10 Online Tools for Checking Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

From blog posts to social media content, from office work to E-mail writing, everywhere the words, sentence making and grammar are important and necessary things. How you write and which accurate words you put while writing your content that matters a lot. As bloggers and content writers most of the time we all do mistakes, it can be grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and more. It is nothing new that bad grammar and spelling affect you and your business credibility more than you can imagine.

Grammar and spelling checker
Some bloggers may get frustrated because they do not get convenient traffic on their blogs. But did you ever think why people do not take an interest to visit your website and reading your content? Your grammar, words and sentence making can be a reason for it.

To make your content and your write-up to the next level, it is necessary to use some extraordinary tools that I am going to explain in this article. If you’re just learning "How to become a blogger" or take a first step towards the blogging field, then poor grammar and readability scores can hinder the trust you can build with your audience.

If you want to eliminate all these unconscious grammar and spelling mistakes then it is essential to have the "best grammar checker tools" that help you all the time. To make the right decision, I listed the top & best online grammar checker tools. So, sit back and let’s take a look at it.
Sharing most working online tools that detect and remove grammar and spelling errors. It scans your text to find mistakes in sentences and corrects them with valid accuracy. You can check any text for grammar and spelling mistakes, these free online grammar checker tools detect various writing errors including silly punctuation errors, common grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, misused words, irregular verb conjugations, misspellings, and more. These tools carefully scan through your text to help you in making your punctuation, grammar, spelling, writeup, and contextual errors correct. Such sentence checker tools analyze your text document and suggest tips for improving clarity in your documents. These tools intelligently check for grammatical errors and offer corrections to make proofreading easy. Also as a sentence quality checker identify errors to help you improve your writing skills.
Sharing most working online tools that detect and remove grammar and spelling errors. It scans your text to find mistakes in sentences and corrects them with valid accuracy. You can check any text for grammar and spelling mistakes, these free online grammar checker tools detect various writing errors including silly punctuation errors, common grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, misused words, irregular verb conjugations, misspellings, and more. These tools carefully scan through your text to help you in making your punctuation, grammar, spelling, writeup, and contextual errors correct. Such sentence checker tools analyze your text document and suggest tips for improving clarity in your documents. These tools intelligently check for grammatical errors and offer corrections to make proofreading easy. Also as a sentence quality checker identify errors to help you improve your writing skills.

10 Best Tools for Checking Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

1. Grammarly

One of the first and popular tools is here called Grammarly. It is best for overall grammar checker for professionals and students too. It enables you to improve your writing skills through proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and better word choices. Bloggers, students, professional workers and anyone can use this smart tool to improve their writing style and tone.

You won't believe, the best part of Grammarly is that it is also available as a browser extension for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. As well as Grammarly tool allows you to use Grammarly inside of everything from Google-docs and Gmail to Microsoft Word and WordPress. Grammarly has an icon that shows on the bottom right side of the editor, you get to know the mistakes by clicking on it.

  1. It comes with a free version as well as paid version too.
  2. It offers a user-friendly, clean and simple user interface.
  3. It is available in many forms including a web-based app, browser extension, desktop app, keyboard for smartphones.
  4. The Premium version is available with plagiarism.
  5. It allows you to find the tone of the text.
  6. Grammar corrector app is also provided by Grammarly.
  1. No MS Office add-on for Mac users.
  2. Grammarly doesn't provide a free trial of the premium version.
  3. Not all features are available for Mac.

2. Ginger

When it comes to a word like "Ginger" I know what comes to your mind! Yes, the title of this tool sounds weird and looks exceptional for our topic but, this is one of the feature-full and amazing tools for every blogger.

Ginger is capable of correcting all types of textual errors. Not just Ginger find out errors but also it has calculated spelling mistakes, sentence structures, style, and punctuations. Isn't it interesting!

The best part is that Ginger works as similar as Grammarly. I agree that there can be a slight difference but you will get almost all the features that you need. You can put Ginger on Windows OS, Microsoft Office, web browsers and mobile devices. This mistake deduction tool is best for people who want to learn English quickly. Journalists, bloggers, students and professional copywriters can use this tool without any doubt.

