Top 15 Websites for Free Images for Your Blog

Find a list of websites with royalty-free, high-quality, and copyright-free images for blogs, websites, and social media. Use these platforms to discover free stock images for commercial use. Enhance your content's visual appeal without worrying about copyright. These websites offer a diverse selection of visually stunning and legally safe images. Save time and effort by accessing reliable sources of high-quality imagery. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for perfect images and focus on creating engaging content. Bring your creative vision to life with confidence on your online platforms.

A picture is worth a thousand words. No wonder why a lot of SEO experts advise using images in your blog posts. According to Matt Cutts, articles with images get 94% more views. However, since most of the images available on the internet are copyrighted, most people are confused about where to find free images which they can use on their commercial blog.
Today we are going to learn:
  • Which is the best website for free stock photos, images and videos?
  • What is the best website for finding royalty free images?
  • How do I get free high-resolution pictures and images to use on my website?
  • Where to download copyright-free images for website?
Websites to Get Free Images
When a blogger writes a blog page, it is necessary to post an image on their blog to make it more interesting and understandable to their audiences. However, there is one question that frequently comes to mind of every blogger is "Where I will get high-quality and free images to use in our blogs and website also on social media sites?" Finding a free stock image for commercial use can be difficult sometimes.

It can be a headache for you because you cannot just search for any image on Google and use it on your website. By doing this, it will consider as copyright content by Google.

A ton's of stock images websites already have published on the Internet but they may charge you to download any of the images from their website. It is obvious, that any blogger wants to download free and quality images for their blog and for commercial use too. Not every stock images website charge you but some of the websites are available on the Internet that allows you to download images for free.
Websites for Free Images: Looking for a comprehensive list of websites where you can find royalty-free, high-quality, and copyright-free images for your blogs, websites, and social media? Look no further! Explore these curated platforms to discover a wide range of free stock images that you can use for commercial purposes. Enhance the visual appeal of your content without worrying about copyright issues. Whether you need images for your blog posts, website design, or social media campaigns, these websites offer a diverse selection of free stock images that are both visually stunning and legally safe to use. Save time and effort by accessing these reliable sources of high-quality imagery, and bring your creative vision to life with confidence. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the perfect images and focus on creating engaging and captivating content for your online platforms.
Websites for Free Images: Looking for a comprehensive list of websites where you can find royalty-free, high-quality, and copyright-free images for your blogs, websites, and social media? Look no further! Explore these curated platforms to discover a wide range of free stock images that you can use for commercial purposes. Enhance the visual appeal of your content without worrying about copyright issues. Whether you need images for your blog posts, website design, or social media campaigns, these websites offer a diverse selection of free stock images that are both visually stunning and legally safe to use. Save time and effort by accessing these reliable sources of high-quality imagery, and bring your creative vision to life with confidence. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the perfect images and focus on creating engaging and captivating content for your online platforms.

Top 15 Sources for Free Images

These images are an ideal source for any blogger and used for marketing, advertising, personal use as well. In this article, I am coming with the top 15 free stock images websites for you. By using these sites you will able to download free and high-quality images for your blogs and various purposes. So, let's take a look at these websites.

Check top 15 websites to find free images for your blog:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best and popular free stock image website. Pixabay founded by two computer technology experts, one has Hans Braxmeier and another one is Simon Steinberger. You won't believe, Pixabay filled with over 1.9 million royalty-free images.

With over 25,55,000 Images, Pixabay has one of the largest collection of free creative commons images. All the images are licensed under CC0, so no attribution is required. At Pixabay, most of the pictures are of high quality and comparable to paid stock photos. You can easily browse the images by category or search them by keywords.

Not just images but Pixabay provides you free music and videos too. This is the best source to download free images for your blog and website even for any commercial purposes. For high-quality images, this website is one of the best options for every blogger. You don't need to give credit for images for contributors, it is not always necessary in fact, the community of Pixabay always appreciated you about images.

Apart from images, Pixabay also offers free vector graphics and videos, which makes it a complete package for all your needs.
Check Pixabay

2 Negative Space

Negative Space
Negative Space
Another simple and free stock image website platform is here, called Negative Space. For every blogger, this website will much beneficial all the time. How? Because Negative Space comes with a lot of images with different categories.

