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Top 10 Advice For Professional Bloggers | Daily Blogging Tips 2018

Blog writing is an art. And if you are blessed with this art, it can be your additional source of income. There are many online publishers who are very passionate about writing blogs and are making good money for the same (Making money blogging). I won't say its hard but it's not that much easy as well to change yourself from a blogger to professional blogger. You need to keep changing, learning and progressing to reach your desired professional skills.
Being a Professional Blogger
Bloggers used to search; How to get more from blogging? How I extend my blogging career? How to make more money blogging? How to improve my WordPress blog? How to grow my blogging channel? And so on...

Blogging is really a great profession. In order to start a blog and to become a professional blogger, two things are essential namely, knowledge and concentration. Knowledge is vast and available at your mouse click. The concentration is the thing that you need to work on yourself. You need to keep refreshing yourself to work more productive. The thing you need to consider is to create an environment for writing. Create a working environment at home/office and become a professional active blogger.

Blogging is nothing else but writing expressively. It is a creative writing to influence the people. It is a creative writing that can make the people buys something that you are discussing in your content. It is about writing on the various topics. Blog writing is nothing but writing the content that appeals, influences, attractive and informative. It is a creative writing that can also help you to earn quite good money.

Being a professional blogger, you are at the great advantage of being your own boss. There is no office and no other boss. You are free from the routine 9 to 6 job. Well, it is not that everything is excellent with blogging. There are certain things those may make the work uninteresting. It is very important to think about certain issues that may affect your blogging quality. If you can overcome these loopholes, then definitely you can win a crown as a professional blogger.

From last 10 years of blogging, I have learned lots of things from the professionals who share their best career advice with me. And here I'm going to share some of the best professional advice that every blogger should follow. These are the best ways helps you to be professional at your work.

Advice For Professional Bloggers
Advice For Professional Bloggers

Top 10 Advice For Professional Bloggers

If you want to become a renowned blogger, you need to focus on some important issues. There are certain factors those can take your blogs to the higher level. These factors are necessary to take into consideration. Let us discuss these factors that'll encourage you to be successful in blogging.

Follow these pieces of advice and recommendations that can definitely help you shape yourself as a professional blogger:

1. Decide to blog from office or home.

Blog from office or home
Blog from office or home
No doubt, blogging is your passion. But still, it makes a huge difference from where you blog. From the office or work from home is the basic but first question you need to fix.

If you are working from the office, then there is no problem at all. The office offers you the right environment where you can concentrate easily on writing. There are least distractions and do not hurt your efficiency. The office environment is an excellent one for creative writing.

Recently I have published the article that you might interested to read; Freelancing (Blogging) Vs Full-time Job: Is Freelancing Better Than A Regular Job? You might like it to read and it will help you to clear further questions.

If you do not have any office or any separate place to work for, you can ask for social places like libraries or internet hubs etc. The valid place you can have is a cyber cafe. It is just like a place similar to office. This can offer you a great environment for your profession.

But if you are working from home and especially you are blogging, then you need to consider several things. You have to create a working environment. First of all, you should keep yourself away from your surroundings including family members/ kids or uninvited guests. Try to keep yourself away from home life till you finish your work of the day.

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2. Keep unwanted things out.

See, professional life is different from the home life.

Do not mix professional and family life together.

When you are working at your desired place, keep your room clean & environment accordingly.

Remove all fuddle. Remove all distracting elements those are present nearby you in your room. Clean your room. Keep your room tidy and make it "work-friendly."

Just like you use SEO optimized website, keep your room work optimized too.

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3. Break up with your mobile phone.

Break up with your mobile phone
Break up with your mobile phone
I highly suggest keeping your cell phone away from you. The most distracting element of this present age is a 'smart' phone. Especially, when you are in a writing mode, it may distract your attention.

A simple notification or phone call ring may break your concentration. So it's better to keep it on the silent mode or away from you.

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4. Get detach from social interactions.

When you are in a writing mode, you should keep your mobile phone’s internet off. Keep yourself away from all your social media contacts.

Please take a pause from your activeness on social media. The best way you can do is, turn all notifications off.

You can also disable all the push notifications and ringtones on your smartphone. Again, you need to block all the pop-up messages. Even on the computer, disable all push notifications.

Just take a pause on social media activeness. Best practice is to remain offline on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and on all other social sites.

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5. Take breaks from time-to-time.

To become a professional blogger, it is must to keep your concentration of high level. And for this, you must take 5 minutes break after each hour.

Having breaks will refresh your mind. You can do rest of the work with a great level of efficiency and energy. Also, your eyes will get rest.

From the health point of view, you can save your eyes from the effect of the computer screen. So, make sure to take some break from time to time.

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6. Blink your eyes.

Working on computer continuously can cause eyesight problem.

If you work for several hours on the computer it can cause dryness of your eyes.

Blinking of eyes can cause wetness to eyes. And this is medically approved. You can even use eye drops. Moreover, if required, you should consult a good eye specialist.

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7. Refresh yourself.

Refresh yourself
Refresh yourself
Always try to keep your mind active, refresh yourself from time to time.

Take a break and go out for some time. Meet people, play with your kids, watch TV, etc. This is how you can make yourself refresh for your next task.

You can even attend different events like blogger meetups, workshops, networking events, etc.

8. Proper lighting is important while working.

The proper light arrangement is necessary while you are working on the computer, be careful with its brightness.

For a long run, an excessive brightness will affect your eyes badly. Better to keep your computer’s brightness to the right level.

At the same time, the lighting conditions of the room should not be ignored. Try to work in natural light. Open the windows of your room and have right lighting conditions.

9. Keep notes.

Taking notes
Taking notes
Many ideas come in mind and go away soon. If any idea flashes in your mind, write it down in a notebook.

Keeping notes a simple way that has a big impact on you. Taking notes for every new idea is important to you as a professional, and often very effective for your new writeups. You can use those ideas to make your writing more creative and attractive.

10. Bookmark Problogbooster.

Last but not least. You need to keep yourself updated with new trends and techniques in the blogging industry.

Subscribe to 'Problogbooster - for bloggers, by probloggers' newsletter that will deliver you fresh content converting you into professional bloggers.

Bottom Line
Blogging is one great career option available on today. Moreover, it is creating art that can make you earn the really very good amount of money. It can be done from anywhere and at any time. Most people prefer it doing from home. So, you are your own boss.

You are a blogger and with these suggestions, you will be moving towards PROFESSIONALISM. Transform yourself from blogger to professional blogger. Keep trying hard. Keep motivating yourself. Keep pushing you up.

If you have any other suggestions that you think could be included here in this list, then you can share it with me via comment section shown below.

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