Want to Be A Content Writer? 18 Steps to Kick-Start Your Freelance Content Writing Journey with 0 Experience

I hope you’re all doing well. Today, here I'm going into the fundamental parts of content writing. Many of you have asked, “How can you become a content writer, and from where can you start?” So, let’s fall right in! I going to answer this question as per my views, the experiences I have undergone, and how I got started on my journey of content writing.

Freelance Writing without Experience
Just like my friend here, my journey also began in technical college. Also, you don’t necessarily require a degree in journalism or mass communication to start. Any degree that improves your writing and research skills is a good starting point. But here you need to note that, practical knowledge usually matters more than formal education.
  • You might be asking, "Can I be a content writer with no experience?" The answer is a simple YES! You just need to start by writing about what you know and passionate about. It's rather better for you to create your own blog or contribute to platforms like other news sites or web portals like Medium, Quora, etc. This not only helps you practice but also builds your online reputation as a freelance content writer.
  • Now, onto the next question, "How do I get my first content writing job?" Start by networking. Connect with other writers and like-minded clients on platforms like LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate & think too much about posting and showing your all types of work to them and ask for opportunities.
  • Finally, "How do I get hired for content writing?" Other than networking, you can apply for online work on various online job platforms. Create and build your portfolio and related work application to match the job description and don’t forget to include your writing samples.
From my experience sharing below, I must say, that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So, take that first step, even if it’s difficult. Write that first article, publish that first work, and never stop learning.
Looking to start on a content writing career? Providing essential steps and tips to help you become a successful content writer without any experience. From honing your skills to building a portfolio, learn the strategies that can set you on the path to freelance writing success.
Looking to start on a content writing career? Providing essential steps and tips to help you become a successful content writer without any experience. From honing your skills to building a portfolio, learn the strategies that can set you on the path to freelance writing success.

"I Want to Be a Content Writer. How Should I Start?"

If you want to be a content writer, this guide is your roadmap to success. Learn the necessary steps and advice listed below to kickstart your freelance writing career. I have shown the most important ways from brushing up your writing skills and exploring different formats to building a healthy portfolio and connecting with professionals. Moreover, find out the importance of using SEO techniques to push your skills up in the online publishing field, and constantly improve the content by respecting feedback and understanding. Express your own, authentic, and real voice and prove yourself as a brand for a successful journey in the world of content writing.

Follow 15 steps to become a content writer with no experience:

Step 1: Write. Write. Write.

Write. Write. Write.
Write. Write. Write.
To become a successful influential content writer, you need to keep building your drafts by writing consistently.

The logic to mastering the art of writing is simple: write, write, and write some more. Recently I just posted a page that will put more light on this matter The 10 Essential Elements Of Writing A Successful Blog Post For Daily Bloggers.

You must note that there are no shortcuts; the more you practice, the better you become. Learn and use the power of words and allow your thoughts and so the creativity to flow through your writeups. You'll be able to open doors for new opportunities and able to build your own way to success in the world of writing with dedication and consistency.

Step 2: Read daily.

Push yourself in the world of words by devoting your full time for each day to reading & writing. You need to stay updated with current events, explore different topics, and create your own style of expressing your thoughts through your writeups.

Your daily practice not only helps you build your writing skills, but also expands your vocabulary, and boosts your creativity. You need to read recent post that shows 12 Ways To Make Boring Content Interesting.

By engaging yourself in your written words, you'll able to develop a natural flow for your thoughts with better words and be able to show your unique writing style in your writing, allowing you to attract more readers with engaging content.

Step 3: Choosing a niche.