  1. Ginger offers support for more than 40 languages.
  2. It also offers synonyms and its definition section.
  3. You can add your words to the personal dictionary.
  4. Help improve users English writing skills.
  5. Ginger has a context-specific grammar checking capability.
  1. Not all features are available for Mac.
  2. It does not offer a plagiarism checker tool.
  3. The tool requires a constant internet connection.

3. ProWritingAid

Pro Writing Aid
Pro Writing Aid
ProWritingAid is not that popular but I would like to consider this tool in the list of best grammar and spelling checkers list. Let me tell you, Pro Writing Aid is the only platform that offers world-class grammar and sentence style checking combined with more in-depth reports to help you strengthen your writing. Same as other grammar checking tools, this one also shows quick errors and suggestions.

When it comes to the pricing and subscription of this tool, it is much reasonable and affordable as compare to others. They claim that they don't need to spend all their money on advertising. In addition, the platform offers in-app explanations, suggestions, quizzes, videos and articles to help you build your writing skills in real-time. That's much interesting and much reliable for beginners.

  1. A Desktop App is available for Windows and Mac.
  2. Third-party integration and browser extensions are available.
  3. The free version is available to use and it is a web-based grammar checker of up to 500 words.
  4. Best tool for beginners.
  5. Plagiarism support included.
  6. Much affordable and worth money.
  7. Dollar 4.16 per month is kind of the best value I think.
  1. The desktop app requires an active internet connection.
  2. It shows 62%, 73%, 52% accuracy scores that do not seem up to the mark according to other tools.
  3. You will not get a 24/7 support response from the community and that is one of the drawbacks.
  4. ProWritingAid is only compatible with the English language.

4. Writer

Very simple reliable and AI-powered assistant based tool. No matter who is writing because it is designed based on AI assistant it will much beneficial for the companies and other professional bloggers. Once you start your work on it, you will realise how much this tool is smoother and sophisticated.

It captures and understands your style and your language tone immediately and based on that it suggests you every time make your write-up to the next level. It always stands out because the writer checks your company’s content for clarity, readability, approachability, conciseness, writing style, terminology, tone, brand voice. Yes, because it is based on artificial Intelligence remember that!

  1. Writer evaluates every piece of written content for clarity and ease of understanding.
  2. Free plagiarism checker tool available.
  3. Writer has a Chrome extension, Google docs add-on and Microsoft Word plugin.
  4. Technical, non-technical, brands and other words are suggested to us.
  1. Writer starts at Dollar 11 per month per user and that quite expensive for beginners and others as well.
  2. Writer only supports English at the moment so it is not able to complete your requirement of other languages.
  3. If you use Firefox, Safari, or any other browser instead of Google Chrome, then this will not the best choice for you.

5. Linguix

It looks professional tool not only for professional and big-branded companies but also useful for students and beginners as well. I am glad to say that this tool comes with over 2700+ advanced corrections that cover thousands of issues from grammar to style.

If you want a detailed explanation about popular errors and some extraordinary recommendations from your content then Linux is one of the best choices for you.

People used to search how to make business emails and about projects details or how to make mistakes free content writing! Don't worry, Linux helps you to make it even better than you think.

  1. Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant.
  2. Offers Chrome browser extension.
  3. It suggests forgotten punctuation mistakes.
  1. No mobile options and limited browser extensions.
  2. Lack of Microsoft Word plug-in and no plagiarism software.
  3. No plagiarism checker.
  4. It gets kicked out from time to time and need continuously Internet which is annoying.

6. WhiteSmoke

White Smoke
White Smoke
WhiteSmoke Software is widely spread in the world. White Smoke is based on natural language processing [NLP] technology. The tool can be used by students, professional writers, executives, bloggers, governmental employees and English learners. It gives you a quick response while writing any content. Whether you're writing an essay, an important e-mail Writing Smoke is always crucial to double-check your writing for errors.

It always checks your writing quickly and efficiently. Even this tool try to elevate your writing style by suggesting changes to your texts based on the way you write. Includes everything from checking grammatical errors and proofreading for plagiarism. All in one place, and that is one of the best things.

  1. Compatible with Windows and All Browsers.
  2. WhiteSmoke is available in 55 languages.
  3. Easy to install and very user-friendly tool.
  4. It is available in any form i.e. small and big screen.
  5. The full installation process only takes a few seconds because it's a smoother algorithm and coding process.
  1. There is no free option like Grammarly or Ginger.
  2. This is a paid-only tool.
  3. Customer support service is too much weak.