It may food, animals business, landscape, nature, architecture, technology and many more. Simply any blogger can easily found what they exactly want and able to download any images from Negative Space. If you see, Negative space has very beautiful stylish and high-quality images that free to download. You will get quality images free here for professional as well as commercial use.
Check Negative Space

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is recognised for a free stock images website. According to Unsplash, this is founded in last ten years and finding great and usable imagery and today, Unsplash is the home of the community over 2,11,166 photographers.

Unsplash has a decent collection of CC0 images. It adds 10 new images to its collection every 10 days. You can also browse the earlier archives or search picture by keyword.

On Unsplash, millions of creators around the world have uploaded over 2 billion images. This is a great source to download any image that you need, according to your blog and your website. Unsplash always welcomes any photographer, either you're a new photographer or pro. You can be always a part of the community of Unsplash.
Check Unsplash

4. Pexels

Like the name of this website, it contains a lot of free stock photos and videos too. From a lot of talented creators and photographers, you will get a quality content image on this platform. When you talking about it's user-interface, then there is no doubt that it looks more beautiful than you think.

Pexels is another awesome source for free images licensed under CC0. It has a fairly big collection of high quality photos, with 20 high quality Images being added each day. If you are looking for business photos, Pexels should not disappoint you.

At Pexels, you can search image by keywords, however, images are not classified in categories which make browsing a little difficult if you do not have a particular keyword in mind.

The images are free to use for any blogger. The best part of Pixel is when you create an account, you can save all your downloaded images to see and can re-download them when you needed. For any projects and commercial use, you can download images from Pexels, and it is always a great option for you. You can use images for personal use i.e. blogs, website, articles, products and anywhere you want.
Check Pexels

5. DesignersPics

DesignerPics may not have a collection as big as Pixabay or Pexels, but it does provide some really beautiful CC0 images.

Images are well-categorized making browsing through images easier. A search option is available too.
Check DesignersPics

6. Gratisography

Gratisohraphy offers high-quality pictures without any restrictions.

All the images are clicked by photographer by Ryan Mcguire who was kind enough to make them free pics for everyone to use.
Check Gratisography

7. Morguefile

Morguefile has a rich collection of over 3,00,000 images which can be used both for commercial as well as non-commercial purpose. No attribution is needed either.

The interface, however, is not very user-friendly and you cannot browse images by categories. Though, it allows you to search images by keywords. You can also sort the images by popularity and most downloads.
Check Morguefile

8. Flickr

Flickr, as most of you know, is a venture by Yahoo! which offers a platform for photographers to share their work. Images at Flick are licensed under creative commons. However, not all images are available for commercial use and many of them do require attribution to the author. So make sure you read the license for each image before downloading.

To filter your images by license, click on advanced settings and then select a suitable license option. For commercial use, you can filter it by either of the 3 categories marked. The names of each category are self-explanatory.
Check Flickr

9. Google Image Search

Google Image Search
Google Image Search
Google Image Search, as we all know is a great way to find free images. As with Flickr, Google allows you to filter out images by license.

Juts click on Search Tools, choose usage rights and select either “Labeled For Reuse With Modification” or “Labeled For Reuse”. These Images may or may not require any attribution. Please check individual images for license terms.
Check Google Image Search

10. StockSnap

Stocksnap may not be as famous other websites here, but it certainly has some really amazing pictures. It does not have any sort of restrictions for using its images. Though, it does not categorize the images, which makes it difficult for browsing.
Check StockSnap

11. SplitShire

Splitshire offers some amazing high-resolution copyright free pictures which are licensed as CC0. More importantly, your can browse the images by categories and can even search them.
Check SplitShire

12. CleanPNG [formaly KissPNG]

CleanPNG [formaly KissPNG]
CleanPNG [formaly KissPNG]
With more than 3,000,000 transparent PNG images, enjoy HD and transparent images for FREE.

All the images in CleanPNG [KissPNG] are free to download and unlimited use. You don't require to register your email either need not need to log in with your social account.

