Top 6 On-Page SEO Basics To Consider Before You Build an SEO Optimized Web Page

Are you looking to build an optimized page mostly for search engines to index quick in SERP? Want you to list in Top SEO rankings? then SEO is the most important term you need to consider to archive it which enables google search architecture to display your listing in higher positions without any web optimization tools. One of the biggest challenges for writers is writing the content that is fully SEO optimized for search engines, and that also further need to engage your readers. Your SEO website ranking is the most important part for your position in search results. You need to keep an eye regularly on SEO technology that describes how to build an SEO optimized web page and most essentials things while optimizing your site pages. And that is why today we are going to see the most basics of SEO-Friendly design strategies & development process that not only appeal your visitors but also for search engines. SEO is not that much complicated rather it's the most misunderstood term even by biggest SEO companies but, lately, you will get realize that SEO is most essential, effective and necessary topic once you started to understand that your readers gonna react first before search engine. Learn essential guidelines for building web pages that are optimized for search-engine and the basics of professional SEO services in simple steps.
Things to Consider Building an SEO Optimized Web Page
Things to Consider Building an SEO Optimized Web Page
Last time we have seen On-Page SEO Checklist & Techniques to optimize SEO page to rank higher in SERP. No need to be confused now, as today you are going to see the ultimate list of the reasons why we need SEO and how to do that in simple steps that will assist you in small business search engine optimization as well. Many of these guidelines are so wise and you cannot ignore them without reading. You can make this as your base for making future pages. So just bookmark this page and you will be on the good start.

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What Actually Search Engines Are Looking for in your site:

While knowing about SEO, I got to known about this question, actually what google and all other search engines looking in to my page, so I mentioned those points here:
  • Performance: does your site load properly and quickly? 
  • Authority: does your content are relevant to the keywords and description of the site.
  • Navigation: do you have done proper navigation, internal linking? Safe browsing with low bounce rate.

Follow these guidelines to make your page in effective SEO way:

Step 1. Onsite SEO URL Tips for Online Marketing

The first three words of your URL are played a vitally significant role in SEO. These first three or five words gives extra weight in search results. Keywords in the URL show up in search results, and research has shown that the URL is one of the most prominent elements searchers consider when selecting which site to click. Moreover, I would like to mention that, the content is also important because Google bot not only index the URLs but also the words from the page contents for displaying in SERP.

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Step 2. Write Title Tags & URLs For Search Engine Optimization

Short URLs are much effective in SERP and those are most preferable these days. But no need to be so careful about this, if your URLs are already less than 55 characters. But in case, if you have more than limit, then probably you need to edit it and make it less to get value in search results.

The <TITLE> tag is only described in html page once and it should be in <head> tag.

    <title>title for optimization</title>

Before making, make sure, this <title> tag should be unique and readable for easy to search by search engines. As per the Google search display properties, Google displays the title which fits into the frame of 512 pixels moreover it comes with the first 50 to 60 characters of the title tag. The keywords are used into the title should be in the proper manner. Search engines are extremely watching to those keywords. The titles should be in a <h1> tag (as per the developer requirements). Also, be aware and avoid spamming of titles. Be creative and original with popular keywords.

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Step 3. Optimize Images, Media & Site Navigation for Better Search Engine Rankings

40 percent of people will abandon a web page if it takes three plus seconds to load. So videos, images or pictures you used in the pages are preferably not only more attractive but also have less size as it causes low bounce rate and further it helps to quick loading of the full page.

Preferably, you need to put site navigation structure to be simple, efficient and easy for Google and your visitors to follow. Because of this, it helps to boost user navigation that search engines has been paying more attention on user activities as well. In short, it helps to google to find the data relevancy in the articles. Breadcrumb - it's a best practice to put it on and is an addition to the page navigation system to offer better understandability of the structure followed by your page which represents the path from which the reader arrived on the current page. Read: Breadcrumb In Google Search Result Page [Why & How]. Some of the websites mention their navigation at the start point of the web page and some of the websites are describing the navigation by the left side or right side of the web site. It does not matter where you are mentioned your navigation but the main thing is, it should describe the proper navigation to deal with the data.
Make sure to put the media [audio, video or images] relevant to the content on your page. You'll lose ranking if there's no relevance and people won't stay on your site.

Don't forget to give your images an <alt> tag. The ALT Tags are used for the images. As it helps to inform the search engines what your page is about, they're important for accessibility. If you have your original images, then it should be used proper file name and <alt> tags. it will show the information of your images. It will generate the 24% traffic because of SEO optimized tag.

Step 4. Social Media Linking & Ranking In Search Results

If your site is already added to various social networking sites, then it obviously going to help the search engines to index your pages quickly. Moreover, in Google point of view, it surely helps to crawl your links in SERP and to get the topic of the content described in page.

Then social media came along and now changed everything. Align your social media and SEO efforts through content quality, social sharing, optimized images and Google Authorship. While social shares may or may not affect a webpage's position in search listings, your social profiles definitely influence the content of your search results. When you are adding a social sharing button into your site then it will indirectly your site is going to be added to those social networks and it will work as backlinks to your content by means of inbound links. Many traditional SEO tactics aren’t as effective as social sharing.

Search engines have begun to integrate social counts (Facebook likes, retweets, +1s and so on) to update their search results. Facebook/Twitter are best practice for link marketing and getting related traffic to that page. These definitely helps for getting people to engage with it much more strongly with SEO optimized page than all traditional SEO techniques. Furthermore, don’t forget, Google displayed the Google+ profile information in the right-hand sidebar at the very top of the search results page.

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Step 5. Better SEO Keyword Research – KEY TO SEO

Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine, they are what search strings are matched against. According to Google/MOZ, your keywords should be in 100-150 words of the article. Google has a technology called LSI, which is concentrating on the keywords that are mentioned in the web pages. LSI [Latent Semantic Indexing] - The contents of a web page are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page. It adds an important step to the document indexing process. Latent Semantic Indexing keywords can make your content look more natural to search engines.

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. If you are using proper keywords related to your article, then it simply helps to generate your pages in SERP as per the SEO requirements. Choosing the right target keywords builds the foundation for an entire SEO optimized page.

Moreover you can show star rating reviews for each link in Google search results page for better SEO; learn How to Show Star Rating Review In Google Search Results - Rich Snippet.

Step 6. SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is not only for usability but it has many benefits in terms of Search engine ranking. Responsive web development can help a site to shine in the SERPs. As the more traffic coming from the mobile platform to browse the Internet, it has now become necessary for developers to make their sites that work across any platform, your visitors are attracting on that also. There are so many software’s available into the market for that, you can use the proper code for that.

If your site is not as much as sufficient to open into mobile devices, then it causes the bounce rate of your site as well as the poor user-interaction signals. If you are going to see the sites about mobile games, then you will get to known, that there are 14000+ sites to serve all public in responsive design. So responsive design can be detrimental to SEO.

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Follow these simple steps and make your optimized pages for SEO. You should always keep SEO in the head, and always try to use in every page you going to write in future. Ignoring these basics will not only you gonna mess with your site but also preventing yourself from making effective revenue you getting it from writing pages. Share what you thought while reading this via the comment section below. I would glad to add it on this page if you know something new tho this page.

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