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As of 2017, there exist more than one billion sites on the web. Every site has a unique URL, and for the framework to work, there should be something that monitors every one of them. Else, we'd have a great many duplicate domains, and the web would be unsearchable. That is the place the Domain Name System (DNS) comes in. Let's check out more about DNS, terminology, components, concepts, definition, functionality and why it's important & why we need it. Domain Name System DNS
People used to search; What is DNS protocol? What is a DNS and what is domain name system server used for? How does a DNS server work? How does a DNS lookup work? What about domain name system in networking info? The DNS is network communication systems and a major element of the Internet. The Internet is based on IP addresses and it is assigned to each website when you purchase domain name. We use web address and computer follows IP addresses. Since the domain names are alphabetic and alphanumeric to it becomes easy to remember; however, for better server functionality on the computer side, an Internet service is used to converts domain names and hostnames into IP address to distinguish several and duplicate domains for easy web access. On the browser & with the help of the Internet, the DNS automatically translate the web address we used to type in the address bar to the IP addresses of that servers. Its described as DNS mapping is assigned throughout the internet in a service of authority. This DNS framework helps keep the web available by tracking each new domains, expiration, renewals and more. That way, users can make the most of their most loved sites without memorizing muddled IP addresses. In this article, we will speak more about what the DNS is, the reason it exists, and how it works. At that point, we'll examine why this is such a critical framework to get it. How about we hop appropriate in!
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The Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. It effects in 2004 & by the benefits of social media, within a very short period of time, its popularity & active users increased & still growing rapidly. In addition to that, the Facebook is best to drive targeted traffic to the brand and so most of the marketers are tends to use FB for better branding. Here we are going to overview the major advantages and disadvantages, pros+cons of the Facebook. Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook
In the marketing point of view, the Facebook is valuable to create a brand not only for individuals but also businesses at the global level. The Facebook benefits include as a social networking pros provides benefits for business and individuals too, such as making a group, chatting with clients, making an event, wall stickers, reliable platforms, news feed, etc. you can meet new people & have knowledge about various places, traditions & culture. No doubt, the Facebook is proved as a great option to connect with the world these days. Moreover, now you can access Facebook free without Internet from any kind of mobile device. Most of the people use FB in day-to-day life; even many people spend hours-&-hours on the Facebook. But there are advantages/disadvantages social networking sites; it’s now important to not to get addicted to it. And here is the actual hole in the ship that brings the drawbacks of social media marketing following FB as disadvantages of Facebook for business. Today this article will list all pros & cons of the Facebook usage. However, the coin always has the two sides so you must know both sides of the Facebook & try to be aware of the Facebook drawbacks & go with the Facebook benefits. Check not only out the facebook advantages and disadvantages for business but also the benefits of social media in business, advantages of social media in day-to-day life, disadvantages of using internet, pros of social media, benefits of Facebook, positive impact of social media and get to know that the Facebook isn’t the social network anymore.
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Are you a blogger with quality content to share and want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you own a small business and want your web page to rank higher than your competitors on Google? Want to build a targeted audience besides Premium SEO Services then Search engine optimization is a powerful marketing channel through which users can locate your page and subsequently purchase your product or service. And so the WordPress site optimization plugin is built to help clean up and optimize WordPress database and tables for maximized performance. WordPress site optimization plugins & Tools
People used to search; How do I do SEO in WordPress? What is Yoast? How do I install WordPress SEO plugin? Are you looking for WordPress SEO Expert & WordPress SEO Specialist in India? What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress? What is SEO in word press? Is Word Press SEO friendly? The search engine is the primary source of organic traffic for many WordPress blogging sites and so most of the time WP users asking for the SEO tips, WP plugins & tools that can help to boost the SEO of WordPress site. Building a quality website that is also profitable starts with a few web design basics. First, you must choose unique, then register & purchase domain name that fits your brand and showcases your products or services — which might be hard to do in just a few words but is extremely crucial to your identity moving forward. Next, you must select web page hosting services that will serve to bring your website to life. Finally, you must choose a platform on which to build your website. Wordpress is a popular choice that comes with a lot of adaptabilities. Now that you have a physical website, the rewarding and challenging work begins. You must develop landing pages for your business or blog that outlines who you are, what you offer, and how a user can get started. You’ll need to incorporate high-quality graphics on your website so that it looks attractive and legitimate. You’ll need to install Wordpress plugins in order for your site to function properly, including social tab displays, speed up website load time, comment boxes, WordPress mobile optimization and a sign-up form if you intend on building a subscriber list. Here today, I have composed a list of recommended WordPress Plugins for better SEO which you can practice especially on your WordPress blog to get early exposure, more social influence and improve search engine traffic.
