8 Serious WordPress Mistakes To Avoid While Creating a Website in 2022 [Fix WordPress]

Avoidable common WordPress mistakes - while creating and managing your blog or website, you gonna make web development mistakes. By using this guide including best WordPress development practices you can easily fix and stop making WordPress mistakes and make your website faster, better, and more secure. Learn to overcome WP issues while developing WordPress websites.. Continue reading...

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In the case of WordPress, the main focus of a beginner is to set up the website theme, look, its design, and keep the function running smoothly. But in this rush, few things are getting ignored and he ends up with some common beginner mistakes that'll affect the WordPress site in the long run. But don't worry, Bill Gates once said; "each mistake is a learning opportunity." To help you fix common WordPress mistakes, I’ve set the guide so you can avoid & solve these common mistakes that the most WordPress beginners make.
WordPress mistakes to avoid
WordPress developers used to search for; what are the common WordPress mistakes while managing websites? How to find out WordPress issues? What are the best practices for WordPress development? Which things need to consider while creating a WordPress site? What're the most common WordPress mistakes beginners should avoid while building a website? How to make WordPress site better, faster, and more secure? And so on.

These days, the WordPress is rated as the world best content management platform. Around 60 million of websites around the world uses WordPress and it's mainly due to its simplicity.

Content is always considered as the king of the website and the maintaining content is easy in WordPress. Originally launched in 2003, WordPress has become the popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used by over seventy-four million sites that publish millions of posts every day. This widely used CMS has become a favorite among users because of the user-friendly tool. If you’re still new to the globe of blogging and websites, you might be curious what WordPress is - WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It’s an open-source Content Management System that has taken the world by storm. Most web developers, web designing, website development company and users praise WordPress for its simplicity features. WordPress accustomed to be known primarily as a blogging platform, and it remains the most effective resolution to use for the blog.

WordPress is very very versatile, adaptable, and there are actually thousands of WP plugins offered to boost WordPress’ functionality, therefore there's probably a solution. The best part about WordPress is its simplicity. But, despite all these options, several mistakes are made while creating a WordPress website. And these mistakes will usually have a large impact on the website. Here is a list of some mistakes that are often made by Wordpress website designers which can be avoided. Whichever mistake you see yourself making any, read on to check out the most common WordPress mistakes that new and experienced developers do. If you find yourself doing one of these mistakes, don’t ignore; by understanding what you should and shouldn’t do, you will save a lot of time while developing WordPress website and it would save a lot of trouble if you would fix it yourself.
WordPress Mistakes to Avoid
WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

8 Most common mistakes to be avoided while creating WordPress site

Here are the most common eight WordPress mistakes that you should avoid when you get started blogging:

1. The theme is purchased first.

One of the most common mistakes that the WordPress owner does is buying the theme first and that should be avoided.

Before purchasing a theme you should first start creating the content; yes, you heard it right, the "content" and then outline the important requirements you want your site to meet. Like whether it's going to be a tech site, a health site, a website, or an eCommerce platform?. Once you finalized the content and its requirements, then buying the good theme is the matter of a second.

Many designers use a free or premium theme, but few experienced developers try to avoid it, the reason behind is, a free theme is used by numerous website on the internet and using such a theme will reduce the brand image and furthermore it makes your site more vulnerable of being attacked or harmed. Whereas in the paid version of the theme, there will be less chance of the site being vulnerable to exploitable, since it's been developed by experts whom you paid and in case any such thing happens you get notified.

Free Vs Premium WordPress Hosted Sites: Which is Better - Pros & Cons

2. Not backing up the website.

Many of the WordPress users do not back up to their site and they feel that it is an unnecessary task.

Once the site is hacked and the data is lost than the user will realize the importance of backup.

There is numerous backup options available in web and the best out of it is to install WordPress Backup Dropbox plugin which is completely free.

At first, run a local installation of WordPress on your system and check your backup files and make sure that you can recover them when you want. Isn't it amazing to hear it is completely free and data is secure without spending even a penny?

To protect the data from the hackers you can opt for two-step authentication. This security feature reduces the vulnerability of your admin panel.

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3. The absence of SEO-optimizing the site.

Creating a website is the just the beginning. If you want to get & improve traffic to website then SEO optimization is a must.

There is a lot of stuff you should know about the SEO optimization but let me figure out the important point which is necessary right now. Here we go the first thing is to optimize your site titles and meta descriptions, as well as image alt tags. And then keep the complete track of SEO activities which helps to polish your site search engines ranking.

The easiest way set all the thing right is to use Yoast plugin. The Yoast SEO plugins add unique functionality to your website which helps to improve the organic search results position.

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4. Choosing the wrong platform for WordPress dev.

Wordpress development is typically classified into two platform that is WordPress[.]org or the self-hosted route. You can select any one of them depending on your requirement and necessity.

Choosing the right one is quite a tough job so first compare the features and then go for one which suits your requirement.

If your main focus is on the blog then go for WordPress.org.

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5. Installing broken WP plugins and not removing.

The numerous broken WordPress plugin out there. You can say that plugin is working or not through its rating or Plugin’s status.

In most of the cases, the installed WP plugins will not be working anymore and you will not come known until you try it.

If you're not happy with any one of the installed plugin than it is better to deactivate or delete it.

Having too many unused and unnecessary active plugins slows down the website speed because more resources are consumed. The slow loading website can be more frustrating and can drive less traffic.

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6. Not using 'Google Analytics'.

Google analytics is considered as the best tool that can be used to track the website related information like the way the visitor entered your site, time spent on the site, the performance of each keyword, etc.

Installing WordPress Google Analytics plugin enables you to track your site and provides in-depth 'page reports' about for each post & page of your website. During a search engine optimization (SEO), this information can be used to have a successful strategy.

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7. Not choosing a responsive theme.

The responsive website makes the website look good for all the devices. In order to achieve a responsive design, you need to install a responsive WordPress theme. With a responsive WordPress theme, the website looks good on the user devices. What you want is for the visitor to come to the site, regardless of the device they are using.

Responsive sites are better for SEO. Google’s latest ranking methodology offers props to sites that perform well on mobile devices. You reach more individuals on more devices, and score higher in Google searches, so adding reach and quality to your brand.

WordPress customization helps with all this by supporting responsive themes and if a given theme isn't mobile-friendly, WordPress permits developers to alter that without trashing the site.

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8. Not updating the WordPress CMS.

Theme and plugin are frequently updated with the new security features. The irregular site update will increase the chance of vulnerable to security loopholes.

Being the massive and best community, WordPress is evolving day by day to boost its user-friendly interface and options. With the passage of your time, WordPress enhances its system every time with the newest version.

To increase the security of the website, it is always better to update the plugin. So whenever you log in to the WordPress site check whether there are any new updates.

These are the costly WordPress mistakes that you need to avoid from day one.

Now you came across the most common mistakes made by WordPress beginners which should be avoided. If you're starting to develop the new site above listed mistakes can be very costly, now or later so try to avoid and try to learn from the mistake done previously.

Let me know what are the common mistakes you have had while developing your website on WordPress. Leave the comment below, I would like to add it to this page with your name and it will help others to aware of it.

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