[FIX] "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped"

And a message comes out showing: "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped" I was really annoyed by this error while using Samsung galaxy series. First, it gets unresponsive then a popup message will display that error and it gets stopped and then it will get restarted. Furthermore, once your play store app down; one more error shows; "Unfortunately, Touchwiz has stopped" is also the same type of Android error... Grrrrr!!! "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped" - Since the online market website like PlayStore owns by the Android development console. The Android developer console allows developers to easily build and share their apps directly with users. And it's easy to have Google app developer account for application install and test. Learn how to get rid of this error. Moreover, "Unfortunately App Has Stopped" is a different kind of error and have different solution. It seems that Samsung has been suffering a lot of complaints about their TouchWiz Home launcher which has been slowing down their devices and these Android smartphone is not out of such problems fully and that's why it showing such errors. Learn how to solve Android error with simple tweaks.
Unfortunately Touchwiz home has stopped solved - problogbooster
Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped solved
Last time we have seen; 12 Tips To Improve & Extend Mobile Battery Life. Mostly for Android OS this happens when you trying to switch from an app to the HOME screen or trying to delete any of your app pages from the HOME screen or trying to close an icon folder. Lots of users are really fed up by this error [samsung touch wiz] and demanding for the update from Samsung officially including Samsung mobile services. Sometimes these samsung touchwiz errors are caused by some unwanted and 3rd party apps, pople are eager to search how to get free apps on google play store and they got stuck on SPAM apps since the touchwiz launcher is not enough works as firewall. I suggest you to add device to google play apps store carefully and keep your phone out of useless apps. Also you need to keep an eye on touchwiz update too.

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How to fix Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped

  1. Go to Settings >> Home screen mode >> Select Easy mode >> Click Apply.
    Here the screen will refresh and come again in few seconds. The error gets solved by this method too.
  2. But if that error still presents there then you need to change animation scale in developer option; for that, you need to put animation scale back. You know what, this error is regarding the drawing the objects (that means movements of icons, pages etc) on screen.
  3. Go to settings >> Developer option >> Window Animation Scale >> select .5x to 5x or any.
    Also, try by changing Transition animation scale or you need to change Animator duration scale setting too and one will surely work

Let me know what experience you have gotten.

[Update 29 Jan 2016]
For the TouchWiz crash: "Unfortunately, Touchwiz has stopped", just disable Gestures in Parameters, no reboot needed. Works.

[Update 20 April 2016]
In your application manager under all, find TouchWiz home. Clear both cache and data. This will clear all of your home screens, so you have to restore the apps back, to your preferences.
- G. Pastyr

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data:post.title [FIX] "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped"
4 stars - "[FIX] "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped"" And a message comes out showing: "Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped" I was really a...

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