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The personal computer (PC) invented in early 90’s is the most addicting invention ever made, a PC itself ameliorate for abundant inventions that left mankind traumatized. Windows users aware that over the time, the computer system gets started slowing down; so they always looking for optimizing & improving Windows PC performance for faster operations. Whether you’re undergoing slow booting times or waiting operation timeout while working on several programs, moreover a very slow shutdown speed, the slowness & poor PC performance is frustrating & disturbing to effective work. And so the users used to ask; why is my computer going slow? Many of you used to cleaning up your computer to make it run faster but still, the PC lagged in quick operations. Today I am going to provide you an updated and working techniques to keep your PC running faster. Make Your Computer Run FASTER
People used to search; What is the best way to make computer run faster? How can I fast my PC? How do you make an old computer run faster? How do you keep your computer fast? How do I make my laptop run faster? How can I make my computer faster Windows 7/8/10? What makes your computer run faster? Rightly cited by the great Bill Gates “I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They are tools for communication, they are tools for creativity and they can be shaped by their users.Computers have revolutionized our world since every object today is computer operated. For instance, you take your car for service for maintenance or you visit a doctor for the routine checkup, the computer system as well demands care. Are you also frustrated of working with your slower computer that takes longer time for websites to load, extremely sluggish to open the programs or very slow to boot up the system? If so, then you have arrived at the right page which will provide you best techniques you can practice to make your computer faster and more efficient. There are many valuable and simple methods to perform PC boost. Today here, I'm providing you the most useful but simple and easy to apply techniques required to make your PC run faster, they're well worth the effort. Follow steps, and in short period of time, your computer Windows system start providing high but optimized performance delivering best use of your processor. Give your PC an regular checkup with these expert tips shown below. One thing you must note that; giving the time from your scheduled life to keep your computer system well organized & optimized will help you to keep it running faster and will cause fewer problems to face.
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Yeah it's Ezoic — the world's first & only technology based Google Adsense Certified Partner. It's a best Google ad tester tool to increase website ad revenue and itself a better option than highest paying Google Adsense alternatives that works with Google ad exchange partners. And today this article will concentrate especially on Ezoic Review. In short and in comparison with the other web advertising services; the Ezoic is a website improvement program that will help you boost blog ad revenue to earn more revenue about 50% to 200% via Google Adsense by optimizing your best display ads, ad sizes, and ad placements automatically. According to my experience, it double adsense earnings from existing traffic. Lets check out how to get ad revenue on a website with Ezoic ad optimization Ezoic Review | Increase AdSense Revenue by Auto Ad Optimization
People used to search; what is Ezoic? does Ezoic work? Ezoic vs AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense work at same time? How much Ezoic earnings? Ezoic review 2017? Ezoic cost? Ezoic pricing? and much more... An optimizing blog is not only sufficient to maximize your Adsense revenue but optimizing ad slots, ad formats & placements are also considerably important. Besides, there are lots of bloggers or site developers failed to do it effectively. And hence Ezoic review will explain you everything that you need to know about ad optimization. How to set up a website and make money? How to make Google Adsense money? Note that - in order to maximize our AdSense earnings, you must need to optimize your ad slots assigned all over the web pages. Furthermore, the Ezoic is the best platform which has the goal that allows you to earn extra money without affecting website performance & improving user engagements. Habitually we all always seems to focus only on writing the site contents, it's marketing & to use other website optimization tools but most of us are get lose to concentrate on ad optimization like ad location, sizes, colors, and other formats used on a single page effectively. Ezoic do all the ad optimization itself & test it automatically in an excellent way to improve the CTR [Click Through Rate] of your site. Ultimately you the publisher will get the daily increase in estimated ad earnings [around 50% to 200%] with enhanced user experience, more traffic, more page views, and so higher PageRank. So don't waste time and get more about contextual ad networks revenue optimization and learn how to be get integrated with Adsense Certified Ezoic program into your website and get double your estimated Adsense earnings.