7. Scribens

Scribens is another free and easy to use grammar checker tool. Very much a sophisticated tool that can be best for beginners and those who want to develop their language skills. It corrects more than 250 types of grammar, spelling, and stylistic mistakes including nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, homonyms, typography, and punctuation.

Along with corrections and error indications, Scribens helps also offers a readability indicator, explanations to help you improve your writing skills. It is compatible with MS Office, Windows as well as with the help of Google Chrome and Firefox extensions you can correct your writings directly while using the browsers extension.

  1. Scribens is absolutely free.
  2. Easy to spot the most common mistakes you make.
  3. Scribens picks up on subtle mistakes.
  4. It recommends words to replace that will improve the clarity of each piece you write.
  5. It works with All browsers including Google and firefox.
  6. You can use this in windows, Excel, Google docs, and more.
  7. Customer service support is available from Scribens.
  1. No plagiarism.
  2. No reporting option available.

8. Reverso

Here I am introducing you to another best grammar checker tool. Reverso is natural-sounding, accurate translations with the latest technology. Reverso is known as an online translation service that helps with dictionaries and pronunciation. This tool also offers varieties language services.

It is easy to improve word choice with sentences, grammar and reverse. Your original text is automatically get revised with an integrated spell-checker, resulting in a higher quality translation.

  1. Immediately highlight all improper words and punctuations.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Reverso is a free service that uses ads to help pay for everything.
  4. You can, and should probably sign up for the free account.
  5. The accuracy is good and the multilingual options are great.
  1. You can only check up to 600 characters at a time on their free plan.
  2. Reverso offers zero support for both plagiarism and concision.
  3. Lack of customer support and feedback services.

9. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor
Hemingway Editor
Make your writing bold and clear with Hemingway Editor!

Hemingway editor helps to build your writing skill easier. It labels some complex sentences as either “hard to read” or “very hard to read.” This way, you can rewrite your complex sentences in the right manner by its feedback.

It also flags the use of the passive voice, excessive adverbs, and complex phrases. The Hemingway Editor is not a replacement for grammar check software. Hemingway helps you write with power and clarity by highlighting adverbs, passive voice, and dull, complicated words.

  1. The online version is free.
  2. If you get distracted when you write online, an inexpensive desktop version is available to help you avoid temptations.
  3. Cool user interface.
  4. Easy to use.
  1. You need to copy and paste your text into the app for it to review your work.
  2. It doesn’t provide suggestions on how to edit complex sentences. Fixing your text is up to you.
  3. If you want to work offline, there is a desktop app available for $19.99 and that's unworthy as compare to other ones.
Hemingway Editor

10. Language Tool

Language Tool
Language Tool
Language tool is an open-source, proofreading and grammar checker tool that can fix spelling and grammar mistakes. The best part is this tool comes in more than 20 languages. Language tool is the right choice if you are looking for a basic spell checker with grammar checking capabilities.

As usual, it is also not free for those who want to explore more about these tools. You need to pay for a subscription but how much does the language tool cost? Language tool Premium has three options. For beginners, individual and professional writers and team users. For beginners, they can use its free version online. For individual and professional content writers can buy for 91.58Rs. per month and for the business and team users they can spend 164.85Rs. per month and able to take all the advantages.

  1. It supports more than 25 languages besides English, including Spanish, French, Russian and more.
  2. It has a personal dictionary you can customize.
  3. Developer API [Application programming interface] access is available for software companies and publishing houses.
  4. Beneficial for beginner users.
  1. Overall they focuses on simplicity, so it lacks the features of other grammar checkers.
  2. As I told it has a free version to use online but it has limited you to 20,000 characters per check.
  3. The premium version limits you to 40,000 characters per check, so you’d need to check very long documents in pieces.
Language Tool

Bottom Line

Many of you might get confused and thinks which one is the best grammar checker? I can only say that the best grammar checker for you depends on the features you need and on your budget.

Another part I want to tell you is that these grammar checker tools are just working as on their AI process, the machine tools that are not a replacement for a human proofreader. So whatever you use always use human eyes for final proofreading. That's most important to make your work better and professional.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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