How To Make Ringtone Louder Without Losing Quality | Boost mp3 Volume | MAGIX SOUND FORGE Review

How to make music louder on android and increase mp3/mp4 volume? Learn to make ringtones mp3 louder without losing quality. MAGIX SOUND FORGE Review.. Continue reading...

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Have you ever missed any important calls because of the not that much loud ringtone of your mobile device? When it comes to tones, we all pick the louder ones. Today everyone seems with the smartphone or mobile or any kind of such devices; that must have the ringtone or any sound signal. So the tone/ringtone/sound signal is a more important aspect in order to get alerted or to attract the attention of the user.
Making loud ringtones for hard of hearing
Some questions users ask; how to make music louder on android? How do I make my iPhone ring louder? How to increase mp3/mp4 volume? How to create loud ringtones super louder without losing quality? Which is best mp3 volume booster software? How to copy loud ringtones for iPhone/Android? Make loud music ringtones? This page is the best software tips for you to answer these questions. This will help who has some hearing trouble and normal ringtones are not loud enough for him.

Normally the issue with the ringtone; what's the problem with its volume? And because of the soft or low sound, you are unable to pick up the call. Loud ringtones or loud notifications are must in noisy public places.

A ringtone is a specialized sound or tone that runs at any time when someone calls on your cell phone or sent a message. A ringtone can be music, melodious sound, harmonious sound, rhythmical sound or a voice recording of someone speaking, or any type of sound effect. Learn to increase mp3 volume without distortion & make your Android/iPhone/mp3 ring extreme louder so that we can hear it in noisy surroundings. You can make free loud Mp3 ringtones for SMS, calling, custom ringtones, other notification or even for alarms. Fix ringtone volume and get the high pitched ringtones for your iPhone/Android devices.
Make Ringtones Louder
Make Ringtones Louder
In most of the cases, we have one particular ringtone that only plays for all incoming calls or specialized ringtones for each contact in your address book. Even if there is loud setting on the phone, they sound so weak.

However, in the case of, if the real sound of the ringtone is not as much as according to our demand or not enough as we want to hear that intensity of sound, the tool called Sound Forge should be cast off to overcome this problem. It is one of the best software for editing as well as enhancing the sound signals. Just try it out.

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Why Sound Forge? Sony Creative Software

Sound Forge
Sound Forge
There are so many various types of software's are available on the internet market for Windows. Also, they are free.

However, in a case of if you want to be professional and want to do professional work, then you have to use a professional software.

A branded software that only makes the user more satisfied than any other chip one. So I suggest you, go for 'Sound Forge'.

Sound Forge features:
  • Easy to use.

  • Make the ringtone too loud by means of reducing the size of tone without mislaying the hearing quality.

  • Fine adjustments.

  • All types of sound signal formats support.
    (There is a big list of advantages, but here is only required points are listed.)
You can download Sound Forge: Magix

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How to Work with Sound Forge? Flawless Audio Editing

1. Install Sound Forge software.

2. Open the sound file you wish to make it louder.

3. After opening the file, you will see the original sound frequency level as shown.
Sound Forge frequency level
Sound Forge frequency level

4. Select all the sound frequencies by clicking Ctrl+A.

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5. Now go to the Process >> EQ >> Graphic as shown.

6. Now Graphic EQ window will open. In this window, you have just to increase the output gain scroll, according to your requirements. As shown in the following image.

7. Now press 'Ok'.

8. You will see the sound frequencies much higher than before. The following image shows the increased frequency levels.

This means that you increase the intensity, and so, your required sound file will make the sound louder.

9. Now save the file and send it to your cell phone. And then check the loudness of the sound. You may compare this sound file with the old original file to see the change.

Bottom Line
Be careful about the tuning of EQ scroll. It must be kept high enough so that it should not produce noise in sound.

This is the exact and technical way to make the ringtone or any audio file much louder.


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