Top 25 Blogging Platforms - Reviews

Which is best platform for blogging? Examples? Best blog site for beginners? social blogging platform? Check top 25 blogging blog sites and reviews.. Continue reading...

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Professionals work to create unique content and publish it on the most popular blogging sites to drive online attention. Bloggers make their engaging content visible to more and more readers using blogging platforms. So selection of the right platform is an important step in reaching more and more targeted audiences. Let's see which are the best blogging platforms you can use for blogging.
Blogging Platforms
Every blogger plans to get a top position in the field of blogging and its competition. Every blogger wants to have the top position and highest search rankings to drive more organic traffic for their content. If you are a blogger or want to be a blogger then you would like to read; 25 Secrets to Grow Your BLOG REPUTATION Fast

In order to have great online exposure and get huge attention for your content, there are several things you need to be considered while building the blog and its content.
First of all, you must know, as I always say; CONTENT is king. It is necessary to go on researching the topic for the content you gonna publish. Finding the right topic which can prove useful for the readers is very important.
It is also important to list targetted keywords you gonna use for the topic. Next comes developing the content in the most appealing way. For this; adding bulleted points, paragraphing, heading, images, videos, etc. can serve a great purpose.

After creating amazing but unique content, the next step is publishing it on the right blogging platform. Where to publish the content? Which platform can serve prominent exposure for the content? All these questions are very obvious, especially for the newbie in the blogging world. It is, thus, obvious to look for the right platform for your quality content.
Top 25 Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites
Top 25 Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites
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25 Most Popular Blogging Platforms

Your well-prepared and unique content needs to be published on the most efficient blogging platform; so that it can reach the right reader. The most important purpose here is to get huge online exposure for a quality blog. So it is essential to discuss the top blogging platforms first.

There are several blogging platforms other than those that are commonly known to you. So, don’t get afraid if any platform does not approve your content. If you find it hard to get approval for your content from any platform, you can try with another. There are many more platforms that you can try.

Top 25 best blogging platforms and blog sites:

1. Blogger

This is one of the oldest, most trustworthy, and longest-running free blogging platforms on the internet. As the name itself suggest it is the place where the Blogger can publish their blogs.

As it is run by Google, it is the biggest blogging platform accepted by many bloggers worldwide and has worldwide users.


2. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform. It offers a free medium for newbies and professional bloggers. It is featured with a reasonable amount of customization, easy single-click installation, and many more.

WordPress is the best free blog platform for any blogger dreaming to have great exposure by using the most customized blog.


3. Tumblr

For media bloggers, Tumblr offers the perfect gateway for publishing media blogs.

For those who love cooking and sharing new recipes online, Tumblr is a great platform to share with.



This is a blogging platform for front-end designers and developers that can be used without the signup process or creating an account. It is easy to create a code blog page, modify or make changes to your code page, and post as a blog with

You can build and deploy a website, post your coding work, create test cases to learn and debug, and see others' work for more help.


5. Wix

It offers a full suite of intuitive design features for website-building and blog-building that too in a slightly different style.

Using their powerful marketing tools you will be able to drive more attention that leaves a lasting impression.


6. LiveJournal

Started life in 1999, LiveJournal was designed for social networking and blogging.

LiveJournal is an amazing platform where people share their life stories, and offer guidance, and business ideas. You can join the community and share your stories. This platform encourages communal interaction. This is a good platform for newbie bloggers.


7. Squarespace

This is an all-in-one website offering professionally-designed templates using which you can launch blogs, business sites, eCommerce stores, etc.

With Squarespace's built-in suite of marketing tools, you can easily promote your blog and build your online presence for more traffic.


8. Weebly

It is more than just creating a blog. It serves more as a website creation system. Not only a free blogging platform, but it also provides a free website builder that makes it easy to create a website, blog, or online store fast. It allows the creation of new web pages very quickly. It enables customization of the layouts, a bunch of themes, and standard sharing features for blogging.

Weebly is a website and eCommerce service provider to build your business too.


9. Jekyll

This platform accepts the raw text files and turns them into a robust static site using Markdown, Liquid, HTML & CSS. Jekyll is a static site generator. It accepts text written in your favorite markup language and uses layouts to make a static website.

