31 Tips for Beginners to Advanced Blogging [Complete Guide]

Blogging is a kind of thing where you shares and publishes your knowledge, information, content, expertise, etc. The person who shares is called a blogger, and the website where he shares is called a blog. All in one, the blogger starts sharing the knowledge to make money using blogging. And here is a complete guide from beginners to advanced level bloggers. I'm sure you will upgrade yourself from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced level after reading this article.
Beginners to Advanced Level Bloggers
After 12 years of blogging journey, I am sharing reliable, most working, and actionable blogging tips for all from beginners to advanced bloggers to continue optimizing the blog, driving more visitors, engaging with your readers, and turning your blog into a moneymaker machine.

I added the advanced blogging strategy that I always use for myself. It will help you get huge organic traffic, keeps visitors on your site, builds trust, and so increase domain authority fast.

Before moving ahead, let me tell you one thing, there are NO quick ways to get rich overnight and in case you are looking for such a scheme here, then you have arrived at the wrong place. In simple words,
Blogging is not a shortcut and quickest way to make money fast.
Blogging needs efforts as well, and as long as you're ready to make the effort, you'll get the prize.

Now, most bloggers, social influencers, and promoters are using all types of content & rich media and tweaking their marketing strategies to reach out to their target audience.

Advanced Blogging strategy contains how to optimize your blog structure, how to improve your blog visibility in search engines & across social sites to build your blog as a brand. Not only that these advanced blogging techniques also focus on creating passive income online by building a profitable blog. Learn to monetize your blog in multiple but proven practices described below.

Including all above, these blogging tips cover the best SEO writing, content monetization, social media marketing, traffic generation techniques, and every subject you require for success from starting a blog to growing your blog reputation to making money as a blogger. All of it allows you to bring your blogging work to the next level.

If you looking to have a blog to stand out from the competition and influence more readers, follow these 31 advanced blogging strategies.

Anyways, without any further delay, let's discuss what are the points you need to work on when you are at Beginners level and similarly for Intermediate and Advanced level blogging.
Beginners to Advanced Blogging
Beginners to Advanced Blogging
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1. Learn Blog Monetization

Every newbie into the blogging field always tends to create the quality content first then traffic. Once they got a targeted audience then they make the decision to start making money from it. No doubt, it's the most preferable way to make money blogging. But it is the way you need to work now and make it something different.
However, since you are all thinking about making money from blogging, then the sooner you start about monetizing your blog the better you will get the expected results. These days you won't need to go with those traditional methods, rather think smart to make money from day 1. Always follow bottom-up approach. Think about the end result. Think about the goal. All the time. But, every traditional method won't take you to the success point always.

To achieve this, learn from other's experience. Check your competitors and find out what they do for monetizing their content. Understand how they create the attraction for their audience and what are their active traffic generation sources? These questions encourage you to work and so you can start your blogging journey productively from scratch without mistakes.
Take out some time to understand your competitor techniques. Note every step that most professional bloggers following on their site, but don't copy it as it is. Analyzing your blogging competitors will help you to understand their mistakes and you can easily avoid them, which will save lots of efforts and time to make your brand in blogging field. However, you can walk on their path but in your style. Whatever mistakes they have made, you shouldn't have to repeat them again and again. Your blog, your content, your domain is your online identity. So be unique and different from others.

2. Be different

Whatever things you offer to the world, the same is also available in the online market. If your advice is similar to that of others, then why would people stop at your doorstep? You have to do the same thing differently, right?

If you start thinking about these points, you will understand "how" the things need to be done in a different way for your readers to make them satisfy. These are the things which will also make you think about "What" are the different ways to deliver the thing in a better way.

A lot of competition is going on in the blogging world. However, the one who serves "differently" will get picked up by the crowd. Otherwise, you will definitely knock out if your services seem "more common".

If you are doing something different, then the crowd will surely be attracted to you. Everyone in this whole world needs something different and unique, and similar kinds of expectations are also applied in the blogging world too.

