Top 10 YouTube Alternatives Platforms To Try For 2021

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best and popular video streaming as well as more than a video hosting websites in the world. Tons of videos uploading day-to-day on this platform. But when it comes to alternatives to YouTube, there is a question that comes in everyone's mind, who is YouTube's biggest competitor? This is what we are going to find on this page. Because there is a lot of similar video streaming sites like YouTube, its quite confusing to choose which site is best and alternative to YouTube. I've listed the top 10 alternatives to YouTube for online streaming videos having advanced features worth knowing. Check out this list for ten top YouTube similar alternatives till now.
Best youtube alternative
Here I am going to provide you best chosen similar websites like YouTube you must consider for uploading your next video. Tons of people are using the internet every day but few of them unaware of video hosting websites other than YouTube. Meanwhile, maximum publishers prefer YouTube because it has higher rates for generating revenue. But I want to tell you here that there are other similar sites like youtube that generate huge amounts of money for you as a publisher like YouTube does.

As we all know that YouTube is the best money making platform specially for video bloggers, and many video creators like to prefer and choose YouTube to make big money from uploading videos. Like the Adsense alternatives for Youtube, there are several websites are that similar to Youtube, including all some are not displaying any kind of ads and promotional videos like YouTube does. Some other video streaming sites are not likely to displaying and generating money, but they are overall focused on providing good content and a lot of features to their audience. Obviously, if there are no ads, people will not distract from watching any video. These and many advantages are there in alternative sites of YouTube. Not only YouTube, some other video streaming platforms providing you the same YouTube Partner Program (YPP) that allows publishers to monetize eligible content on YouTube including this there are plenty of options on their website that worth checking.

Even though YouTube is the main platform for watching free videos, sometimes it can't able to give you what exactly you want. You have to understand that there are various substitutes for youtube and I think you won't like to miss. Let’s take a look at the YouTube alternatives platforms below. I hope you will love it.
Top YouTube Alternatives
Top YouTube Alternatives

Top 10 YouTube alternatives 2021

After getting annoyed by YouTube ads, many users trying to find the other YouTube alternatives for watching the streaming free videos online, and so we decided to published a list of only chosen but great YouTube alternatives as YouTube's biggest competitor in 2021 as below.

Check out the best-selected substitutes for YouTube with pros, cons, and advanced features:

1. Vimeo.

Vimeo - Best YouTube alternatives
Vimeo - Best YouTube alternatives
Vimeo is not only the best adsense alternatives for youtube but it is one of the best YouTube competitors as well. If you are looking for a website that alternative to YouTube and better than that, then Vimeo is the right one option for you to choose from.

Vimeo filled with varieties of contents and you will get every kind of information, it may cinematography, photography, music, dance, art, etc. This platform is extremely easy to use, if you want to learn something professional and productive according to your field, then Vimeo is a great source for you.

  • It’s absolutely free.
  • No annoying ads.
  • Customizable privacy settings.
  • Simple to use and compatible with any device.
  • User-friendly look.
  • Less traffic than YouTube.
  • Can not upload lengthy videos.

2. Dailymotion.

Dailymotion - Best YouTube alternatives
Dailymotion - Best YouTube alternatives
Is DailyMotion better than YouTube? Dailymotion is a popular name among video-sharing sites. It is one of the best adsense alternatives of youtube. This is too much similar to YouTube and the biggest competitor of it. It has the same features and tools provided for all types of audiences.

You can discover all kinds of videos on this platform and bookmark the most trending videos as well. Like the YouTube money program, in Dailymotion, you also get the money-generating tool using which you can make money by monetizing eligible content on Dailymotion as well. This platform is pretty much great in terms of its varieties of options available for both visitors and publishers.

  • Wide and variety of contents.
  • You can embed videos to your blog.
  • Has options for making a brand profile.
  • Unlimited Storage and bandwidth.
  • It has fewer restrictions when it comes to uploading.
  • Limited video size.
  • Video duration can’t be more than 60 mins.

3. Wistia.

Wistia - Best YouTube alternatives
Wistia - Best YouTube alternatives
Wistia comes at the top-5 in the list of best YouTube alternatives. Wistia offers you, both paid and free plans on their site. On this platform, you will get many tools and good features like YouTube. Wistia is a little bit professional kind of video streaming site, You can say most of the business people and entrepreneurs use this site. Wistia videos and contents are absolutely free for watching.

The best part is that Wistia provides you additional security tools and verities of options to protect your videos online.

  • Videos can be protected with a password.
  • Ability to add links to your site.
  • Great for search engine optimization.
  • The best video sharing platforms for entrepreneurs.
  • Lead Generation tools.
  • 200 GB limit for free account.
  • Most expensive video sharing platform.

4. Dtube.

Dtube - Best YouTube alternatives
Dtube - Best YouTube alternatives
Dtube has the same user interface as YouTube and it is the best YouTube alternative platform. Dtube is based on blockchain technology, so this website has no server to store data like youtube does. Dtube has filled with a lot of security tools and features, so the videos and the data can be absolutely safe from the hackers on this platform.

