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If you are a blog writer, you must know the importance of the traffic for the content you publish on your blog. If you had subscribed my regular updates you got to know, there are different but effective ways to bring more and more audience plus organic traffic to the blog. The most important platform is FACEBOOK - it's an ultimate platform having millions of active users and so you can drive targeted traffic to your blog posts easily. How to get traffic from Facebook for free
People used to ask; what is Facebook traffic? How to promote blog on Facebook? How to increase traffic to your Facebook business page? How to get traffic from Facebook groups? How to drive traffic to your Facebook page? How to get more traffic to your website? In answering all too; you arrived at the right place, here you'll learn Facebook marketing success formula. Currently, we are living in the world of internet, people are used to getting online for everything. That is why it's become very important to reach to your audience online. There are many websites are built & designed to showcase the products and services, but, to make the people aware about all your products and services, it is vital to reach them. Social networking is the most effective medium that offers a huge gateway channel between the publishers & their targeted audience to introduce all their business activities to the public. There are a number of social-networking channels, but Facebook is the most popular one. The Facebook is the ultimate social media platform where you can remain in touch not only with your friends but with your business clients, subscribers, and followers. There are running a business on Facebook publishing user generated content and making money online. At the same time, you can use these contacts for business exposure. Facebook platform is an excellent place to market, promote and sell all the products and services of the business. This is the best place to get new clients for your business. For all the publishers, getting Facebook fans to the blog post or web page is more critical and challenging one. If you able to check the daily traffic report by Facebook you'll get to know that, it is one of the great sources to get targeted traffic to your website. The Facebook has an option that able to track website traffic becomes easy for publishers. Well, there are some important points to learn effective marketing on Facebook and those can help make the task easier and simpler for you as a publisher or business website owner. These tips not only help you to improve network marketing Facebook posts but to turn Facebook into a traffic monster. These are the most working methods to increase your Facebook page traffic by as much as 60%.
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Are you looking to build an SEO optimized page mostly for search engines to index quick in SERP? Want you to list in Top SEO rankings? then SEO is the most important term you need to consider to archive it which enables google search architecture to display your listing in higher positions without any web optimization tools. You always tend to keep an eye on the changes in search engine optimization and marketing strategies to improve traffic to website. One of the biggest challenges for writers is writing the content that is fully SEO optimized for search engines, and that also further need to engage your readers. The onpage and offpage optimization guide
The basic questions; What is onpage and Offpage in SEO? What do you mean by off page SEO? What is the on page optimization? How does an SEO work? What is search engine optimization techniques? How do I optimize my website for search engines? The on-page SEO is the basic practice of optimizing all your website pages in order to rank higher and build organic traffic from search engines. Your SEO website ranking is the most important part for your position in search results. You need to check SEO of a website keep an eye regularly on SEO technology that describes how to build an SEO optimized web page and most essentials things while optimizing your site pages. You required studying your website and the targeted customers to choose the best SEO method that works for your blog. And that is why today we are going to see SEO cheat sheet - the most basics of SEO-Friendly design strategies & development process that not only appeal your visitors but also for search engines. The web search optimization is not that much complicated rather it's the most misunderstood term even by biggest SEO optimization companies but, lately, you will get realize that SEO is most essential, effective and necessary topic once you started to understand the web content optimization that your readers gonna react first before search engine. Along with the keyword optimisation, learn essential guidelines suggested by search engine expert for building web pages that are optimized for search-engine and the basics of professional SEO services in simple steps. Out of on page optimization tool here, I have provided a basic guide for onpage and offpage optimization for your blog or website.
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Want to get more traffic to your blog? How to get 120,000 visitors to your blog in a week? How to improve traffic to website? How to get more readers to your blog posts? And the quick answer is; you need to create a video of your blog post. Let me prove it with very common but most familiar & most popular examples. Start by thinking about what you wish to achieve with your video content marketing strategy. I hope you get help from this article and structure for developing a content marketing strategy. Video content marketing strategy for blog
A content strategy and content strategy marketing methods are clearly distinct from each other. The video marketing is one the advanced methods for promoting your quality content. Most of the online businesses are adapting to video content marketing as a powerful and effective content marketing & promotion strategy. People also ask; How do you promote your blog? What is the content promotion? How do you promote a product? What are the different types of promotion? All the answers will be described here in this page; that includes a number of methods of promotion used in marketing that you can use to get more back links, social shares, and traffic from your content and that will make your post viral on social media. We all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world & the reason behind this; the most of the people tending to prefers watching a video rather than reading a text. Due to this, the video has more 'engagement-rates' than text. In addition to this, we all know that the human mind understands the language of pictures (flow of pictures = video) more than a text. Videos are one of the best ways to fire your content. So this is more creative & most effective way to increase traffic to your blog. So here I am enlisting some very important points that how you can use video to drive traffic to your blog. But before that remember one thing, you make sure your video should NOT be as helpful as your blog post as it may create a reverse effect & people just stick to your video & ignore your blog post. Stay connected you will get the idea. Here are 9 suggestions to get you started on your way to set your great social media marketing content strategy for your blog or website.
