Adsterra Review 2024 - A Best AdSense Alternative

Looking for an honest Adsterra review? Curious about Adsterra vs AdSense? Wondering about Adsterra's requirements or if it's free? Look no further! In this review, I'll cover all the important points and give you all required details on Adsterra. With Adsterra, you'll have access to a user-friendly platform, easy ad management, and the potential to earn more ad income from 1,000 impressions compared with others. Join Adsterra today and unlock the potential to maximize your ad earnings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to monetize your website content with a reliable and trusted ad network. Sign up now and take your online revenue to new heights with Adsterra!

Which is better Adsterra vs AdSense?

Choosing the right ad network is like picking toppings for your website sundae - both AdSense and Adsterra offer sweet deals but with different flavors. Let's scoop up the key points:

Is Adsterra "fake"? No way! Both AdSense and Adsterra are legit ad networks. However, AdSense is the established veteran with stricter policies, while Adsterra is the slightly younger, more flexible option.

Mixing toppings? Not ideal. Each network has its own rules, and combining them might lead to conflicts and frowns from both sides. It's best to stick to one initially and see how it goes before adding another scoop.

So, which one's the winner? It depends on your website's recipe!

For high-quality, mainstream content: AdSense might be your jam. Think higher payouts, user-friendly ads, but stricter policies and a wait for approval. It's like the classic chocolate chip cookie - reliable and delicious.

For less conventional niches: Adsterra could be your sprinkle surprise. It welcomes diverse content, approves you quickly, and offers various ad formats (including some that might be a bit loud, like sprinkles!). Think funky rainbow cookies - exciting, but maybe not for everyone.

As for Adsterra's pay in India? It varies based on your niche, traffic source, and ad format. Research is key! Remember, the "best" network depends on your unique website and goals. Experiment, have fun, and choose the flavor that makes your website sundae truly special!

Adsterra Review
Adsterra Review

What AdSterra Users talks about Adsterra?

Adsterra Review
Adsterra Review

It seems that Adsterra is highly appreciated by its users for various reasons:

  1. Quality Traffic & Support: Users have praised the quality of traffic and the constant improvements made to the platform. The support from their managers is also highly appreciated.

  2. Innovative Ad Formats: Adsterra has been commended for launching innovative ad formats such as social bar and their CPA algorithm.

  3. High ROI: Users have found Adsterra effective for advertising and promoting affiliate products, achieving great ROI.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The control panel is easy to use, making it simple for publishers to place ads on their site.

  5. Excellent Customer Support: Adsterra’s support team is available 24/7 and responds quickly to queries.

  6. High-Quality Native and Push Traffic: Adsterra is recommended for those looking for high-quality Native and Push traffic.

  7. Professionalism: Users have praised Adsterra for their professionalism, clear communication, and timely payments.

  8. Business Growth: Some users have seen their business grow significantly after working with Adsterra.

  9. Partnership Satisfaction: Users have expressed satisfaction with their partnership with Adsterra, appreciating the high amount of traffic at fair rates.

  10. Long-Term Cooperation: Users have expressed gratitude for the long-term cooperation and friendly relations with Adsterra.

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Why Adsterra is Best?

Adsterra is a Reliable Native Ads Network for Publishers because:

  1. Great Viewability and Clickability: Native ads seamlessly blend with the content, avoiding banner blindness and encouraging user interaction.

  2. CPM Soars with Relevant Ads: Native banners integrated into the context of the content are non-intrusive and generate higher interest among users, leading to increased CPM.

  3. Desktop and Mobile-Friendly: Adsterra's native banners are designed to match all interfaces and platforms, including iOS, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.

  4. Smart Filters for Unwanted Ads: Publishers have the ability to set filters that exclude intrusive ads, such as those with sound, ensuring a positive user experience and maintaining the integrity of their content.

Monetize All Type of Traffic

1. Desktop or mobile website traffic

Are you running a News or Books website, a Marketing or SEO blog, or providing URL Shortening or File Converting services? If so, you've probably considered earning revenue through online advertising or affiliate marketing. Look no further than Adsterra, the trusted ad network for publishers.

Apply Adsterra network and experience the same high CPMs that over 18,000 webmasters and affiliates already enjoy.

No matter your traffic comes from desktop or mobile devices, Adsterra offers a best opportunity to monetize your website and maximize your earnings. Don't miss out on the chance to turn your traffic into revenue with Adsterra!

2. Monetize Your Social and Mobile App Traffic

Are you a social marketer, influence marketer or an affiliate marketer who wants to monetize your social media followers? Whether you have a large following on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, Adsterra have the perfect solution for you.

