Understanding Gautama Buddha’s: The Noble Eightfold Path

Here today, presenting eperience about the concept of The Noble Eightfold Path. What is The Eightfold Path? Why 8 fold path is important for life? What are the 8 practices of the Eightfold Path? What is the Eightfold Path used for? What is the 8 fold path in Buddhism? What are the 8 precepts in Buddhism? What are the 8 steps of the eightfold path? And so on. Explaining all these topics with the following summary posted below.
Your Path To Enlightenment
To be straight;
The Noble Eightfold Path Are:
  1. Samma ditthi (Right understanding)
  2. Samma sankappa (Right thought)
  3. Samma vaca (Right speech)
  4. Samma kammanta (Right action)
  5. Samma ajiva (Right livelihood)
  6. Samma vayama (Right effort)
  7. Samma sati (Right mindfulness)
  8. Samma samadhi (Right concentration/focus)

Gautama Buddha’s The Noble Eightfold Path Review
Gautama Buddha’s The Noble Eightfold Path Review
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Understanding the Eight Elements of The Path

The eighth rule (normally called The Eightfold Path) explains the concentration of the powers of the mind.

As you all know, we are what our thoughts have made us. Thoughts live, they travel far. There is no limit to the power of the human mind, the more you concentrate on your thoughts, it drives the more power brought to bear on one point. That is the secret of commitment and the way to success. Here success is not calculated according to the money but yes, it is all about your happiness.

For Buddha, the path to happiness starts from an understanding of the root causes of suffering. The heart of the Buddhist teachings can be found in practicing the noble eightfold path. It is a guide for us to follow if we want to walk the path of awakening and enlightenment.

The eight path consists of eight trainings that can be summarized into three parts:
  1. The Training of Wisdom
  2. The Morality
  3. The Meditation
The eightfold path is a thoughtful practice in that all eight pieces of training are internally correlated and each one is more important as the other.
The Noble Eightfold Path involves the practice of Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

What I feel is, this is the need of the time now, Gautama Buddha taught us the eightfold path — "अष्टांग मार्ग" — is all about the path to happiness, derived by and from Buddha, his philosophy his thinking, thousands of years ago, and it is still relevant even today. A king by birth sacrificed everything, in search of truth, achieved it, through human effort, and became, "THE ENLIGHTENED ONE.

It's a life transformational path for me. Very informative and helpful formulas to build a better life. It really helps you to change your mindset and goal setting towards life.

These kinds of formulae including such effective ways always tend to provide motivation towards the betterment of one's life, specifically speaking regarding each path provided, the Gautama Buddha explained everything really well. Guided our life with all the internal and external sides required to explain the 8 golden rules of Gautam Buddha.

Life Perception: The Way to the End of Suffering

Perception of life is not calculated on rewards for good actions and the punishment for the wrong. It is present to the meaning of understanding life in its existence and does not give false hopes. Buddhism, as they say, is more like a science of understanding life than a religion. Buddhism is often referred to as a philosophy or a way of life.

The Noble Eightfold Path can be integrated into our lives to help us lead a happier life that incorporates the Buddhist principles of peace, compassion, and wisdom. Again, the noble eightfold path and its focus on right mindfulness and right thinking are the results of your healthy thought. It is an excellent way to implement spiritual law in practical life.

As human beings, we are blessed with tremendous strength, energy, power, skill and the achievements we could make are endless. But, what holds us back is the overthinking of our thoughts. Today, with disturbances at every turn, human beings are struggling with goldfishes as far as attention span is concerned. If you have already made it to the eighth point, you’re probably on the right path and you would be glad to know that Buddha wants us to concentrate all our energies into one particular action at a time. It is the state of being absolutely covered in concentration that we are the best of ourselves. It is a question of mental exercise and regular meditation had always been recommended in developing life structure.

Religious Interpretation of Eightfold Path

From this short description of the noble eightfold path, one may observe that it is a form of life to be understood, practiced, and developed by each person. It is self-discipline in body, speech, and thoughts, self-development, and self-purification.

It has nothing to act with faith, devotions, prayer, or ritual. For that reason, it has nothing which may usually be called “religious.” It is a path leading to the understanding of ultimate truth, to achieve freedom, peace, and love through ethical, spiritual, and intellectual perfection.

The Ashtanga Yoga

About the heart of the Buddha's teaching offers a clear, satisfying description of the Eightfold Path guided to remove and reduce the deep underlying cause of pain—ignorance. Each step of the path is believed to develop wisdom through mental discipline and involves a knowledgeable and calm middle path that bypasses limits.

The technical, as well as effective angles of each of the paths, are defined as the ashtanga yoga—right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration—are explained through examples from modern life. It presents the Buddhist path and its conclusion describes an understanding of life that energizes blissful thoughts that will benefit millions across the world.

Bottom Line
In the end, I must say, every human being should follow these eight golden rules of the Gautam Buddha for Success in life. This अष्टांग मार्ग by Gautam Buddha will definitely transform your life by all means.

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