Why Do We Need Smart Devices in Our Lives? Upgrade Yourself Now

Why Do We Need Smart Devices in Our Lives? Upgrade Yourself Now

Smart products & their advantages — the impact of the internet of things on our daily life? How smart products improve our life? How does the internet improve your life? Why do we need smart devices in our lives? What are the advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living? Why smart home is needed? Smart devices help you make your life easy and do many activities without your involvements. One button to manage the lighting system in the home, programmable temperature control, in hand CCTV video footage, tracking past and current fitness progress and so on... These are just some of the benefits that many use smart devices in their daily life routines. Listed top 5 advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living & the best smart products you must buy in 2019 that I feel are the best additions to your life.. Continue reading...
We are now living in this fast-growing online world where almost everything is possible by using a simple touch of our fingers. There are tons of devices like smartphones, ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, hotplates, televisions etc. which can be operated smartly. Even you can operate them with the help of remote controls. Smart products & their advantages
People used to search the impact of the internet of things on our daily life? How smart products improve our life? How does the internet improve your life? Why do we need smart devices in our lives? 7 Reasons Why Tablets Are Great for HomeSchooling? What are the advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living? Why smart home is needed? What are the applications of home automation? What are the benefits of smart technology? What is the purpose of smart products? And so on...

There are tons of features belonging to smart devices, its just matter of how we can make use of that more effectively. Smart devices help you make your life easy and do many activities without your involvement. Now many of us are driven by such Smart Wearable where many things are working parallelly and after a certain period, your tasks get done automatically. As human beings, we do forget things, but with the help of these smart devices, you will be reminded of or before many events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

One button to manage the lighting system in the home, programmable temperature control, in hand CCTV video footage, tracking past and current fitness progress and so on... These are just some of the benefits that many use smart devices in their daily life routines. Today, a variety of smart products are available in the market, so whether you're considering smart devices for yourself for #SmartHomeRevolution, check out these five smart products listed that you need to design a smart home. You can find a number of smart products on Amazon, Flipkart & able to #GetFitWithFlipkart easily.
On top of that, since Artificial Intelligence (AI) was evolving rapidly, the smart devices get operated on their own based on the circumstances or environments in which they get deployed, if we take an example of smartphones, speech recognition is proof of AI. You can communicate with your smartphone through this and it will start working automatically on its own. You can play a song, set a reminder, trigger a call to your family or buddies, etc. It is just because it simply has the ability to automatically and accurately recognize the human voice and it starts to act on it. Even in the recent updates made in Microsoft Office 365, your automatic replies to your email are intelligently work in your absence. Also, you might hear of iPhone X where your phone gets unlocked after the face recognition.

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Negative & Positive impacts of Smart Devices

Work becomes easier more with new ideas and innovations. That's what the smart technology has brought to human lives in the last few years and no doubt it will keep continuing till the entire universe ends. There must be some criticism though, as every good thing has to face it. Everything has some positive and some negative points. But it is always better to focus on the positive ones.

Still, you can't ignore the negative points but that doesn't mean you eliminate such smart things or technologies from your life. As every problem has a solution, every negative thing can be surpassed by following some simple but effective rules. e.g Smartphones, everyone knows the uses and advantages of smartphones. But as some of the smartphones get heated after long use or it emits harmful radiation which may create some major problems with the human brain can't be the reasons to eliminate it from daily use.

Smart technologies help to find the problems while these happen or some risks which are about to happen like automatic car breaks. If you follow some simple rules like, you can keep it away from you when not in use or you can use headphones when you talk on the phone, that's it. If we can follow this there will be nothing like smart devices or technology which will serve the humans better in upcoming years also.

As they allow people to do anything with one touch by sitting in one place, some people think that this is a reason for obesity and some of the other health problems as these have reduced people's mobility or movements. But it's just their laziness or something that they don't have and follow the schedule. If people start to follow their organized schedule, smart devices, in turn, will help them get more unexpected results. Everyone needs to look at it in a positive way and you can't believe these will help everyone with everyday routine.

