SEMrush Toolkit For Bloggers: 8 Tools To Boost Blog Content For More Traffic And Revenue

If you think that blogging is just for telling the world about your hobby, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Starting a blog is a powerful marketing tool. Keep note that "Good content drives traffic to your website, generates leads, and brings in new customers". And no business can afford to miss out on an opportunity like this.

Blog is a best marketing tool.
However, a lot of companies take the statement “the more content the better” literally. Content created for content’s sake became our new reality, but in an insanely competitive place such as the Internet, it is a dead end.

As we discussed earlier Broad Core Google Search Algorithm Updates, to genuinely help your business, you need to systematically produce high-quality, super-relevant SEO-optimized materials with more value to the users than your competition.

Sounds like too much to ask? It isn’t. In content writing era, bloggers should also be marketers to stand out and achieve whatever goals the business sets.

People used to search; What does SEMrush do as a best competitor analysis tool? What is SEMrush keyword planner tool used for? What is keyword research & SEMrush rank? And so on... The SEMrush want you to succeed in any online marketing activity that you take on. So, specifically for bloggers and content writers, I have made a list of 8 tools that will help you streamline content creation without any loss of quality.
SEMrush Toolkit For Bloggers
SEMrush Toolkit For Bloggers

Semrush SEO Toolkit

Semrush SEO Toolkit is a comprehensive solution for boosting your website's visibility and performance in search engines. With features like keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and more, it helps you identify opportunities for improvement. You can also track your rankings and monitor competitors. Semrush SEO Toolkit is a must-have for anyone serious about optimizing their online presence and outranking the competition.

1. Keyword research

Tool to use: Keyword Magic Tool

All content activity should begin with keyword research. Whether you are creating a new post or updating an old one, you should always have an updated list of your target keywords at hand. It may not be your lifelong ambition, but the ability to work with keywords is very important for successful blogging.

You must know; 5 Reasons Keywords Are So Important for SEO Optimization

In Keyword Magic Tool, you can create your own keyword empire from a single seed: type in your seed keyword and you’ll get a list of thousands of related keywords broken down by groups.
Keyword Magic Tool
Keyword Magic Tool
By researching the related keyword groups and analyzing their total volume, you can gather a lot of ideas for your future posts.

Superpower features

1.1 Question filter:

One great way of making your blog post popular is to make it answer a specific question. This way you directly help users solve their problem and increase your odds of getting into the featured snippet.

In Keyword Magic, it has a Questions filter that allows you to see all the questions related to your seed keyword.
SEMrush Featured Snippet
SEMrush Featured Snippet

1.2 Keyword match filters

Using the exact keywords in your text is an outdated technique. Modern searching is all about related words and semantic diversity.

In Keyword Magic, it has match filters that allow you to find keywords with the precise matching characteristics.
Keyword match filters
Keyword match filters
  • Broad match shows you the keywords with all the forms of the included words. In the case of “dog food” this would be “feeding dogs properly”, “how do I find the best food for my doggie” etc. It is the broadest category, so if you are just starting your research, stick to it.
  • Phrase match allows you to see all the keywords with the exact phrase from the seed keyword, but in a random order and with other words included; selecting it, you will see “how to choose food for a dog”, “dog doesn’t eat food what to do” etc.
  • Exact match will help you see the words with the exact phrase in it in the sequence that you have chosen. Use it in the later stages of your research when you’re working with a particular phrase. By selecting it, you’ll see phrases like “vegetarian dog food” and “dog food is delicious what is wrong with me”.

1.3 Advanced filters

Some of our readers say that playing with filters in the Keyword Magic tool is one of their favorite things about SEO (except for getting backlinks from the Wall Street Journal, of course). It is a mighty feature indeed —you can find the best words to use: with high volume, low CPC cost, ones that have multiple SERP features, including or excluding certain keywords, etc.
SEMrush Advanced filters
SEMrush Advanced filters
In summary, don’t skip keyword research —it is the foundation of online commercial writing.
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2. Topic research

Tool to use: Topic Research

There are many blogging woes, and one of them is that keyword lists are useless without the niche research. After you select the most prospective keywords to work with, you need to know what is already out there and pay special attention to your competitors.

Some bloggers research forums like Quora and services like BuzzSumo to find topics that people are actually interested in. It is a very useful but a fairly time-consuming tactic.

A while ago, I wrote an article giving tips on 9 Tips on How To Do Keyword Research & Analysis For Better SEO To Drive Search Traffic

To help you save hours on web surfing, they developed the Topic Research tool. Here’s what it can do.

