPRESSAFF
Offer: 40% Off on WordPress 6 months
Dates: 17th to 21st September

Update: 22 May
Promo Details: BIG BANG Sale:
Activate HostGator Deal — Use Code: HGKNOCKOUT
Offer: 50% Off on Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting

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HostGator Review: About HostGator & Overall Ratings

There are several companies that provide web hosting, but it’s important to have a quality web host otherwise it would be trouble for the user. Today we will review Hostgator - the web hosting company – the brand comes up more frequently and on the top in the world of web hosting.

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HostGator - Is it the best host for WordPress?

Hostgator is a Houston-based firm, founded by Brent Oxley in UK 2002. is the Indian site version of the This company host over 9 million domains & one of the most famous & trustable hosting company. Here company provides you several options like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, application hosting, managed hosting, & business email facilities.

This company has built its business to more than 210 countries. In the customer satisfaction survey, 85% of customers reported being satisfied with their partnerships. The leading industry & friendly customer services & support is the plus point of the Hostgator. The company consistently works on the improvement & refinement of services. This is what makes the HostGator world’s leader in the global web hosting.

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Blog vs. Website For Making Money | How Blogs Differ From Websites

HostGator Features

1. Low price: The price of the web hosting plans is surprisingly cheap. The several options of hosting products and plans are available on a single platform specially designed for the low budget website developers. This primary focus along with the quality of the product has made the HostGator more popular in the world of the web hosting

2. 24x7 Support: The HostGator provides you 24 by 7 helpline service for 365 days. This is quite nice as whenever you need some help these company is going to help out in situations. In addition to Indian people, they have extra service & call attendees in the local language. You can communicate with them in your own languages.

3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: The uptime is the most important issue when you have any website. The availability of your website is the prior thing for the company, and the HostGator is on top to provide you 99.9% uptime guarantee. So that you don’t have to worry about any issue with the down website due to the web host.

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4. Multiple Hosting Plans: There are several hosting plans available on HostGator, from which you can choose accordingly as per your requirement. Reseller hosting, web hosting, windows hosting, VPS hosting, application hosting, managed to host; these several hosting plans are available under the same roof.

5. Security: The HostGator has very unique features for website securities which include IP-Deny Manager & Hotlink protection. These will surely make you tension free from any hacking experiences.

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6. Control Panel: it’s controlled by the cPanel. It organizes all necessary to build up & maintain your website. This is a significant feature for setting up your first website hassle free. So you can able to install WordPress, Joomla like content managers [CMS] without any problem.

7. Programming & Database: PHP, MySQL, SSH access, & many more options are available for advanced users. This makes the HostGator more user-friendly web host.

8. Cloud hosting: it is the unique feature of the HostGator. Recently the company has launched this feature for their user to store their data in the cloud system. There are 3 cloud plans out of which two have unlimited domains.

9. 45-day guarantee: for the trial period the company gives you the option of the 45 days guarantee. Try out the company service at zero risks, if you don’t satisfy you can cancel your deal for a complete refund.

10. Awards: the company has many awards for web hosting. They had the best host award, editors choice award & much more. This makes the company more reliable & best hosting in this competitive world.

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HostGator Plans & Pricing

1. Web Hosting: It's a perfect plan for the starting an online presence of your company or your blogs or for yourself. It’s starting from the Rs.222/month. Check:

2. Reseller Hosting: With this, you can make money from your own web hosting business. These plans are starting from the Rs.1125/month Check:

3. VPS Hosting: this plan offers you functionality including root access but without the expense. These plans are starting from Rs.900/month. Check:

4. Windows Hosting: this is a specially designed plan that interpreted with Windows. It starts with Rs.295/month. Check:

5. Cloud Plans: These specific plans are introduced for the cloud storage of user. It has SSL certificate & unlimited domains for projects above Rs.600. Check:

Review: Pros & Negatives for HostGator Hosting

1. It provides local service.
2. Easy, fast & secure payment option.
3. 45 days cash return guarantee policy.
4. Localized India hosting.
5. Ease of use.

1. Free coupons are available only for the 1st month.
2. You need to pay extra 12.5% for service tax.
3. Lack of notifications.
4. No yearly plans are available.

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HostGator Coupon Code List Chart, Up to 55% OFF Sale

HostGator Review Coupon Codes Get Max Discount on Best Web Hosting
HostGator Review & Coupon Codes
Best HostGator Web Hosting Promo Codes, Save up to 25% off for 12 Months to 36 Months Shared Web Hosting Packages using following HostGator Coupon Codes:

    Max. Discount HostGator Coupon Codes on Shared, Reseller, Cloud & VPS Hosting

    >> HGFESTIVAL <<

    >> HGFLASH <<

    >> HGINDIA <<

    >> HGWINTER <<

    >> HGFLASH <<

    >> HGFRIDAY <<

    >> HGIBF <<

    >> HGKNOCKOUT <<



    >> HGAFFJAN17 <<

    >> HGAFFNOV <<


    >> PBB25OFF <<

    >> 30WPDOMPP <<


Special Web Hosting Service in India

For particularly in India; the company has supported the Indian government online, & has the local language support with Indian currency payment options which makes this company more friendly for Indian customers.

1. With every purchase of any hosting product/plan with HostGator in India, they give domain name at ZERO cost.

2. They have tried GPX which is leading tier-4 data center. This also provides 99% uptime certified facility that ensures latency of the server in India which is 30 times lower than hosting in the US.

3. HostGator has multiple modes of payment. It provides the transaction in Indian currency & also has wallet partners like Paytm.

4. It provides 24X7 customer services in local languages with local time zones.

Bottom Line
Hostgator is a remarkably best option for people who are wishing to start up the website. The prices are fair & support is really appreciating. Use the coupon code for the first use which will really help you to reduce the cost of the plan. There is no particularly strong reason for saying NO for the HostGator. It's award-winning & has got the most editors choice for the hosting. In the last 12 years, the company has made a real good name in the hosting world.

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