Top 30 Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

This article deals with those sites which share AdSense revenue with you depending upon the kind of work or help you do on those sites. In return, you get revenue from those sites. Generally, the question may arise why someone would share their earnings with you. The answer is that they want to engage users in helpful discussion and later on the analysis of the work/help done by you they start sharing their excess revenue.

Ad revenue sharing sites
AdSense revenue sharing sites offer a combined platform to create a free website, publish your articles, and then with an option to add advertisements for generating ad revenue regularly. Many AdSense ad revenue-sharing sites give you an opportunity to get 100% of the earnings generated by Google AdSense ads, which are placed to your articles.

You don't actually need to apply and get an account from AdSense. You just write quality content and publish regularly with the websites you work for. Then the revenue yielded from AdSense is shared between the pages writers and the website administrators.

I have the most popular ad revenue-sharing websites list that writers might be interested in checking out. As a content writer, you can make pages around various subjects like blogging, fashion, technology, moreover tricks, tips, howto, and hints on a variety of topics including arts, fashion, food, hobbies, pets, entertainment, shopping, bitcoins, news, and many more. In return for publishing your content to the site, you will get up to 100% of the ad impressions on your articles. Let's discuss those sites which share their revenue.
Best Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites
Best Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

What is AdSense revenue sharing?

Every AdSense publisher gets a percentage of the earnings determined by Google linked with the display of ads placed with the content on the website. This percentage is called the revenue share and is shown within your AdSense account.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views on the website?

AdSense pay 0.2-1$ per 1000 views and it is totally depends up on CPC, CPM, RPM and CTR.

Which type of websites get higher revenue from Google AdSense?

The website which has a quality content focused on a perticular topic and have high organic traffic.

What are revenue sharing sites?

The site calls writers, publishers, to build quality content for their brand website, and in return, they offer the percentage of ad revenue placed with their content.

How is revenue sharing calculated?

Ad share is calculated as per the work and quality you provide over a perticular period of time.

How to earn from AdSense revenue sharing sites?

Sometimes, you just need to sign up on any of the websites and later apply for AdSense. After getting approved by AdSense, you just need to wire both the account with AdSense account and start earning.

Top 30 Best Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

Sharing steady and high-paying ad revenue share programs. Advertise ads and make money online from revenue-sharing sites. Here's a complete list of effective revenue-sharing sites and blogs that pay you a sharing of Google AdSense revenue or an amount according to your work per page.

Most popular best google AdSense revenue sharing sites:
  1. Blogger
    Google-based Blogger platform allows you to create BlogSpot’s and earn revenue from those blogs. You can also have a custom domain despite of sub-domain. It allows you to keep 100% of the revenue earned. So we give blogger first rank.


    • Easy to use: Blogger is a user-friendly platform that doesn't require any technical knowledge to set up and start publishing content.
    • No upfront costs: There are no upfront costs to start a blog on Blogger, which makes it an accessible option for beginners or those on a tight budget.
    • AdSense integration: Blogger is owned by Google, which means it has seamless integration with AdSense, allowing bloggers to monetize their content easily.
    • Large audience: Blogger is a popular platform with a large user base, which means that your content has the potential to reach a broad audience.
    • Customizable templates: Blogger offers a range of customizable templates, enabling bloggers to create personalized blog that reflects their branding.


    • Limited control: As a hosted platform, Blogger has limited control over the blog's design and functionality, which can be frustrating for some bloggers.
    • Limited monetization options: While AdSense is an excellent option for monetizing a blog, it's not the only one. Bloggers on Blogger can't use other ad networks or monetization methods outside of AdSense.
    • Limited customization: While Blogger offers customizable templates, they are limited in terms of design and functionality. Bloggers who want more control over their blog's appearance may find the options limiting.
    • Limited support: As a free platform, Blogger doesn't offer premium support or customer service to its users. Bloggers who run into technical issues may have to rely on online forums or self-help resources.
    • Limited ownership: Blogger is a hosted platform, which means that bloggers don't own their content. If Google were to shut down Blogger or terminate a blogger's account, they could lose all of their content and followers.

  2. Youtube
    Google-based video-sharing website YouTube allows you to earn from the YouTube partner program. Anyone who has good skills, and can make attractive videos for YouTube viewers and engage them. Then YouTube will allow you to monetize your video and earn through them.
    YouTube is a video-sharing website owned by Google that provides users with a smooth platform to upload, share and watch videos. The YouTube Partner Program is the best format for creators to make money by monetizing their videos through ads. To become an ad partner with YouTuve and start making money with YouTube AdSense, that youtuber must satisfy some eligibility criteria, like having at least 1000 subscribers on their channel and at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
    Once a user is approved for a YouTube affiliate program, they can monetize their videos by enabling ads on them. This allows ads to be shown before, during, or after the video, and creators get a portion of the earnings generated from those ads. The amount you earn depends on elements such as the number of views, the viewer's location, and the type of ad.