When you type a seed keyword, you will see the set of Cards or a Mind map containing the most popular articles about the topic from the websites that rank the highest on the SERP for this keyword.
SEMrush Topic research
SEMrush Topic research

Superpower features

2.1 Detailed cards

As we listened to our users, it has been realized that related searches, question keywords, and the most popular headlines are what interest content writers the most. It can take a lot of time to find that information for a list of keywords, even with the handiest of keyword research tools, so, we have gathered it all in one place.
SEMrush Headlines Toolkit
SEMrush Headlines Toolkit

2.2 Mind Map

Sometimes you simply need ideas for what to write about. And it has been thought about that too. In the Mind Map view, it is shows related keywords and hot headlines, as well as related searches for their combination with the seed keyword. This way it stays relevant but covers a broader set of topics —the perfect place to start when learning how to create content for your blog.
SEMrush Mind Map
SEMrush Mind Map
Traffic Analytics is best used to check any website's traffic in one click

3. Post drafting

Tool to use: SEO Content Template

When I start writing a new post, I feel both apprehensive and enthusiastic. Some things can be foreseen, but I never really know how my post is going to perform and whether the readers are going to actually engage with it. Does this sound familiar?

To avoid perfectionist paralysis, I try to get as many details about the future post as possible, because of the more specific the requirements, the easier the writing.

There are several parameters that help your rivals rank high on the SERP — certain text readability, expected word count, backlinks from relevant resources etc. It makes sense to start analyzing those to see how to make your blog SEO friendly. If it is working for the most successful players, it might work as well for you. We gathered the most important of these parameters in our SEO Content Template tool.

As usual, it starts with typing in your seed keyword, but unlike other tools, it allows you to use a lot of various seeds at once.
SEMrush SEO Content Template
SEMrush SEO Content Template
The ideas that you get from it include:
  • The highest ranking pages for each keyword
  • Semantically related keywords for your combination of keywords
  • Potential backlink sources
  • Text recommendations such as average readability and content length
  • Meta tag requirements

Superpower features

3.1 Examples of keyword usage

What saves a great deal of time is the module with examples of how your rivals use certain keywords on their pages. Here you can see the actual text fragments from your rival’s content and get an idea of how you could use it yourself. A manual search would take hours in cases where you are working with a lot of keywords.
SEMrush keyword usage
SEMrush keyword usage

3.2 Meta tag recommendations

Apart from the post itself, there are other supporting texts that are important for rankings. For instance, page title and meta description.

You must know; HTML Meta Tags — Meta Keywords That Improves Search Engine Ranking [PageRank]

A lot of bloggers write meta tags at the very last moment (if at all); however, these texts are what your organic snippet is made of, that is, they create the first impression on the user. Poorly written meta tags can draw your readers away and decrease the page’s CTR potential.
SEMrush Meta tag recommendations
SEMrush Meta tag recommendations
Gathered the basic recommendations for the meta tag texts in the last module on the SEO Content Template. Don’t leave it for your webmasters to write or Google to generate automatically —you can end up losing readers.

You also required to know; Stop Using Dynamic Meta Tags | Advanced SEO Practice

4. Content optimization

Tool to use: SEO Writing Assistant

What any commercial blogger knows is that you cannot rely on creativity alone if you want your content to get attention. Brilliant ideas don’t save badly promoted posts, basic search optimization is essential if you want your readers to find you.

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Don’t get discouraged as there are ways to check how well SEO optimized your content is, even if it’s not published yet. I use several SEO tools to check if my future article complies with SEO, and one of them is SEO Writing Assistant.

It’s an add-on that connects your SEO Content Template to your Google document or WordPress account. It analyzes the text you type in real-time for SEO friendliness based on your target keyword and gives recommendations for optimization. You can select a location up to a city level to get more precise and relevant results.
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Superpower features

4.1 Live metrics

Following are the metrics that SEO Writing Assistant checks for your content:
  • Overall score, a live metric which shows your text’s quality.
  • Readability score, which demonstrates how easy your text is to understand according to the Flesch reading-ease score formula.
  • The number of words in your text.
But these numbers don’t give you anything in isolation from your competition. What the add-on does is that it collects data from your top 10 Google rival articles targeted for the same keywords and suggests the following:
  • The specific target for the above metrics —overall score, readability, number of words.
  • Semantically related keywords to enrich your text with.
  • Title reminder to include your target keywords.
These recommendations will make crawler bots friendlier to you and help your audience spot your article in an endless Google list.
SEMrush Plagiarism checker
SEMrush Plagiarism checker

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5. Plagiarism Checker

Not only does the add-on help you with content optimization, but it also checks how original your text is.

The plagiarism checker feature detects the total percentage of copied words in your text and identifies original sources of content from across the internet. It’s available for all languages and is extremely useful if you want to check your own content for originality or monitor the work of your freelance and in-house copywriters.

Tool to use: On Page SEO Checker

When your posts are not performing so well in search results, there are things you can do on the content side without digging too deep into SEO. On-Page SEO Checker allows you to gather Content Ideas for your posts that will help you rank higher on the SERP compared to your competitors.
SEMrush On Page SEO Checker
SEMrush On Page SEO Checker

Superpower features

5.1 Backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the most powerful means of promotion. High-quality links from relevant resources drive traffic to your website, so knowing where your competitors get theirs is crucial for link building.