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The web and app developer has been regularly developing, and growing in terms of revenues and creating new jobs for HTML5 App Developer to open. Mobile technologies are evolving from year to year. Something unique is created in the world continually. The most leading mobile operating system & software such as iOS, Android, Windows phone more improved and requires high technical capacity. Simultaneously it needs a proper supportability. More than 1000000+ businesses already using various but best Mobile App Builder tools and top mobile development platforms. Let's check out only the best enterprise mobile application development platforms for the custom mobile app development requirements. Best Platforms To Develop Mobile Apps
People used to search; How do you make mobile apps? What is cross-platform mobile application development? What is the mobile application development? How do you build apps? How do you make an app to sell? Hybrid Vs Native app - Which one is Better? List of top mobile development platforms to start app development? If you are looking for the best platform to develop mobile apps or online app development sites or best Android/iOS web app development platform or want to know about How to make an app for iPhone & Android then you are arrived at the right page. The more modern mobile software, the most powerful tools for the mobile application development is needed. For developing a mobile app one has to draw up an app from scratch. This process is expensive and time-consuming one for most of the serious mobile phone application developer. There is actually no need to spend thousands of hundreds of dollars or waste months to develop an app. And only the capable Mobile app development company is recognized for building the high-performance & scalable mobile apps in this competitive world.
Why its so important to develop mobile apps for business? In the present world, everyone is using mobile apps. In fact, in many countries, people are skipping the desktop and laptop entirely and moving straight on to mobile telephony. The primary concern of mobile platforms and development environments is to earn the more number of users and deliver next level service with the greatest degree of engagement within a target market. The choice for platform becomes easy when people are using the same platform. Every successful mobile app not only satisfies the user needs or fix the problem but also provides advanced services than others. So it's a duty of any mobile web app developer to deliver the best mobile apps using reliable and strong platforms for building mobile apps. Here today I have listed top & best mobile app development tools, mobile platforms and development environments that will help you to DIY building mobile apps. Check out cross mobile platform development websites and tools shown below. Moreover, if you are a skilled person, then you can create your own app for your particular requirements with these app creator platforms.
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The prime question; how to monetize your website without Google Adsense from full-time blogging? How to start making blogs for money to earn from home? How bloggers make money with google ad alternatives? can you make money blogging? When it comes to making money from a blog, most of the blogger considers going with best Google advertising network for monetizing the content. Even though, displaying ads on the blog is the oldest still it is the most popular monetization way for making money blogging. By displaying ads, the simple blog can be turned into a source of income. And most of the new bloggers have the first aim of making money from advertisement. So start make money from highest paying pay per click ad networks listed below without investment. Top PPC Networks 2017 - Here I am going to discuss not only the best Adsense alternative to earn money but the tested high paying contextual PPC Ad Network that will allow you to make extra money with Adsense. As a blogger, to make money online, it is necessary to get registered with the various ad networks which work perfectly for your content. With plenty of top PPC networks available, those allow you plenty of opportunities to earn a handsome income. No doubt, the first and the foremost option available is Google AdSense. The Google Adsense is best in all the way. And that's why every new blogger always builds their blogs in thinking of making money with AdSense first. Well, there are several criteria needs to be considered for getting approval from Google AdSense. Many bloggers experience rejection from Google AdSense, or sometimes their running account is banned by Google AdSense. Overall, it may be a frustrating to hear such a bad news from Google AdSense. If you follow all the Adsense terms and policies carefully, you will not face any failure ever, and that applied to all other Adsense alternatives too. If your AdSense gets banned, then don’t get frustrated. The world is much bigger and is full of opportunities. There are many other Ad networks those are willing to work with you. There are many more options available where you can monetize your blog and earn a significant income.