    To maximize revenue, creators must focus on creating quality content that engages and keeps viewers engaged. This includes developing a unique style or niche, using quality equipment and editing software, and using social media and other marketing channels to promote the video.

    Making money on YouTube is the best income source opportunity for those with the skill and passion to create engaging videos, but it's essential to keep in mind the challenges and limits of the platform. This may include competition from other creators, changes to the YouTube algorithm that may affect viewability, and strict content & advertising policies that may limit monetization opportunities. Still, for those who can build a strong following and consistently produce quality content, the YouTube Affiliate Program is a possible source of income and a platform to share their creative talents with a global audience.


    • Large user base: With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has a massive audience that can be reached through AdSense ads. This means that there is a lot of potential for revenue generation.
    • Ad format variety: YouTube offers a variety of ad formats including display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and skippable and non-skippable video ads. This allows creators to choose the format that works best for their audience and content.
    • Targeting options: Advertisers can target their ads based on demographics, interests, topics, and keywords, making it easier to reach the right audience.
    • Analytics: YouTube provides detailed analytics for creators to track their ad performance, including views, clicks, and revenue generated. This allows creators to optimize their ad strategy and improve their revenue.
    • Revenue sharing: YouTube offers a revenue-sharing program for creators, with a percentage of the revenue generated from ads on their videos being paid out to them. This can provide a steady stream of income for creators who are able to build a large audience.


    • Competition: With so many creators on the platform, there is a lot of competition for ad revenue. This can make it difficult for smaller creators to generate significant revenue.
    • Ad blockers: Some viewers use ad blockers, which can prevent ads from being displayed and reduce revenue for creators.
    • Ad fatigue: Viewers may become tired of seeing too many ads, which can lead to lower engagement with the content and fewer ad clicks.
    • Algorithm changes: YouTube's algorithm can be unpredictable, which can affect the visibility of a creator's videos and the revenue generated from ads.
    • Content restrictions: YouTube has strict guidelines around the type of content that can be monetized, which can limit the revenue potential for creators who create content that is not deemed suitable for advertisers.
    It's important to note that these pros and cons are not superlative and there may be other components to deal with when using YouTube as your AdSense revenue-sharing site.

    In short, YouTube is a popular video-sharing website that allows YouTubers to earn income through their YouTube Partner program. By creating engaging videos and developing a strong following, YouTubers can monetize their content through ads and get a portion of the revenue generated. But yeah, success on this platform demands dedication, hard work, and a passion to adapt to changes in the YouTube ad network. Still, for those who can master the platform and build a strong brand, YouTube can be a lucrative and rewarding platform to share their creative talents with the world. 

  3. eHow
    Publishers use eHow to have the highest ad revenue from online work by writing quality articles. This site allows you to write any subject you like and to publish them with categories styles. With better navigation, you will have more views and so higher AdSense revenue.


    • Large user base
    • Easy to use platform
    • Multiple content categories
    • Potential for passive income
    • Revenue sharing program


    • High competition
    • Limited control over ad placements
    • Limited monetization options
    • Strict content guidelines
    • Inconsistent revenue potential

  4. HubPages
    Hub pages allow users to share content and publish their blogs. On registering, they give you a subdomain and from that subdomain blog, you can earn.


    • Large community of writers and readers
    • Easy to use platform with built-in tools for content creation and optimization
    • Multiple revenue streams, including AdSense, Amazon Associates, and HubPages' own ad program
    • Potential for passive income with the ability to earn revenue from older articles
    • Revenue sharing program with a high percentage of ad revenue going to creators


    • High competition with a large number of writers and articles on the platform
    • Limited control over ad placements and the types of ads displayed on articles
    • Strict content guidelines and quality standards, which can make it difficult for some writers to get approved or maintain their accounts
    • Inconsistent revenue potential, with earnings depending on factors such as article quality, topic, and traffic
    • Limited ability to customize the design and layout of articles, which can make it difficult to stand out visually from other articles on the platform.

  5. Webanswers
    It's a similar website to Yahoo where you can ask questions and answer any question. The only difference is that Web answers pay you for Ask/answer any question.

  6. Ditigalpoint forums
    It is a good AdSense revenue-sharing forum. It provides an 80% share of the total ad revenue generated to the contributor.

  7. Grow Rich Forum
    Grow rich forum is a revenue-sharing forum that rewards all of their active members and you can wire up your AdSense account with them and earn. You can share your experience, ask and answer the question. The more you engage in healthy discussions, the more you earn.

  8. Weebly
    Weebly provides a good writing platform for creating your online presence using a website or blog on influential free hosting. It's the best revenue-sharing website to start a blog. Currently, Weebly terminated the revenue sharing and now allows the contributors to get all 100% of revenue from Google. So installing the Google AdSense ads with your content on the site can fetch you 100% of revenue.

  9. JournalHome
    This is what most beginners always looking to start with AdSense. Recommended for the newbies. JournalHome provides an option to start free blogging where you can insert your AdSense ads and get a 100% share of the total ad revenue generated.