3. Detailed write-ups

We usually understand more only when the information covers majority of the points. Why we need detailing in any article? This is because we wanted to know more instead of just an overview.

Nowadays, any new blogger always starts with publishing small-small posts on a regular interval. This was fine but in "old-school days". However, the online world has now changed, even Google also wants to share the best information with the readers. If someone publishes descriptive information, the world will appreciate it.

Thus instead of preparing numerous small posts or limited information, focus on writing detailed write-ups. You think this is some kind of stupidity like, who is having time to read "detailed" information, Right? But trust me, information about a particular topic should be comprehensively written and shared. In today's days, this is the only way to explain a particular topic in a detailed manner.

4. Work for others

Most of the time whoever enters the blogging industry starts creating everything on their own. But for getting enough traffic, working alone wouldn't be a good strategy. Rather it is always good to get into the blogging network. Creating many connections with others will take you to the next level. If you get connected with professional bloggers then there is a big chance of getting more followers from their network as well.

Like any professional blogger, you also wanted to get heavy traffic, increased page views, to be at top of the search ranking. This is actually possible even you are at the beginner level. To achieve this, you should start writing guest posts on other's website.

This will help you to build quality backlinks. Your overall domain authority will also be improved by doing this. Your various connections will allow you to cover a large audience and even Google appreciates your online reach.

This is the starting point to build your organic traffic. Meanwhile, if you start using targeted keywords that will also help you to improve your domain authority fast ultimately you will get more subscribers and so better search ranking.

5. Build domain authority

Like in the real world, everyone wanted to buy something from trusted and authorized people. No one tries to get things from strangers. Even in the blogging industry, your audience sees you and your content and judge whether they wanted to get something from you. But getting good amount of traffic is somewhat difficult without building any faith or authority.

However, if you are doing any of the below things, your audience started having faith in you over time. Also your domain-authority will definitely get increased.
  • Think from audience perspective; do not promote anything which doesn't even apeals you.
  • Do not give any incorrect suggestion or recommendations.
  • Try to get some recognition from well-known and expert people on your content, and then present that to your audience.
  • As mentioned previously, work for others, write some guest posts. Since you have connections with top blogs, their audience also doesn't hesitate to contact you.
By doing this, all you can see is the traffic is keep on increasing day-by-day. But, needless to say, you have to be patient here; it won't be done overnight, it takes some time. But the results will be remarkable.

6. Focus on content first instead of SEO

Try to prepare content so good that your visitors will like and wants to share that over social media. This will create backlinks and leads to increase in search traffic.

Just for your information, SEO is nothing but proper keyword research and creating quality backlinks. However, unless you don't understand these terms completely, it's a waste of time. You never know what mistakes you will do since you don't have complete knowledge.

Hence, instead of working on SEO at the very first place, you should try to publish catchy posts. This will give you some good results and will engage your audience. It doesn't mean you don't have to focus on SEO at all, but it's too early at the beginning level.

7. Connection with influencers

Any new blogger should try to get connected with the influencers and top bloggers. Such connections will help you to transform your blog from normal to successful one. Hence always try to create such networks with these people. Your overall domain authority also gets increased by considering these connections.

Instead of getting help from them, look for how you can help others as well. It's like two-way communication.

This will allow you to leverage their blog search traffic. Ultimately your expertise is also gets increased. Connections with such influencers will trigger an increase in getting a good amount of traffic too for your blog as well.

8. Look for every traffic source

As you can see, there are many ways to increase traffic e.g. writing guest posts, videos, social media, content marketing, etc. Nowadays, any new blogger focuses only on any one of the traffic sources. However, the expert always focuses on all possible traffic sources that they have.

You never know from where the traffic may come, your audience is not limited to only one source. Then whoever works on all possible traffic sources gets the maximum results.

