5 Secrets of Using Targeted Keywords For Maximum Effect [SEO Best Practices]

Adding the targeted keywords is the one part of SEO to get organic traffic to your website and blog. Learn the hidden secret of using targeted keywords and research for getting higher search rankings and to reach the maximum audience. As a blogger you might know that the right & related keywords are the essential aspects of every blog page. The keyword is nothing but your brief idea and topic that defines what your content is all about. By using targeted keywords, your page will increasingly visible in the top list on any search engine.
Keyword targeting
Keywords help to get huge traffic on your blog page. When you start to write any page, make sure to add some important and main keywords according to your topic. As might know there are many people and social influencers who are making viral content that it suddenly gets popular. How can people do that viral? How their content makes visible on the top and trending page? Are keywords helps to go viral? This is what we are going to learn on this page.

To be popular and if you want to get more and more traffic you need to focus on choosing the right keywords on your blog page. Make sure to avoid using the same keywords again and again. Google, Bing, and much more are the most popular search engines that work on optimized but targeted keywords on the internet, once you get to know which keywords are perfect to your blog page including how & where can you add, it will much beneficial for you.

Basically, every publisher has its goal to reach the maximum audience and every blogger wants his post to go on the top of the Google search result page. It all possible when you work on the right keywords on your pages. Keywords are as much as defining your topic to your targeted audience also it describes the quality of your content. When you talking about keywords most of the people many times, they use a phrase i.e. long-tail keywords; instead of just one word, I must say it will not worth, if the article has a lower word count. I cannot say that you can’t use some targeted phrases but you can use any long-tail keywords which are popular in the search engines.
Secrets of Using targeted Keywords: Adding the targeted keywords is the one part of SEO to get organic traffic to your website and blog. Learn the hidden secret of using targeted keywords and research for getting higher search rankings and to reach the maximum audience.
Secrets of Using targeted Keywords: Adding the targeted keywords is the one part of SEO to get organic traffic to your website and blog. Learn the hidden secret of using targeted keywords and research for getting higher search rankings and to reach the maximum audience.
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1. Understanding keyword mystery.

Welcome to my blog and the world of Keyword mastery! Till now I posted several posts about SEO and keyword research. I really hope so far, you've learned and study a lot about keywords and how to use it so it will make a maximum effect on your page. Are you ready to start using keyword research for your next project? I will give you some guidelines on how you can use your chosen keywords on your blog page and on your content as well as in your youtube videos, or any whatever you are going to publish your content on the Internet.

Many people create solid content & useful blog pages and then they will be ready to publish it on their website. Content is ready, but what about the standardness? What about the quality? What about keywords? Without using any proper keywords your page will not able to come in the top list of Google search results. Once you've prepared with a list of keywords to use, you have to make sure to pick wisely from the list. Choosing only related keywords helps to get maximum traffic.

Targeted keywords are much effective for your page and search ranking too.

You can give yourself an advantage over the competition on the internet by using the right keywords. Online writers compose pieces of content but some of them never know the role and impact of using the right keywords and failed to know how to increase chances for getting higher rankings for the pages.

To be honest, it is not simple to get listed all your pages to rank one on the Google search results. Google algorithm is a very closely attentive mystery and it knows anything and everything about your web activities on the internet. You can not crack the Google algorithm, you can not trick or use any hack to break search listing rules. But yeah, with proper guidelines and following practices you might get rich to the top of any search results.

What you need to do and what is the process to get maximum effects using a proper keyword, this is what I am going to give you a guideline in this article. Now, one thing I will say is that, when you're actually doing your keyword research and if you have keywords to publish then there are certain rules you need to follow. Some of those steps and rules I’m going to cover off in this article. Make sure to stick with this page till the end I am sure it will help you a lot.

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2. Tricks for making the most valuable keywords.

