YouTube SEO: 16 Tips to Rank Your Videos on Top In 2023 | Boost YouTube Search Rankings

How can I improve my YouTube search? Optimize YouTube SEO to rank videos on top and get targeted traffic to boost earnings, brand awareness and more... Continue reading...

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An SEO, the 'Search Engine Optimization' is the most effective technique to gain and build organic traffic. It is also the most essential part of the digital marketing for bloggers, vloggers and online businesses to get targetted traffic. It works high for every online business by generating quality leads and specially for vloggers to get selective numbers of viewers. Overall, it helps to increased traffic, increased earnings, brand awareness and much more. In a nutshell, it can be termed as non-avoidable part of marketing strategy.
Well, here I'm going to talk more about YouTube SEO. YouTube is the most trending and largest video search engine on the internet after Google. There are billions of online users prefer to search on YouTube most. Very huge traffic to websites and blogs comes from YouTube too. In this regard, it is vital for the business & vloggers to concentrate; YouTube search engine optimization [YouTube SEO].

YouTube helps to monetize the video content. If your business channel getting enough views for videos on YouTube, then certainly your business can make good money specially from YouTube contents. And in order to make enough money through YouTube channel, it is a necessity for the business to consider YouTube SEO optimization of the content, mainly, the audio-visual content (not slideshows published on other sites).

YouTube is the ultimate traffic source with limitless potential. Almost all businesses and bloggers make use of YouTube features for driving more and more traffic. And that is why it has become a very crowded place. In order to remain ahead of the huge competition on YouTube, it is thus not only essential to put extra efforts making the content interesting, entertaining and eye-catching but also optimizing the video SEO.
Optimizing YouTube SEO
Optimizing YouTube SEO
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16 Tips To Optimize YouTube SEO

Instead of concentrating on the written content & its SEO, you can optimize it on YouTube with audio-visual content. People are more interested in visual content and thus having videos with SEO optimized will have a more and most definite result. Significantly, you can drive more video traffic than your competitors. There are a lot of various ideas for optimizing YouTube SEO.

Let's check out the best techniques to optimize YouTube SEO in detail:

1. Filename.

The file name of that video is the most important thing you need to be considered first.

Before you upload your video and optimize the same, you need to check the title and the file name are identical or similar. Make it sure that each word is separated by space. Your file name must show the subject of the video you are going to upload. YouTube SEO optimization begins with this step.

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2. Description of the video.

YouTube allows 5000 character lengths for describing the video. But first 160 characters are mostly shown in the search results for that video. The description of the video is most useful not only in getting it displayed in search results but to drive more attention.

It is also recommended to add a link to the blog page or website in your YouTube video description. Including related keywords, the description needs to be informative, quick appealing and added with the relevant links to the blog website.

Your SEO optimized video information will make the description not only get listed in YouTube search results but also other search engine results too. Ultimately, it adds more sense to the optimization of YouTube SEO.

3. Tags and categories.

While you upload the video, YouTube wants you to select the CATEGORY first.

Most of the time, YouTubers ignore this option, but you must remember that YouTube gives you the choice of uploading a video under a particular category that can relate to the video.

Tags are nothing but keywords. Tagging helps in identifying the video from a variety of categories present in the YouTube category section. By selecting the right tags and category, it helps in the optimization of YouTube SEO. You can use keywords as tags and add then in the tag field.

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4. Title of the video.

The title is the first thing your visitor will read. The title should be approximate of 60 characters. Again, the title should include relevant keywords that can link the content perfectly. Overall, the title of the video should talk about the video it content. This ensures the title get displayed in the search results and grabbing more attention.

Another important thing about the title, it should be interesting, engaging & appealing. As there are millions of videos on YouTube and millions get added every day, the video title needs to be competing with others. By designing an attractive title, it becomes more obvious to attract the viewer's attention and get more clicks. You can even update the title anytime by adding new or more keywords to it so as to optimize the YouTube SEO.

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5. Keywords.

Just like written content, YouTube content is also focused on the keywords.

The use of targetted keywords is of great importance even in YouTube SEO. Make it sure that keywords are present in the video title as well as in the description.

Also, the keywords you choose and the video content you gonna publish should be related to each other. It is thus necessary to do some research for finding the relevant & suitable keywords and then accordingly the title & video description needs to be framed. Make sure to use other related keywords in the description too.

