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It's really a frustrating thing for all those who take extreme efforts, do all the necessary hard work but still don't get the desired results. There are many bloggers in the blogging world, who really write quality content but still lack the number of readers even after so many days and weeks of posting the contents. Such a condition may force many bloggers to give up and quit blogging.
Grow your blog readership
Newbies and intermediate bloggers used to search; how to get 100000 blog readers fast? How to get my blog readers? How to make boring content interesting? What are the effective ways to attract more readers to your blog? And so on to know to get more page views and organic traffic.

There are many bloggers still struggling to drive more people to read their published pages, but eventually gets failed. As a result, they stop blogging. It's not their fault, everyone will think like this because after spending much time researching, write, optimize and post content, and then no one seems ready to read the content. But let me tell you the fact, this is called the BLOGGING in actual.

Blogging is really hard; it's a tester. No single blogger is remained out of this. Many successful bloggers have faced the same kind of condition in their starting days too. Those who stick, acquire different tricks and techniques to go pass the difficult condition have now become a successful professional blogger.

This page is designed to help all those bloggers in their difficult way, having lots of reasons to quit blogging & who think to give up. This article contains all those important techniques to get more and more readers to your blog.
How To Get Readers For Your Blog To Grow Your Blog Readership
How To Get Readers For Your Blog To Grow Your Blog Readership

12 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog's Traffic by 250%

1. Creating an awesome content.

When people search for something on the Internet that means they want to know more about things. If you can provide them with what they are looking for, you will get a reader and a subscriber also. To attract the readers, you need to provide them what they want and for that, you need to create good content. If you don't, you will have a tough time. We have seen many times in the past that content is a king and yes, it really is.

Creating great content is the best way to attract more readers and get more subscribers also. Everyone thinks that what else new should I write? Every writer faces the same problem but comes up with a new great content every time by doing content research. Do the content research to know what are the trending topics readers are looking for.

There are many ways to do, but the most useful content research tool: Google itself is to answer the public. To know more simply write the topic in the search bar and click on the search. Now it will come up with a table of "People also ask" which contains a number of questions related to your topic, the readers are hunting for. The list would give you so many ideas about the blog posts that the readers are keen to know. These questions might be trending topics for your new blog post.

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2. Optimize SEO for your post.

Alright, you have created an awesome content but it still will be useless or won't be enough to get readers unless and until someone reads it. To get your post to read by someone, first, you need to get it in search results and to get your post in search results you need to optimize your post for search engine (That is SEO).

When you optimize your blog post in a proper way, it helps the Web hunters to find your blog post easily. So when it becomes easy to find, it will be seen by many readers. The best way to optimize the blog post is to make use of proper targetted keywords and phrases that your targeted readers are continuously hunting online for. So do all your Keyword research, that is an important aspect for On-page SEO. Though there seems to have many tools and techniques to find proper keywords relevant to your content, Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the most popular tool you can have.

Besides this Semrush is also the best tool, you can have to get the relevant keywords. Such tools help to find the relevant keywords which your competitors are using to get enormous traffic to their blog posts.

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3. Headline or title.

Most of the humans judge the food by its smell, in relation to this most of the readers judge a post by its title. It's the very first part that allows readers to judge the content and decide whether to click on the title to read the whole post or skip it right away.

No one wants to waste the time and therefore most of the readers possibly decide it from the headline. So if you want the readers to dig into your blog post, you need to know 501 Most Popular Blog Title Ideas & Headline Types That’ll Work to craft your title catchy and unique in nature keeping the thing in mind that the first impression is the last impression and blog post headline is a thing where you can make your first impression.

Whereas, you can also use Top 10 Best Free Blog Post Title Generators for Making titles interesting, promising and let it be the one that creates curiosity in the reader's minds. In addition to this to make it, even more attracting, instead of writing the number in words write it in the numeral form before your main title e.g '7 tips' instead of 'seven tips.' A numeral seems to be highlighted as it stands out different in a title where all the other things are written in words. Therefore a title that contains a numeral, forces readers to go through it.

It's true that a reader reads a content with an aim to get some more information but still always remember that he or she is investing his or her time in reading your content. So always value your reader's time.

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4. Be consistent.

Let's assume that you are a good writer and you really create quality writing. If it's true, readers will keep themselves waiting for your next writing to read once they go through your writing for the first time. Thereafter readers will start expecting even more quality writing from you.

They will be eager to read what next new and different you are going to give them. So you won't stop, you need to be consistent with your content posting and it's necessary to maintain the readers you are getting.

You have to post often to give them a reason to keep coming back for much more. This will bring a load of traffic to your blog and you might become an expert and authoritative in your niche.

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5. Guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a quick method to get more readers to your blog. Here you request to post your content on authoritative blogs and if permitted to do so, you may get the quality backlinks to your blog. That will benefit from increasing the number of readers and email subscribers to your blog.