You may also like to read the following pages to get backlinks: In On-Page SEO Checker you can see your competitor’s referring domains and use them for outreach.
SEMrush Backlinks
SEMrush Backlinks

6. Bulk analysis

Tool to use: Content Audit

When you work with a lot of content on a blog, some tiny details tend to get overlooked. This is absolutely normal, yet sometimes annoying. A comprehensive page analysis takes time, but the results are not always representative if not compared to other pages’ performance metrics.

To help you keep track of all your published materials you can use the Content Audit tool. For each page you can track:
  • Titles
  • Word count
  • Shares in social networks
  • Backlinks
  • Latest traffic data from Google Analytics
  • Actual search queries from Google Search Console
  • Page status, etc.

SEMrush Bulk analysis
SEMrush Bulk analysis
Comparing your articles, you can see what content works best for your audience and find out what pages are underperforming and require fixing or optimization.

7. Outreach and mentions tracking

Tool to use: Brand Monitoring

As a human being, you can pay no attention to what people think about you. As a blogger, you cannot. Tracking brand mentions is extremely important to maintain a good reputation and is really helpful for gathering backlink ideas.

Our Brand Monitoring tool allows you to see who and how mentions your brand name online. Having live data from Twitter and daily web updates you can promptly react to positive and negative comments, debunk false information about your brand or find ideas for networking and link building.
SEMrush Brand Monitoring
SEMrush Brand Monitoring

Superpower features

7.1 Backlink filter

If a certain domain mentions your brand name, they are obviously interested in you. And if for some reason they don’t have a backlink to your website, it makes total sense to obtain one there.

In Brand Monitoring, you can filter out all the domains that mention your brand but have no backlinks to your website, and add them to your link building list.
SEMrush Backlink filter
SEMrush Backlink filter

8. Rank tracking

Tool to use: Position Tracking

Knowing that your posts perform well on the SERP is a great inspiration. However, the SERPs are volatile, and the ranks change frequently regardless of your optimization work.

To help you keep track of all your rankings for the selected keywords, you must try the Position Tracking tool. It allows you to track your rankings in multiple locations and on multiple devices so that you can see your precise performance characteristics.

Superpower features

8.1 SERP Features filter

If your target keywords trigger SERP features, you can drastically increase your site visibility by getting into one of them. As for blogging, it most probably will be the Featured Snippet. To help you track those particular keywords and see how you perform for them, select Featured Snippet in the filter.
SEMrush SERP filter
SEMrush SERP filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly spare a moment to go through our FAQ section, where you can find quick solutions to frequently asked questions.

How To Use Semrush for SEO Optimization?

SEMrush is a powerful tool for SEO optimization. Start by entering your website or competitor's URL to gain insights into keywords, backlinks, and rankings. Use the Keyword Research tool to find high-ranking keywords, and optimize your content accordingly. Monitor your site's performance with the Site Audit feature and track keyword rankings. SEMrush offers numerous resources and tutorials to help you make the most of its capabilities.

How do I write a blog post on SEMrush?

SEMrush is primarily a research and analysis tool, not a blogging platform. You write blog posts on your website or a blogging platform like WordPress, and then use SEMrush to optimize them for SEO.

How do I get blog ideas from SEMrush?

You can find blog ideas in SEMrush by using the Keyword Magic Tool or Topic Research Tool. Enter a seed keyword or topic related to your niche, and SEMrush will provide you with keyword suggestions, related questions, and popular topics that can inspire your blog content.

Is it worth paying for SEMrush?

Paying for SEMrush can be worth it if you're serious about SEO and digital marketing. It offers valuable insights into keyword research, competitor analysis, site auditing, and more. However, the decision depends on your specific needs and budget. SEMrush often provides a free trial, allowing you to test its features before committing to a paid plan.

Is Google Analytics better than SEMrush?

Google Analytics and SEMrush serve different purposes. Google Analytics focuses on website traffic and user behavior, while SEMrush specializes in SEO and competitive analysis. Both tools are valuable, and many professionals use them together for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Can I use SEMrush for free?

SEMrush offers a limited free version with basic features and usage limits. To access its full suite of tools and capabilities, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Is SEMrush good for beginners?

SEMrush can be used by beginners, but it has a learning curve. It provides extensive data and tools for advanced users. Beginners may find it helpful for basic keyword research and site auditing, but some features might be more suitable for users with more experience in SEO and digital marketing.

Can you trust SEMrush?

SEMrush is a reputable and widely-used SEO tool trusted by many professionals in the industry. However, like any tool, the accuracy of its data and the quality of its insights depend on how it's used. It's essential to use SEMrush alongside other research methods and critical thinking to make informed decisions for your digital marketing strategy.
Commercial writing differs from writing for yourself. When a business depends on the content, you can never let your standards drop or not post when you don’t feel like it.

Some writers think that commercial blogging or content writing is not ‘real’ writing, but this is not true. It is not less creative than any other type of writing, it just requires a different approach and a proper content marketing toolkit to streamline the work.

Think about it the next time you feel like this.
Fed up of everything
Fed up of everything
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