Adsterra offers a smart direct link feature, which is an incredible offer-to-traffic matching tool. It allows you to maximize your earnings by turning any converting button or picture into a source of revenue. This tool is not only beneficial for social marketers but also for mobile app developers and owners of messenger groups, chats, and channels.

Start monetizing your products and traffic today with Adsterra's smart direct link and unlock the potential of your social and mobile app traffic.

3. Monetize Your URL Shortener and Domain Parking Traffic

Are you looking to monetize your type-in traffic effectively? Domain parking monetization has proven to be a highly profitable category for years.

With Adsterra, you can take full advantage of this opportunity by using a range of ad formats that generate profits without causing annoyance to your users. If you own an URL-shortening service, there are multiple ad unit combinations available to help you thrive. You can leverage in-page push ads, popunders, classic banner ads, and even short video pre-rolls to maximize your revenue.

Start monetizing your URL shortener and domain parking traffic with Adsterra and unlock new levels of profitability.

Types of Adsterra Ads

Types of Adsterra Ads
Types of Adsterra Ads

Type of Online Ads for Publishers:

  1. Banners:
    Static ad formats for desktop and mobile websites, providing stable profits. They can be used on blogs, e-shops, and various inventory.

  2. Native Banners:
    Adsterra's native ads are AdBlock-resistant, cost-effective CPC, CPM, and CPA campaigns. They blend seamlessly with editorial content, allowing publishers to customize ad blocks, colors, and fonts.

  3. In-Page Push (Social Bar):
    An advanced alternative to web push notifications. Adsterra's Social Bar runs on all OS and browsers without requiring opt-ins. It offers built-in templates or customized designs.

  4. Social Bar:
    Boost CPMs for publishers and achieve higher CTRs for advertisers. Customizable with animated icons, videos, custom banners, and countdowns, attracting clicks and driving conversions.

  5. Popunder:
    Displayed in a new browser window or tab, popunder ads can remain hidden behind the main window. Adsterra's popunder script ensures 100% responsiveness.

How Do Websites Making Money from Adsterra Ads?

Publishers Instantly Profit from Adsterra Ads
Publishers Instantly Profit from Adsterra Ads

Publishers profit from Adsterra ads through the following means:

  1. 100% Browser-Friendly: Adsterra ensures that 100% of the traffic is monetized as their ads are not blocked by browsers. Their AI algorithms guarantee ad relevance to your niche.

  2. Stable, High Revenue: Popunder ads offered by Adsterra remain one of the most highly paid ad formats, providing publishers with a stable source of high revenue.

  3. Increased CTRs for Higher CPM Rates: Adsterra's ads have the potential to achieve higher click-through rates (CTRs), which can prompt higher cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rates, leading to increased earnings.

  4. Multiple Ad Formats: Adsterra offers multiple formats of ad creatives, ensuring a wide range of ad views and opportunities for monetization.

  5. UX-Friendly Format: Adsterra's ad formats, particularly pop ads, are designed to be the least intrusive, requiring no additional space on the web page, resulting in a positive user experience.

  6. Top-Paying Verticals: Pop ads from Adsterra attract solid offers from lucrative verticals such as Finance, Software, Gaming, and Gambling, ensuring higher earning potential for publishers.

  7. Near-100% Fill Rate with Offers: Adsterra maintains a near-100% fill rate with a wide variety of offers available for publishers, ensuring consistent monetization opportunities regardless of the season.

  8. User-Friendly Format: Adsterra's ads look neat and friendly, providing a non-intrusive experience for users. They require minimal ad space and can fit seamlessly into any website layout.

  9. Easy Installation: Implementing Adsterra ads on a website is quick and straightforward, requiring only a single line of code.

  10. Relevant Ads with Smart Matching Algorithms: Adsterra's ad platform utilizes smart matching algorithms to deliver only relevant ads to publishers' websites, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

Top Adsterra Services for Publishers

Top Adsterra Services for Publishers
Top Adsterra Services for Publishers
  1. ECPM for Higher Income:
    Increase your revenue and eCPM by optimizing the performance of your traffic, even with lower bids for your specific GEO.

  2. User-Friendly Self-Service Platform:
    Quickly obtain ad format codes, monitor statistics and CPM, and have the flexibility to filter out unwanted ad types.

  3. Real-Time Revenue Control:
    Gain insight into how advertisers bid for your traffic, track clicks, and monitor your revenue growth in real-time.

  4. Partner Care:
    Receive dedicated support from the Adsterra team, who can assist with code implementation, provide CPM optimization advice, and help resolve payment-related issues.

  5. API for Tracking Traffic Performance:
    Effortlessly monitor the performance of your domains and placements, and easily integrate your statistics with third-party systems.

