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You may know that in recent times, Google has updated its mobile search results and ranked the sites with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) at the top positions. AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages Things You Should Know About The AMP Project - If you are a business owner or have a personal website, then you also want to rank at top search results in mobile too, right? What will you do for that? Well, my suggestion is start using AMP if you have not done it yet. Just like the "Facebook Instant Articles" project from the Facebook; the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) a project from the Google & Twitter created to make really fast loading mobile pages. It is open source platform that allows the publishers and website developers to make their website mobile-friendly that will render quickly on the reader's side; that is why its name Accelerated Mobile Pages. The main intention of AMP is to improve the readability and page speed. With AMP you can not use most of the HTML Tags, no javascript, only pure CSS and the stripped-down form of HTML Markup just to make your site load faster. But what does AMP mean for search? How can you prepare for AMP in your website? How AMP Works? Is it possible to use AMP pages in a blogger platform? Does AMP Module work with the dynamic websites? How AMP Affects SEO? What conditions you need to deal with if you use AMP? These questions and much more you need to know about AMP. Let's check out how to make your website HTML as an AMP friendly to be designed with the lightweight site structure.
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages]?

In October 2015, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which is a framework allowing you to create fast-loading mobile pages. This specially designed open-source platform allows the publishers to improve the speed and user experience about the mobile experience of their website and other contents.

One attractive advantage of AMP is that it will not cut the ad revenue on which such web content relies. So basically, the AMP is a path to create fast-rendering pages for mobile devices.

How AMP Works?

There are three basic parts of AMP work functionality; AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP CDN.

AMP JS is a JavaScript framework which is used specifically for mobile pages. Asynchronous loading and resource handling are the two main things handles by AMP JS. One important thing to be remembered that AMP does not permit third-party JavaScript.

AMP HTML is a markup language with custom tags and properties. It comes with some restrictions too. If you have a sound knowledge of regular HTML, then you will easily adapt the AMP HTML to form your web pages.

AMP CDN is a Content Delivery Network which will cache your AMP pages and makes some needed performance optimization automatically.

Is it possible to use AMP pages in a blogger platform? How does it help?

Theoretically, the answer is YES. You can strip your site down and just leave it with simple core form of HTML and pure CSS. So the short answer, Yes, you could be able to do it in blogger platform as well.

Today, millions of people use content platforms like BlogSpot to share their knowledge and ideas. They use such platforms to publish their personal and business contents. They sometimes get confused about using the AMP pages with their regular blogging site for the mobile devices. It surely can be used as your blogging platform. If you are also one of those bloggers, then you should check the details on the AMP Project’s site to know how an integration of AMP with your blogger blog or website will benefit you.

As a mobile device user, you may also have encountered a frustrating experience of a slow and clunky website. So, you better know how it can become the frustration for the people also if they visit your site with no AMP-enabled pages. Using AMP in your blogging platform makes you able to create mobile optimized content only once and to load it anywhere anytime instantly.

Will it worth if you convert your blog pages in AMP pages?

Absolutely, yes. If you are a new blogger who is starting a new blog or website, then it will be a super start if you use AMP pages in your blogger platform. If you have an old blog with too much content, then it will be a troublesome task to apply AMP HTML elements in each and every published page. But, surely some XML coding strategies will be implemented to get an easy solution to this.

How AMP Affects SEO?

One thing should be clear in your mind that AMP is not a ranking factor, but it will help to get faster page load times and fewer HTML codes which will provide the better experience for users and search engines compared to a typical mobile site. And this feature will make AMP pages popular in the eye of search engine and web users.

AMP pages will surely affect the impressions, click through rates, and user experiences, which overall affects SEO. Right now, AMP is seen only in the Google News carousel, but Google is holding this above-the-fold on mobile, so pushes down the Organic Search Engine Results. So if you will not get serious about the AMP soon, you will most likely see a drop in impressions, CTRs, and user engagements. As the mobile friendliness is the big ranking factor for the mobile search results, if a site does not pass the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, then it will go to the no man’s land from the top positions of the mobile search pages.

For the consideration of local search results, Google is most likely to use the click-through the behavior of the site to arrange the local mobile search pages and to decide the most relevant local or AMP content.

If you want to create a top-rated AMP-optimized content, then remember these basic things:
  1. Create an engageable and actionable headline, don’t use any fluff
  2. Design an original, appealing, and most relevant hero image
  3. The introduction copy of the first 100 words will decide the lead engagement and CTR of your site

Tips for Monetizing with Ads in AMP

High profile publishers like New York Times and Wall Street Journal have already adopted the AMP versions for their mobile sites. But with the faster page load speeds and greater user and search engine experiences, the publishers who have used the AMP version, got almost a half revenue compared to their non-AMP versions.

This happens because currently, AMP supports only a fewer types of ad units which are around 75. It does not allow highly customized ads, pop-ups and sponsorship ad units with their own properties. But, it does not mean you will get lesser ad revenue all the time. If you follow some basic instruction and below tips, then you will get as much revenue or even more than you will get through the non-AMP pages.
  • As AMP is an open source platform, keep the 100% ad revenue with the available ad platforms.
  • Choose the best suitable advertising approach by considering your non-AMP page revenue
  • Right now, AMP supports about 13 video players, you can take advantage of such platform for monetizing ads. If you want to use a video player which is not supported by the AMP, you can add it into the AMP-iframe.
  • The interchangeable ad slots will allow you to maximize the ad revenue by keeping the user experience intact.
  • Transparency is a key value for the AMP project, so if you follow the AMP road map which was published before six months, you can get better monetization with the AMP version of your pages.

Some conditions you need to deal with if you use AMP in your blog

To validate your blog with the AMP HTML project guidelines, when you set up your blogging template, you may face some restrictions. The conditions you may have to deal with AMP are:
  • You cannot include any internal or external JavaScript file in your blogging template.
  • You cannot include any CSS files too in your template whether they are external or internal.
  • You must apply element tags and rules.
  • Almost 85% of current blogger widgets will be unusable.
  • You need to follow strict restriction on uploading and displaying image sizes.
  • You have to disable built-in Blogger AdSense feature and replace it with manual AMP HTML ad format. It will not effect on your ad revenue, though.
  • There will be limitations on using blogger template designer functions.
  • You will not get any default style for widgets, posts, and pages.
  • RSS feed links will be disabled.
  • The iframes, post footer functions, and comment systems will also be disabled.

All these does not mean you will face difficulties in creating or managing the AMP pages for your website. It will be surely a great functionality to use with your blogging platform and to rank in mobile search results ahead of the regular HTML sites.

Bottom Line
It is surely beneficial to use AMP in blogger platform, but it needs some attention for sure while implementing. It provides an easy way to improve your website performance on mobile devices. So, if you are a publisher, then it is the time to start thinking and developing Accelerated Mobile Pages for your blogger blog or website.

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