Ezoic vs AdSense - Compare Differences & Reviews

Google AdSense vs Ezoic who pays better? Ezoic/AdSense/Media.net? Which performs better, Ezoic, Google AdSense, AdThrive or Mediavine? How Ezoic work?. Continue reading...

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Ezoic Review
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See, each plays a significant role because for some countries adsense is better and for some other countries, another one is better. But if you ask which is used more, then, of course, Google adsense is the most preferred ad network across the world. Ezoic is a tough competitor and growing fast specially because ezoic earnings in India are high.
Is Ezoic better than Adsense?
Google AdSense vs Ezoic who pays better? Should you be using Ezoic with AdSense or Media.net? Which performs better, Ezoic, Google AdSense, AdThrive or Mediavine? What is Ezoic and how does it work? How Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to optimize websites than AdSense?

Google adsense performs more promising because they use many latest features like auto ads and they show ads accordingly. There are no unfit ads on adsense.

Ezoic uses your Adsense and Google Adx and performs various automated website tests, that help publishers to have traffic boost and earn higher ad revenue by testing hundreds of ad slots and matching style combinations.

We'll give you our Adsense vs Ezoic earnings report here so that you blogger can evaluate which one is more worthwhile for your travel blog!

On this page, we will discuss Google AdSense vs Ezoic and find who is better performing, and carefully analyze each area in which either of them works best including revenue comparison.
Ezoic vs AdSense
Ezoic vs AdSense
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Ezoic vs AdThrive vs Mediavine vs AdRelevantis vs AdSense

Actually, in addition to Ezoic, you have other choices like AdThrive, Mediavine, and AdRelevantis. Ezoic, AdSense, Mediavine, and AdThrive work on a similar pattern whereas AdRelevantis is a new ad network and quite different.

Ezoic, Mediavine, AdSense, and AdThrive are also similar in terms of ad inventory; they all are Google Certified Publishing Partners, which means they can have more ads on a page than a regular user can. They all will help you pull more but high CPC ads from ad inventory.

Mediavine helps you manage your ads effectively which will help you generate a lot of ad money. for some particular niches like technology, DIY, cooking, Mediavine performance is better than AdSense and I have seen better RPM as high as $90 on a trendy niche with adsense.

If you are using Adsense, you should give try Ezoic. You can check Ezoic & signup.

Setting up Ezoic is easy but more detailed than Adsense. But, it doesn't require any technical knowledge.

Try Ezoic Here

Ezoic will insert ads on various ad locations of your website automatically using their AI technology to find the best ad slot. Ezoic will use those ad positions to show higher CPC ads to increase your Ezoic earnings. Ezoic usually increases your adsense earning 10x or more. They do the A/B testing and places ads in right place to boost your ad revenue.

Mediavine needs 25,000 minimum visits per month and also your traffic should come from the USA. Ezoic requires 10,000 minimum visits/page views per month and if you are under 10,000 pageviews, ezoic might take you in if they like your content. AdThrive needs 100K minimum visits per month.

In the case of Mediavine and AdThrive, you have an annually contract exclusively. Ezoic and AdSense have no exclusive contracts. Having an exclusive contract means you can not work with other ad networks. AdSense allows you to add ads from other networks on the same page. And in the case of Ezoic, you can connect all your ad networks at one place and need to tie up with more ad networks to have high-performing ads.

AdSense is rather not much involved in case of higher ad bidding, site performance, whereas Ezoic, Mediavine is much more serious from the day you apply until the end of your period with them. Only Google inventory is open through Adsense. Mediavine offers a premium performance of ad bidding as well as other ad optimization features.

AdRelevantis has designed a technology called Content-Driven Promotion (CDP). As its name says, CDP suggests advertisements suitable to page content dynamically in real-time. There are millions of products that effectively match any content. The matched advertisements easily fitted into your content and look like added but simillar materials to your post content.

Especially if your website is working already with affiliate marketing, I won’t suggest the use of these ad networks.