  6. +5% Extra Lifetime Income:
    Take advantage of Adsterra's Referral Program, earning additional income for each partner who joins the network through your referral link, with no limitations on the number of partners you can refer.

Why to Join Adsterra?

Why Join Adsterra
Why Join Adsterra

Here are some reasons to join Adsterra:

  1. Three-Level Security: Adsterra employs a combination of innovative in-house and reliable third-party fraud detection systems, along with manual checks, to ensure a safe and secure experience for its users.

  2. Self-Serve Platform: Adsterra offers a user-friendly self-service platform that is fully automated, allowing users to easily navigate and understand the processes intuitively, without the need for a dedicated account manager.

  3. Partner Care: Adsterra goes beyond traditional support by providing personalized assistance. They offer 24/7 multilingual online chat support and analyze each partner's specific case to help them choose the most effective ad formats and settings.

  4. Multiple Ad Formats: Adsterra provides a wide range of web and mobile ad formats, including Popunder, Native Banners, Banners, Social Bar, and Direct Links. This variety allows publishers to maximize their earnings by choosing the formats that work best for their audience.

  5. Tailored Payment Options: Adsterra offers hassle-free onboarding with integrated materials to help partners familiarize themselves quickly. Their lightning-fast moderation process ensures partners can start monetizing their traffic without unnecessary delays.

  6. Anti-Adblock Solutions: Adsterra provides three anti-Adblock options that can increase publishers' revenue by an average of 35%. This means that even if users have ad-blocking plugins, the Adsterra code continues to run, allowing publishers to keep earning.

  7. Global Coverage: Adsterra has a presence in 248 countries, providing global coverage for both advertisers and publishers. They have a diverse range of partners from all tiers, ensuring a wide range of monetization opportunities.

  8. Impressive Reach: Adsterra serves over 30 billion monthly impressions on average, indicating the vast scale of their network and the potential for publishers to reach a large audience.

  9. Direct Publishers: Adsterra has a network of over 18,000 direct publishers with genuine worldwide traffic. This ensures that publishers can connect with high-quality traffic sources and maximize their earning potential.

  10. High Fill Rates: Adsterra boasts near-100% fill rates for publishers, meaning that there is a high likelihood of ads being served and monetized effectively.

  11. Quality Traffic: Adsterra provides unique and high-quality traffic from both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring that publishers can tap into valuable audiences across various platforms.

Advantages of Using Adsterra

Here are 7 advantages of using Adsterra:

  1. Adsterra offers quick approval for publishers without any wait or minimum criteria for website quality.

  2. Adsterra provides competitive CPM and CPC rates; better than those offered by popular ad networks like Google AdSense.

  3. A variety of Ad Formats enables you to optimize your ad placements for maximum revenue generation.

  4. Easy integration options, making it simple to implement their ads on your website.

  5. Adsterra offers multiple payment options.

  6. Adsterra provides timely and reliable payments.

  7. A dedicated support team is available to assist you with any queries, provide guidance on optimizing your ad placements, and address any issues or concerns you may have.

  8. Adsterra has a global presence and offers advertising opportunities in various geographic locations (Like the United States).

Disadvantages of Using Adsterra

Here are 4 disadvantages of using Adsterra:

  1. Some times, the ads are irrelevant, and adult, and gambling ads showing.
  2. Even if you turned off erotic, gambling, alert, and ads with sound, still, the site still shows those kinds of ads.
  3. Header ads can lead to higher bounce rates as they disrupt visitor engagement and hinder comfortable navigation on the website. It’s crucial to balance ad placement with user experience.
  4. After implementing Adsterra ads, users on Reddit identified malware on my site. Through personal chats and evidence like screenshots and videos, I confirmed the issue, which seems to affect certain countries but not India or the USA.

Adsterra Payout Methods

Adsterra Payout Methods
Adsterra Payout Methods

Adsterra offers several convenient payout methods to get your hands on your hard-earned advertising revenue. Here's a quick rundown:

Standard Options:

  • PayPal (Hyperwallet): Popular choice with fast processing and global reach.
  • Wire Transfer: Direct transfer to your bank account, ideal for larger sums.
  • WebMoney: Popular in Eastern Europe and certain Asian countries.
  • Paxum: E-wallet with international reach and multiple currency options.
  • Bitcoin: Secure and anonymous cryptocurrency option.

New Feature:

  • Local Bank Transfer: (Beta) Get payouts directly in your local currency through Hyperwallet, reducing conversion fees and simplifying the process for 42 supported countries.

Additional Information:

  • Minimum payout: Varies depending on the chosen method ($5 minimum payout, 15NET payments).
  • Payment schedule: Twice a month (1st-2nd and 16th-17th).
  • Processing time: Varies depending on the method (typically 2-3 business days).
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