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Today we are gonna recommend you the best cross-platform app - Hike Messenger that we think you should check out if you need a better way to communicate with all your friends who are on any OS like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows or even your old Nokia Symbian series phones. The Hike is presently the most popular messaging platform in India. Hike Messenger: Latest News, Videos & Photos about Hike Messenger - The most important thing is that it's the first Indian messenger app made in ❤ with India, by Kavin Bharti Mittal, the founder & CEO of Hike Messenger. Hike Messenger is the only app compared to another Indian app has crossed the 110 million users in January this year on Google Play. Best features are; free group calls with up to 100 people, Share files up to 100MB, free hiking stickers & free hike SMS. Learn how to get used to with instant messaging app, chat, share files & how to send SMS from hike without Internet. You can send messages from your Android to iPhone to Nokia to BlackBerry and vice versa.
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Today is the era of HD - high definition videos, in addition to it, 4K videos are also coming to HD. This fast changing world somehow makes some people left behind which are not able to change faster with the time. To be frank, there are lots of reasons why people are still stuck with low configuration PCs, and we are not here to discuss it. One of the readers commented Why HD 1080p videos lag on my computer? How to fix video lagging? How to play 1080p smoothly on VLC? Fix VLC lags when playing 1080p high-resolution videos. New HD videos that include 4K, FHD [Full HD], UHD [Ultra HD] movies are having better resolutions than standard definition. In today's days, the smartphones are coming with built in high MP cameras that shoot in HD, World's best video streaming website - YouTube also delivering HD videos, Set-top boxes are too recording in HD video files directly into your USB stick. But as long as these HD videos are coming rapidly into our day to day life, some of us still stuck with low configuration PC and hence this post is going to explain how to play HD videos on low configuration PC. Learn how to play HD videos in low resolution, faster on slow PC.
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Almost all users know and much aware of the new mobile phones and their manufacturers plus device specifications but few, I call them as a Geek knows something more about the operating system for mobile devices. Those days are gone when we were using mobile phones only for making calls and sending occasional text messages. Mobile Operating Systems - Modern technology transformed those phones into smartphones and we can now say that; they are much closer to handheld computers which give you features like listening music, sending emails, watching movies, playing games and much more including face-to-face video calls. If you are searching about; Android mobile operating system, mobile operating system list, best mobile operating system, different mobile operating systems, commonly used mobile operating system, names of operating systems used in mobile phones, OS mobile phone or OS other than android then you are on right page. Learn more about mobile operating system market share, features of mobile operating system with the different mobile operating system comparison used in smartphones.
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Running a blog is a pleasure; doing so allows you to share ideas with countless individuals, some like-minded and others of a differing persuasion. The best success comes from building a community based on quality work that is backed by a reliable infrastructure. The worst type of failure comes from losing the faith of your customers because of someone else’s dirty play. Protect Your Blog from Hackers - Alongside the growth of blogging, there has been an equal growth in hacking. Blogs are the perfect target for cybercriminals looking for a ripe audience to fool into acquiring malware or submitting private information. Blogs attract millions of viewers, and larger blogs only make for better targets. Stop searching about how to protect blog or WordPress website from hackers or how to secure website and keep your WordPress blog safe and secure and just follow this comprehensive guide that will provide you tips to prevent your blog from getting hacked.
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Success doesn't come out only with a lot of hard work & dedication, along with this it requires some smart work to stay alive in the competition. Same thing seems to happen with YouTubers. They upload a series of crazy, entertaining videos to YouTube but unable to find themselves in YouTubes search rankings due to massive competition. As the study shows there are nearly 400-500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. TubeBuddy | The YouTube Certified Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit - It's the Best tool for Video SEO. Many YouTubers find a big question mark in front of them since there are lots of competition, they don't even think about their survival. In such a cases, if YouTubers do some smart work by following some special techniques like optimizing video title, tags & description they can get themselves a good number of viewers and even more subscribers for their channel. And the only tool that can make it happen smartly and quickly is TubeBuddy; really it is a buddy for YouTubers.
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If you are one of those who generates massive organic traffic from the search engine, then you can earn more money with these best banner ad networks. Here we have listed top high paying Google Adsense alternatives - CPM Ad Networks to make money [2016]. These contextual ad networks are the best way that publishers need to check and try for an alternative for all kind of reasons to make money online. GOOGLE ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES - Best CPC/CPM Ad Networks To Make Money Online From Blogging: Anyhow, to monetize your website or blog we have reviewed the top CPM Ad networks to find the perfect match for your visitors. The measurement is only focused on High CPM Rate for publishers. In the market, we have seen the publishers making $100 per day to $1000 per day with these CPM/CPC Ad Networks. So stop searching for best Adsense alternative for Indian traffic, top display ad networks, best banner ad networks, best PPC advertising networks, CPM banner ads programs, contextual ad networks, high CPM rate publishers, fixed CPM ad network or Google Adsense alternatives for Indian publishers/for small websites, web advertising services for bloggers or small publishers with Indian traffic; and find the best way to advertise and earn revenue with you website or blog & learn how to get paid for every banner/Ad impressions with these high paying ad networks.
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Building a site mobile-friendly is one of the best SEO strategies that you can work on today to confirm that your website is getting higher ranking on search engines. Mobile SEO means 'mobile search engine optimization.' If you are doubting about your website being mobile SEO optimized or not, you should use a mobile-friendly testing tool. Test Your Mobile Friendliness & Responsive Web Designs with Top Mobile Responsive-Design Testing Tools - With Google's guidelines towards mobile search rankings is very important and that is why a Mobile-Friendly Test Tools which analyze mobile friendliness of your desktop website is more important. These Tools lets you see if a page is mobile-friendly and assists in learning why & what with complete explanations. So analyze your website with best mobile-friendly pagespeed test tools to build a responsive design, it may affect your Mobile SEO, and so Google Ranking and help to drive more search traffic. Learn how to test website on mobile view and let's get started to check your handy mobi site view, its speed test & overall site performance.
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Breadcrumb is an addition to the page navigation system to offer the better understanding ability of the structure followed by your page which represents the path from which the reader arrived on the current page. Google has replaced the URL with the site name and breadcrumb trail in the mobile search snippets. Breadcrumbs are essentially a form of rich snippet, and they add value to your listing. Google now have a patent to show these breadcrumbs in its search results. Major thing You Should Know About Breadcrumbs & SEO - Does Breadcrumb Navigation have Good Impact on SEO? Do we need breadcrumbs? How Do They Help SEO? From an SEO point of view, it is best practice to have breadcrumbs as they are high up in the code and help the search engines crawling the site. Google already stated about breadcrumb SEO that; having a breadcrumb trail will make it easier for the search engine to understand the structure of a site and to include that kind of navigation within search results. Learn how to show breadcrumbs in SERP and why it's more important & essential in case of SEO. Breadcrumbs are a great way for search engines to understand how your site is structured and to pass link juice logically and evenly to the places you want it.
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