And the rest of the bloggers who are spending all their efforts on only one source, start assuming that it's very hard to drive the traffic. So, better for you to cover as many traffic sources as possible instead of wasting time on the limited sources.

9. Keep email list ready

Do not forget to create an email list of all your friends, blog buddies, and relatives, etc. before you launch your blog. Let them know about what you are doing well in advance and request them to subscribe to your blog as soon as it gets Live.

Just imagine you created a list of hundreds of people and they subscribed to you once you publish the first post, so cool, isn't it? Subscription of them will create popularity in the blogging field. Any new member who comes to your site will try to subscribe just by looking at your subscribers. This can be possible by creating an email list just before you even launch the site. Even any successful blogger in the blogging industry will recommend new people to have this email list ready.

Also, get some help from social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, etc. and request others to subscribe to your blog once it gets Live. This is kind of doing some arrangements before you welcome your blog over the internet. And by doing this, search traffic will start increasing from day 1 and it will keep on increasing over time.

10. Understand what is SEO?

SEO is nothing but giving priority to your audience. It doesn't mean you have to do keyword stuffing everywhere to get the traffic. Certainly, at this beginner's level, you might know the need for more links to make your content hit top-rank in Google search engines.

Social media is nowadays treated as new face of SEO. You have to convince your viewers to share your posts over social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc. SEO won't work overnight. It needs time and patience. It also expects consistency and trial-&-error techniques. However, once you get the initial grip, you will definitely start getting more of Google search rankings with the help of your boosted social shares.


1. Focus on one blog at a time

Don't think of launching a new blog unless your current blog is getting some kind of momentum. You should be focused on only one blog at a time. It's totally wastage of effort if you are working on two blogs simultaneously. Neither of them will give you expected results or profit.

If you still wanted to launch a new blog, atleast you should wait till the time your current blog starts working on its own. If you look at any successful bloggers, they launched a new blog once their current blog gets started growing the business automatically.

And this is one of the recommendations from any successful blogger to new people who are recently got entered the blogging industry.

2. Role of Sales Funnel

If you pick up any profitable blog from the blogging industry, all they are working on building the sales funnel. In simpler terms, Sales Funnel helps you to transform your normal blog visitors into subscribers or buyers or loyal customers.

To achieve this, you should start working on below points:
  • First identify your target customers. Also, their needs, problems, their problem solvers, etc. In short, understand their complete requirement.
  • Now analyze how your blog helps them to solve their needs or problems. If you fail to fulfill their needs, you can't transform them from normal visitors to even subscribers.
  • Also, don't forget the affiliate marketing term. Here, you should direct your visitors to appropriate problem solvers in exchange for some commission. By doing this, your visitors will be satisfied with you and you will be getting some commissions anyway.
  • Recommend correct and valid solutions to the needs or problems of your visitors. Ultimately, visitors want their needs to be fulfilled. So let's help them with that.

3. Start monetizing from Day 1

As mentioned in the first point, monetizing from the beginning is most important. This also helps to define the target audience. Wait till you get some traffic and then monetize the blog; is a long way to be at the top of the search ranking. The sooner you start about monetizing your blog the better you will get the expected results.

Once you know about what your target audience is looking for, you can start preparing focused and engaging content for them. Publishing solutions for their problems will drive more traffic. Also you could get hold off attention of correct and specific people.

4. Resolve website issues

Sometimes, all your contents and posts are good to engage people, but still, you are not quite happy with your search traffic growth. This happens when your website is facing some crawling, compatibility, or SEO issues.

From Google's Search engine perspective, priority is always given to those websites which are user-friendly or SEO-friendly. Also, your website might not be compatible to work on different browsers, having large article titles, or lengthy Meta descriptions or you might not give alt-text to images and so on.

These are a couple of problems that hold your search traffic from growing. Hence, you should start working on resolving website issues on priority. You may take help from SEMrush tool. This tool allows you to create a project for your domain and its audit program will find all your site issues.