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The question is; how to make smartphone faster without root/jailbreak? The Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. Android can do anything you want it to do, from taking smart pictures to calculating the temperature outside, booking tickets of the train, bus, movie or whatever. Everything seems on the fingers. But the things are not that much smoother with the Android performance. But why do Android phones slow down and sluggish to operate sometimes. There are some common Android errors need to fix and solve to speed up system performance. Improve Android Performance Without Rooting
People used to search; how to make smartphone faster? How can I fast my android mobile? How can I speed up my Android phone? How to save & extend mobile battery life? How to make the non-rooted Android phone run faster? What is the best app to speed up android? How can I make my phone Internet faster? How to fix Android battery drain issues? How to speed up android developer options? How to improve Android performance without rooting? Even, my friend who bought S7 Edge emailed me the question; how do I make s7 edge faster without ROOT because of warranty break issue... In today’s techno-friendly world you cannot imagine a day without a smartphone or be thinking to switch to other gadgets because this is not the smart way and it will not be an easy task, moreover you have to shift all your customised data. Setting the new phone according to what you like, is yet another hard task. And the question is how many times with new phones will you be switched only because of the processing problems of the older one? How many times will you reboot/reset your device to make it faster? What to do then? Only rooting the phone is the only option to solve Android slow speed? Is it not possible to make Android faster without root? What about the warranty then? It seems like a problem, right? Wel to surprise you, it is not an issue now. You don't need to worry, because, WITHOUT ROOT, there are many ways which can keep your phone run smoothly and you won’t face any problem. It means for any hang-ups or slowdowns of phone operations; you won’t have to switch your phone to a new or any high-end costly one. There are some quick and essential steps you need follow to avoid the mess of a slow phone. Not only we work on the Android errors but also, we are going to solve; how to make the Android phone run faster? How to make Android faster with developer options? How to speed up internet in android? How to make Android faster without root? How to make the phone faster internet? Not only the best app to speed up android phone let's check out some smart ways to keep your phone speed high and to speed up your android phone WITHOUT ROOTING.
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The WordPress is used by numerous of web developers across the world to deliver their information to their audience. WordPress is a powerful website blogging platform that when used can help you to build your reputation as a successful blogger or business owner. However, depending on your site and what you deliver to your visitors, there’s time when your site’s performance and speed may be lacking. If you’re having problems with a slow WordPress site, this article will give you the WordPress performance optimization best practices that you can complete which will help you to improve page load time and speed up your website. Let’s take a look. Speed up Web Page Loading in WordPress
People used to search How can I speed up my website? What is a caching WordPress optimisation plugin? How can I make my WordPress site load faster? What is WP Rocket? What are the best practices for speeding up your website fast? How do I optimize WordPress performance? If your website takes lots of time to load you can then expect your Google rankings to fall, and you then able to drive less organic traffic to your website. Basically, including optimized hosting for WordPress there are various techniques of WordPress site optimization that you can apply to speed up website loading. So, the purpose here is to provide you every possible, but best ways we know of that can make your website load faster. The significant advantage of WordPress site optimization by reducing your page loading time is that it will improve user experience ultimately with more page views. Eventually, all these methods you will see the reduced bandwidth usage of your hosting helps to keep your website lightweight & perform faster, improve pagerank in the SERPs and so Domain Authority. It decreases the number of requests to and from browser to user and application to the database, hence enhancing the overall site performance. Here I have listed beginners but best WordPress page speed optimization ways to improve your WordPress website.
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