YouTube has a huge market place for ad revenue and makes money online, but Dtube contains no ads and offers content creators to get cryptocurrency rewards and leaving remarks by uploading their videos on Dtube. I can say, that it is a completely decentralized platform that serves you an excellent alternative for YouTube.

  • Completely ad-free.
  • Based on blockchain technology.
  • Earn money in cryptocurrency.
  • Familiar interface.
  • Easy to browse any related video by homepage.
  • Tough to understand monetization policy.
  • Once uploaded videos can’t be deleted.

5. Metacafe.

Metacafe - Best YouTube alternatives
Metacafe - Best YouTube alternatives
Metacafe is similar sites of YouTube and the best alternative site. If you want to do a comparison with another once, then you can take examples of Snapchat and Instagram videos and their stories, which are not much lengthy but most popular among the list of short videos. Likewise, Metacafe also offers a similar service and it is older than both of those apps.

Metacafe is like a mini YouTube alternative. However, videos on Metacafe will stay forever and will not disappear after 24 hours.

  • Great platform for community-based content.
  • Simple interface and gracefully categorized.
  • Around 40 million spectators.
  • Small and quick video contents.
  • Easy to navigate videos for users.
  • 90-second of videos.
  • Limited viewership in comparison to YouTube.

6. Vevo.

Vevo - Best YouTube alternatives
Vevo - Best YouTube alternatives
After discussing business, entertainment, and professional related videos, let focus on the site which streaming and focuses only on music videos. This platform is the best substitute for youtube. If you love to listen to music and want to watch video clips, then this one is the best for you. Vevo is an American multinational video hosting-based company or website. This is absolutely the best alternative to YouTube.

You may know that YouTube developed it’s another music streaming service website called YouTube music. Likewise, this platform also offers you more than 400,000 high-quality music videos. A lot of benefits and drawbacks are there, lets summaries it in pros and cons as follows.

  • Higher earning potential.
  • Give your brand a more premium image.
  • A large number of audiences in one platform.
  • High-quality music videos.
  • Chances to get more traffic and exposure.
  • Unable to engage with your subscribers.
  • Lack of control on your channel.

7. PeerTube.

PeerTube - Best YouTube alternatives
PeerTube - Best YouTube alternatives
Just like the name, PeerTube is based on peer-to-peer video streaming technology. This platform is most trended as a substitute for youtube. Instead of working on only one server like YouTube, PeerTube cut the load on the individual servers. It gives freedom to their users to host their own servers online. Every channel and the uploaded videos can connect to one another. It similarly sounds like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Another advantage and feature is that it has a clean interface without any ads so that it lets you watch any videos without any disturbance. Even as an audience you will find that this open-source platform for all.

  • Decentralized platform.
  • Peer-to-Peer Technology.
  • No Ads.
  • No signup required.
  • Free from terms & conditions.
  • It doesn’t have a huge collection of content.
  • Still has far to go. It is initial stage.

8. Veoh.

Veoh - Best YouTube alternatives
Veoh - Best YouTube alternatives
Here is another best youtube alternative site called Veoh. It provides a clean interface like YouTube. In this platform, you can upload any kind of videos in any length, it means there have ‘no holds barred’ situation for content creators.

Also, there are lots of social features present, which allows you to start sharing your content among your friends and other social networking sites if they like your content, then your popularity will exponentially increase in this platform same as YouTube.

  • Clean user interface with a lot of social features.
  • Able to engage with your friends and interact with groups.
  • Can uploaded video in any length.
  • Instantly sharing option.
  • Movies, TV shows, and self-generated content.
  • Limitations for content diversity.
  • Lack of audience and viewers.

9. The Vlogs.

The Vlogs - Best YouTube alternatives
The Vlogs - Best YouTube alternatives
The Vlogs is the another best youtube alternative and video streaming website and alternative to YouTube. This site is created for a video blogger to publish their video and their work with the community around the video lover.

The Vlog is very simple and easy to use. You can instantly create your account and can start uploading your videos on your channel. The look and feel of this site are familiar and similar to YouTube.

  • Stream is pretty easy to set up.
  • Look like of YouTube.
  • Can be upload long videos.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Easy to find videos on home screen.
  • Lack of monetization.
  • The Vlogs choose itself which videos to show on front pages.

10. 9GagTV.

9GagTV - Best YouTube alternatives
9GagTV - Best YouTube alternatives
This is quite similar to YouTube and a lot of entertaining stuff is there. If you searching videos for entertainment, then 9GagTV is the best one for you.

9GagTV offers you an unlimited supply of entertainment in the form of GIFs, images, and memes.

  • Decent user interface.
  • Potential to go viral in your videos.
  • Easy to find interesting content.
  • The contents are categorized.
  • Can share with different social media sites.
  • This is not an earning source.
  • Cannot save or download any video to play offline.

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