Find Your Profitable Niche Market. Finding your niche and focusing on profitable niche keywords helps you to develop as master. But how do I start a niche blog? Which niche makes the most money? How do you find a profitable niche? What are the steps you must know to find your niche? One thing you must know finding your market is most important before you start to work in any field. Your niche is that one topic that all your blog posts are about. Experts would argue that instead of blogging about 20 different topics and confuse your readers; you need to find a niche. Find several small business niche ideas you can start for making money blogging. Finding a niche and focusing on profitable niche keywords helps you to develop as a master. Today we are going to discuss the ultimate guide on how to finding your profitable niche for all your online need.
Find Your Profitable Niche. Finding your niche and focusing on profitable niche keywords helps you to develop as master. Finding a niche and focusing on profitable niche keywords helps you to develop as a master.
Selecting a niche is the first and initial part of launching your freelance writing profession. You can pick anyone of the best niche from 17 Most Profitable Evergreen Blog Niche Ideas Although it is ok, to start your writing work with any subject, but it's necessary to identify & choose a niche that meets the following criteria:
  • Enjoyment: Choose topics that genuinely interest you and ignite your passion for writing. Writing about topics you enjoy will not only boost your motivation but also reflect on the quality of your work.
  • Above-average understanding: Opt for niches where you possess a comprehensive understanding or possess expertise. Your understanding and insights will verify you as a helpful and reliable writer in that field.
Building yourself as an expert in a selected niche will attract and drive more customers who know your value and appreciate your work by paying more for your services.

Step 4: Learn different writing formats.

Here you need to develop your writing techniques by studying various formats and styles of writing from others. You are required to check all possible online materials to read & study, browse numerous sites, and watch related YouTube videos to learn more to educate yourself.

Try to learn with influential writing, storytelling techniques, and creating engaging content. Learning various formats & other styles allows you to know additional writing requirements and adopt new tricks to impress all kinds of readers.

By learning various techniques, you'll become such a flexible writer who's skilled in writing influential writeups, informative articles, and influential posts that appeal to your readers.

Step 5: Publish on online platforms.

Use the power of online platforms to share your written work with the world. You also need to use reputed info sites such as Linkedin, Quora, Medium, and Blogspot regularly to publish your skills and connect with a broader audience.

Publishing your writeups online helps you to get more online visibility, feedback, comments, and engagement which helps to get the opportunity to have more followers. More followers means more repeat visits and more credibility.

Always interact with readers, respond to comments, and tweak your style according to readers' needs and instructions. A lot of active communities of active readers and like-minded writers are there to connect and who can furthermore encourage, challenge, and help you to grow as a content creator.

Step 6: Connect with professional writers.

Connect with Professional Writers
Connect with Professional Writers
Now you need to try to build connections with mixed content writers and then check their insight and knowledge with their writeups. Always look for professionals in your field specially while using social media sites, online communities, blogging platforms, and writing associations.

Meanwhile, if you get a chance don't hesitate to engage in meaningful discussions, try to get advice, and note down the things from their understandings. Connecting with experts grows your ability, authority, identity, reputation, and credibility, which also opens new sponsored options for strong collaborations, brand possibilities, and industry referrals.

Don't worry for criticism but by connecting with verified writers, you'll earn practical guidance and in-depth feedback that speeds up your growth in the content writing field.

Step 7: Build a network.

Develop a network of like-minded content creators who can help and encourage you on your writing journey. Try to take part in blogging communities, online forums, and social media groups which are actually built to connect with related and reputed bloggers and writers.
Discuss your ideas, share feedback, your views, and collaborate on projects. Having a writing network helps promote linking to experts, which furthermore provides valuable insights, and keeps you updated with the latest trends and market opportunities.

By having strong linkings between networking members, you'll have a better support system that helps you to evolve, provides useful links, and opens doors to more collaborations and brand partnerships.

Step 8: Have a professional bio.

Having profile on social sites help you build your online identity and so able to attract more work as freelancer.
When creating your professional profile, you must consider the following key elements:
  1. Market yourself: Compose a brief and clear summary that highlights your skills, expertise, and unique selling points. It will attract the more attention of related customers.
  2. HQ DP: Add a professional and high-resolution profile picture, DP that shows you in a positive light. DP image helps build trust and makes an attractive first impression on anyone who looking for your work and profile.
  3. Authority boosters: Display your authority by mentioning relevant achievements, certificates, awards, or notable clients you have worked with. It will build trust and certify your abilities in the field of content writing.
  4. A personal touch: Add your personality to your profile to build a connection with your readers. Post your work, views, or any personal stories that are related to your writing niche. It will help customers connect to you on a more human level.
You must follow these factors for building a professional profile so that you can able to form an influential image of yourself as an authoritative content writer, that will increase your chances of attracting the right opportunities and customers.

Step 9: Create a strong portfolio.

