[SOLVED] 3 Ways to Fix Unfortunately, App Has Stopped Error on Android

Sharing troubleshooting methods to fix Unfortunately app has stopped. Because of system glitch such Android errors occurred while an app gets crashed.. Continue reading...

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Are you also facing issues on your phone? I am sharing here a few ways to fix the 'Unfortunately app has stopped' error on Android. Using an Android phone is one part, and using with errors on the phone is another part. Getting errors on Android is not new, moreover, an Android phone is never been 100% stable these days, so we can expect such errors from time to time.
How to fix 'Unfortunately app has stopped' errors?
One of the readers commented "My messaging app has been lagging, freezing and then 'Unfortunately App has stopped'. How can I solve this?" what are the steps to fix, Unfortunately, (App Name) Has Stopped. Why the app stops working suddenly?

Its the month-end and ever after the Android update, still, most of the popular errors are;
  • Unfortunately, app has stopped in android emulator,
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  • Unfortunately, app has stopped android studio,
  • Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped,
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  • Unfortunately, app has stopped eclipse.
Most of the Android users are seems to search; How do I fix unfortunately phone has stopped? How do you solve Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped? How do I fix unfortunately Settings has stopped on Android? Why do my apps keep crashing? And so on...

While running the Android, the custom interface crashes and people got the error "Unfortunately app has stopped error" or "Unfortunately, Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly".

As I told, one of the readers asked the question, Unfortunately, MyApp has stopped. How can I solve this? To answer him and to know how to fix Android errors for all you stuck people, this tutorial is made. Learn how to get rid of these Android errors in simple steps.
[Fixed] Unfortunately app has stopped error
[Fixed] Unfortunately app has stopped error
Last time you have seen, how to Fix 48 Common Google Play Store Error Codes Quickly and today we are going to see how to fix error caused by apps. These days many experts coming forward with their own style of solving frequent technical issues related to operating systems, software, non-software and many.

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What is the cause of unfortunately app has stopped?

The error message means that you can not properly use the application without having to reproduce this error again. To be honest, Google cannot be entirely responsible as there are app developers are involved; usually poor Android programming or coding causes these kinds of errors.

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How to Fix 'Unfortunately, The App Has Stopped' Error

Maybe you receive on your Android phone the following error if you open an app, such as the phone app:

"Unfortunately, the process.android.process.acore has stopped"

Since this is a bug, which is not too easy to solve, we would like to present you a few suggestions that may perhaps resolve this.

The following are the methods that have proven to be able to get rid of the "Unfortunately, (app name) has stopped" issue:


We need to clear the storage data & cache for the app. Initially reseting the app is simple way to solve this if its not that much criticle issue to the phone.
  1. Go to SETTINGS >> Application Manager >> All >> Select your desired app >> touch the Clear data and Clear cache >> Choose FORCE STOP.
  2. Reboot mobile and check.
If above steps didn't worked then;
  1. Go to SETTINGS >> Application Manager >> All >> Select your desired app >> Choose UNINSTALL/REMOVE APP.
  2. Reinstall app and check.
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2: Reset all app preferences.

If the problem is criticle, and didnt solved by first solution, then follow this step.
  1. Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Menu >> Reset App Preferences.
  2. Reboot phone immediately.
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3: Factory Reset (OPTIONAL).

This is not the best solution, but if you have stuck on the critical issue, then I would like to go for factory reset. This is an optimum method for solving this problem, it is not a recommended method because you are going to lose your internal and application data by using this method of clearing the issues.

Dear valuable reader one can go with this method unless you cannot clear the issue by moving with all the above-suggested methods. A factory reset wipes your phone’s internal memory clean and restores everything back to its default. So suggesting to do a backup before resetting.
  1. Go to Settings >> General >> Backup and Reset.
  2. Follow steps and reboot.
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I tried here to explain most working methods that could help you to fix the most common crashes on Android phones; hope you have been got out of your issue now by using this guide.

So, the error "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" should no longer appear while using your Android phone next time.

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