Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools Helping You Get Higher Search Rankings [WP Optimization]

WordPress site optimization plugins & Tools — How do I do SEO in WordPress? What is Yoast? How do I install WordPress SEO plugin? WordPress SEO Expert & WordPress SEO Specialist in India? What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress? The search engine is the primary source of organic traffic for many WordPress blogging sites and so users asking for SEO tips, WP plugins & tools that help to boost SEO of WordPress site. Here today, I have composed a list of recommended WordPress Plugins for better SEO which you can practice especially on your WordPress blog to get early exposure, more social influence and improve search engine traffic. Here are some of the best Wordpress SEO plugins and an overview of how they work for your site. Check out the list of best WordPress SEO plugins & tools helping you get higher search ranking.. Continue reading...

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Are you a blogger with quality content to share and want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you own a small business and want your web page to rank higher than your competitors on Google? Want to build a targeted audience besides Premium SEO Services then Search engine optimization is a powerful marketing channel through which users can locate your page and subsequently purchase your product or service. And so the WordPress site optimization plugin is built to help clean up and optimize the WordPress database and tables for maximized performance.
WordPress site optimization plugins & Tools
WordPress developers used to search; how do I do SEO in WordPress? What is Yoast? How do I install WordPress SEO plugin? Are you looking for WordPress SEO Expert & WordPress SEO Specialist in India? What are the best security plugins for WordPress? What is SEO in word press? Is Word Press SEO friendly? And so on...

The search engine is the primary source of organic traffic for many WordPress blogging sites and so most of the time WP users asking for the SEO tips, WP plugins & tools that can help to boost the SEO of WordPress site. Building a quality website that is also profitable starts with a few web design basics. First, you must choose unique, then register & purchase domain name that fits your brand and showcases your products or services — which might be hard to do in just a few words but is extremely crucial to your identity moving forward. Next, you must select web page hosting services that will serve to bring your website to life. Finally, you must choose a platform on which to build your website.

Wordpress is a popular choice that comes with a lot of adaptabilities. Now that you have a physical website, rewarding and challenging work begins. You must develop landing pages for your business or blog that outlines who you are, what you offer, and how a user can get started. You’ll need to incorporate high-quality graphics on your website so that it looks attractive and legitimate.

You’ll need to install Wordpress plugins in order for your site to function properly, including social tab displays, speed up website load time, comment boxes, WordPress mobile optimization and a sign-up form if you intend on building a subscriber list. Here today, I have composed a list of recommended WordPress Plugins for better SEO which you can practice especially on your WordPress blog to get early exposure, more social influence and improve search engine traffic.

Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools Helping You Get Higher Search Ranking

Writing the content for your pages is often the easiest part — but there is one element missing from this nearly complete web design puzzle: the importance of SEO. How high your website ranks on Google can be a prominent determining factor in the continued success of your website. Here are some of the best Wordpress SEO plugins and an overview of how they work for your site.

List of best WordPress SEO plugins & tools helping you get higher search ranking:

1. Yoast SEO Plugin.

Yoast is one of the most popular SEO Wordpress plugins because not only does it help you optimize your content for search engines, it helps you learn the process behind optimization.

The WordPress Yoast SEO plugin breaks down required SEO elements for each page, leaving you a place to insert your focus keyword, meta description, and SEO title. It also ranks the success of your input — giving you a green light when you’ve met all of the requirements, but leaving you with yellow or red when there are steps that you’ve missed or places that need improvement, such as if you forget to set a featured image or your meta description is too long.

This plugin also includes a readability ranking for the content of your pages, analyzing factors such as the use of passive voice, sentence length, etc.

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2. All in One SEO.

All in One SEO is another popular plugin that caters to beginners and offers advanced features for developers. Some of the features of the All in One SEO plugin include the automatic META tag generation, Google Analytics support, and XML Sitemap support. This plugin is capable of automatically notifying Google and Bing to changes in your site.

It’s great for beginners because you don’t have to analyze a ton of options and yet every option can be overridden for advanced users.

Another benefit is that All in One SEO doesn't enable every feature by default so you can stick to using the features you care about.

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3. The SEO Framework.

The SEO Framework plugin is a useful plugin with less aggressive suggestions for improvement than Yoast while remaining equally helpful. It’s mostly automated but offers API for experts. It also supports custom post types, like WooCommerce and bbPress.

SEO Framework works just as hard behind the scenes, discouraging 404 pages and automatically notifying Bing, Google, and Yandex when a site is updated.

Perhaps not the most beginner-friendly SEO plugin on the market, it certainly has its perks.

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4. Premium SEO Pack.

This plugin is geared towards websites with high levels of monetization and is a very comprehensive plugin that provides everything you need to optimize your site to its fullest potential.

The Premium SEO Pack will assist you with internal link building and image optimization, which is often overlooked by other plugins. This plugin can manage rich snippet functionality, which allows your posts to stand out in search results and helps with redirection between pages.

Additional features include the sitemap required by your site in addition to an XML sitemap for videos embedded on your site. This is an extremely comprehensive tool for advanced SEO users.

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5. SEOPressor.

This specific plugin was designed with organic reach in mind. It offers a comprehensive guide to improving the individual blog posts across your site including a powerful keyword analysis.

One of the highlight features of SEOPressor is its built-in research tool that helps you develop long tail keywords related to your topic. The plugin also evaluates the overall SEO strength of each individual article and gives you a score based on its findings.

An often overlooked element in SEO optimization, SEOPressor focuses on optimizes images, making sure they have the appropriate tags as required for optimization by search engines.

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6. WP Meta SEO.

This is a great plugin for keeping you up to date on how your site’s SEO is progressing over time. The WP Meta SEO provides a comprehensive dashboard with settings that are easy to understand and implement.

The highlight feature of this plugin is the ability to handle bulk SEO processing, something that is otherwise tedious and cumbersome. In addition to the bulk editor for the meta, this plugin features bulk image information and resizing tool and a bulk SEO link editor.

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7. W3 Total Cache.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is a necessity in order to improve the overall performance of your site. This plugin works by developing both the SEO and user experience, including reducing download times via content delivery network (CDN) integration.

Benefits of integrating the W3 Total Cache plugin includes improvements in search engine page rankings, increased site performance, better conversion rates, reduced page load time, and enhanced web server performance.

8. SEO Internal Links.

The importance of internal links on a website cannot be overstated. This is the primary way by which readers can link to relevant information in other areas of your website.

Internal linking is easy to do and provides real benefits to your blog, so is not something to be overlooked. The SEO Internal Links plugin is an easy way to make this happen. This plugin will automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments. It is simple to configure, works with all cache plugins, and allows you to set your own keywords.

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9. Redirection.

This plugin helps you directly manage 301 redirections as well as tracking 404 errors. The Redirection plugin is especially effective when transferring pages from an old website or changing directory.

A few features of this plugin include full logs for all redirected URLs, WP CLI support, support for Apache and Nginx, and redirection analytics. Having a quality plugin to redirect URLs is essential for optimizing your Wordpress site.

10. Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword research is one of the most important factors for SEO. Ranking for the right keywords can create or destroy your website. And for better Keyword research the Google keyword planner is at the top. I am working with Google keyword planner the best keyword researcher tool till date. This always will be my prime preference because it’s simple to use and of course it’s FREE.

On the Google KWP tool, I have used a plan and got success. I have used my competitor site as a landing page and examined targeted keywords. This provides me such great results that I don’t get to my own landing page. That's why Google Keyword Planner is proven as one of the best tools for keyword research purposes, and it’s built with many more features.

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