From the starting point of your content writing journey, you need to give importance to the creation of an effective portfolio. While creating your portfolio, you need to choose your all-time best works published on different subjects, and your own unique styles.

The portfolio is used for demonstrating your all-roundership as a writer. Just cut it and categorize your portfolio to highlight your skills, and expertise, to have a better influence of your work.

You must note that while applying for content writing jobs, and freelance tasks, your strong portfolio plays an important role specially in the case of brand collaborations. Your working strength, credibility, online reputation, and all influential things shown by a clear writing portfolio will convince customers about your capability to deliver a product of high-quality content.

Building a writing portfolio is important, even without past experience.

Here are 3 approaches, starting with the easiest and ending with the best:
  • Medium: Use the free platform of Medium to create a profile and publish articles under your name. Benefit from its professional appearance and widespread recognition.
  • Content Platforms: Take part in discussions on info sites and blogging platforms that connect related writers with brands who are looking for content. This requires more effort but it will help to have a better chance of creating a more suitable portfolio while exploring potential customers.
  • Publications: Challenge yourself by submitting high-quality, original articles to marquee publications in your niche (e.g., Forbes for business, TechCrunch for tech). Although time-consuming, this avenue enhances your portfolio's credibility significantly.

Step 10: Know digital marketing tool

Know Digital Marketing Tool
Know Digital Marketing Tool
For all your questions seeking information on "Content Writing," what's your first step you go for? You open the Google, right? It's one of the great sources for getting the best results, but finding the right information is key. We usually get what we need on the first page or you can say on the first 2-3 links.

Ever wondered why some websites list on top search rankings whereas others usually get ignored? It's all about optimizing your writing according to Google SEO guidelines. You must read 16 Benefits & Importance of Online Marketing.

Change and follow tweaking yourself to adopt the mindset of a self-learner, and staying up-to-date with search algorithms and digital trends. Know the importance of digital marketing and unlock your potential!

Step 11: Don't forget SEO techniques.

understanding SEO techniques
understanding SEO techniques
Optimize your content for search engines by incorporating relevant SEO keywords strategically. Research and identify high-paying SEO keywords related to your niche or topic. Seamlessly integrate these keywords into your content, making them bold to emphasize their importance. You also need to know onpage SEO factors to optimize your content as per SEO rules.

By learning & understanding SEO techniques, you improve the visibility and so search rankings of your content, driving organic traffic and active readers.

Creating engaging writings by following ethical SEO practices not only confirms that your content has a positive effect on readers but also it boosts ranks well in search engine result pages, driving quality traffic to your blog site.

Step 12: Consistent writing schedules.

Establish a disciplined writing routine to boost productivity and consistency. Set aside dedicated time each day or week to focus only on your writing.

Creating a schedule allows you to maintain publishing momentum, and meet deadlines. Whether it's early mornings, late nights, or specific blocks of time, find a schedule that works best for you.

To build an engaged audience and grow your writing career in a better direction, you need to have regular writing sessions, you'll set discipline, improve your time management skills, and build content consistently.

Step 13: Research.

Be a Thorough Researcher
Be a Thorough Researcher
Always try to be a thorough researcher to confirm the accuracy and credibility of your content. For better results, you need to go into the details of your selected topics, then require to collect verified information from authentic sources, and lastly, cross-verify all your points before adding them to your writing.

Note that your detailed research actually helps to increase your content quality. Furthermore, a well-researched article certifies you as a reliable & responsible writer. To collect and add relevant insights and related data in your writeups, don't forget to use social media, reputed sites, academic journals, blogging platforms, books, news videos, and the latest but related interviews. You must know 25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Blogging Platforms.

By spending your extra time for thorough research and detailed facts, you'll able to deliver useful, informative, and influential content that will impress your readers.

Step 14: Brushup proofreading skills.

Refine your editing and proofreading skills to ensure your content is error-free and polished. After completing your first draft, take the time to review and revise your work carefully.

Make sure to always review for grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and syntax before publishing your work online. Spend enough time on the structure of your sentences and paragraphs making, providing clarity and voice of your thoughts via writing.

Get insights from online proofreading tools to improve your editing process. By improving your editing and proofreading abilities regularly, you'll eventually able to produce high & professional quality content material that will attract your readers and push them to become your followers.