There are many other SEO related tools like; Plugin SEO, Broken Link Checker, Site checkup etc. which will help you to resolve SEO related issues more effectively.

5. Enlarge your Email List

Having an email list of all your buddies is a nice move. However, enlarging your email list should be at topmost priority.

Many bloggers spend most of their time increasing Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc. I have seen Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, etc. like social media networks may block your profile if you violate their rules. But, this is not the case with your email list. This list is owned by you. No one can stop you from doing anything with your email list. You will have full control of your email list.

Thus, it's worth spending the time on enlarging your email list at regular intervals to acquire more email subscribers and not on your Facebook likes or Twitter followers, etc.

6. Write for people, not just for Google

You should always focus on turning your visitors into a loyal audience. Usually, you focus only on preparing Search Engine friendly content. No doubt, you will get some traffic, but your keyword-stuffed content may mislead your visitors. They are reading your content with their normal eyes and not with the Google eyes.

Hence, always think from a visitor's perspective and write for people, don't write just for Google. Even-though the blog is perfectly organized from the Google Search engine perspective, still, most of the bloggers always worried about their traffic. The primary reason for not getting enough traffic is that the content is not that engaging or catchy.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't optimize your blog for Google, but this is a little bit balanced situation where your content should be both Google Search engine and visitors friendly.

7. Social media help

Nowadays, Social Media is treated as a new SEO. You have already heard about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. social media platforms. These social media will help you to boost your search traffic.

As you can see, people are always spending most of their time on social media sites. Hence instead of contacting people, you have to be active on all social media. These social media sites also help you to find connections with influencers. You can also create teams or groups on these social media sites and share your blog content at once with everyone.

However, don't start working on all social media at once. You should focus on one social media at a time. Once you are done with one then you can move ahead. And so on with the rest of the social media platforms. Also, keep yourself up-to-date on these social media on a regular basis.

8. Connections with influencers

First of all, find other bloggers from your field. Schedule a meeting with them to have an interview.

After conducting an interview with them, their learning will help you to understand what to do and what not to do. Connections with such influencers will also help you to build strong relationships with top bloggers and your blog's exposure can boost up quickly over the internet.

However, please make a note of below points prior to the interview:
  • Go through with their earlier interviews. Just to avoid repetition of questions.
  • Avoid too many questions, stick to a small set of questions say 5-10.
  • Since they are top bloggers, they might be busy with their schedule. Thus, make sure to take follow-up with them and check their availability.
  • Compose catchy and engaging email so that you will receive some feedback from such influencers.
  • Try to build some relationships with your influencers by leaving comments on their posts, making guest posts, etc.

9. Be trustworthy

Like in the real world, the term Trust is also applicable in the blogging industry. No one will ever make any connections with you if you or your ideas are not trusted. It's a human tendency where they rely on the things which are trustworthy or reliable.

This can be achieved by doing below tactics:
  • Request your visitors to give testimonials about your site. Then display their testimonials on your site just to show some respect. This will boost the conversation with your visitors and ultimately their trust will be lifted.
  • If you are also publishing guest posts on top blogger sites, try to present the logo. This is the simplest way to build trust in your audience.
  • Keep in touch with your audience. Know their frustrations and problems. Help them to resolve their problems with your content. This way, in the future, your audience will always seek your assistance just because you build some trust in the past.

10. Website speed optimization

Low and steady page load times will not make any sense in order to deliver the best website experience to your readers. In fact, according to the study, almost 55% of users expect a website to load in just 2 seconds or less so you have only a few seconds to make your first impressions on all of your viewers.

And if your website taking too much time then your best-looking design or valuable content will not make sense to the readers and they will move to the next website.

So you need to keep an eye on website loading time for better website performance. The web application performance testing & mobile speed test are the methods used for measuring the performance, loading time and stress testing of websites, and web apps too. The landing page speed test is so much important to know your website performance.