However, after comparing all of these ad networks, it is difficult to conclude which one will perform better, because it depends on the niche, content quality, hosting, CDN, and many other factors like ad placement, traffic source, countries.

Setting up CloudFlare in Blogger/WordPress | Free CDN Service | DDoS Protection | Website Optimization

Is Ezoic Better than Adsense/Media.net/AdThrive/Mediavine/AdRelevantis?

Ezoic prefers organic traffic as their ads perform better with organic traffics. Basically, you get paid more by displaying more number of ads per page on every page of website visitors.

Publishers should note that Ezoic ad networks show more than 8 ads on your page that’s how you notice a boost in RPM. If you consider you have great content and you like relevant ads, superior user experience (UX), and generate high revenue, you should give Ezoic a try.

The use of Ezoic is suitable for those users who like to get full control over the ad locations and ads inserted on the page.

Ezoic can help you improve the wesite loading speed using their Ezoic site speed accelerator tool and Cloudflare apps whereas with Google Adsense, their ads can slow down page loading.

Try Ezoic Here

Getting started with Ezoic

You can click here for Ezoic & signup for a free account, fill your all the details and the Ezoic team will review your website before approval.

Will Adsense & Ezoic Work together?

Yes, you can use Google AdSense and Ezoic together on same website rather I would say, use Ezoic and Adsense together on the same page for better ad bidding.

Not just these two, you can show ads from as many as you want but it is not advised to display more ads per page compared to the content, since it makes your page a piece of junk and destroyed the user experience. If you put too many ads per page on your site, your traffic will decrease over time and you will not get reliable subscribers.

Can I Join Ezoic Without AdSense Approval?

Yes, You can use Ezoic without Adsense approval. You dont need an Adsense account to use Ezoic; But you must accept Google Ad policy, terms and conditions. If your website is banned before, then Ezoic can't approve your website. So, be careful, if you haven't applied for Adsense it's good, and further if you don't like to apply for Adsense, not an issue with Ezoic. Just you require to accept all content policies.

Yes, you surely can. Ezoic will replace the ad slots of Adsense ads, and because it is a premium ad network, it will make you a lot more money. This means that only sites with a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views are accepted.

With Ezoic you will instantly increase your website advertising revenue by over 200%, simply by switching from Google Adsense to Ezoic.

How Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to optimize websites?

In my opinion, I think that Ezoic is the best platformer, also better than Google Adsense and the rest of the platforms mentioned above.

This is due to its great features, which you will not find on any other platform, among their features:
  • Fast approval of accounts within 24 hours
  • Auto ad location testing
  • High RPM
  • CPC is too high
  • More ad-media partners
  • Quick payments (the minimum payment is $20).
  • Very friendly tech support.
  • Optimize SEO
And many other great features.

Ezoic Earning Charts

The following chart shows daily earnings of one of our sister blog - it was previously around 0.50$ to 1.50$, and now it has boosted from 1.50$ to 3$ daily (i.e. 150% growth). It’s working as they told. And lots of publishers telling me positive reviews about Ezoic with the productive result they got in a short period of time.

I tested Ezoic with 4 other websites and all are making extra money with Adsense account

Ezoic - Double Your Adsense Earnings
Ezoic Earning Chart - Double Your Adsense Earnings

Update: 5 May

Ezoic Review: Insites After 5 Years | Ezoic Earning Chart

Sharing latest Ezoic earning chart below after working with the Ezoic ad network. You'll know what you're earning on a daily basis and getting all stats through the fully interactive Ezoic Dashboard. As you can check the following screenshot of my Ezoic dashboard, it is mid-month and I have already made $1423.34 from 19,79,291 site visits.
Ezoic Earning Chart
Ezoic Earning Chart
Effectively I got high Ezoic RPM between September 3rd and October 28th, 2021 where the Ezoic RPM ranges between USD 3.00-12.00, a significant ad RPM boost compared to Adsense!

