Top 9 Ways To Drive More Blog Traffic From LinkedIn | Social Media Marketing

Looking for a great platform to establish the brand name in the market? Want to promote your business to drive traffic? Looking for the social media marketing strategies to reach more and more target audience? Looking for increasing the blog traffic? The ultimate solution available is LinkedIn. But how to grow your business & how to post to LinkedIn that'll drive traffic to your blog website. Social Media Marketing - LinkedIn is a social networking site specially designed for the business community. It's been listed in the best social media tools it offers an excellent platform for the businessman, professionals, and bloggers to establish professional relations with the people. Meanwhile, the LinkedIn security breach makes it unstable, but after getting its roots, it is the ultimate social networking platform in order to build trust professionally. You can promote your business and get your name in front of potential prospects & it will set you apart from competitors. It is a valuable resource for business professionals to network, get support and find targeted audience. Through LinkedIn publishing, it is easy to build relationships with potential customers, clients as well as with the partners. It is the best platform for building strategic relationships. Overall, with additional LinkedIn revenue added to estimated earnings, it helps to bring traffic to the blog and growing the business with several folds. Through LinkedIn, the business can gain a new member almost every second and that is why its the best internet advertising platform. With free business advertising & millions of professionals, the LinkedIn offers a huge network of an audience the business can target. LinkedIn drives more traffic to B2B blogs and sites. It is easy to find the target audience for the business through LinkedIn. And for this, it is necessary to bring more and more people know about your blog. So, it is ideal to use LinkedIn platform for getting excellent blog traffic. So let's check out how to promote LinkedIn post to make you famous and drive massive traffic to your blog.
Traffic From LinkedIn Social Media Marketing
Traffic From LinkedIn | Social Media Marketing
Last time we have seen, 16 Ways To Quickly Improve SEO Ranking [2017] That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your Website and today we are going to see how LinkedIn publishing help you to get massive traffic for your blog.

Drive More Blog Traffic From LinkedIn

Promote Your Business - To get more blog traffic from LinkedIn, it is necessary to concentrate on some important points. Here are some great ways to start driving traffic from LinkedIn from today itself!

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile & Your Brand.

As you know, the first requirement of every social networking channel is to create a personal profile. Accordingly, for LinkedIn, designing the personal profile to drive enough traffic through LinkedIn is very important. With most impressive profile it would be easier the optimize traffic flow towards the blog post.

To optimize the LinkedIn profile along with your brand, it is essential to have a good online reputation. In the 'About' page you can introduce yourself with a brief summary of your previous work & experience. The quick summary should clearly explain about your likes and business. Be sure to make it easy to get for the people to contact you via LinkedIn or email. In order to get more traffic for your blog post, you can link your recently published blog posts in your profile. It is always recommended to share the part of the content that can inspire the people to visit the blog. Just note that the media that appear in the summary section is the first thing the people see while viewing the profile. So, it is important to add catchy media in the short summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

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2. Finding and Joining a Group.

To drive more and more people to your brand or profile and in turn to the blog post, you need to find and join many but active groups. Joining and participating in groups can be a great social media marketing strategy you can follow. LinkedIn groups are the root to the network with the peers and the targeted audience. Find groups having related interests and get connected to them. Take an active part in the group, introduce yourself. Start commenting, provide guidance, greet the members, etc. This way you can drive traffic towards your profile. The more people visiting your profile, more are taken towards your blog post.

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3. Make Your Own Group.

You can create your own group and take an active part in the group activities. The group will help you for building communities that can, in turn, help you drive traffic towards blog post. So, it is essential to take efforts to remain active in the group. Also bigger the size of the group, more traffic you can bring to the blog post. Here are some tips on how to remain active in group:

  • Send an invitation to the email addresses you have. 
  • Call social media followers to get connected with you.
  • Send request to LinkedIn contacts.
  • Link your group on your blog.
  • Add descriptive title and description.
  • Post fresh content regularly.
  • Host interesting discussions frequently.
  • Ask for feedback or comment.
  • Comment on other blogger’s post.

4. Create A Company Page - Building Your Business.

In order to bring quality traffic to your high-quality content, you need to create a company page. You can provide a brief, clear description of the business and can share the regular updates about the enterprise. This will make other LinkedIn users to trust you and click on the links added to your profile.

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5. Share Quality Content for Your Marketing Promotions.

Sharing quality content is very important. You can share the content from your company page or from your personal profile. LinkedIn specially designed business platform to promote your business. Thus, it is very necessary to consider the quality of the content. A quality content sharing will definitely help grow your audience and ultimately the customers. Here are some valuable tips for creating quality content:
  • Write user-friendly and easy-to-understand content.
  • Make it interesting, appealing and attractive.
  • Use images and videos.
  • Add thumbnail images as well as higher resolution images with every post.

The quality of the content plays a vital role in getting significant exposure. Also, more you share good content with rich media, you will get high exposure. So, always try to share quality content and get exposed to larger and larger audience.

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6. Add "Share This to LinkedIn" Button.

Adding a LinkedIn button to your site or blog is yet another way to get other people share your content on the social media sites. LinkedIn buttons are free and take just seconds to set up. The social sharing button allows your visitors to share your content with their own network. It also makes easier for sharing the content through the groups. This way you can have a large number of viewers and ultimately diverted towards your blog post.

7. Republish The Content For Traffic & Exposure.

It is very important to remain active on LinkedIn all the time. Sharing fresh and new content is necessary. At the same time, you can republish your content. This way you can reach to new readers and drive new followers to your e-books, guides and so the website.

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8. Choose the Right Content to Share on Social Media.

The content you share must reach to the right audience. At the same, it is necessary to consider sharing the right content. In order to drive organic traffic to the blog post, you should share good content with your readers. The relevant content shared can make the reader trust you. As a trustworthy blogger, your reader will always wait for your new post. This way you can bring more and more readers for your blog post.

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9. LinkedIn Mobile App - Use LinkedIn On-The-Go.

The mobile application of LinkedIn has been developed to make networking possible and easy on the go. By participating on LinkedIn through your smart device, you can stay connected and engaged anytime and from anywhere. You can keep your LinkedIn profile active and can drive views to your profile. Ultimately, you can drive more visitors to your blog.

Bottom Line

If you really want more users to read your blog, it is first required to share it on the social media platform. LinkedIn is the specialized social media channel primarily designed for professionals and businessman. LinkedIn is a professional web platform where you can easily publish the content. It is a professional social networking channel where you can find your place for getting more exposure. According to my point of view, the LinkedIn is the best platform to make your readers know about your content and thereby make them your permanent followers of your blog post. Use LinkedIn to make your content shine and focus on driving targeted traffic that having relevant interests in your blogging niche.

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