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6. Personalized customization.

Creating your own YT channel is just similar like to have your special domain for publishing the blogs. Creating a video channel allows you to promote the business in the most interactive way for more traffic and customers.

Personalized channel makes it easier to share the content with your audience in the most productive way.

A channel is considered as a page that is used to represent your business on YouTube tailored with your personality. Overall, it allows you to design your channel the way suit your likes and personality.

Custom design, channel art makes you different in the race and help you compete better in SEO point of view.

7. Create targeted playlists.

Once you have your own YT channel, you can then create playlists. You can customize your front page of the channel by adding featured playlist i.e. group of similar kind of YouTube videos.

For optimizing YouTube SEO; you can even add more YouTube videos published by others too so as to get more and more traffic from the same niche.

8. Create compelling thumbnails.

Thumbnail is the first thing noticed by the visitors while he specially watching the related video in the sidebar area of YouTube.

You must use this feature extensively and considerably to create self-explanatory thumbnails. It’s a YouTube marketing best practice that has works more productively till now.

Your thumbnail is crawled fast by search engine bot and will be employed in image search results as well to get furthermore traffic.

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9. Social sharing.

Just uploading, & publishing videos on YouTube is not enough; it should not be limited to only one platform.

You have to make more efforts for larger-scale sharing on various social sharing sites. You can track & keep all your followers coming from different platforms updated with the most recent uploads to your YouTube channel.

The updated Google search algorithm now able to track all your social activities and the no. of social shares on all the sites. These sharings will help you boost Youtube SEO efficiently.

10. Schedule publishing.

Publishing the videos on a regular time will help your subscriber to know to visit your channel.

Schedule publishing the videos also help search engine bot to crawl the updates regularly from your channel. This shows your channel is so active and running productively.

Also posting the videos on the decided time of the week makes it easier for your followers for a routine return to your channel.


11. Multilingual subtitles.

You must know more than 55% Of YouTube video views come from a non-English speaking audience; so you should add subtitles in multiple languages. To reach more and more viewers internationally, it is a smart idea to add closed captions translated into different languages.

Multilingual subtitles help to attract & Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience and let them enjoy your video. This means more viewers and optimizing YouTube SEO for all search engines and users.

12. End screens.

This is the most interesting option and has an effective role in posting videos on youtube.

End screens allow you to add a video link, weblink or playlist to the end of the video. The feature also allows linking to other videos, related videos, and different channels.

Overall, it helps to increase ranking & targeted traffic for the business website too. If you don’t know how to add 'end screens' to your videos, you can seek online YouTube help forums. There are lots of sources online that can guide for adding end screens to the YouTube video.

13. Make videos for viewers (Not Search Engines).

As far as your actual videos are considered, you should concentrate on viewers & not search engines bots.

The purpose of your videos should be fascinating to viewers and would encourage them, inspire them to react. Indirectly that could improve your video SEO because if viewers find your video to be important and interesting they’re more likely to share & link to it – which will give you a better SEO boost.

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14. Encourage to like, share & subscribe.

As there is no back-linking algorithm on YouTube, subscribing and linking provides a great user experience. People know that they are watching the most helpful videos from higher authority video publishers.

You must create a YouTube subscribe link.

The number of likes, shares & subscribers helps YouTube algorithm to know the popularity you have received for your videos.


Every comment is important; it shows the viewer is enjoying the content you posted in the video.

If someone posts a comment, the YouTube algorithm get to know that the visitors obviously liked the video or at least interested more with the content.

More comments will help you increase chances to get higher search rankings.

16. About info.

The channel description is posted in the 'About' tab, provides the information, purpose, and subject of the channel.

You must consider to frame SEO information with best suitable keywords inserted with your business email & targeted links to a blog or website.

Bottom Line

There is no particular section that requires higher concentration by which YouTube provides better rankings to the videos. To optimize YouTube SEO, you cannot rely completely on a single factor. There are various things you need to analyze while optimizing YouTube SEO. You require to focus on tagging, flagging, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, view count, view density, click-through-rate (CTR), frequency, end screens, subscribers, favorites, etc. Moreover, the title, keywords, description, etc. are all important and should never be ignored.

YouTube SEO optimization is a collaborative goal and can only be successful by focusing on all the elements of it. No doubt, the online business or website could gain a lot with its successful YouTube SEO optimization.

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