When you are new to blogging, you have very few readers. If you are permitted to publish your content on other authoritative blogs in your niche, that means you are getting a chance to expose your content to massive traffic of readers, not only readers who are quality readers. If half of that traffic thinks your content is of the best quality, you could get a link back to your blog. This, in turn, helps to get a number of quality readers to your blog. Create high-quality content will show your expertise in your niche as not only readers but also the blogs are high quality.

Guest blogging is really an amazing way to express yourself in front of a huge crowd those are quality readers. So be a good searcher and try to find out the authoritative blogs in your niche who accept guest blogging on their blogs.

There are plenty of authoritative bloggers who accept guest blogging to ensure consistent posting. You only need to check their guidelines for guest posting. In case if you find yourself unable to get authoritative blogs, you can go for semi-authoritative blogs. If you are not getting those also try to post your content on small blogs, after all, it's a matter of starting a guest blogging. So if you are not getting authoritative blogs to post your content, you can start with small ones. But do go for guest blogging.

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6. Do post on social media.

The things posted on social media do go viral in a very short period of time as it is familiar to most of us these days. It's cheap as well as the most effective method to find more readers. It's a platform where you can do your market research, you can build a strong network, you can create brand awareness as well.

People on social media do lift the content they liked and share with their own groups and contacts in no time limit without thinking too much. It's a platform where your content may spread in multiples in such a short time as you would not even expect. So it's smart thinking to post your content on different social networks right after you create quality content.

Do remember, you design your post in such a way that it will attract the readers to your blog. Post a questionnaire or ask them to imagine a particular situation that will create a curiosity and force them to click on your link. So considering the kind of audience you are targeting it is so important to be active on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and there are many more.

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7. Comment on other blogs.

Commenting on other blogs opens the door to build and maintain a healthy and long term relationship with other bloggers. Due to that, you may get a chance to work in collaboration with other best bloggers in the field.

It's a kind of give and takes operation as in reply you may get a click on your link by other bloggers and if this happens, you may have a flood of readers to your blog.

Posting comment isn't a big deal but a meaningful comment states that you have read and understood the complete post. Every blogger welcomes comments to his post so as to think on and customize his content. So don't hesitate to comment on other blogs, it's for your sake.

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8. Have an appearance on podcast or videos.

Just like guest posting, having an appearance on a podcast or a video gives you a chance to open yourself in front of new traffic.

There are really no restrictions to tell about the resources you provide which are relevant to your content and the show notes will show your selected links.

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9. Participate in roundups & interviews.

Participating in an expert roundup is an amazing way to express yourself in front of new traffic. An expert roundup is a kind of blog post that contains contributions of several blogging experts.

A host blogger will offer an irresistible question or a topic to discuss and ask the different experts to contribute with their expert views. This discussion can give an extraordinary value for readers. To let the readers follow the links to check and subscribe to your content depends upon the kind of contribution you give.

Better the contribution, more readers will follow the links and more subscribers you will get. As most of the expert roundups are broadly shared and undergone for years, they can retain getting blog subscribers for a good long period of time.

10. Use your email signature.

Some people used to ignore email signature, but if you can think seriously it's the simplest and easiest place to promote your blog. Rather any place where you can generally link to webs homepage is always a good chance to link to your website landing page.

You don't need to be creative and different here, you only edit your email signature and add text links to your email landing page.

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11. Convert readers to subscribers.

It looks promising after getting increased blog readers. But that is not enough though, a blog needs more subscribers to be successful.

A reader or an incidental visitor intentionally drop their email address and becomes a blog subscriber with an intention to receive more updates and blog contents. It means a reader worths reading your content and the reason being he wishes even more from you in the future.

Subscribers are the returning readers, therefore, they are the key factor to receive more blog traffic. That's why a number of blog subscribers are more imperative than a number of readers.

Blog subscribers are supposed to be the final aim to raise your blog readership.

12. Exchange of links.

Exchange of links with other blogs helps to weave a strong network all over the blogosphere and get a large number of readers. Readers show immense trust on their favorite bloggers or authoritative bloggers.

If an authoritative or reader's favorite blogger suggests your blog to readers, they will read it without any hesitation believing that the content must be interesting as an authoritative blogger has referred it. The reason being blogger referrals give more conversion rates.

Talk to other bloggers and ask them if they can show your link on their blog. While selecting the sites or blogs, remember that you select the sites that have the same target audience but not your direct competitors.

Bloggers are always eager to exchange links as they also can get some new traffic from this.

Bottom Line

You invest your precious time to create awesome content and to value your time you need to make sure your content reaches more and more readers. To maximize the value of your time and ensure your awesome content reaches a wider audience, it's crucial to implement effective strategies. While countless tricks exist to attract more readers, here are the top 12 that guarantee results.

You can find many tricks to get more readers, but these are the top 12 tricks. By testing and applying these techniques, you can increase your readership and achieve your desired outcomes. Invest in these tricks and witness the growth in your readership as your content reaches more and more people. Test these to get the number of readers and surely you will have the results.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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