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Today we are going to introduce you Yahoo Ad network, the best Adsense alternative, and best ad network to make money blogging. Like all other probloggers, you too looking to make extra money from blogging; nothing new. All we know if you want to work from home or want to earn for your living then blogging is the best way to get started - start a blog, write creative posts on new subjects, focus on the topic of interest and share it on social media. Review for Publishers
Every writer & blogger realized that the BLOGGING is a best profitable platform for making money - blog makes you start a money earning medium from home. Today the question is not "How Do I Blog? or How to start a website?" rather the question is "How Do I Make Extra Money Online easy & fast through blogging & writing articles?" Making quick fast money through blogging requires a carefully best, selected & most blogged writing topics with fresh blog-post ideas which are also relevant to your niche topics. When it comes to making money from a blog, you have many options to earn without Adsense. One of the simplest ways is to place PPC advertisements on your blog, and you will be paid depending on your niche, quality of traffic, and the number of clicks on your ads. We have till now reviewed many contextual ad networks & scored as the best network outside of any other PPC Ad Network. And today, therefore, we are going to see the BEST earning program Media.Net: Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for all bloggers. That will make you extra income from the same blog. In the case of vs. Adsense, the estimated revenue is higher than Adsense earnings. No minimum requirements, quick payments via PayPal, 100% fill rate, and High CPM ads makes the best in Ad networking sites. Check out Best Alternative to Earn EXTRA Money from Blogging.
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The prime question; how to monetize your website without Google Adsense from full-time blogging? How to start making blogs for money to earn from home? How bloggers make money with google ad alternatives? can you make money blogging? When it comes to making money from a blog, most of the blogger considers going with best Google advertising network for monetizing the content. Even though, displaying ads on the blog is the oldest still it is the most popular monetization way for making money blogging. By displaying ads, the simple blog can be turned into a source of income. And most of the new bloggers have the first aim of making money from advertisement. So start make money from highest paying pay per click ad networks listed below without investment. Top PPC Networks 2017 - Here I am going to discuss not only the best Adsense alternative to earn money but the tested high paying contextual PPC Ad Network that will allow you to make extra money with Adsense. As a blogger, to make money online, it is necessary to get registered with the various ad networks which work perfectly for your content. With plenty of top PPC networks available, those allow you plenty of opportunities to earn a handsome income. No doubt, the first and the foremost option available is Google AdSense. The Google Adsense is best in all the way. And that's why every new blogger always builds their blogs in thinking of making money with AdSense first. Well, there are several criteria needs to be considered for getting approval from Google AdSense. Many bloggers experience rejection from Google AdSense, or sometimes their running account is banned by Google AdSense. Overall, it may be a frustrating to hear such a bad news from Google AdSense. If you follow all the Adsense terms and policies carefully, you will not face any failure ever, and that applied to all other Adsense alternatives too. If your AdSense gets banned, then don’t get frustrated. The world is much bigger and is full of opportunities. There are many other Ad networks those are willing to work with you. There are many more options available where you can monetize your blog and earn a significant income.
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We know Android is on of the best mobile operating systems. New upcoming Android versions are packed up with several impressive & exciting features announced regularly; their updates gives the enhanced operating platform for all Android users. But the updates does also come with their own Android issues. Nowadays two errors are most annoying issues of the common android error which came into the Android devices repeatedly showing the popup message ‘ has stopped unexpectedly’ or ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped’ related to Google Play Services problem. Fix the process of " has stopped"
What does com Google process Gapps has stopped mean? Why does my phone keep saying Google Play Services has stopped? How do you update Google Play service? How do I reinstall Google Play store? How do I fix my Google Play services? What can I do my Google Play is saying server error? Why is my Google Play Store Not Working? Most of the times it's easy to fix Android errors, and sometimes it takes the time to get solve. But these errors are just two labeled but are the same issues and mostly occur when the applications are unable to connect to their servers or if they are not in sync mode of your android device settings even though the mobile Internet is working fine with other apps on the phone. These issues are looks pretty hard but believe me, it’s very easy to solve. In this article, we will list out various solutions to fix the process has stopped error. In case the first solution not worked for you then try the second, and that should help you. In short, the error occurs when the Google Play services has stopped & not working. When I was working on Google apps & to fix Android error myself, I found out different ways for different mobiles phones of which this can be fixed. So let’s go through different possible clarification to fix this dreaded error of ‘ has stopped unexpectedly’ and ‘Unfortunately, the process has stopped’ keeps popping up. Here we have updated this article to make it work with a Lollipop, Marshmellow OS, HTC One M9, Hudl, Moto G, Samsung Nexus S, or Lenovo mobile phones.
