Get Aggregated Star Ratings In Google Search Results [SERP] | Install Review and Rating System to Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet: Show star rating for each link in Google search results page for better SEO. Install Schema markup to get aggregated Google rating stars in search results.

Talking about the review and rating system - it is developed to help visitors to know more about the website, service, products, or a company. The review and rating system for any website helps to increase reader's trust, and so can increase domain authority fast & significantly improve your sales performance. Here I'm going to provide you a convincing ready-made backend solution for review and rating System for all your products or any blog pages. This review and rating system is very easy to implement and use. It allows you to publish your google merchant reviews and business ratings to Google search results.
Google star rating system
How to get aggregated google rating stars in search results? How to get Google reviews? how many google reviews to get stars? How to show star rating reviews for each link in Google search results page for better SEO. You are looking for enabling the rich snippets for reviews and ratings, and that is why you have reached this page. This enables Google search algorithm to show the star rating for each of your website pages in SERP.

When the Google search architecture finds valid reviews or rating system markup on your pages then it shows a rich snippet that includes stars and your summary of that page in SERP. Lots of blogger are eager to know about this blogging tip to publish 5 star google rating. These star rating reviews are also a part of the best search output used by Google wanting to show rich results for its every user. This start review rating system is the best way to build website traffic.

For WordPress, there are special WordPress Plugin that will help you to show rich snippet star rating review ratings in the Google search results. And for the blogger, you need to add the following Schema markup in your HTML. Learn how to get reviews on Google & how to show star rating review [Rich Snippet].
Get Star Rating Review In Google Search Results
Get Star Rating Review In Google Search Results
And today I want to demonstrate the tutorial about showing start rating in Google search results that works with Blogger/Wordpress too.

Rich Snippet: Microdata SEO

The review and rating system is the most influential and important marketing technique nowadays because of the viral nature of internet marketing. Those rich yellow stars that seem just under the page titles in search results are a remarkable chance to tell your users that you are trustworthy & authority. If a website is displaying the snippet with 4 or 5-star in an organic search result, it's going to get more clicks than the websites which had no stars.

The user's decision of clicking the link observed in search page mostly depends on these star ratings. Everybody wants the best content when they are on something to search. So it is the most popular way for any website or blog to improve click-through rate (CTR), added to the relevant page titles and engaging meta descriptions in SERP.

So how you suggest the visitors that you have the best content for them? Well, these are organic star ratings and review system here’s a helpful short tutorial to improve your chances of getting those stars rating next to your search listings. It's simple; follow this post, and you are on boost. You’d be amazed at how quickly you can implement them on your site.

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Google star rating code - Show Star Rating Review In Google Search Results

  1. Search for the code:
    <div class='post-footer'>
  2. You will find it twice in your HTML, go for second code.
  3. Paste the following code below it;
    <!-- Review Star Rating In Google Search Results -->
    <script type='application/ld+json'>
    "author": {
    "url": "<data:blog.canonicalUrl/>",
    "publisher": {
    "itemReviewed": {
    "name": "<data:blog.pageName/>",
    "sameAs": "<data:blog.canonicalUrl/>",
    "image": "<data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl/>",
    "aggregateRating": {
    "@type": "AggregateRating",
    "ratingValue": "4",
    "bestRating": "5",
    "ratingCount": "2"
    <!-- Review Star Rating In Google Search Results -->
  4. Save template.
  5. Test results on rich snippet tool.


Star rating example in Google search results
Star rating example in Google search results
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Bottom Line

I have seen lots of coders who suggest some HTML markup in a direct blog post. But it's not necessary rather its time-consuming process.

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After lots of investigation and trial-&-error method, this trick is coming to the front. Once you installed, you will get its results in snippet tool, and surely you won't get any difficulty in it.

Let me know once you see those 5 STAR Rating in your search listing. It will take time, around more than 7 days, depends on the number of web pages to be indexed in search results.

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  • Nat
    Nat July 24, 2013 at 4:56 PM

    Great tip!
    Its quite easy to learn thanks for sharing.

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