12 Best Ways To Speedup Rooted Android Phone | Top ROOTED Android Apps

Is the warranty for your phone over? Or do you want to use your Android to its maximum potential? Yes, rooting your Android device will enable you to do so. The Android rooting is nothing but Android jailbreaking. Learn how to make rooted android faster & how to fix slow android phone including the list of best android apps for rooted phones (100% Works). Android system is best mobile OS, but check out top 10 rooted android apps & new ways to improve Android performance and avoid battery drain issues. Speed up android device after rooting
Android users used to search for; how to make cell phone faster? How can I make my Android phone faster? What apps to install after rooting? How do I overclock my Android phone? How to speed up data connection? How to speed up the rooted android mobile? How to overclock Android: turbocharge your mobile device? How to make Android faster xda? How to use 'Speed Up Swap NoAds' (root)-pro apk apps? how to make a tablet faster? My smartphone is running slow, how to fix it? So I listed apps to speed up/boost Android mobiles after rooting and tested strategies to do with a rooted phone to make it run faster.

Yesterday, I published a page talking about; Top 12 Things YOU SHOULD STOP TO DO on Mobile Right NowBefore this, I was in search of some queries like; how to speed up my phone? What app is slowing down my android? Should I root my phone? What can you do with a rooted phone? How to make my phone faster? How to speed up the internet on an Android phone? How to improve the performance of Android phones just after root? How to fix phone slow working? Rooted phone now what? What to do after rooting? Even so, I personally don’t want you to sit idle after rooting the phone.

Out of the many things you wish to do post-rooting, I’m sure speeding up your Android device would concern you big time. After quick research, with the customization apps for rooted android, I got the best performance booster for android devices. There are various ways to speed up Android phone and best root apps to improve Android performance. With the benefits of rooting, I have listed best apps for rooted Android that critically uses the advantages of rooting OS to make rooted Android faster. In quick suggestion, the Superuser app is the first recommended rooted app anyone should install once your Android phone is rooted derived by best Android mods (free and paid).

This article deals with methods that can not only make your device faster, & make phone internet faster but also more optimized once you are done rooting it. As you know, today, there are apps for almost everything. It only makes sense for developers to come up with apps that fully optimize your rooted device. Before discussing those apps, here are some quick tips on how to maintain your newly rooted Android phone performance up. [Note: Since it's rooted, don't blame us if anything goes wrong with your Android device in the process.]
Speed up Rooted Android
Speed up Rooted Android
Last time you saw, How to speed up Android WITHOUT ROOT since most of the user don't want to jailbreak Android and lose the warranty nor want to play with Android OS. But in case, if the user gets the full control of operating functions of OS after Android jailbreak, then it will help the user to boost the Android performance to the next level.

What to do after rooting? How to improve the performance of Android phones just after root? How to fix phone slow working?

These are the best ways you need to follow to speed up and make rooted Android faster:

1. Move android apps to the card to speed up sd card performances.

Some apps come with this feature by default. However, since you have full access to your phone now, you can move all your apps to your micro SD card. This will enable your phone to be faster as the space occupied by an app in your device’s ROM will be freed once you move it.

DroidSail Super App2SD (ROOT) is one such app that can help you with this task.

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2. Overclock Android device to increase kernel's clock speed.

Smartphone companies set a maximum CPU clock frequency for their devices so that the device doesn’t come across an unaccounted error. This is also done to stop the CPU chip from overheating. However, now that you’ve taught your phone how to be obedient enough, you can install custom kernels which support overclocking.

This custom kernel will be different for each device as each smartphone uses a different processor and a different hardware configuration. Make sure that the custom kernel is available for your phone specifically, or you might end up bricking your phone. After your custom kernel is installed, you can overclock your CPU by a few megahertz and voila – your device is running faster than ever.

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3. Safely remove bloatware for faster performance.

Many Smartphone companies have a habit of preloading a new device with a set of mandatory apps (most of the apps are unwanted) that at most can be disabled on a phone that is not rooted. But since yours is, you have the undoubted privilege to kick these apps out of your phone’s software; i.e. uninstall it completely.