Importance of Keywords for SEO Optimization
Importance of Keywords for SEO Optimization
In this paragraph, I am going to give you some tricks about making the most valuable keywords for your content. While researching about it I have learned a lot about the specific information according to the powerful keywords and its research. I have learned many people's blogs and I consider what things that you need to add in your content and what things are working for search engines and also what’s working for your readers. One thing I would like to mention here is that nobody is 100% sure about the exact final rules and what things are work and what doesn’t.

There is not any manual that gives you all about every single rule one by one. Things are getting change day by day on the internet, so you cannot predict for sure that this thing has been a good example for me and for my contents. A long time ago there have been things which totally different according to this year. Search algorithms are getting change periodically.

Presently there is a bunch of information you will get on the internet about domains and SEO keywords. Important keywords help you to rank higher in the Google search engine results. But if you see, some ideas and strategies that you applied, it doesn’t work sometimes and sometimes necessarily works for you. You might or might not get any penalties or any bonus to using these strategies according to keywords. So, you need to understand that some things and some facts have grabbed the attention of the users through your important keywords and that’s you need to learn in this internets leading market. As time goes by the internet also that constantly changing, you will see new things and huge differences on the internet. So, by keeping this thing in your mind, including your competition, you have to work as per the requirement of your targeted user.

So first of all, I want to recommend you that you always need to focus on adding the main keyword and highly related keywords in your content.

Basically, adding one targeted and more related keywords means that when you're doing research about your keywords, you should make a group together with similar words. When you write any content, it is most important to think about how to write content perfectly according to the readers and how can you able to put together using more but related keywords into one article according to SEO.

In your blog page it is most important to add your main keyword and then add some secondary keywords which highly related to the page. when you learn how and where to put main keywords your page will increase your chances of getting higher on search results.

Now let’s focus on Google Autofill. As you might be known when you're typing any of your queries or any keywords in the Google search box, the Google bot automatically completes the further sentence for you. Sometimes you get quite funny and random answers which are nothing related to your subject and with what you’re actually looking for. When Google autofills it for you it's providing you a list of popular answers.
Google Autofill
Google Autofill
Google’s going to give you popular search results in autofill. How can Google show these words and how-to autofill works? Some keywords are generated mainly by getting the search queries typed by various people and this is what you need to learn and then add such relevant & necessary keywords on your page.

You can add some long-tail popular keywords on your blog page. This is quite important to grab a targeted audience to your page. But if you want to target traffic particularly from the US or UK, then make sure that when you do work on Google, do the research about how Google serves for the US, UK users, and other countries as well. Google is always trying to develop their search system and grab the way that what people like to search as per each country's use.

It is all okay till your content writings and blogging that how you present to the people. Google does take a lot of other factors including, how somebody does arrive on your page from one of the keywords, how much he spent time on your web pages, and when he leaves at what page. So, if you're providing something that offers no value or they are searching for the keyword that arrived on your web site and then realize it's not really useful or worthless they're looking for then they’re going to hit the back button on the browser. This will increase the bounce rate and affect your search rankings badly.

Learn from your competitors; how they use their keywords, and monitor your own website for keyword search queries. So start with a broad PPC keyword research strategy, target only related keywords as per your niche, and use better SEO techniques while writing your next page.

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3. Keyword usage best practices.

On this page I would like to give you SEO keywords usage best practices and these are the things that you can do to improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results. I want to start off by explaining to you that keyword best practices are only one part of a much bigger search engine optimization.

In order to push your content to the top of the search engine results you need to be mindful of SEO on a much wider scale. You need to understand that there are additional things you can do outside of doing good keyword research that's going to help you get to the top page.