1. Do not stop only on one blog

If you are doing well in blogging for a certain period, then this is the time where you should start working on a new blog. You don't have to waste all your time on a single blog. Create variations in your income as well as traffic sources. Find a new and fresh way to publish new ideas over the internet.

Automate your current blog. Work on the current blog as little as possible. Shift your focus on a new blog/idea. All your viewers will be surprised by your new approach. They start following you on your new way and they will recommend their buddies too. You never know what Google brings to you after 5 years. Thus, start creating another income source for your own.

2. Email list should have perfect audience

Building a huge email list doesn't always help you to engage your audience. You have to do something which will turn your "relationship" with the audience into "engagement". This can be done only by building trust.

Create awareness in your audience about the kind of services/solutions you are offering to them. If they don't understand, they won't even respond to your emails. Either, your email list should have an audience which are really interested in your content or you should share some interesting content with them.

Find ways to educate your audience. Look for what kind of help they wanted from you. Find a perfect solution that will fulfill the problems of many people.

Create an email auto-responder where all your new subscribers will be notified with some auto-replies whenever they try to contact you. Auto-reply email should have sensible content and not the promotional stuff.

3. More traffic doesn't mean more sales

I have heard many bloggers think like "More the traffic; more the chances of getting more views". But, getting more views to your site won't pay you much. Actually, people pay you and not just the views.

I would say, make sure to find out the ways to build the target audience. Rather always look for what they really wanted from you. Help them to find solutions to their problems. Turn your viewers to subscribers. Then, all of your subscriptions will pay you more than just views.

There is no point in getting millions of views, you won't be getting paid for that. Either way, offer people the solutions or direct them someplace where they will get answers to all of their questions/queries. This will build trust and they won't just follow you but they will recommend you to their friends too.

4. On-Page SEO

The first-ever thing that comes to mind when planning your SEO page efforts is building a respectable and proper backlink portfolio - inbound links from external domains that point to your homepage or a page within your website.

Your every web page and your site must get that high ranking in SERP with high-quality content by using quick best-practice SEO optimization basics. A perfectly optimized page will increase organic traffic and improve search engine results.

The local SEO marketing and local SEO services usually used to find out your on-page SEO report to determine your needs and online SEO requirements.

You must think about On-Page SEO Checklist and which is one of the major factors you can't simply ignore to optimize search engine & to build a perfect SEO page that forces the search engine to index quick in SERP.

5. Off-Page SEO

Like on-page SEO, for getting better ranking on Google, off-page SEO is also one of the important element of Search Engine Optimization. Off-page SEO is a handy way to let people find your content.

There are various off-page SEO techniques used to improve PageRank and drive organic traffic to your website. An effective SEO strategy includes a number of factors to be considered to boost search rankings. Using SEO off-page optimization techniques you can able to get brand mentions, higher rankings, organic traffic to your site, and higher conversion rates.

Like On-Page SEO, off-page SEO techniques checklist required for building a powerful search engine marketing strategy, and using which you can learn how to get reputation & how to use link building to increase domain authority fast.

You must know: Difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

6. All open graphs tags

An Open Graph Meta Tags is one of the most important tags that every blogger need to add into the HTML body of their blog to properly show title, description, images whenever the page from the website is shared on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on.

Open graphs meta tags ("og tags") help to integrate your blog with social networking websites by providing them your page details to make rich graph objects with the related functionality.

Addition of "Open graph meta tags" is a successful social marketing strategy that allows you to manage what information displayed on social sites whenever any of your pages is shared. The content marketing remains the most powerful method to get links to boost your SEO efforts.

Also, if you want to see the digital marketing growth you need to optimize the Open Graph tags that'll make you feel an unbelievable rise in social sharing and improved conversion rate.

7. Targeting keywords

Keywords for website optimization are very important elements and most active ranking factors for SEO. To crawl site, Google Search engine always looking for keywords being used in the website. In other words, the keywords are acts as connectors.

