Top 12 Ways To Get 5x Website Traffic From YouTube In 2018 // Video Traffic Sources

As you know; YouTube is the most popular website at present. Millions of people visit YouTube every day. Millions of people open YouTube to watch videos, like them, share them, comment on them and many much more. And on the other hand, the YouTube can be turn out to be a gold mine for the internet marketers and webmasters (bloggers). It can be a great platform for the bloggers for promotion and to drive targeted online traffic to the website. Drive massive targeted traffic from YouTube
Blogger used to search; How to increase website traffic? How to optimize YouTube to get attention on Google? What YouTube SEO channel settings required for driving massive traffic? How to do video marketing successful? How to get more traffic to your website? How to target google web traffic for blog? Most effective youtube search engine optimization techniques for blogging; And so on..

With more than 3.2 billions daily views, the youtube search is the second largest search engine after Google. As a blogger, you always look to get more and more traffic to your content. With lots of options and platforms available for getting huge traffic, it is the requirement of time that you need to think about YouTube. Since it is owned by Google, YouTube offers an excellent place to advertise and promote content to target audience. As it is the most excellent platform where you can share wonderful videos it can drive more traffic to the blog post; it is very simple and easy.

You have to upload a relevant video in your YouTube channel. Link this video back to your blog post. Those who will visit the video, the possibility is they click on the link. You can notice a considerable increase in the traffic for your website/blog from YouTube. If you get more number of video views, the chances increase for getting more blog traffic and ultimately establishing name or brand. Today, I'm going to discuss all the effective ways to drive traffic from YouTube that will help you better branding. Once you get more and more blog traffic from most trusted YouTube platform, it helps to build your reputation and so increases domain authority fast.
Get Website Traffic From YouTube
Get Website Traffic From YouTube

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Drive 5x More Traffic To Your Blog With YouTube In 2018 | Video Traffic Sources

In order to get more traffic from YouTube, it is essential to optimize the YouTube videos. It is also necessary to provide unique, relevant and engaging content on YouTube.

You can customize your videos and youtube channel; can look and feel like your website. Thereby you can get an insane amount of traffic from a worldwide audience.

Here are the tips to drive huge traffic to the blog from YouTube:

1. Upload high-quality videos.

YouTube is a social networking platform and is owned by Google. It is really a great platform for worldwide exposure. It is obvious to upload quality videos on YouTube.

Prefer recording HD with a good camera. Give your viewers a better picture and quality with Dolby surround sound, clear light, and others media stuff. You should have a good software or camera to record the video.

In short, you should use the best software having inbuilt editing features, high-quality recordings, clear sounds, good resolution, etc. By uploading quality videos, you can create a brand and thereby can get more and more visitors for your blog post.

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2. Make viral videos.

To get more and more eyeball for your YouTube videos, it is necessary to creating viral (you may say, discussing kind of) videos.

Always create a video that can add value and knowledge of your viewers. Try to create the video that is most discussed on the web. Such video post will get shared by more viewers on different social networking sites along with the YouTube.

More the sharing of your videos, more the traffic for your blog post!

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3. Video brand marketing.

Branding is the most important step for converting the viewers into readers and readers into customers.

If you want your viewers to become your readers, you can put your website name or blog URL between the video.

The annotation feature of YouTube facilitates the same. You can even add watermarks of the blog URL in the video. This way you can redirect your visitors to your blog.

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4. Youtube keyword optimization - YouTube SEO.

Just like SEO for your blog post and content, it is important to consider YouTube SEO.

To get good ranking for your videos on YouTube, keywords are the main factors. You can use the relevant keywords in the title and the description. Moreover, you can check the online free title generators that will able to grab the attention of the visitors towards your videos and so the website.

The targeted keyword will help YouTube channel to search for your videos whenever demanded by the visitor. The title is very important as videos can be searched only through the titles.

The more popular keywords you use in the title, the chances of getting more visitors increases. The description is yet another space where you can add keywords and make the YouTube channel listed your videos on top.

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5. Promote and market your videos.

Just having a video is not enough. It should be presented & promoted so that more and more people will watch.

You must share your videos through social sites by sharing, tweeting, stumbling and bookmarking on different social networking sites. Ultimately, the more you share, the more views you will get and more traffic for your blog post.

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6. Categories tags.

If you noticed, on YouTube, at the end of videos, the list of related videos gets appeared. These are the videos related to the video which is searched mostly for the same topic. Those videos are selected from a bunch of tags which are relevant to the video category.

In order to get more views, it is important to add more but related tags to your videos. The more relevant tags added to your video, more videos will get listed in the video list. Thereby the chances of directing traffic towards blog post increases.

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7. Video responses.

In order to get viewed by more viewers, you can add a video response to other videos. Such videos are called as reaction videos; where you can make a video to react and express your thoughts and thinking about another video.

Make sure that you add a video response to the related videos. This way the chances of your video getting clicked increases. It offers additional exposure to your videos. This way you can bring more and more visitors for your blog post.

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8. Create series of videos.

Consistency is one of the best factors to get success in any field. You must publish the videos regularly. Creating a series of relevant and ongoing videos is a technique to keep your viewers watching all your videos on the list. For this, you can add a callback action to all your videos.

Ask your viewers to click on other interesting videos of the series. In this way, you can increase the number of subscribers for your videos and thereby for your blog post.

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9. Add 'HOW TO' videos.

People always look for the solutions for their problems online. They search for online solutions for almost any type of problem they face.

By offering answers to their problems through YouTube videos, you can increase trust in you and your content. Thereby the chances of getting traffic for your blog post increases.

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10. Video trailers.

Adding a trailer video to your channel dashboard can be a great way to increase more visitors to your content.

When a visitor likes your video trailer, he not only see the whole video but also gets directed towards your blog post. This way you can direct the viewers to read your blog and have increased traffic.

11. Add video thumbnails.

You can even add attractive thumbnails for your videos. This will help to create a great first impression of your videos that the visitors searching the relevant videos.

You can share your video thumbnails (video links auto shows) on popular media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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12. YouTube settings - search engine optimization video.

In order to increase the blog traffic from YouTube, it is recommended to optimize your YouTube videos.

Here are simple settings you can concentrate to get a significant increase in the traffic to the linked blog:
  • Channel Level Settings
  • Video Level Settings
  • YouTube Association Settings

Before leaving; I recommend you to check one of the BEST YOUTUBE TOOL: TubeBuddy Review 2018 | Best Toolkit To Grow & Manage YouTube Channel

Bottom Line
As YouTube is Google’s product, the YouTube videos are displayed top on search result pages. The YouTube viewers watching your videos can be directed towards your blog content. This way it helps to increase significant traffic for your blog post.

It offers a great exposure for all your related content and more and more YouTube viewers start trusting on you. This can be a great asset for sharing new content with your permanent subscribers and newly added visitors. So, start uploading quality, entertaining and relevant videos on YouTube and direct more traffic to your content.

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