There are lots of people spend money on apps for Android OS along with free users. But most of you Android users are not much aware that you can earn real cash and rewards by using special applications on your smartphone. Yeah that's true.. you just need to install and do some really easy tasks.

When it comes to making money from a blog, you have many options. One of the simplest is to place PPC advertisements on your blog, and you will be paid depending on the niche, quality of traffic, and number of clicks on ads. And today we are going to see the BEST earning program for all bloggers.

As you are come to see this page that means you obviously facing error while downloading or updating apps to your android mobile. No worries; we are here again, learn how to get solved and be ready for future issues mostly happened with App Store.

You have more than one email address and want to use both on same mobile, so if you ever want to setup your email ID you need to configure email client app on your device. Before setting up, you need to know what is POP and IMAP. Learn how to choose best protocol for accessing the email messages on your device.

Just upgraded to Windows 10, and started to update it automatically. But later on it got stuck by saying Error Code 0X80246008. Learn how to fix Windows 10 update install error and other similar errors.

Previously WhatsApp has introduced TICK feature in last year, focused to know the receiver has read that message or not. But what about the messages sent in group. How to know who has read it..? Learn how to know who has read WhatsApp group message.

I just installed new windows 10 update from official servers. But later then my PC got stuck in boot loop. Get restarted every-time I reboot my PC, even I was not able to check my updated OS version. Learn how to get out of this error.

In many cases you face such a kind of problem, when you want to access your CD ROM but administrator have not been allowed you to use disk drive. Or may some software banned permission to deny the use of CD ROM. Learn how to get out of this issue.

Have you ever faced the situation where you are in hurry and suddenly your battery goes down?  I think everybody have gone through such a kind of situation. So it’s the time to think on what can you do to not to stuck in such a situations? How to get rid of this problem? How to increase the performance of your gadget battery? Learn how to extend and improve the battery life.

Greenify - is an awesome app that could help to save battery and increase the performance of your android phone. Off course it’s better than task killers or managers. With Greenify, your Android device can also run almost as smooth and lasting as the first day you have it - they claim.