In case you're a graphic designer you will love CleanPNG [KissPNG] site more. It has so beautiful and most useful PNG images that you can use for all your work for FREE. CleanPNG provides 40,000+ categories to help you get all varieties of images. Most of them have related searches and recommended images.
Check CleanPNG

13. PxHere

PxHere specializes in stock photography, with over 20,000 images in their library. PxHere is the same as that of Pexels. At least 5000 new hand-picked photos are added per month. You can search by keyword, filter by popular photos, or browse by their many categories.

Over 1095789 high-quality photos. Free for commercial use. No attribution is required. Do whatever you want.
Check PxHere

14. Pixnio

Pixnio features a range of free images in many different categories. You can search by keyword, filter by popular photos, or browse by their many categories.

Get high-quality copyright-friendly images, not copyrighted, and no restriction for any use. Images certainly shown in the public domain, no rights reserved. Pixnio encourages graphers to upload their own clicked pics, meaning there is a great variety of unique pictures you won’t see on the other sites.
Check Pixnio

15. PikWizard

Get quality stock photos & videos for all your creative needs for FREE.

Pikwizard includes a remarkable library of over 1 million stock images and videos. Pikwizard provides an extensive collection of beautiful, high-quality stock photos.

PikWizard is a very professional but free stock photo and video site included full of high-quality images, free stock videos. With a fantastic free image library of more than 1,00,000 images (and growing daily) with a search tool, it is one of the best in comparison. The search tool helps to explore all the stock items makes it easy to find free stock video clips.

PikWizard offers 1,00,000 free stock photos across a wide range of categories that can be used without attribution. The quality is extraordinary and very impressive.
Check PikWizard

Video: Where to find FREE Stock Photos (Without Copyright!)

Where to find FREE Stock Photos (Without Copyright!)In this video, I show where to find FREE stock photos without copyright. There are a number of options available offering stock images without copyright and in many cases, no attribution is required. So in this video, I cover my top 10 best free stock photo websites. I go through one by one and show you each site and what you can expect when downloading images from them. To see my full list of free stock photos, check out my blog post below, it covers sites not listed on this video. These sites are really handy as they free stock photos for photoshop or a photo picture frame. Many have a free stock images app also. But the best thing is that stock photo websites often is that there is no attribution required. They offer copyright free graphics, free stock video in some cases and all are free stock photography with no watermark If you like this video of free stock photos for youtube, blogs and your other platforms (again, these are free stock photos without copyright) thn check them out, a list of the main sites can be found down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions.

Which website can I get free images?

Pixabay, Unsplash, CleanPNG, Pexels, DesignersPics, Gratisography and so on. Check Problobooster for more listed iteams. These websites offer a wide range of high-quality images that you can use for personal or commercial purposes, with some having specific attribution requirements. Always check the licensing terms and restrictions for each image before using them.

How do I find free images that are not copyrighted?

To find free images that are not copyrighted, you can use websites that offer royalty-free or Creative Commons-licensed images. Some popular platforms for free images include Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, and Freepik. These websites provide a wide range of high-quality images that can be used for personal or commercial purposes without infringing copyright.

Are Pexels images really free?

Yes, Pexels offers a large collection of high-quality images that are free to use. The images on Pexels are released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means you can use them for personal and commercial purposes without attribution or permission. However, it's always a good practice to check the license and usage terms for each individual image to ensure compliance.

How can I use free images online?

To use free images online, follow these guidelines: Find a reliable website that offers free images, such as Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels. Search for the type of image you need using relevant keywords. Review the license or usage terms specified for each image. Download the image and save it to your computer or device. Use the image according to the terms specified (e.g., for personal or commercial use, with or without attribution). If required, provide proper attribution or credit to the image creator or source as per the licensing terms.

Bottom Line

There are many websites which offer free stock images, however, I have only shortlisted the ones which have a fairly big collection of high quality images. Except for Flickr and Google Image search, all the above sources provides free images licensed under CC0. So, you do not have to worry about attributing the author every time you use these Images.

Hope you found my article to be helpful. If it helped you, please consider rating our article with 5 stars.

If you have know of any other good sources or have any feedback about the article, do let me know through the comments form below.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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