I have seen, most of the bloggers are using different types of keywords generated by SEO keywords tool. The keyword research is so important that has two parts; short tail keywords and long tail keywords.
  • Short-tail keywords: are the short words or phrases that includes one or two words. These are the most used keywords in SEO.
  • Long-tail keywords: it allows you to add your content as phrases that search engine able to identify your topic to index the page.
Without keywords, you can't drive organic and targeted traffic towards your website. To drive more people and to boost more sales with your site, you must know why targeted keywords are such a necessary factor for SEO & website optimization.

8. Be a good writer

Creating a post is nothing but a simple write-up on a plain paper. If you go through any top-ranking blogs, you will feel that their content is interactive, informative, fresh, and catchy. They know how to engage people with writing skills. Their sentences attract attentions of many people.

This can only be achieved by considering your audience's interest. All you need to care about is the audience and their problems only. You don't have to write magical sentences. Neither have you have to use special words while writing the posts.

Write something every day on your interested topic. Forget whether you are writing on laptops or on a plain white paper. Read through the write-ups and think from the reader's perspective. By doing this, your writing skills will definitely get improved and so does your blog/site visibility.

9. Upgrade your monetizing strategies regularly

You will have to re-check your monetizing strategies on a regular interval. Do not stop yourself only on any one of the monetizing strategies like Affiliate Marketing or AdSense etc. Always look for adding more monetizing strategies so that your traffic may grow more and more.

You can also check top blogs in the blogging industry and what are their ways to make money out of their traffic. This way you can understand which path to follow and which path to ignore. Needless to say, updating your monetizing strategies should be continual activity. As I said earlier, do not rely on only one. It's always good to have more than one monetizing strategy in place.

10. Email outreach

As I recommended for beginners or intermediate bloggers, having an email list ready before launching a new blog/site is a nice-move. This is just because if you look at any successful blogger in this industry, they earned the majority of their money from the email list. They tend to communicate with their buddies through emails.

Hence, try creating effective and communicative emails to build connections. More connections lead you to cover a wide range of audiences. This is nothing but email outreach where you will have to send an email so that people should respond.

Your email shouldn't be just in their inbox. Sending appealing emails will force your readers to respond and this will start creating connections.

Just follow few simple steps which will help you to understand email outreach:
  • Make sure that you have to send atleast one email a day to one person. Irrespective of their response, appreciate their content or posts which contributed to the growth of the blogging industry. Keep on adding value to your email over time.
  • Email subject should be catchy and engaging where the reader should feel excited to open it. Make it simple, shorter and easy to understand.
  • Content of the email should be limited and pointwise. Never ever write bulky emails. No one has time to read the long email even-though you wrote a proper explanation. Emails are usually skipped just because they are lengthy.
  • Styling, formatting, looks, etc. of the email content should be kept simple and neat.
  • Try including your signature at the bottom of the email. Also, your contact details whenever possible.

11. Mobile-friendly design

Building a mobile-friendly website is one of the best SEO strategies that you can work on today and it is needed for getting higher ranking on search engines.

If you notice, the mobile traffic is more than desktop traffic. Recently, Google just launched mobile-friendly updates and this is because approximately 60% to 65% of users are using their mobiles for searching. Obviously, every blogger should try to upgrade themselves according to this and have to redesign the website to make it mobile-friendly according to the audience coming onto their websites.

Google has already updated the policies and it indicates that the mobile responsiveness has a significant impact on the website search rankings. So if you fail to make your website mobile-friendly, obviously you are going to lose 60-65% of the audience.

This is the correct time to adopt trending technology. It's your responsibility to do something for your audience so that they can read all the information either on their laptops or on their mobiles. Make sure to use a mobile-friendly or responsive template for your website. This way you won't be unnoticed ever.

Anyways, if you find something else more promising than what I've enlisted above and want to suggest any other things, do not hesitate to use below comment section. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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