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Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

Why do we need smart devices in our lives?

Everything has changed over time, it is still changing and yes it will. We have to accept the smart changes. It provides the human lives with more easiness, security, safety, etc. One thing that is more suitable for smart technology is today's generation prefers smartness in everything.

People want to be smarter day-by-day and there is nothing wrong in it. Being smart saves your valuable time and efforts which you can use for other valuable purposes. It's like a boon for humans and we have to make proper use of it to bring in more opportunities, to go beyond imagination and let our kids also make proper use of it, let them handle it easily because they are the future. Yes, a future of even smart technology than today. So I do no wonder if smart technology becomes a trend in the future.

Smart devices are more convenient for humans and if used properly they can assist us to improve our safety, security and even improve our health. The innovation of mobile or computers has led people to compare with the human brain. Some smart devices help us to know something that is above the ordinary. It finds where the actual problem is. As everything is automatic, it gives more accuracy. It is very little to null the chances of mistakes.

List of Advantages & Best Smart Products to Buy in 2019

In last few years technology has gone beyond imagination. Each and every day people are trying to evolve something new. Smartphones allow us to do a video call, make use of different kinds of apps. Smartwatches enable us to know how much calories we burnt in a day or while workout, also receive phone calls over it. These devices have made it easy to get the required information at the fingertips. You can know any information at any point from anywhere with just a touch.

Here listed top 5 advantages of having the technology to ease our day to day living & the best smart products you must buy in 2019 that I feel are the best additions to your life:

1. Smart homes

Smart homes

Most of the people are still unaware of the term 'Smart Home'. The smart technology that they are familiar with is a smartphone, smartwatch, computer, etc. But smart home? It is something new for them yet. When asked about a smart home they still try to match up to it with the computer. And according to them, computers are used only in offices and companies. They don't think there might be a smart technology behind smart home also.

The smart home system is running since 1993. It's a system that helps home users to run their daily things easily like security, entertainment, communication, energy and water management, light systems etc. It further prevents the electricity, water to go waste.

It saves up to 30% of the electricity bill as a smart home system is enabled to turn the lights on and off automatically. The system is easy to operate. Users can have easy access to wireless control, touch phone, a personal computer.

Oakter Smart Home Kit

Oakter Smart Home Kit

Control home appliances using your smartphone. This kit assists you to control four home appliances using your smartphone (iOS & Android). Makes it possible to control your existing home appliances like AC, geyser, water pump, lamp, heater, coffee machine, TV, mosquito repellent, etc using your home WiFi.

This kit includes one smart-home hub, a pair of low powered smart plugs, one high powered smart plug, one wired-in smart box, and one wireless remote. They synchronically implement a plug and play solution to control two high powered and two low powered home appliances using your smartphone (iOS & Android). Set on/off schedules routine activity of appliances on the app, set auto-off timer, view on/off history. Up to 5 family members can simultaneously control the devices. Amazingly modular, super easy to add up to 50 Oakter devices in the same smart-home hub.

Flipkart offer: Oakter Smart Home Kit

2. Smart watches

A smartwatch is a device which is to be worn on a wrist just like a wristwatch. It shows time like any other wristwatch and also works like a smartphone-like touchscreen facility, apps, record your heart rate, GPS, etc. It's like wearing a mini-computer on your wrist.

Smartwatches offer users with some special features. It notifies the user with important events and activities. When connected to a smartphone, it shows phone's notifications on the user's wrist.

The new Apple smartwatches come with a fall sensor. It records the user movements if he falls while wearing it. Moreover, if it fails to record any movement, it will send a series of notifications.
Apple Watch Series 3
If a user is unable to respond to those notifications, it thinks that there is some injury with the user and notifies the authoritative person on the user's behalf. It also provides more features like fitness tracking, media manager, answers calls, GPS, etc.