  • I must say if you are new to using keyword best practices this tip certainly going to give you a head start and get you on the right approach to help you improve your rankings. Using proper keywords in the description really important to tell Google or Bing exactly what your articles about. It scans your content and crawls certain places. Even though, the keywords are used to help you to give a trigger and provide a description to exactly what you’re talking about in your article. You have to ensure this, you need to place your keyword in the title so there's no confusion.
  • One more place to put your keyword is in the permanent link i.e. permalink of your page (specially in WordPress). This is very easy because you can just simply edit it and change it with your keyword. Keep in mind that you do want it to look quite nice as well. So, when somebody is looking at a web site they don't look up and say you are real and natural. It's a good practice to begin adding your keywords in the permalink.
  • Always include your keyword in the first paragraph of the text. Online publishers when they're writing at the beginning of a blog post or article they'll use bigger text placed as the categories of the page. Those publishers intent to do this to make more of an impact and to grab the people's attention with the help of bigger text format shown at the first and then they start the second paragraph as normal writing.
  • When you load images on your blog page, you have the option to give a name i.e. caption to your image and its description (alt-text) too. You have an option for editing and adding user-defined alternative tags. The reason I'm doing this is Google itself and being in the other search engines will use alt tags of images as part of a way to identify exactly what the contents about you are always included in the image. As I mentioned before, you don't just have to post only standard text with any kind of article or content but with the related images added with targeted keywords in its caption and description.
  • I already mentioned earlier about H2 and H3 tags on other posts pages which are basically a way of indicating that this is a heading or subtitle and something of importance. What you can do here is to slightly change your main keyword and put it here in under H2 or H3 tags. You have to think that Google and the other search engines are really just computers scanning the text and using certain algorithms to pick out certain elements of that text.

Making bold and italic the targeted keywords is also a good practice that provides extra consideration from search engine bots.

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4. Things not to do with keywords.

How To Perform Keyword Research
How To Perform Keyword Research
Throughout this page I realize I've spent a lot of time telling you what you should do and how to do it. Now at the end of the keyword mastery, I do want to just spend a few moments explaining to you about some important factors that you shouldn't do as part of your keyword research and implementation.

Google really identifies all the tricks and different ways as well as the other search engines about many black hat people. And if any of them feel a little bit shady or something to get an unfair advantage you could actually see yourself getting penalties and this could be your content being blocked from getting to the first page of Google or even more prevented to crawl your whole website to get indexed.

Now to ensure it doesn't happen to you I would ensure that you don't do the following things:
  • keyword stuffing: And as it sounds it means stuffing your keyword everywhere in your article more than it would naturally appear. So when you're formulating your article use the keyword organically and be attentive to use it. In fact most publishers go by a rule that you shouldn't actually insert your main keyword more than 1% of the total content you have in your article. So this means if you've got a thousand words you shouldn't include your main word more than 10 times. I follow this rule and have never had any issues.
  • Now key keyword mixing is similar to keyword stuffing is when you start using a keyword multiple times in titles, headings, subheadings hoping that it will give you some kind of advantage. Now unfortunately it works against you if you enter the same main keyword multiple times in one piece of text. Surely it is going to flag to Google and the other search engines and instantly can be seen as you trying to game the system. So don't do it now onwards.

5. Unique content.

When you write articles you should always make sure it is not duplicated from anywhere else. Also I would make sure you don't do is copy your own content and post it twice on the same website or blog. This is why you should always try and find unique keywords each time you write a piece of content or a new article for your blog or web site.

If you have the same keywords and same content appearing Google will identify that you're trying to cheat the system again and again. You will also receive penalties or you might even have your content they indexed from the search engine altogether.

You have to be really careful to ensure that any keywords you use appear naturally and as of a word as if you are having a normal conversation.

How to Optimize Your Content For Your Target Keyword
Well this is the end words of this page. I really hope you've enjoyed keyword mastery. As I said for beginners this gives you an insight of how you should use keywords to begin writing content being more thoughtful of how you can improve your chances of ranking higher in search engine results to get more organic traffic. One thing I want you to remember though is that the Internet and online world is an extremely fast-paced and constantly moving industry.

Keyword research is only one piece of the puzzle and I think it would be foolish to think that after doing this course, you don't need to learn anymore. But make sure that keywords are the main point while when you are writing any content page.

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