Step 15: Respect feedback

Welcome All the Feedback
Welcome All the Feedback
Just remember that you always tend to welcome all the feedback and use them as a valuable tool for getting success in the content writer journey. Request productive criticism from others, guides, and readers to find out where to improve to have better writing. Actively engage with comments and reviews, but don't forget to appreciate both positive and negative feedback.

Just have a growing mindset and focus on constant learning by following various discussions, webinars, or online courses related to content writing. You can learn more ways from 25 Strategies To Stay Focused At Work/Study/Life/Game. Keep up with market trends, and accordingly try to develop writing techniques and follow new technologies like AI.

By being open to feedback and with your constantly growing nature, you'll update, tweak, and improve your skills, and so it will help you stay ahead in the competitive world of content writing.

Step 16: Develop your unique voice.

You need to boost yourself as a brand and for that, it is required to secure and express your unique voice as a content writer. Here you need to develop your own specific style, tone, and writing attitude that differentiates you from others.

Enable your identity in your niche and let your personality glow via your writing. Authenticity comes with regular readers & active followers. And your following will fetch more connections by likes-and-shares that keep more readers coming back for more page views.

In addition to it, you can test with different writing styles by finding your own stories, and adding them to your writeups to find out which one works best for your readers.

By creating your own unique voice and style, you'll able to make yourself as a reputed brand in your niche and build a loyal audience of active readers who appreciate and value your authentic view.

Step 17: Finding writing jobs

Finding Writing Jobs
Finding Writing Jobs
Ready to work on your first freelance writing job? Feeling lost on where to find writing opportunities? Don't worry, I have already posted the required articles about that, and covered most required things within! Let's explore some valid places to kick-start your writing job search:
  • Social Media: Not just for chatting, this time just jump into the power of social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get what you looking to work. Try to connect with experts, start discussions, join writing portals, and look for new job postings shared by companies or fellow writers.
  • Job Sites: Visit dedicated job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Freelancer(.)com. These platforms usually list various types of writing tasks, which ranges from full-time work to freelance projects. Customize your search filters to find opportunities that fit your skills and choices.
  • Freelance Writing Sites: Check technical freelance writing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. These sites connect writers with customers looking to work their tech support. Create a compelling profile, give a demo about your work via portfolio, and start applying to relevant projects.
Remember to stay active, brush up your approach, and tweak your applications for each new opportunity. With all these methods, you'll soon land your first writing job and it will help begin an exciting freelance writing journey!

Step 18: Finding your first customer.

Finding your first customer
Finding your first customer
Finding your first client as a writer can be both exciting and hardworking too. To simplify the process, consider creating a flexible approach or template that regularly gets updated with your updates. Here's an example approach to help you get started:
  • Research: Simply visit the customer's website, read their blog pages, and understand their business personality.
  • Write a Proposal: Prepare a personalized proposal that shows your understanding of the customer's requirements. Don't hesitate to ask questions and add your personality to build a connection.
  • Address Concerns: Address possible questions or problems the customer may have, showing your expertise.
  • Follow-up: If you don't receive a quick response, follow up politely. Busy customers may miss or forget emails, so a soft reminder can be helpful.
For example:
Hi [Client Name],
I hope this message finds you well. Last week, I sent you a proposal for [project], and I wanted to follow up to see if you're interested. If you'd like to discuss the project in more detail or have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch at your convenience.
Looking forward to the opportunity to work together.
Best regards,
[Your Name]
After getting your first client, the real work begins. Maintain client happiness while also following new options. Balancing these factors is important for your success. Further, continue upgrading your writing skills by using valuable freelance writing resources and online tools.

Remember, with dedication, you'll guide yourself furthermore the path of freelance writing and reach your goals.

Bottom Line

After struggling to find a related job after engineering degree, I found my passion for writing. Independent of knowledge of online marketing, freelancing, writing, SEO, and web publishing, I jumped and switched to CONTENT WRITING.

Now, I’m a full-time writer in corporate work, loved for my passion over my educational specialization.

The content writing domain, extended by SEO and eCommerce, offers lots of opportunities. And with good language and writing skills, anyone can grow. Using social media and blogging platforms you can now able to tweak your skills which can give you great results.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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