Optimize Blogger Template With gZip Compression | Blogging Tips

Optimize your blogger template by enabling gZip compression to make site load faster. Know how gZip works to speed up loading of your blog website.. Continue reading...

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Gzip Compression is the best way to decrease the HTTP requests and thereby reducing page loading time. As you know, compression is the essential and most effective way to save bandwidth and to speed up the loading process.
Optimizing Blogger Template
One of the readers asked me about how to enable GZIP compression on the blogger platform & how to increase blogger loading speed if too many scripts are added to the HTML? Know to optimize your site with gzip compression.

You must note that managing your blog running at top speed is essential. I'll explain what Gzip compression is and why it matters to speed up the loading of your website.
Optimize Blogger Template With gZip Compression
Enable GZIP compression on the blogger platform
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What is gZip compression?

gZip, also labeled as GNU Zip. It is the most effective data compression method without any data loss in web development. GZip is a form of data compression.

What does gzip command do?

gZip allows to reduce/extract the total size of your website's HTML pages, javascripts, CSS stylesheets, PHP code or any iframe code. gZip is usedl for data compression and decompression on server side.

How gZip works?

Wait, let me tell you how gZip works.

Say suppose you request a file from the webserver and suppose it's of a 200KB size HTML file, your browser talks to the web server and asked for it. Web-server replies with a 200KB file and sends it back as a response to your request. When it comes back to you, your browser downloads the 200KB file and displays the result on your screen.

Now, what gZip actually does in the above situation is, it compresses a file from 200KB to say 40KB at the server-side itself. And that compressed file is sent back to you like a response, your browser will then downloads compressed file i.e. 40KB instead of 200KB, unzip it and displays the same result on your screen.

How does gZip benefit compression?

Gzip Compression is the process of combining all the web files and the HTML code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) derived from the hosting server which sent to the browser. The compressed results are much smaller in size than the original files which are not compressed & stored at the server.

Calling of smaller files will reduce the HTTP requests and this will improve the page loading of your website or blog.

Why gZip?

GZIP compression increases the performance of your website and reduces its loading time.

Should I use gZip compression?

GZip reduce the size of files like HTML, js, and CSS files used by web servers and browsers to effectively compress and decompress while serving the request to the browser to speeding up page load times. So yes, you must go for gZip compression.

You must enable the compression for the Blogger template HTML code to speed up the page loading time. The gzip compression for the blogger/Blogspot website will increase your blog speed by 150%.

What about gZip Compression in Blogger?

Likewise, in blogging/Blogspot, now modern browsers are being used almost by everyone. So Google has made this as a default or inbuilt feature for Bloggers so that your website will effectively work with all the latest browsers.

Let me tell you, the default Google's Blogger product comes with In-Built gZip feature. So you don't have to implement anything (if you are using default blogger tempates) to make use of it. But you should know what it is. If you using custom blogger templates, the check the process of enabling gZip compression in blogger.

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Enabling gZip compression in blogger template to speedup page loading

Here we are going to see how gzip compression works & how you can enable gZip on your own blogger website.

In case you are using highly customized blogger template then you can manually enable gZip compression with the following steps:
  1. Go to blogger dashboard >> Theme >> HTML code >> and find:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
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  2. Just replace the code with the following PHP code:
    <?php if (substr_ count($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'],'gzip')) ob_start("ob_gzhandler");else ob_ start();?>
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  3. Save the template.

  4. Now you must test the gZip compression on your blog or website using following site: Check gZip compression on your website.

Bottom Line
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As a result of this, since it's a server sided compression method, it helps you boost page loading speed.

Browsers used by your viewers will always receive compressed files for all your HTML data and their browsers are smart or modern enough to unzip it and show your content on their screen.

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