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If you are going to get a domain name or selecting a domain name for your business, then you are on the right page to check most important things before you purchase a domain name for your blog/website/business/app etc. A domain name is more than an address. It’s your blog, your business, and your very online identity. That's why your domain name must show about you and your services. Let's check out best way to get a domain name for all your online activity. Things to consider before purchasing a domain name for a website
How to make a good website name? Factors for choosing a domain name for a personal website? Steps how to choose a domain name for your blog? Where to get good domain names examples or best website names list? Including that, one of the subscribers asked how to get a domain name for my business that works for the blog too. Well if you're starting a new online business, choosing the right name is one of the most important things you'll do that will build the base for your online reputation and better branding. There are a couple of factors and rules you should know before you get a domain name for any use. Make it familiar, easy to remember, and a pleased symbol of you and your brand. The purchasing web domain & maintaining your online branding is an essential part of your success online. They are searching for the things to consider before buying a domain name and I want to tell them to avoid some common mistakes while registering a domain for the business. We are going to shortly discuss do's and don'ts of securing a domain name and quick tips for choosing the perfect domain name. These are the things you MUST know before you register a domain. You just need to consider following points before you buy the domain name for your blog. Learn how to choose right domain name & embark on your URL buy as your online identity. Advance your businesses a step in the right direction by selecting a perfect domain name for your business - follow this page.
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You have known now about Bluehost WordPress hosting review and decided to go with the best web hosting provider in the world. Check out the most valuable Bluehost Coupons codes & Bluehost deals in one place. Save big with updated promo codes on BlueHost web hosting. Get the special discount & claim your free domain for your site online today. The Bluehost Webhosting service is officially approved by WordPress hosting page, and it's the best option for your new WordPress blog. Unlimited Web Hosting Promotional Code
Get up to 65% OFF with these current Bluehost coupons/promo codes for April 2017. On the Internet, you may able to see reviews on Bluehost, but for getting the highest discount, you need working promo codes. As because the Bluehost is an officially “WordPress” recommended web hosting service provider, the Problogbooster users can take benefit of an exclusive Bluehost coupon that helps you save big with highest discounts possible on your WordPress web hosting. Basically, the BlueHost Hosting starts for Just $3.95 Per Month with these codes, and you may also be able to get unlimited Hosting + Free Domain name. Check out all the current & tested BlueHost coupon codes, promo codes, deals & discounts for the year of 2017. For some countries, you may able to get Flat 45% OFF on WP Web Hosting + Free .COM domain name including Bluehost India Hosting. Here we have listed 100% Working deals and WordPress hosting coupon codes. As you know the Bluehost is listed in the top hosting service providers and is popular because they provide one of the cheapest domain registration (free domain with hosting) and highly secure hosting services. Use these codes and save your money with Bluehost India Discounted codes shown below. You need to bookmark this page as we regularly post latest, current and updated working Bluehost Coupon Code. Now the offer is providing you up to 60% OFF using the unlimited web hosting promotional code for Bluehost. This Bluehost Coupon Code is provided by one of the best hosting company of shared hosting & who are chosen by millions of users from all over the world. BlueHost offering discounts on shared, reseller & VPS hosting with exclusive coupons codes and special deals listed below.
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How to lazy load Facebook like button on the scroll after the page loaded using Jquery? Make Facebook likebox asynchronous to loaded automatically on the scroll. Learn how to lazy load scroll down jquery script files to improve page speed. Here on the problogbooster. I still use the method to asynchronous lazy-load other types of scripts, there is no need of javascript gettime to call it to run. Lazy load Facebook's likebox
I today demonstrate you Facebook lazy loading likebox for your site and auto load content on scroll down, so stop searching to defer lazy loading of Facebook widgets to speed up page loading. The Facebook likebox always downloads extra data when the user visits each time your site which causes page loading time slow. The Facebook developer button with like Box is a special version of the LIKE Button designed for Facebook Pages. Showing "Like us on Facebook page" is easier but it cost much in terms of page loading. This method uses to defer both JavaScript + HTML Facebook likebox button and follows all the rules by Facebook page developer. This technique also lazy load the Facebook content placeholder css while you scroll the pages. The widget code and jquery lazy load content on the scroll. There is special like box WordPress plugins for the custom like button facebook widget that load content while scrolling with jquery. But what about the blogger users? What if the facebook app not loading faster as page load? This tutorial answers for blogger and Facebook widget WordPress code as well to use jquery on the scroll for differ loading of Facebook like fan page by using jquery ajax load javascript. Here I have provided the direct code of widget for Facebook page likebox as a Facebook like page plugin. I suggest you use it with your website not only for faster page loading but for better Facebook marketing. Learn how to add Facebook to the website and how to defer the loading of Facebook like box by lazy load FB JavaScript for making page speed much faster.
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