Apple Watch Series

  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Built-in GPS and altimeter to track routes and runs
  • Track workouts like yoga, cycling, swimming
  • Touchscreen
  • Notifier, fitness & outdoor

Flipkart offers: Apple Watch Series

3. Smart lights

Smart lighting technology enables energy efficiency. Humans seem to have no time as they have become so much busy these days. Most of the time they forgot to switch off the lights while leaving the home in a hurry. Such cases happen more with the street lights. If the respective authority doesn't look at it, lights sometimes stay on even in the daytime. But a Smart light system is a solution over it.

This smart light system allows street light to be switched ON in the evening before the sun goes down and gets switched off the next morning when it sees there enough light on the road. Such a system is really helpful to avoid wastage and save electricity. It uses the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) technology and works according to the degree of light there on the road.

In the case of home use, there are more advanced features provided in smart lights. Not only able to switch the bulb ON or OFF, but you can also able to change the color as you wanted or with the music you like the most. Even you can set the color-changing theme after getting a call from a predecided person. You can control over Bluetooth or wifi.

Philips Hue Base B22

Philips Hue Base B22
With innovative features, such as light schedules and away-from-home control, this Philips Hue smart LED bulb allows easy home automation.

Compatible with Android 4 (and above) and iOS 7 (and above), this LED bulb can be controlled by an array of smart devices, such as an iPhone, an Android smartphone or tablet and an iWatch.

Flipkart offers Philips Hue Base B22

4. Smart camera

A smart camera system captures the images and has the ability to give application specific info from those captured images. It is a built-in image sensor system along with all mandatory conveying interfaces. The smart camera belongs to the wonders of today's modern technology. Considering the risk, it has become the first choice of security for homes, offices, even on roads. It stops the crime from happening.
D-Link DCS-P6000LH Smart Security Camera
A sense of being caught in the minds of criminals saves your valuable things. A thought of security cameras always hits the criminal's mind before targeting your house or office.

D-Link DCS-P6000LH Smart Security Camera

Now eliminate all the worries about your family’s safety from intruders, when they are at home, with this Smart Security Camera from D-Link.
  • A small design
  • Comfortably sets at anyplace
  • Doesn’t require any wire-work for installation
  • Install the 'mydlink app' and start to monitor
  • Record any suspicious activity

Flipkart offers D-Link DCS-P6000LH

5. Smart Speakers

Recently, many of us have heard Smart speakers gadgets are now introduced in the market. These are a special type of speakers designed and developed based on wireless technology. Such speakers are operated on voice command. WiFi or Bluetooth are the channels through which you can connect your smartphones with these types of speakers. Since these are driven by human voices or vocal commands, you just have to give it a command and you will find answers to your questions, you can set an alarm, can schedule a meeting, can set up a reminder, can check the weather, can play your favorite music playlist, etc.

In addition to this, you can also control your home automation devices by commanding through such smart speakers. Some smart speakers come up with a touch-screen display too so that users will get a visual response to their commands. You might even know "Alexa" which nowadays becomes a popular smart speaker in the market. You simply say "Hello Alexa" and start giving the command to it. It will automatically do all the digital tasks for you like set timers, play music, etc. This way your hands will be free to do any other tasks. Earlier, you used to pick up your smartphone and do such activities. But now, it becomes simpler and easy. I know you might be happy with doing things manually, but once you get used to such voice-driven gadgets, you will love it and there is no turning back.

Google Home (White)
There are other digital assistances are also available for you in the market like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana etc. But smart speakers are bit handy and you can carry them anywhere. Their sound quality is also good for an outdoor environment.

Google Home (White)

  • Voice-controlled Speaker
  • Ask Questions over WiFi
  • Set Dialy Reminders
  • Get News Updates
  • Play Music
  • Control Other Smart Sevices in Home
  • Works with Up to 6 Users
  • Personalized Settings

Flipkart offers Google Home (White)

In case you're looking for smart technology & smart products will save you time, money on your working days or just require to keep your home protected and safe, the current and ongoing smart technology gives multiple benefits for everyone who uses it smartly.

Want to learn more about #SmartHomeRevolution and the best smart home products? then don't forget to #GetFitWithFlipkart & check out the variety of devices offered by Amazon and Flipkart.

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