A such static site can be hosted wherever you want. This helps you to have an improved blog in technical terms.


10. Contentful

Contentful is the platform that provides a way to separate the content from the design. The content that you provide to the site is stored on their server. You can call it into any design or platform as per your wish.

With the help of this blogging platform, you can grow digital and content operations globally on an enterprise-ready platform that fulfills security standards.


11. Svbtle

This is a slightly different platform for bloggers. It is a platform designed to help bloggers to think. This platform is similar to the Medium platform in approach. The platform has everything you require to organize, create, and share your thoughts, stories, and ideas with the world.

Svbtle is designed to help you curate ideas and stories, work on them slowly, and post when you’re ready.


12. Ghost

This is the platform dedicated to publishing completely customized blogs. It is widely used by new media creators to publish, share, and grow a business. It allows free modification, sharing, and redistribution. It is featured with a smart writing screen markdown editor, live preview, etc.


13. helps bloggers turn their Evernote notebook into a content management system. It allows using custom domains and uploading custom profile logos or avatars directly to the site. The brightest feature of is it makes it possible to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos, Tweets, and Instagram images to the blogger’s profile.


14. Bolt

This is the easier blogging platform for those who need easy configuration. It is flexible, versatile, easy to manage, and easy to maintain. It comes packed with a flexible eCommerce framework, built-in search, file types, multi-language support, etc.


15. Hexo

This is a fast, simple & powerful blog framework and the most useful blogging platform powered by Node.js that supports multi-tread generation. It is a small and minimalistic static site generator featured with markdown, nearly 40 themes, and many more.


16. Silvrback

This is a clean blogging platform that ships modern UI. It allows customization of the blog and embedding capabilities with YouTube and other platforms.


17. Posthaven

This platform is an excellent minimalistic blogging platform as it allows uploading photos, music, videos, documents, and all kinds of files to the blog. It helps people and enterprises post content on their blogs.


18. Kinsta

Kinsta is a cloud-based host that provides managed WordPress plans with an effective server and better optimization that you won't see anywhere else. Best to start your WordPress blogging.


19. Medium

Twitter’s brand-child Medium is the socially introduced place for writing. It is the platform for bloggers to have a streamlined experience in blogging. It is suitable for experienced users and not for newbies.


20. Kirby

The platform allows you to add posts, edit them with markdown and then add a blog as a new blog post. Kirby offers a perfect, distraction-free writing interface for your articles with the brand-new blocks field. Show drafts, unreviewed and published pages in a side-by-side view for your blog.


21. Postagon

This platform is for bloggers who like it as simple and clean. The platform is equipped with just the essentials of pure reading and writing experience. It is merged with different features such as a visual and markdown editor, personal posts, drafts, drag and drop functionality, email alerts, a smart commenting system, etc.

22. Wardrobe

Bloggers can enjoy blogging with Wardrobe. This is a minimalistic blogging application that keeps the bloggers writing the content. It allows the drag and drop of markdown files into the admin area in order to create the post for quick publishing. It utilizes powerful but simple to use theming system helping the bloggers to create a design matching their niche.

23. AnchorCMS

This super-simple blogging platform offers freedom over words. It allows modifying the themes, writing in markdown, adding custom CSS, javascript, etc.

24. Roon

This is a beautiful and effective free blogging platform with no setup or code necessity. Roon is now

25. Scriptogram

This is a simple, elegant, static tool for creating blogs. It is designed for text formatting, editing existing themes, or creating new ones that can match the brand.

26. Droplets

This is an easier way to blog. This is especially for the newbie bloggers installed with all the necessary features.

Bottom Line

There are many more blogging platforms available making the bloggers publish their blogs. These platforms serve great for bloggers, developers, programmers, marketing people, business owners, and more in shaping a brand for their niche.

As there are several websites or platforms where bloggers can upload their content, it offers endless options for trying their performance online.

Well, it is very necessary to choose the platform that can provide excellent results for the content uploaded.

Depending on the type of blog, the platform needs to be selected. Similar to the quality of the blogs, the blogging platform is also of great importance. So, choose the right platform for the content of your blogs.

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