5 Ways Creating Engaging Video Content for Your Blog

If you are creating video content for your blog you should try to make it as engaging as possible. An engaging video will have a bigger impact on viewers, and not only get their attention but hold it as well.
Making Engaging Video Content
Video publishers used to search for; how can I make my video content more engaging? How do I make catchy video content? How to make viral YouTube videos? How do you engage with video content that is challenging? How do you engage blog readers using video? And so on.

That will allow you to deliver your message far more effectively, and make it easier to fulfill the goal that you had in mind when you created the video.

Although creating engaging videos may not sound very easy, all you really need is the right approach that focuses on areas that tend to affect it the most.
Create Engaging Video Content for a Blog
Create Engaging Video Content for a Blog

1. Research and Understand Your Audience.

Understand Your Audience
Understand Your Audience
The first step that you should take is to research your audience and really start to understand both who they are and what they want.

It is best to start by trying to nail down the demographic that you’re targeting and describe them in terms of their age, geographic location, gender, income, education level, and any other relevant details. From there you can find out more about what their interests are, what they like, and the types of problems they may be facing.

The reason research is important is that it can help you to determine what type of videos would engage your audience in terms of style and topics.

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2. Spark Interest in the First Few Seconds.

Spark Interest in the First Few Seconds
Spark Interest in the First Few Seconds
Most viewers will only spend a few seconds watching a video before they decide whether or not to continue – normally about 8 to 10 seconds at most. It is crucial that you take advantage of that time to spark their interest.

Suffice to say you don’t have time to beat around the bush and should instead add a hook to the first few seconds of your video. Some of the common types of hooks include outlining the benefit of watching the video, stating a controversial fact, or opening with an interesting statistic.

3. Create Short(er) Videos.

One of the most well-known tips for creating engaging video content is to make it short. That is certainly true, and short videos tend to retain more viewers.

However, that does not mean that all the videos on your blog must be below a minute. Instead what it does mean is that you should try to keep your videos as short and tightly-focused on the topic as possible.

Ultimately your goal should be to get viewers to stick around and watch the video – preferably for its full duration.

At the start, you should try to simply make your videos as short as you can – without sacrificing any important content. In the long term, you should test different durations, and figure out what your audience finds most engaging.

4. Use the Visuals to ‘Show’ the Message.

Use the Visuals
Use the Visuals
In general, videos are more engaging than most other types of content, and that is mostly for one reason: They have a unique ability to deliver information visually.

If you want your blog video content to be engaging you need to be taking advantage of that ability and using visuals to ‘show’ viewers the video’s message. Not only will that make your video more interesting to viewers, but it will allow you to deliver its message more effectively too.

Keep in mind that you can use other types of visuals aside from conventional video footage. For example, in some cases, a screencast, animation, or even an added image could help deliver the information that you need.

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5. Add a Narrative.

Storytelling can make a world of difference to engagement levels, which is why you should try to knit your video together using a narrative.

To start developing that narrative, you should consider:
  • What characters are involved?
  • What conflict or action is taking place?
  • How does it affect the characters?
  • What is the resolution?
That should help you to get started with the basics of storytelling. It should be noted that the ‘character’ in your video doesn’t necessarily need to be a specific person – but could be a group of people.

For example, your story could be about modern-day entrepreneurs, and the challenges that they face and how they overcome them.

Aside from the steps outlined above you should also keep in mind the basics and make sure your video quality is beyond reproach.

It may help to use Online Video Converter to quickly convert your videos into the format that you require. As a video converter online you don’t need to download or install any software, and can immediately switch your video into the right format to upload it to your blog.

The next time you create a video, try using some (or all) of the steps described. Odds are you’ll be able to see the difference that it makes to your video engagement by tracking its analytics – and can then figure out what other improvements you need to make.

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