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Remove Default Widget CSS bundle, Authorization.CSS To Get Fast Website Loading Speed

Nowadays, everybody wants fast results. Google Search Engines also gives top rank to those pages which get loaded quickly. There are many wa...

Vinayak SP 25/08/2022

WordPress Free vs Premium Themes: Which is Best? Pay Or Not? 15 Pros and Cons, Comparison

With the lots of free Wordpress themes available, you may be questioning why you would ever pay for a premium theme? And it is a right ques...

Vinayak SP 17/12/2022

Fixing Structured Data Errors | image_url | mainEntityOfPage in Blogger

Yesterday some one reported me about new error showing in their website while testing in Structured Data Testing Tool. First I ignored but w...

Vinayak SP 17/04/2022

6 Must-Know Security Practices to Protect Your eCommerce Store (2024) Against Hacks/frauds

Have you taken enough steps to prevent your eCommerce website ? Does your site is secure enough to fight against cyber criminals ? Prote...

Vinayak SP 24/04/2024

Know ADS.TXT and Add ads.txt in Blogger/WordPress for Ad Optimization

The " Authorized Digital Sellers " = " Ads.txt " is a reasonable initiative introduced by the IAB (Interactive Advertisi...

Vinayak SP 2/03/2024

Seoify - Fast Loading Responsive Blogger Template [Update 2024]

Nowadays, every blogger wants to grow, progress in the competition, and always eager to make their blog site more customizable with the best...

Vinayak SP 22/05/2023 4

Get FREE Custom Domain Email Address With Zoho Mail For Your Business

Give your email address a pro and personal touch with your own custom domain name. Owning an email ID with your own domain shows you have a ...

Vinayak SP 10/04/2023

Making Blogger Responsive Mobile-friendly Template Design | Responsive Web Development

In the future more people are going to use a mobile phone as compared to the computers to be online, rather they are getting started now, an...

Vinayak SP 5/03/2024 2

Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools Helping You Get Higher Search Rankings [WP Optimization]

Are you a blogger with quality content to share and want to drive more traffic to your website ? Do you own a small business and want your w...

Vinayak SP 16/02/2024

Write For Us | Guest Blogging - Get Free Backlinks, Traffic & Exposure

If you're a creative person and you can make stuff that other people will like to read or watch, then PROBLOGBOOSTER will put you in wi...

Vinayak SP 1/01/2024

Top 30 Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

This article deals with those sites which share AdSense revenue with you depending upon the kind of work or help you do on those sites. In ...

Vinayak SP 29/05/2023

Dublin Core Schema [DC Meta] Tags For Website To Boost SEO

For any website, the SEO meta description & meta keywords is one of the most important factors to get higher rankings in search result...

Vinayak SP 6/10/2021 20

Blogger Vs. Self-Hosted WordPress (2024 Comparison)

Choosing between BLOGGER and WORDPRESS ? Dive into this comparison to find the perfect fit for your blogging journey. Uncover features, eas...

Vinayak SP 26/11/2023

12 Indispensable Factors to Consider Before Starting to Create a Blog | Blogging Checklist 2024

It's very important to know everything about what you are going to start. And particularly to be a successful blogger it's essentia...

Vinayak SP 12/03/2022

25 Best Free AMP Blogger Templates 2024 To Speedup Your Loading Speed

The idea behind creating a website varies from sharing your expertise, info to promoting the products or services. Everyone has a different...

Vinayak SP 5/07/2023

Generate & Add XML Sitemap For Blogger 2024 | Sitemap Generator To Instantly Index in SERP

Once you start a blog as a career to make money blogging , then you need to know how the search engines work and how to get listed [ SERP ]...

Vinayak SP 12/09/2023 2


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