Try Ezoic Here

Ezoic vs AdSense - Compare Differences & Reviews

No. Ezoic AdSense
1. In order to receive payments from Ezoic, you must have at least $20 in your Ezoic account. To get Google Adsense payment, it is necessary to have at least $100, its payment is released on the 21st of the month and arrives in your bank account in 4 to 5 days.
2. To get Approval from Ezoic, it was mandatory to have at least 10000 Monthly Session earlier. But now if your website has less than 10,000 Monthly Page Views, you can still apply for monetization on Ezoic. There is no limit on Monthly Page View to get Google Adsense Approval, you can get your website monetized with Google Adsense even in low traffic.
3. There is an option to connect with other Ads networks in the Ezoic account. Like Google Adsense, Media.net, Adthrive etc. The option to connect with other Ads network platforms is not available in the Google Adsense account.
4. Ezoic works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and User Friendly, Ads Display. Due to which the chances of clicking on the ads are high. Google Adsense also serves User Friendly Ads and works on AI.
5. Page Speed: With the help of Ezoic, you can increase the page speed of your website, due to which your website starts appearing in Google search. Page Speed: Google AdSense does not help to increase page speed.
6. After getting approval from Ezoic and Google Adsense, ads with high CPC are displayed on your website. Suppose Ezoic and Google Adsense have the same ads, then Google Adsense or Ezoic, whichever has ads with higher CPC, the same ads will appear on your website. There is no such option in Google Adsense, due to which Ads Revenue is less.
7. In this, you can create an account for free, although there is also an option with Paid. Ezoic only keeps the revenue of Footer Ads in the free account. You can create an account in Google Adsense for free and through this you get the revenue of all the ads including Footer Ads.
8. Pin code is not requested, that is, address verification is not necessary at home. Pin code is sent to the house i.e. address verification is done.
9. When the account is suspended, all the earning already done is available. Earnings already done are not available when Google Adsense account is suspended.
10. The same person can create multiple Ezoic accounts through different emails. This does not happen in Google Adsense, that is, a person is suspended if he has more than one Google Adsense account.
11. In this, you can select the % of Ads according to you. For example, if you select 80% in Ezoic Account, then 80% of the ads will be seen by Ezoic and 20% of the ads will be displayed by Google Adsense. Here on your website we will display 100% Ads Google Adsense.
12. Auto ad slot location optimization to maximize ad revenue so you don't have to spend time doing it yourself. No automation, mannually you need to work with custom A/B tests.
13. Helps in SEO, to boost serach rankings and so traffic. No help to improve website SEO.
14. Higher Ezoic RPM compared with AdSense. Better RPM compared with other ad networks.
15. Competes ads with several ad networks connected through mediation app. No such a ad bidding app.
16. Uses title tag tester and Leap to increase your websitr traffic. No testing apps.
17. Ezoic is well known for its site speed accelerator tool. No tool to optimize any.
18. High CPC Ads. Better CPC Ads.
19. Optimization also includes lazy loading images. No optimization.
20. Ezoic works without AdSense. AdSense works without Ezoic.
21. You can ask help on their Facebook Group and yeah, you will get a quick reply. No social entertainment.
22. Provides Free SSL. AdSense dont have any option to add or configure SSL.
23. Get technical support. You will have AdSense FAQ page to solve all your querries.
24. Easy to become eligible for Ezoic premium. Very hard to get AdSense Premium account.
25. Ezoic will give a written notice if it found something suspicious with your account. Adsense can ban on your account without warning.
26. Check official website: Ezoic Check official website: Adsense

Conclusion on Ezoic vs AdSense

As per my own experience, yes, Ezoic is a more suitable choice than AdSense. It allows me to tweak my website settings, optimize SEO and so I earn higher search rankings positions in SERP. Within two weeks it improves blog traffic and so the ad income seriously.

Ezoic, it is essential to analyze every factor minutely. Ezoic provides every such feature which was missing in the Adsense. Hence, you can consider it

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Ezoic - Automatically Increase Ad Revenue on your Blog
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