12 Rules How To Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money 2017

Blogging is one of the best source of income these days. Many successful bloggers are earning huge per month. To become a blogger is easy, but that is not good enough. Everyone starts blogging to be successful in this competitive blogging platform. Successful Blogging Strategy: Be A Successful Blogger - They were asking how to create a blogger website? And then they have lots of issues now. There are lots of questions; how to become a successful blogger? Vlogger? Fashion/ beauty blogger or any? How to be a problogger and get paid? Or how to start a successful lifestyle blog which not only makes money online but also provides you name and fame for your blogging passion for sharing your knowledge with the world. Make money blogging is not remained rocket science now, most of us making money seating at home by successful blogging. They know from choosing successful blog topics, starting a blog on blogger to blog marketing, blog promotion as well as template editing. Here I have listed most important steps & tips helps you becoming a successful blogger and you need to follow to become a professional blogger.
Successful Blogger Rules To Follow To Be A Successful Blogger ProBlogger
Successful Blogger Rules To Follow To Be A Successful Blogger  Then ProBlogger
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12 Rules To Follow To Be A Successful Pro Blogger

There are some people who start blogging with a desire to be a big & wealthy blogger but at reaching some stage they find it difficult to maintain it persistently throughout in that position. Either they stop blogging or change their content. They forget that a successful blogger goes through passion, hard work, dedication & motivation & then they become problogger by consistent. So let's check out some but most important things which are important to be a successful big data bloggers.

Strategies To Become A Successful Blogger & Make Money:

1. Build Better Reading Habits

I have previously suggested in many posts, what reading is capable of. It increases our knowledge. Reading other bloggers blog posts will certainly help you to get the way of writing a blog post. Reading allows you to think for what are the changes you should do with your content? Or where you are missing? Just note that; one of the first reasons to be a successful person is the habit of reading. Read how they have done it? What tricks they have used? Read what they want to say? We are always a student & learning something new on every time during reading that gives a chance to improvement. Read others blogs, books. If you get even a single idea, then your reading will worth it.

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2. Stay with topic

What you want to write should resemble with your topic. The writing should justify the topic. Don't leave the subject in between. It may distract your reader to another blog. Your start, middle & end should be in accordance with your topic.

3. Build a Blog You're Passionate About or Don't Even Bother

Readers can guess writers emotions through his writing, whether he is bored or enthusiastic. Being passionate about what you write, shows your emotions in your writing. If you're passionate about your writing, you will put all your emotions in it showing your enthusiasm. You will enjoy writing & will go deep into your content automatically & the readers will also enjoy reading your content.

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4. Write Great Blog Content

Content is a key factor of blogging; you can call it as a center/heart of blogging. A good content with easy to understand language can make a huge difference. You are sharing & promoting your posts correctly & become successful to engage the readers, but your blog content is not up to the mark then all your efforts will turn worthless. Once the readers get upset on you, they might not visit your blog again. It doesn't matter how much blog posts or great looking blogger website design you have. A few blog post with a good, quality content is what you need to do. Take your own time to create a valuable content.

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5. Build a Unique Blog That Stands Out Among the Millions

It's almost impossible to write a unique content as there are many blog posts are available in the blogosphere, so somewhere something is gonna resemble. Therefore try to be original. Each & everybody has something different in them from others. Create a blog in your own unique way which looks different from other bloggers, so that you will have your separate identity.

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6. Interact with Readers & Other Bloggers

Blogging is a two - way communication. You should answer readers comments & look for their suggestions to fulfill it next time. Here you will come to know that what are your mistakes? & what improvements you have to do? Also join bloggers community & keep interacting with other bloggers on social media. The reason behind this is that all the successful bloggers have the huge number of readers & followers. If they like one of your posts, then all their readers will also like it as the readers have faith in them & that will be the biggest advantage for you to get the readers attention towards you.

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7. Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

Writing is a backbone of blogging, an essential thing you must have for blogging. If you want to be a successful blogger, you should love writing because the excellent writing skill is a sign of a successful blogger. The readers' attention depends on a lot more on the sort of writing skills you have. Obviously, a great writing skill will be paid more attention. I have seen a variety of persons who have a vast knowledge of their respective fields & if they start writing the words will fall less. But unfortunately they find it difficult to get it on the page, it's only because they think that they don't have great writing skills. The reason to mention this, it doesn't mean you should start writing like an expert from day one; but try to maintain standards while writing your content.

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8. Be Patient: Key to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Nothing is gonna happen overnight & it is true with blogging also. It always takes the time to build the audience & get success. Expecting a lot more hits after posting a few posts is like expecting a newborn baby to walk from the first day. Be practical, don't hurry. It's a time-consuming process. You need at least 6-7 months to get something from it. Blogging tries your patience to worth it. So don't run away, be patient & never give up.

9. Get to search

It's certainly a tough job to get your blog posts in search results and get higher search rankings from billions of blog posts already listed over there. You should optimize your blog for the search engine by focusing on some particular but traffic grabbing popular keywords that users search for in search engines. So put those familiar & common keywords that users search the most in a search engine. Also, you should add some photos, videos (especially tutorial videos where you are going to teach something to the audience). Add call-to-action buttons where you think they are necessary.

10. Blog Consistently Without Burning Out - Key To Traffic

Be consistent, try to post on a regular basis. There shouldn't be a large gap between two postings. Consistency is required to maintain the connection with the readers. Because once they get diverted, it will be difficult for you to get them back as there are many blogs available. They can find what they want from other blogs as well; they may not wait for you even forget you. So make your schedule & post often enough.

11. Catchy Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic

Choose the headline that differs from other bloggers. Create it with a question like how to......? what are.....? Or a numeric like Top 10 things you need to know........ Write attractive headlines that convert viewers into readers.

12. Publish New & Latest Updates

Writing history or past events is not going to worth to read. People don't find an interest that happened a month ago. They want to know the recent updates. Be in the present, it's important to show that you have the latest, fresh content.

So these are some qualities a blogger should have to become successful. A regular blogger just blogs but a successful & problogger blog not only built for money but also spread the knowledge to help his audience. If I miss something here, then let me know via comment section shown below. Please do share what you thinking because that more matter for me to run my blog.

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