Top 12 Tips To Get 1,00,000 of FREE SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube Fast | YouTube Tips [2018]

Learn to get 1000+ free YouTube subscribers - As you know, YouTube is now a popular network not only for the video sharing but also as a mode of the making money online. If you check the list of most subscribed YouTube channels; many people are becoming YouTuber professionally as it's an excellent choice for filmmakers & video creators. Although, Google Adsense monetization for YouTube allows you to make money online via YouTube Channel, but the most important thing that matters more is YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS COUNT & live viewers. Get tons free YouTube subscribers fast -
Que.s are; how to get more YouTube subscribers fast? What are the smart ways to attract more YouTube followers? Check out these quick & smart tips to get your first 10,000 subscribers fast. You might know that for 1000 views Google Adsense monetization credibly gives you around $1. And furthermore, with the sponsored advertisement & affiliated marketing you can earn more money with the same existing YouTube channel & it's contents. You will get higher estimated YouTube revenue only if you have massive numbers of subscribers. Besides money, your reputation & popularity is also important; and these subscribers proves how much your YouTube channel & videos has demanded on the social media. So do you want to be popular & polish the skills to get as many subscribers as possible? Do you have your own YouTube channel? And if yes, then you must have a large number of subscribers that will cause more video views to get more money. There is no hack, but here today we will see some quick but smart methods & suggestions to increase your YouTube subscribers.
Get More Subscribers on YouTube
Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Smart 12 Tips To Get More Subscribers on YouTube Fast 2016

Getting FREE & FAST YouTube subscribers has now become easy with following smart ways & quick tips. Subscribers will follow your channel & your content so they will be stay updated with your latest info & videos. Building up active subscribers to your channels is really important in order to create an online community. Read necessary tactics to get a lot of subscribers on youtube fast.

1. Post quality & valuable content.

Whenever you post any video, always think about the content & quality. Choose the trending or popular channel ideas & topics. Make the content of the videos that would be engaging, informative & interesting. Making not so great videos would lose your potential subscribers & after a long term your audience. If your content or script is the strongest point of your video, then chances are less to lose a subscriber. I’ll suggest that upload videos that would be either informative or entertaining or may be the well-balanced integration of both things. Each video should carry your best content, your most effective strategies that would surely make a viewer subscribe your channel. Even though you are posting weekly; you must require the content so attractive & appealing then this would help you to get more subscribers.

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2. Make attractive title.

The first impression of your YouTube channel would be the name your logo and then after the titles & descriptions of your videos. Try to keep the titles clear, catchy, related to the video as it will help you to get the attention of viewers by making them curious to watch your videos. Make sure that your title & content of video are related to each other otherwise; it would be misleading to viewers you may probably have dislikes or bitter comments. Just note that; if you are having the title of 5 to 8 words then, first 2-3 words should be keywords that you want to target.

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3. Keep consistency of posting.

Try to upload the videos on and after particular time periods. You can also announce in your videos when you are going to release next & this will help subscribers to return to your channel on that releasing time. But the most challenging task for any YouTuber is consistency; it will develop the relation with your existing subscribers & also causes to develop new subscribers. Try stick to the uploading routine.

4. Build beautiful channel design.

The first impact of any viewer is important to you when he will open your channel. This is the place for every viewer to know about you & your channel. You can make your channel catchy & attractive by various methods, just like to create a channel logo or YouTube channel art. The logo of your channel actually represent you & always displayed in everywhere across the search results by Google or YouTube. YouTube recommends the logo size about 800 x 800 pixels, in jpg, gif, bmp, or png format. While creating the design & look for your channel make sure that it will focus towards your content and the subject, niche of your vlogging. Pay attention to your channel art which is the banner at the top which would be at least 2560 x 1440 pixels. It will show the personality of your channel.

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5. Use annotations wisely.

You can also promote your other published videos in your video. Use annotation tool to link up to other videos that you have created & posted on the same channel. If you use this feature in a proper way, then you can not only gets more views but ultimately more subscribers. A link created for channel subscription can be placed on the video right bottom corner as a call-to-action (sign in, learn more, etc.) it's an additional work for you, but this will help you to increase the number of subscribers. Annotations include layer text, links, hotspot over your videos. You can link to your subscription button or link directly to your website. Or even suggest the viewers watch another video.

6. Make request for channel subscription.

This is a truly prime condition. At the very end of your video, you can ask the audience to subscribe your channel & to like. Give a good reason to them for the subscription to appeal why they should subscribe your channel.

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7. Try to interact with subscribers.

It's actually a healthy sign when you like to interact with your subscribers & communicate with them. It will help you to make a relation with your subscribers and so to grow your network. But regularly moderate your channel & also remove the unwanted comments or messages that would mess up with other subscribers that would make feel disturbed. Take few minutes every day to observe and reply most of the comments, ask subscribers to add some ideas, encourage them to ask questions. Try to keep your account friendly.

8. Promote your channel on social media.

You can advertise your YouTube channel on other social media sites too. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus to promote your channel and videos; it will help your friends, followers, and group members to know more about it. Publish every time to your social timelines whenever you release a video. If you have a blog then upload a direct link or embedded YouTube video so that your readers would easily find it.

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9. Use popular search tags.

For video SEO; these tags act as the keywords for your video. Don't neglect it as these keywords will make easy to find and rank higher in YouTube & google search results. Use most popular single words or long tail multi-word tags for your videos. The most important thing is that; make sure you are making and adding only relevant tags otherwise if someone search for something & your video comes in his search result then that viewer will leave it as it is improperly tagged causing low ranking to your channel. Don't use more than 25 tags on the same video, otherwise; YouTube reasonably ignore your tags, so the video in it's search results.

10. Make intro videos or trailers.

YouTube provides the possibility to publish a trailer of your upcoming video that will tell to all the subscribers about the idea of the content you are going to post in coming days. This is different option to increase the number of the channel subscriber as you can add CTA (call to action.) With these trailers, you can request for the channel subscription. But don't forget to show and indicate exactly what kind of videos you are going release. These are absolutely similar to the movie trailers where you can show the highlights of the video. While making; make sure to keep the trailer length about less than 90 seconds.

11. Organize channel theme.

You can keep your videos according to their types & content in different sections. When a viewer comes to your channel, he will see the well-organized collection of your videos sorted as per the topic; naturally, it will create a good impression. If you want all of those viewers should subscribe to your YouTube channel, then you need to take some efforts to organize your all work. It is very accessible to the new channel viewer to see what kind of videos you upload, so this makes them view more videos & decides to subscribe or not? So never forget to organize & highlight the section categories.

12. Connect with other channels.

Find out the channels which have the same interest like you & subscribe them. Invite them to collaborate on the videos and channels. This would make advantages to both of you. Doing promotion of each other will gives both a new market, & new subscribers. You can make a guest appearance on each other’s channel. Collaborate with social media. This is a remarkably one of the best practical alternative for getting more free YouTube subscribers fast for any passionate YouTuber.

Bottom Line

So as we seen today; there are many ways to increase the number of subscribers and grow your vlogging network on YouTube. I just want to suggest you focus on your content & most important deliver what your subscribers are wishing for. Always try to be unique, original that will help you to sustain in the competitive market & make help you get more popular. Keep experimenting using smart ways as mentioned above; you will learn new things your own. Being YouTuber is actually taking a lot of efforts, time, patience, & long term commitment with YouTube & subscribers. I hope this article would encourage you make numerous entertaining videos and to get more subscribers & make you successful YouTuber.

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