I know how ridiculous some of these system apps are. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and so on have been doing this for quite some time now; and it’s time to put an end to this.

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4. Make use of CUSTOM ROMS to boost the performance.

Your Android device comes with a stock ROM. However, now that you’ve rooted it, you are free to choose from a plethora of custom ROMs all over the internet built by developers by optimizing stock ROMs according to individualistic needs.

Some of the most popular custom ROMs are:
CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Cataclysm, OmniROM, XenonHD

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BEST ROOT APPS: Improve Android performance

Now that you know the basics of maintaining your phone after rooting it successfully. After rooting your Andriod mobile OS, you quickly need to follow and install these best root apps to keep your Android faster. These are the most essential Android apps to speedup rooted devices. Check one by one and use it as possible to boost Android performance.

Below are some apps that will definitely boost your device further and enable you to have a better SuperUser experience:

1. Greenify: Make android run 10x faster.

This app works like a charm for users that have rooted their phones. It basically does the job of hibernating your background apps. What’s more, you can choose specific apps to go into hibernation, and at the same time let important real-time apps like Facebook and WhatsApp run seamlessly in the background.

Greenify app is probably the best when it comes to battery saving. It is also helpful for users who have overclocked their device as it minimizes the CPU load. Recommended: Greenify - Auto Android Phone Booster & Battery Saver App

2. ROM Manager: Improve your android phone's performance.

ROM Manager is a must – have an app for all those people who want to keep flashing and updating to the new ROMs just for the sake of better and newer user experience.

ROM Manager app enlists all the famous custom ROMs available for your device and has preferences which will match your need. You can also save ROMs on your SD card and install them at any point.

3. Titanium Backup root: Most useful root apps for high performance.

Titanium backup righty serves the purpose of the best backup application out there. It gives you the opportunity to backup user-specific data from your apps. Also, it backs up your applications without actually closing them.

You can also create your own 'update.zip' file containing apps and their data. What’s more, it supports its own Dalvik cache cleaner.

4. Trickster MOD: Overclock kernel settings to boost rooted android.

Till this part of the article, you might have been wondering, how exactly does one overclock the CPU after rooting. Well, this app is the answer to your question.

Using this app, you can speed up your phone, or choose to under volt it (i.e. underclock your CPU) so as to save battery life. Although there are many apps for this job, this one’s got the best interface by far. It is also a great app to know all about your CPU and make it your work for you.

5. Root Firewall Pro: Efficient firewall app for android.

As the name shows, this app will act like a complete firewall for your rooted device. With this app, you can optimize the data usage on your phone. Apart from limiting data usage, you can set preferences for apps where they will use either mobile data, or your regular Wi-Fi, or both.

This Firewall even has options to separate 2G/3G/4G data for selected apps. Use this app, and you will never worry about apps using data without your knowledge.

6. ADBLOCK PLUS: Stop pop-ups on Android.

Are you an avid mobile gamer? Do you hate pop-ups during a game? Well, you won’t have to go through that experience any longer – thanks to ad block plus.

ADBLOCK app will definitely enhance your gaming experience and also your overall device performance.

7. XBooster *ROOT* - Fix Android lagging.

This app, small yet effective, boosts the multitasking capability of your device to the next level. With its tiny widget, you can boost your RAM at any point of time, regardless of whatever app you are currently on.

What brings this XBooster app on this list is the fact that you can now kill system app processes in order to free more RAM. It also has an option for video/gaming graphics enhancement.

Bottom Line
With all these apps and guidelines, I am sure you will have learned how to really use your rooted Android to its full potential. However, always make sure to download the most stable version of any ROM to avoid any mishaps with your phone. But, if you are a beta tester/developer, it’s altogether a different ball game.

A heads up for gamers – you can also download ROMs that essentially turn your device into a game emulator.

Having said that, always know in the back of your head that you are installing such ROMs at your own risk. You can’t really approach your smartphone maker if something goes wrong with your device after a successful root.

Keeping aside the serious stuff, make sure you enjoy using your device and use your rooted device for a morally correct purpose. There is no other feeling like unleashing your device to its full potential.

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