  10. Infobarrel
    InfoBarrel is well known for being the best revenue-sharing website for freelance writers. InfoBarrel shares earnings with publishers that are generated using Google AdSense. Infobarrel allows you to earn money through various means for publishing articles. Infobarrel shares around 70% of AdSense earnings.

  11. TrendHunter
    If you looking to have paid writing sites then Trendhunter is the good option for you. Also with fully optimized on-page SEO, your content will get listed in top positions easily. TrendHunter also allows the contributors to get all 100% of revenue from Google. With better SEO, you will be able to drive more organic traffic, and so higher AdSense earnings share with TrendHunter content.

  12. Indiastudychannel
    Indiastudychannel allows students can participate in their expanded revenue-sharing system. You will be allowed to keep 90% of the AdSense advertising revenue from your study/exam/project/thesis material. If you are a scholar then it's strongly recommended to go with the site.

  13. Seekyt
    It is the best AdSense revenue sharing and paying website as far as article writing is concerned. Here publishers make money by writing articles on any topic. This revenue-sharing site rewards contributors with 50-80% earnings share and increases with your reputation.

  14. Docstoc
    It's one of the best document-sharing platforms. Here publishers require to upload their documents. Whenever you submit any document on this website, AdSense ads will also be shown on that document. When someone clicks on those ads then you will get paid via AdSense.

  15. HowToDoThings
    HowToDoThings allows you to earn money for publishing articles about 'How To Do Things'. This AdSense revenue-sharing site rewards publishers with 50% earnings share for posting tips about HOW TO DO things through your writeups.

  16. FreerangeStock
    Photographers can earn considerable profits with their clicks. This site transfers 100% of its AdSense ad revenue to its users. If you are a photographer then it's strongly advised to go with the site. Whenever users download your photos you will get paid.

  17. Snipsly
    Snipsly accepts publishers from anywhere in the world who looking to publish quality writeups on any topic they enjoy. Snipsly provides an option to start free blogging where you can insert your AdSense ads and get an 80% share of the total ad revenue generated.

  18. Flixya
    It is also a trendy ad revenue sharing site, and that provides 100% of ad revenue share to all the publishers. Flixya is a social networking site where you can share videos, photos, and articles. In return they allow you to put AdSense code in your account profile. You will be paid 100% of the AdSense revenue.

  19. Squidoo
    Squidoo allows you to create lenses, articles and show ads from different advertising companies like Chitika, AdSense, Amazon, and eBay.

  20. Yousaytoo
    YouSayToo is a sharing community where you share, discuss, and become famous on the web and create your own blog and earn money from Google ad sense.

  21. Xomba
    You can make money by sharing your ideas, interesting stories that you own in your account. They will allow you to apply for AdSense when your account becomes eligible for their policies.

  22. Bukisa
    They allow you to share your articles and content on their websites and earn from displaying ads on their own written articles and content. But not only articles, you can also share Videos, Pictures and etc.

  23. SheToldMe
    Here you require to perform regularly, write pages on regular basis to get regular AdSense ad earnings. Here you need to publish your pages on the website and wait for gaining quality backlinks. More backlinks cause more views and so more ad revenue.

  24. I esteam
    Here you require to sign up and have an account and then need to post more than five unique and quality articles. This is one of the most trendy community-based 100% AdSense revenue-sharing websites. It offers 100% AdSense revenue with the publishers.

  25. TypeaParent
    Typeaparent shares profits with contributors that are generated using Google AdSense. Typeaparent allows you to make money through various means for posting articles. Typeaparent gives you a chance to earn 100% of the money generated from AdSense ads, that are added to the writings of the publishers.

  26. FireHow
    One of the authentic AdSense ad revenue-sharing websites with high domain authority. It allows users to earn and get paid once they reach min $10 via PayPal. Publishing quality and unique information is a must to work with FireHow and to earn ad earnings.

  27. RantRave
    RantRave shares 100% AdSense ad earnings by writing articles. Share your skills and expertise and build a community to get more ad earnings. It offers the total of the earnings generated by contextual ads posted on the articles you write.

  28. ArticleIncome
    ArticleIncome is the most acceptable revenue-sharing site that rewards publishers with 60-80% earnings share and increases with your reputation. You just need to publish articles and reviews regularly.

  29. DotNetKicks
    It is a community-based news portal website for Dot Net. The revenue sharing is in a ratio of 50-50. That means, whenever you post a news story, your AdSense ID is used and the relevant ads will be posted with the content and you will receive 50% of ad earnings.

  30. Oondi
    All you require to do is write quality content, publish articles, submit to search engines and wait for the productive results that you will get in a short period of time. This also provides 100% of the share of the AdSense income that is generated by your work with Oondi. (Oondi is now expired)

Bottom Line
Getting an account of Google AdSense for your website or blog is certainly not that easy as most of the users think to be. The idea of Google AdSense Ad Revenue sharing websites is one of the best options for people who are eager to work and make money online.

Its one of the best and easy online income methods.

If you know of any working and authentic AdSense revenue sharing sites do let us know. We will update the current list.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and help us spread the word.

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